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Updated: 11/03/2014
Complete Idiots Guide to Being Vegetarian 9030005   $ 32.00
Product Image REVIEW:I bought this book a year ago when I was thinking about becoming a vegetarian. A year later I'm still a ovo-lacto vegetarian (the book goes over the differences), and about to cut out all egg products. I've also lost all the weight I've gained since high school (18 pounds) just from nixing the meat. This is the first book I bought on being vegetarian and it has proved to be invaluable. I don't think I could have stuck with the change in diet if I had not read this book. Ms. Wolfe does a great job covering everything you could want to know about going vegetarian, or just eating healthier! Knowing what to expect from my body as far as cravings and how to continue to get enough protein were incredibly helpful. There is also a great chapter about eating out!
Frankie Avalon Wolfe, M. H., Ph.D
Cooking by the Seasons: Simple Vegetarian Feasts 3080009   $ 35.00
Product Image Cooking by the Seasons: Simple Vegetarian Feasts : Celebrate the Earth's bounty and connect with the seasons in a natural and delicious way with Cooking By the Seasons. This memorable cookbook presents delectable, easy-to-prepare recipes for the four seasons, festival menus for each of the Sabbats, Goddess lore, even guidelines for setting up a well-stocked vegetarian pantry. Each seasonal section includes tasty recipes for appetizers, soups, everyday feasts, sides, salads, and desserts.
Karri Ann Allrich
Eating in the Light 3050063   $ 14.50
Product Image It isn't just the fat or carbohydrate content that counts when making dietary choices -- it's the "spiritual vibrational" quality of our foods and beverages that truly makes a difference in how we look and feel. In this fascinating book, learn the spiritual properties of different food and beverage groups so that you can make informed decisions about what to eat and drink. You'll begin to feel a lightness of being, enhanced peace of mind, and inner fulfillment, in addition to maintaining your ideal weight and emanating radiant health.
Doreen Virtue
Garden of earthly delights cookbook 3050008   $ 32.00
Product Image Hundreds of kitchen tested vegetarian recipes, including soups, salads, hors d'oeuvres, breads, main dishes, and desserts are illustrated with detailed instructions that can lead even beginning cooks to gourmet excellence. REVIEW: The brilliant thing about the recipes in this book are that the ingredients blend together wonderfully. Most vegetarian recipes often taste like a bunch of ingredients that happen to be in the same dish, but the ones in this book are devised to play off and balance each other. There are times when I wonder why they have me put in a certain ingredient because it seems very unusual. Then when I taste it, I realize how it fit perfectly to create a certain flavor.
Shea MacKenzie
Vegetarian Bible 8090247   $ 24.00
Product Image Vegetarian food at its best! Discover the hidden delights of vegetarian cooking and enjoy food that satisfies the head and the heart. Vegetarian meals can be rustic and robust, or as light and elegant as any fine-dining fare. The recipes here draw on cultures from around the world and there's a dish to suit every taste and every occasion, from warming winter soups to crisp summer salads, from spicy Asian stir fries to hearty bean stews. Whether you're a full-time vegetarian or vegan, or someone who just enjoys eating the occasional meal without meat, Vegetarian Bible has food that looks good, tastes good and will make you feel good!
Margaret Barca
Veggie Food for Kids 3100034   $ 32.00
Product Image Including a variety of recipes for children to enjoy, this book should be suitable for families with children who are totally vegetarian or who are trying to cut down on red meat. It includes an introduction to feeding a vegetarian baby, toddler and young child. About the Author Sara Lewis has been the Cookery Editor of Practical Parenting Magazine for the last 11 years. She has a daughter aged 11 and a son aged 6 who is a vegetarian and is so fully aware of the joys and frustrations of cooking for two small children with very different tastes. How CoQ10 Works CoQ10 is a vital component of the energy generating process at the cellular level: it is a true coenzyme. Enzymes, which are biological catalysts, often need assistance in bringing about chemical change within the body. CoQ10 works in the mitochondrial membrane as an electron/proton donor, facilitating the process of energy production. Studies show that oral supplementation with CoQ10 will renew CoQ10 stores in cells and tissues through the mitochondria, where they enhance cellular energy production and sustainability.
Sara Lewis
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