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Updated: 09/04/2014
Tom Kenyon tk  $ 0.00
Product Image One of the most respected sound healers in the world today Tom Kenyon Neither the voice nor the man can be explained in one paragraph or in any combination of words. He is essence of, manifestation of, emanation of . . . and his vitality, his magic and his integrity cannot be articulated in electronic swipes of ink on a papyrus of light particles captured on a computer screen. So we invite you to feel his work through what you sense reading these words and listening to the sound bites, which can no more adequately capture his voice than words can portray the man. Tom's life studies and many lifetimes of remembrances, complete with background knowledge and experience allow him to move with equal facility between Tibetan Buddhism, Egyptian High Alchemy, Taoism and Hinduism and the sciences relative to each. A workshop or teaching experience with him leaves you empowered with a vast body of knowledge suffused with tones that awaken all the physical centers, thus allowing for greater understanding of the words and Spirit imparted. Tom Kenyon Tom teaches in Intensive formats throughout the world. Because of his immense field of personal knowledge - from the sciences to spirituality - each Intensive is imbued with knowledge relative to the subject matter and overlaid with the sacred sounds he creates. In other words, if you don't fully get the transmission from the words, you can’t escape the truth of it when the sounds are projected from his voice toward you. Each Intensive has a particular Intention or theme. Some come from Tibetan energy practices, some evolve out of Tom weaving many modalities into a more Western approach to esoterica. No two Intensives are ever the same as they combine information drawn out by the consciousness of the group and tones, specific mantras and tone meditations, brought through specifically for the group present. If you are drawn to be present, that is because your consciousness in the room affects the presentation and your body can literally feel the potential benefit.
Titles Due in Stock at Beachhaven Books Late July
Angel Codes 2 CD 1008001   $ 72.00
Product Image Messages from the Archangels Angel Codes These angels have very complex natures and diverse spiritual powers. Thus it is virtually impossible to completely describe the full range of their activity. These sound codes are designed to be listened to with your full focus of attention. Unlike other forms of music, which you can listen to with partial awareness, these sounds are evolutionary catalysts. They are a means for you to commune with the angelic realms, and as such, they are best listened to when you have put the affairs of your daily life aside for a brief period of time. Pick the Angel Code(s) you wish to work with . If you have the time and the desire, it is certainly possible to listen to all the sound meditations back to back. However, do be aware that listening to all the sound codes in one sitting might produce a type of spiritual purification that could be challenging for some persons.
Tom Kenyon
Brain States Psychoacoustics 1005001   $ 38.00
Product Image Tom Kenyon, a psychologist and musician, has spent years studying the effects of sound, music, and language on the human nervous system. Kenyon offers a technical excursion into how the brain works, noting the clear distinction between brain and mind. To do this he ascends to the heavens with Pegasus and drops by a shopping mall to visit an amoeba. Through Kenyon's book, the reader will learn to overcome test anxiety, increase intelligence, power athletic abilities, hone language skills, cure numerous psychological problems, tweak creativity, and jump into altered states of consciousness.
Tom Kenyon
City Of Hymns CD 1008002   $ 45.00
Product Image A poignant hauntingly beautiful rendering of some of the world's most beloved hymns by one of the world's foremost sound healers. Tom Kenyon's nearly four octave range voice gives his music a power and a spiritual force rarely experienced. A Buddhist for over three decades, Tom had a personal experience with Jeshua that moved him to interpret these songs of devotion in new ways - a tribute to the ecumenical spirit of spiritual tolerance and the recognition that there are universal truths in all of the world's great religions. Tom chose the title, City of Hymns, because there is a place of healing within each of us, regardless of our spiritual lineage. To enter this realm of healing is to be elevated and forever changed.
Tom Kenyon
Forbidden Songs CD 1008003   $ 45.00
Product Image Forbidden Songs: Songs of Desperation Obsession and Enlightenment : These songs, some of which I wrote over twenty years ago, are a kind of artifact. Culled from the foundry of my soul, they are the distillation of that strange process we call the self. Like a blacksmith that forges metal into usable things, I forge insight out of the desperation, obsession and illumination of my life. My tools are the hot searing heat of self-realization borne from the emotional cauldron of my deepest hopes and fears, mirrored so eloquently by the world and those around me. - TK
Tom Kenyon
Ghandarva Experience CD TK4   $ 48.00
Product Image This is a most unique listening experience. Used alone or in groups, The Ghandarva Experience will transport you to the exalted celestial and Archangelic realms of experience. Author, scientist and mystic, Tom Kenyon (founder of Acoustic Brain Research), drawing upon personal experience as well as scientific research shares how the celestial and mystical realms can be contacted. Complete written instructions on how to conduct The Ghandarva Ceremony both for individuals and groups is included.
