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Updated: 10/01/2014
Tarot Magnet The Fool 1303001  $ 10.00
Product Image U.S. Games Systems has selected some of the most beautiful "Fool" cards from your favorite tarot decks, both classic and contemporary, to present this special collection of six Tarot Magnets. Measuring 1.25" X 2.25" each, these colorful magnets are perfect for posting on your refrigerator or file cabinet to inspire you throughout the day. The Fool Magnet set includes: Dreaming Way Tarot by Rome Choi and Kwon Shina Connolly Tarot by Peter Paul Connolly and Eileen Connolly Universal by Pamela Colman Smith, recolored by Mary Hanson-Roberts Crystal Visions Tarot by Jennifer Galasso Morgan-Greer Tarot by Bill F. Greer Old English Tarot by Maggie Kneen Collect all six different Tarot Magnet sets: The Lovers, The Fool, Wheel of Fortune, Strength, The Magician, and The Moon.
US Games
Tarot Magnet The Lovers 1303002  $ 10.00
Product Image U.S. Games Systems has selected some of the most beautiful "Lovers" cards from your favorite tarot decks, both classic and contemporary, to present this special collection of six Tarot Magnets. Measuring 1.25" X 2.25" each, these colorful magnets are perfect for posting on your refrigerator or file cabinet to inspire you throughout the day. The Lovers Magnet set includes: Crystal Visions Tarot by Jennifer Galasso Aquarian Tarot by David Palladini Universal Waite Tarot by Pamela Colman Smith, recolored by Mary Hanson-Roberts Feng Shui Tarot by Peter Paul Connolly and Eileen Connolly Medieval Tarot Cat Tarot by Lawrence Teng and Gina Pace Old English Tarot by Maggie Kneen Collect all six different Tarot Magnet sets: The Lovers, The Fool, Wheel of Fortune, Strength, The Magician, and The Moon.
US Games
Tarot Magnet The Magician 1303003  $ 10.00
Product Image U.S. Games Systems has selected some of the most beautiful "Magician" cards from your favorite tarot decks, both classic and contemporary, to present this special collection of six Tarot Magnets. Measuring 1.25" X 2.25" each, these colorful magnets are perfect for posting on your refrigerator or file cabinet to inspire you throughout the day. The Magician Magnet set includes: Deviant Moon Tarot by Patrick Valenza Joie de Vivre Tarot by Paulina Cassidy Connolly Tarot by Peter Paul Connolly and Eileen Connolly Halloween Tarot by Kipling West Morgan-Greer Tarot by Bill F. Greer and Lloyd Morgan Collect all six different Tarot Magnet sets: The Lovers, The Fool, Wheel of Fortune, Strength, The Magician, and The Moon.
US Games
Tarot Magnet The Moon 1303004  $ 10.00
Product Image U.S. Games Systems has selected some of the most beautiful "Moon" cards from your favorite tarot decks, both classic and contemporary, to present this special collection of six Tarot Magnets. Measuring 1.25" X 2.25" each, these colorful magnets are perfect for posting on your refrigerator or file cabinet to inspire you throughout the day. The Magician Magnet set includes: he Moon Magnet set includes: Sun and Moon Tarot by Vanessa Decort Morgan-Greer Tarot by Bill F. Greer and Lloyd Morgan Universal Waite Tarot by Pamela Colman Smith, recolored by Mary Hanson-Roberts's Eye Tarot by Debra Given, DVM Fantastical Tarot by Nathalie Hertz Deviant Moon Tarot by Patrick Valenza Collect all six different Tarot Magnet sets: The Lovers, The Fool, Wheel of Fortune, Strength, The Magician, and The Moon.
