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Updated: 13/03/2012
Beautiful Road Home 4020013   $ 25.00
Product Image White Eagle shows us how to live in joy rather than in fear. This inspiring book gives a broad view of the purpose of our life as we journey back to God. Simply written, it is an excellent introduction to White Eagle and his beautiful teachings.
White Eagle
Book of Star Light 3030485   $ 22.00
Product Image Now is the moment to change your life! Now is the time to change the world! How does change occur? It occurs every time you centre yourself upon a symbol of perfection. One symbol of perfection is the powerful equal-sided, six-pointed Star. The very thought of this ancient symbol can inspire balance, poise, harmony, peace and health.
White Eagle
Comfort for the Bereaved: Words of Wisdom and Inspiration CD 1103001   $ 29.00
Product Image A selection of teaching from the book WHITE EAGLE'S LITTLE BOOK OF COMFORT FOR THE BEREAVED is also presented on CD, offering the listener direct comfort and personal support, a closer, warmer contact with White Eagle's words, here read by two different speakers, each adding a particular sense of empathy and understanding. Bereavement is often an incredibly lonely time, in which you long to talk to others who share your feelings. White Eagle's words apply to everyone, yet speak directly to the sufferer and bring with them peace and healing. White Eagle discusses the process of death, near-death experiences and the role of the Angel of death. You will hear inspirational insights into the soul's experience of life after death and heaven. You will be guided on the path from grief to peace and healing and taken gently through the process of making a beautiful spiritual contact with loved ones after death. The teachings on this CD help you to realise that you are never alone.
White Eagle
Earth Healer: 1104006   $ 28.00
Product Image Earth Healer: Use Your Own Spirituality in the Service of the Planet: Guide to drawing on spiritual consciousness as a healing tool for planet earth. This is a remarkable and groundbreaking book. White Eagle's teaching has been changing lives for over 70 years, but not for years has there been quite as important or as timely a collection of his teaching as this one. It represents a blueprint for our individual and collective transformation. White Eagle insists that 'saving the planet' need not be a process of fear and reaction, but one of attunement to the natural process of evolution in human awareness. Our very thoughts influence the thoughts of others; our own attention to beauty actually creates beauty. Real love of nature attacks wastefulness; trust in the natural processes of life removes the fears about life and death that create greed and and selfishness. Humanity can and will change. The book also celebrates the harmony of the natural world through the photographs of Bruce Clarke, whose sensitive eye finds beauty in every conceivable natural-world situation. White Eagle's wisdom comes from deep connection with the Native American tradition and the timeless Ancient Wisdom. In this book he offers a conscious process of Earth Healing in which every reader can participate. Far from being one of deprivation, it can be one of joy.
White Eagle & Clarke Bruce (illust)
Futher Steps on a Spiritual Path 8050005   $ 22.00
Product Image One of the best introductions to White Eagle's gentle and encouraging teaching. White Eagle says that this unfoldment comes naturally to every one of us, through experience in physical life, but that there is also a moment when our growth becomes conscious and we are able to make our lives easier by acquiring spiritual understanding. The subjects covered include miracles, the secret of perfect health, divine law, the Brotherhood of the Star, aspiration to the spiritual realm through meditation, the secret of health and radiant life, and a way of service in the world today.
White Eagle
Golden Harvest 7060022   $ 24.00
Product Image On the White Eagle spiritual path, many trials are met, yet the reward of following it is a golden one - a golden harvest. This is a text for the Following the White Eagle Path of Service study course. The teaching contained within it is based on the fundamental principle of love
White Eagle -
Guide for Living with Death and Dying 8050006   $ 38.00
Product Image This book is exceptional in that it contains a great deal of new White Eagle teaching on the subject of eternal life, yet it also looks at the actual experiences people have gone through, using their own accounts and how they have been counselled at the time. Subjects include: 'Where are they now?', 'At the moment of transition' and 'Courage'. A Guide for Living with Death and Dying is a book of support for anyone approaching death, or caring for those who are dying.
White Eagle -
Heal ThySelf 4020015   $ 26.00
Product Image The higher self of each of us (which we can contact) knows no limitation. The Christ healing and radiance flows through our higher self and can melt away all ills and resolve all difficulties. This book shows a way for everyone to find and retain true health of mind and body.
White Eagle -
Jesus Teacher and Healer 7030012   $ 30.00
Product Image An esoteric and mystical picture of the life and ministry of Jesus. Jesus is a person who lived a life not unlike our own, but is also the perfect manifestation of the Christ spirit alive within each one of us. White Eagle brings a vision of the great healer and teacher whose simple love has been a universal inspiration not only to those who work within the Christian tradition. This book is also a useful source of readings for services and for meditation.