Tom Kenyon
Golden Orb: A Taoist Healing Meditation CD 1008004   $ 45.00
Product Image This remarkable CD is a vehicle through which you may enter into a very subtle and profoundly healing experience with the Tao (Dao). The Golden Orb is a deeply nourishing form of chi that would normally be reserved within the elite Inner Circles of Taoist practitioners and not shared with the public. I believe this form of alchemy is so beneficial that it should be made available to everyone. I believe access to these treasures is our birthright. The meditation itself creates the descent of most subtle chi in the form of a Golden Orb and then circulates its healing and nourishing chi throughout the body. When the vitality of our subtle bodies and organs are elevated, life takes on a refined and beautiful quality. Track 1 Instructions 10:01 Track 2 Opening Chant to Kuan Yin 7:39 Track 3 Taoist Healing Meditation 39:00 Track 4 Closing Chant to Kuan Yin 2:16
Tom Kenyon
Great Human Potential 1403002   $ 32.00
Product Image Walking in Ones Own Light Description: Earth represents a remarkable experiment where genetic material from thousands of worlds was deposited. Along with this genetic material, all of the emotional coding and experiences of these planets and species was left, laying the ground for ?The Grand Experiment?. There are other timelines in which this experiment is not succeeding. But you, the version with which we are having this conversation, are successful and, hence, you are going through the ascension process.The information that is shared in this book is what we consider the most appropriate vibrational match for where you are right now. When we give information, we always look at the vibrational level of the majority of whom we think will be reading this. We do this to give you a version of the truth that will best serve you in accessing your highest potential.We are truly excited for you as you embark on this journey. This window in time is rife with amazing potential that is only limited by your imagination. The greatest challenge for you will be to release the constraints of your past beliefs and judgments and know that all things are possible. That is what ascension is all about.Despite negative aspects, games or manipulation, when you recognize that you are a creator being, you can change your version of reality. And when enough of you decide that you want a different version of reality, then a brand new timeline is created, followed by a change in current events, all leading to a brand new world.So, there is only one thing left to do: dream your most beautiful dream!
Tom Kenyon
Hathor Material: Messages From An Ascended Civilization Bk & CD 1008051   $ 54.00
Product Image The hathors are masters of love and sound from an ascended intergalactic civilization that once guided both the ancient egyptian and tibetan wisdom traditions. Through their channeled wisdom, you will discover previously hidden earth history, determine your own fulcrum point, and acquire self-mastery techniques for a fully energized ascension body. Cpmpanion CD Included. Hear the Hathor Sounds - Absolutely riveting!
Tom Kenyon and Virginia Essene
Imaginarium CD 1008005   $ 45.00
Product Image For most people, contact with the imaginal usually takes place through dreams, though some experience these realms in heightened spiritual states such as during meditation, contemplation, prayer, and/or visions. Science has documented the various brain-states responsible for such inner experiences, and a quick look at methods for inducing these receptive states of consciousness shows one striking commonality - sound. It has been used throughout numerous cultures for thousands of years as a means both to open the doors of perception and to make contact with our inner realms of being - the imaginal. I have composed the music of this recording with one primary goal in mind - to serve as a bridge to your own imaginal realms of being. The changes produced by this music are very complex. But fortunately, using this recording is quite simple. If you wish to explore your own imaginal realms, take some time to listen to this recording as the sole focus of your attention. Lay back, relax, close your eyes and drift into the sounds. let them carry you into your inner world of experience, a world that is similar but in many ways quite different from your everyday world. As many people have discovered, you may find yourself refreshed and renewed after such an inner journey.