White Eagle -
Light Bringer 4020055   $ 39.00
Product Image This teaching comes directly under the Ray of John—the spiritual teacher for the New Age. White Eagle speaks of the Light which can shine through any of us. He talks about developing the intuition and gives the reader assurance that the changes in the world can be experienced with true faith and calmness because there is absolute wisdom in the divine plan.
White Eagle -
Living Word of St John 8070052   $ 53.00
Product Image A full commentary on the most mystical of the four gospels, that of St. John. White Eagle makes clear that the Christ is the central life, or light, within each one of us and that Jesus travelled the same road that each of us takes.
White Eagle -
Meditations from the Still Voice CD 1104002   $ 32.00
Product Image There are fourteen different meditations on this lovely disc. Each is taken from White Eagle's book, 'The Still Voice.' Ylana is an expert guide in meditation, her voice brings the whole world of spirit close, and she helps the listener to commune with the angels. She takes us to the plane of reunion with complete conviction. This is a useful CD for anyone new to meditation as Ylana gives basic instruction in the preparation for meditation. The practiced meditator will appreciate being able to relax into the experience. CD running time is 70 minutes.
White Eagle & Hayward, Ylana (Read by)
Path of the Soul 3110125   $ 30.00
Product Image White Eagle speaks of four major initiations, related to the four elements (earth, air, fire, and water). Every experience of life, from the least to the most profound, forms a part of one or other of these four major initiations by which we eventually attain mastery over ourselves, over the circumstances of our life and over the very substance of matter itself.
White Eagle
Prayer of Mindfulness and Inner Change 8070053   $ 29.00
Product Image Mindfulness of self and God affects personal and world change. The book includes affirmations to balance the energies of earth, air, fire and water and a chapter entitled 'Breath, Mindfulness and Aspiration' . There is an excellent abundance prayer (a 'Thankfulness Practice') for an organization! In addition, there is a section of prayers for times of birth, marriage and passing from earthly life.
White Eagle -
Quiet Mind Companion 8080054   $ 30.00
Product Image Jenny shares her experiences in using 'The Quiet Mind' to face life's challenges for her personal growth. This practical book gives a spiritual perspective on issues faced by all of us, provides affirmations centred on the Christ, or the Light, within each one of us, and offers meditation as a tool in self-healing and the quiet radiation of healing to others.
White Eagle - Jenny Dent
Quiet Mind ( Mini Book ) 5040015   $ 22.00
Product Image This book presents sayings transmitted through the spirit teacher White Eagle and his earthly medium Grace Cooke, coming without a doubt from the heart of the White Brotherhood in spirit. They bring peace, comfort and empowerment.
White Eagle -
Source of all our Strength 4020016   $ 22.00
Product Image Like 'The Quiet Mind', this book can be opened to receive inspiration or consolation when needed. But the short sayings also have striking philosophical breadth. The particular focus of this book is healing: healing not only of disease but of all the conscious and unconscious fears that cause suffering and illness. This is a book to lead you into the heart of silence—here lies the source of all strength—and so to the inner joy of spiritual awareness.
White Eagle -
Spiritual Unfoldment Vol 1 4020008   $ 30.00
Product Image How to Discover the Inner Worlds and Find the Source of Healing: 'A time will come when your innermost voice will speak to you, saying 'This is my path, here I shall find peace, I will pursue this path, come what may' If you will persist and are patient, and above all never lose faith, your path will lead you unerringly to your goal' White Eagle's earliest programmes for his students at the White Eagle Lodge included classes on spiritual unfoldment. The subject included training in clairvoyance (real clear seeing, for instance on the true nature of the person, not shallow prediction), meditation, right living, learning about the great laws of life such as reincarnation and karma and about healing. Spiritual Unfoldment 1 is compiled largely from teachings at those classes given over many years. It will lead the seeker down the first roads upon a path of absolute simplicity-but the truest path is also the simplest. Carefully revised and with a new introduction, this edition brings a classic book to the forefront, before a whole new generation of spiritual seekers.
White Eagle
Spiritual Unfoldment Vol 2 4020009   $ 30.00
Product Image White Eagle helps us into an awareness of the angelic kingdom of nature in this lovely volume. Here is both beautiful and revealing teaching on the angelic kingdom. It is about how the angelic life-stream is involved in the whole of nature. Chapters include: 'The brotherhood of angels and humanity' , 'The work of the angelic hierarchies','Angels of light and darkness' and 'Companioned by angels'.