Tom Kenyon
Immunity: Explorations in Self Healing and Transformation:CD 1008006   $ 45.00
Product Image This stunning tapestry weaves together compelling sound codes for purifying the body, mind and soul. It features 32 spirit healers, from indigenous shamans to the angelic realms, who channeled their healing codes through Tom Kenyon's remarkable almost four-octave voice. Brilliantly mixed and layered, it reaches deep within the body/mind of the listener to create a powerful sound healing experience - a new mind/body healing modality for our times. Each track begins with an 8-minute catalytic section followed by a 12-minute soothing and integrative section. "Immunity" was created to provide listeners with a means to enter altered states of consciousness and to explore the interface between spirit, mind and body. Sometimes, these altered states activate "healing responses" in the body and mind, but such responses are highly individual and cannot be predicted with certainty. This sound healing meditation is not meant to be a medical treatment, nor should it, at any time, be used in place of competent medical attention. If you are suffering from the symptoms of an illness, seek immediate professional care. PLEASE NOTE: The Immunity CD is one 20 minute track that repeats three times on the CD.
Tom Kenyon
Infinite Pool: Passage Into The Holographic Brain CD 1008007   $ 45.00
Product Image This recording can be quite helpful when doing inner work, psychological clearing, or while engaged in the exploration of altered states. Be creative and develop your own methods. The following are just some suggestions. These methods will work best if you imagine that the sounds on the recording are coming from the central area of your brain.
Tom Kenyon
Initiation CD 1008008   $ 45.00
Product Image A new CD of Tom's toning. This recording has two long, mesmerizing tracks. Perfect for Yoga, meditation, energy work and inner exploration. The second track was recorded with days of 9/11 at a workshop and is a 20 minute sound meditation taking the listener through many lineages and traditions.
Tom Kenyon
Kalachakra Of Great Compassion CD 1008009   $ 45.00
Product Image It is my desire to share this form of Mahayana Tantra with those outside the inner circle of Buddhism. This particular sound meditation is a way of generating luminosity (inner light) through tantric union —specially, the union of Tara, the Swift Protectress, and Chenrezig, the Buddha of Infinite Compassion. This alchemical union takes place in the heart chakra of the one doing the meditation, which then emanates both luminosity and compassion to all Sentient Beings, a powerful blessing to the world and to the individual practicing this meditation. This CD contains background and instructions on how to conduct this alchemical union. It describes both the Kalachakra and a concept called Victory of the Dharma, explaining that goodness will eventually prevail no matter how long it takes and no matter how difficult the path. The actual meditation itself uses sound, mantra and intention to drive consciousness into a very deep inner space. It is from this ground of being that our bodhicitta (enlightened mind) can be contacted, and it is from this aspect of mind that compassion arises.
Tom Kenyon
Lightship CD 1008010   $ 45.00
Product Image Lightship is a powerful psychoacoustic tool for exploring inner states of awareness and other realms of consciousness. By other realms, I mean states of body and mind that lie outside our normal day-to-day experience. The sound patterns you will be hearing were all created by my own voice in the studio. There were no electronic instruments of any kind (such as synthesizers or electronic choirs) used in the making of this recording. I layered multiple tracks of my voice to create the pulsations and acoustic alterations that give this particular recording its power and potency. If you allow it to do so, Lightship can open the doors of your perception and lead you into direct contact with remarkable inner worlds that reside within you. Thus, this recording can be used purely as an entertainment vehicle and/or as a means to explore inner realities.
Tom Kenyon
Magdalen Manuscript: The Alchemies Of Horus & The Sex Magi 8040006   $ 49.00
Product Image This is Mary Magdalen's personal story of her tantric relationship with Yeshua ben Joseph, known today as Jesus Christ. A love so deep it has survived over 2000 years of lies, to be finally told now, in this, 'the beginning of the ending of time.' A High Initiate of the Temple of Isis, Mary Magdalen was the Holy Grail, the cup that carried the blood of Christ. And the long-prophesied "sun" that was born to her was a girl named Sarah. In the Magdalen Manuscript, given by her and reprinted here, word-for-word as she gave it, she describes the alchemy that she and Yeshua practiced. This is the alchemy that prepared him to sustain life after death, so that he could meet his destiny and lay a trail of light through the death realms, a light path each of us can follow. This is Her Story, revealing some of the deepest secrets of the Temples, as requested by Isis. To this remarkable test, Tom Kenyon has added a comparison of the major streams of internal alchemy, plus an in-depth look at Egyptian High Alchemy and a clarification of the Alchemies of Horus. Judi Sion, at the request of Mary Magdalen, has added One Woman's Story, which is every woman's story.
Tom Kenyon
Sacred Chants CD 1008011   $ 45.00
Product Image Conceived in the minds of our ancestors as stairways into heaven, these Sacred Chants has been sung from time immemorial. Passed from generation to generation, they are precious treasures. World renowned sound healer and founder of Acoustic Brain Research, Tom Kenyon, turns his nearly four octave range voice to this exquisite collection of world chants. Spanning spiritual lineage from numerous cultures and paths, Sacred Chants will transport you into the luminous mythic realms of consciousness. Extensive liner notes give a scientific background for the effectiveness of chants as well as the works and translations. The recording of these chants has been done in such a way that a listener can learn the chants as well as use then for vehicles of inner travel(journeying). The chants in this collection have a profoundly calming and relaxing effect, making them ideal for stress reduction.
Tom Kenyon
Sahu - Hathor Intensive ( 6 CD) 1008012   $ 165.00
Product Image A Journey Into the Egyptian Mysteries This workshop was recorded live in Seattle, Washington, July 2 4, 2005.
Tom Kenyon
Songs of Magdalen CD 1008013   $ 45.00
Product Image These hauntingly beautiful songs reveal through music the eternal love, poignant solitude, and transcendent grace of Mary Magdalen - priestess, mother, and beloved of Yeshua ben Joseph, known today as Jesus Christ. Through his special connection to the spiritual power of the Magdalen and his astonishing four-octave voice, Kenyon transports you into the very heart of Mary Magdalen. The CD also features three toning tracks, soul therapy meant to transmit healing energy to you directly from the source of the divine feminine. 55 minutes.
Tom Kenyon
Sound Transformations CD 1008014   $ 45.00
Product Image Be transported into the cosmic realms of being through Tom Kenyon's nearly four octave range voice. These live recordings capture the magic and stunning beauty of Tom's sonic creations which many report as profoundly transformational and healing. The sounds in this collection are 'live recordings' of toning sessions at various workshops and intensives. They use a variety of instruments in addition to my own voice, but they all share a common element. They were created to open windows of perception, and to create for those who hear them a doorway into the immense inner worlds of their own being. —TK
Tom Kenyon
Ultimate Brain (9 CD Set) 1008015   $ 270.00
Product Image This set of 9 CDs includes: Wave Form, Wave Form II, R&R, Creative Imaging, Freedom ToBe, Mind Gymnastiks, and Infinite Pool plus Ambient Support. Also includes a Users Guide CD. An extraordinary collection of brain/mind enhancement tools.
Tom Kenyon
Voices From other Worlds 1008016   $ 45.00
Product Image No keyboards. No electronic sounds. No backup singers. No choir. Tom Kenyon is a choir. One cut on this new CD has 44 tracks, every one another layer of his almost four-octave voice; perhaps the largest range of any male voice in the world. His remarkable ability to hear layers of harmony and sing them in perfect pitch is astounding and masterfully exercised in "Voices From Other Worlds". Drum and crystal bowl are the only acoustic instruments. There is no other consciousness involved in any Tom Kenyon CD, allowing the intention to heal through sound to permeate every aspect. Several lineages and shamanic systems are represented on this CD of original songs and music by Tom Kenyon, a true pioneer in sound healing for over 35 years
Tom Kenyon
White Gold Alchemy CD 1008017   $ 45.00
Product Image This alchemical meditation works with the subtle energies of the solar and lunar circuits within the body. Originating in the ajna chakra or "third eye"' the meditation causes the sun and moon to emit their respective "gold and silver elixirs." These are combined to create White Gold, a powerful alchemical substance that is then circulated through the brain and spine. This meditation is quite potent and has a balancing effect on consciousness. This is Tom’s most recent recording for inner exploration. The recording includes directions for basic and advanced meditation. The meditation chant for the alchemy of White Gold is repeated four times and includes embedded Hathor tones. This White Gold CD has many properties, including an ability to purify the subtle pathways within the body, called nadis by the yogis and yoginis. It has immense abilities to refine consciousness and awareness, and this process can be used on its own or in a preparation for deeper meditation.
Tom Kenyon
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