White Eagle -
Spiritual Unfoldment Vol 3 4020010   $ 30.00
Product Image This book contains teaching on the ancient mystery schools. The White Eagle Lodge is based on these profound teachings and offers a philosophy similar to that taught to students in ancient days. White Eagle uses the deep truths of the mystery schools to set before us a spiritual direction for our lives now and for the age unfolding before us. There are particularly helpful chapters on thought power in this volume.
White Eagle -
Still Voice The White Eagle Book of Meditation 4020017   $ 22.00
Product Image This is an excellent book to assist in the development of a daily or weekly programme of meditation. Short readings such as 'The Mind in the Heart' and 'The Master Soul' end with a visualisation leading the reader effortlessly into meditation.
White Eagle
Sunrise 7060020   $ 20.00
Product Image White Eagle describes what happens after death. He reminds us that the inner worlds are substantial, and indicates how we can be reunited in true communion with those who have made the transition from earthly to spirit life.
White Eagle -
Treasures of the Master Within 4020012   $ 30.00
Product Image The divisions of the book correlate with the seven major psychic centres of the body. Opening this book at random creates an instant focus for meditation. At the centre of the human being and the centre of the book, is the six-pointed Star, symbol of the perfected being. This book truly assists in developing the gifts of the spirit.
White Eagle -
Walking with the Angels 4020051   $ 36.00
Product Image commentary by Anna Hayward White Eagle's teaching gives insights into the entire angelic kingdom, from the guardian angels who trigger the miracles in our lives to the great beings who are masters of the rays of creation. He speaks of the angels of creativity with whom we may work, and the angels operating in the rhythms of nature with whom we may find harmony. This book can enhance the life of any reader who learns through it to walk a path of co-operation and creativity with the angels.
White Eagle -
White Eagle little book of Angels 1104022   $ 24.00
Product Image Developing a conscious awareness of angels can help us through times of challenge and times of joy. Their presence is ever there and as we awaken to this, our lives become enhanced and enriched by their powerful loving support. "White Eagle's Little Book of Angels" is a careful selection of teaching from spirit, organized so that White Eagle's words and the reader's intuition lead to the discovery of a specific angel for every need. White Eagle says that humanity and angels have evolved on different streams of life and while our guides, loved ones and spiritual teachers, on the other side of life, are on the same stream as we are, angels come from a parallel stream of life. They, however watch over us giving non-judgmental, loving, compassionate understanding. Angels help us both individually and universally. It is very important that we consciously focus on them and work with them. They help us create harmony and balance in our lives and we help them by our constant attunement and awareness of their ever-loving presence. We and they are all part of the brotherhood of life and by our co-operation we can work to restore ecological balance and harmony and give healing to our beloved Mother Earth.
White Eagle
White Eagle Little Book of Comfort for the Bereaved 1104023   $ 22.00
Product Image This is a collection of the most comforting and helpful passages of White Eagle's teaching on death, designed to help equally those facing death or facing someone else's death, and the bereaved. It gives a way forward through the grief and shock that death generates. White Eagle describes the very process of death from the spiritual perspective and helps the reader make spiritual contact with those in spirit. He also describes the angel of death, and reassures us that at no stage on our journey are we alone.
White Eagle
White Eagle Little Book of Healing Comfort 1104024   $ 22.00
Product Image White Eagle's little book "The Quiet Mind" has had a remarkable power to touch people at moments of greatest need, but it has long been felt that a matching book specially aimed to bring healing comfort in moments of healing crisis was needed. "White Eagle's Little Book of Healing Comfort" takes the metaphor of the snowdrop, seemingly fragile but immensely strong, to show how the spirit can overcome all the tests laid upon the outer body and the soul. As the snowdrop breaks through frosted ground and snow, so the spirit rises at moments of crisis and can take control. This is why disease and healing are transformational of more than just the physical body. The chapters of this book are arranged quite practically and deal with the need to feel enfolding love, to find peace, to hand over troubles to a higher power, to find courage and perseverance and, where necessary, to face death. "White Eagle's Little Book of Healing Comfort" also deals with the more blessed experiences that may come to the sick person: a sense of the presence of angels, of the Great Healer present and guiding.
White Eagle
White Eagle Lodge Story 1104021   $ 34.00
Product Image White Eagle Lodge Story: 75 Years of Working with the Light: Among New Age organisations, there are few that have lasted so long or so well as The White Eagle Lodge, which began in 1936, although its foundations are older. This is the story of the birth and growth of one of the foremost 'New Age' organisations of our era, told by the pioneers and close associates of White Eagle themselves. This account leads from the Polaire Brotherhood in France, through the earliest 'Brothers' of the Lodge and the work of the Lodge in World War II, through to the worldwide movement of today, symbolised most of all by its three Temples - in Hampshire, Queensland and Texas. "White Eagle" is the spirit guide of Grace Cooke (1892-1979). There are over thirty books of his teaching presently in print.
White Eagle & Friends
White Eagle on Festivals and Celebrations 8050093   $ 30.00
Product Image Gentle words from the wise spiritual teacher White Eagle give guidance for these special times, landmarks in the calendar year: Easter, Christmas, the equinoxes, Buddhist Wesak, and many more. Attunement to the rhythms of nature can increase our ability to live in communion with the divine life behind all physical form.
White Eagle
White Eagle on Initiation and Intuition 7100012   $ 30.00
Product Image An in-depth account of where we derive the intuition from and how, as part of a sound spiritual practice, we can develop it and learn to trust and use our 'sixth sense'. The path of opening up the intuitive side of our being is one of progressive initiation into awareness on all levels.
White Eagle -
White Eagle on Living in Harmony with the Spirit 7100010   $ 32.00
Product Image A book for all who are seeking actively to work in harmony with the spiritual laws that underlie all life. It is therefore for those who wish to live more harmoniously, courageously and with more awareness. It is also for those who wish to bring balance and peace to their individual lives and to the world. White Eagle gives a broad picture of divine laws which are eternal and omniscient.
White Eagle -
White Eagle on Reincarnation 8050094   $ 30.00
Product Image Nine chapters of fascinating teaching which help answer some of the most profound questions of human existance and give meaning to it all. Chapters: 1. The Wheel of Rebirth 2. Knowing We Have Lived Before 3. In God's Image 4. Creating the Temple of Light 5. The Seven Rays and Qualities of Consciousness 6. Responsibility for Each Other 7. Healing Guidelines 8. Overcoming Limitations and Finding Wings 9. The Church, the Bible, Jesus and Reincarnation
White Eagle
White Eagle on the Divine Mother 7100011   $ 30.00
Product Image This book reminds us that spiritual and material life has always been governed not just by God the Father, but also by God the Mother. It is the blending of these two energies which produces the power of the Christ within our own being and in the world. The raising of the solar force and the return to the wisdom of the feminine is the natural counterbalance to the greater development of the mind in the Age of Aquarius.
White Eagle
White Eagle on The Great Spirit 8050092   $ 30.00
Product Image Teachings about the timeless brotherhood working under the ray of the Great Spirit, the evolution of humanity and the power behind our lives. This is an expanded version of a former White Eagle title, Sun-Men of the Americas, now out of print. New introductions are included, from Grace Cooke's granddaughter, Jenny Dent, and from Jean LeFevre, former leader of the White Eagle work in the Americas and a Peace Elder of the Seneca people.
White Eagle -
White Eagles Book of Health & Healing 3070039   $ 29.00
Product Image n introduction to the heart of the White Eagle way of healing. Chapter subjects include breathing, posture and relaxation, nutrition, the healing angels, and the special healing quality of each astrological sign.
White Eagle -
White Eagle Speaks on the Meaning of Life CD 1104003   $ 32.00
Product Image Listen to White Eagle's voice of clarity and beauty on subjects such as 'Open the door to the inner world' and 'The Great Mother of life'. They are interspersed with tracks of specially-composed music by Johannes Rankl. When you hear White Eagle's own voice you become aware of the reality of spirit in a much deeper way. He speaks to your heart wherever you happen to be, bringing through the spiritual strength, peace and understanding which we all long to feel, and which helps our everyday lives.
White Eagle
Why on Earth 7100013   $ 20.00
Product Image The ancient wisdom is a subject the author understood extraordinarily well. She interprets the fundamental principles of White Eagle’s teaching that we are spirit in a mortal body. That spirit is free, deathless, and as divine and living as its origin.
White Eagle - Joan Hodgson
Zodiac Angel Cards 8040027   $ 43.00
Product Image These cards are designed to help you work with the ZODIAC ANGELS to make the most of life's opportunities, and to assist in understanding the particular soul qualities which you have come back to develop in this lifetime. Each card has been designed with a unique inspiring image and a relevant quotation from White Eagle, coupled with a process especially created to enable you to put the teaching into practice in your daily life. Alongside this is a suggested affirmation. Each sign of the zodiac comes under one of the four elements: Fire, Earth, Air and Water. The three zodiac signs associated with each element each have seven cards specifically relating to them. The complete pack comprises: 84 completely individual cards.
White Eagle
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