US Games
Tarot Magnet Strength 1303005  $ 10.00
Product Image U.S. Games Systems has selected some of the most beautiful "Strength" cards from your favorite tarot decks, both classic and contemporary, to present this special collection of six Tarot Magnets. Measuring 1.25" each, these colorful magnets are perfect for posting on your refrigerator or file cabinet to inspire you throughout the day. The Strength Magnet set includes: Hanson-Roberts Tarot by Mary Hanson-Roberts Deviant Moon Tarot by Patrick Valenza Universal Tarot by Pamela Colman Smith, recolored by Mary Hanson-Roberts Faerie Tarot by Nathalie Hertz Fenestra Tarot by Chatriya Morgan-Greer Tarot by Bill F. Greer and Lloyd Morgan Collect all six different Tarot Magnet sets: The Lovers, The Fool, Wheel of Fortune, Strength, The Magician, and The Moon.
US Games
Tarot Magnet Wheel of Fortune 1303006  $ 10.00
Product Image U.S. Games Systems has selected some of the most beautiful "Wheel of Fortune" cards from your favorite tarot decks, both classic and contemporary, to present this special collection of six Tarot Magnets. Measuring 1.25" X 2.25" each, these colorful magnets are perfect for posting on your refrigerator or file cabinet to inspire you throughout the day. The Strength Magnet set includes: Hanson-Roberts Tarot by Mary Hanson-Roberts Deviant Moon Tarot by Patrick Valenza Universal Tarot by Pamela Colman Smith, recolored by Mary Hanson-Rober The Wheel of Fortune set includes: Fantastical Tarot by Nathalie Hertz UniversalTarot by Pamela Colman Smith, recolored by Mary Hanson-Roberts Deviant Moon Tarot by Patrick Valenza Connolly Tarot by Peter Paul Connolly and Eileen Connolly Sun and Moon Tarot by Vanessa Decort Collect all six different Tarot Magnet sets: The Lovers, The Fool, Wheel of Fortune, Strength, The Magician, and The Moon.
US Games
21 Ways to Read a Tarot Card 6080016   $ 39.00
Product Image Drawing on nearly forty years of tarot experience, Mary K. Greer has developed a new energizing approach-made up of twenty-one stimulating techniques-to interpret or deepen your understanding of each card. Just as the twenty-one letters of the alphabet can be combined to form billions of words, Greer's twenty-one methods can be used in any combination for gaining amazing new insights and perspectives. Emphasizing both traditional and personal methods of interpretation, Greer's techniques involve storytelling, sketching, symbols, metaphors, dialogues, acting, and other imaginative exercises. Designed to bring about interaction, transformation, and empowerment, this twenty-one-pronged approach to tarot can help readers expand standard interpretations and evolve new ways of connecting to the cards. Winner of the Coalition of Visionary Resources Award for Best Divination Book.
Mary K Greer
Beyond Prediction: The Tarot And Your Spirituality 7110053   $ 25.00
Product Image Tarot cards have long been a fascination for those interested in spiritual experimentation, and a horror for many church-goers. But where do the mysterious images on the Tarot cards come from? This book reveals that many of the Tarot symbols have their roots in what is perhaps the most unlikely place the Bible. The authors go on to explore the links with religious phenomenology, folklore, Jungian analysis, and archetypes from the world of literary fantasy. They demonstrate how the symbols are expressions of the spiritual needs of people of all times and all places, and they investigate the swell of interest in the Tarot, particularly within the New Age movement.
John Drane
Blank Tarot, Tarotee Back 7070024   $ 22.00
Product Image Colour, Draw your own tarot Deck
US Games
Collins Gem Tarot 5110061   $ 19.00
Product Image This clear introduction gives you the information you need to start reading the cards: how the deck is structured, how to handle the cards, how to prepare and organise a reading. It also illustrates each of the 78 cards giving the individual meanings and different interpretations. The perfect format to keep to hand while using the tarot cards An ideal introductory guide to the world of tarot Clear, colourful and comprehensive without being to difficult to follow The ideal gift together with a pack of tarot cards
Rowena Stuart
Complete Guide to the Tarot 9080024   $ 19.00
Product Image If you are looking for a general book on tarot this is the one to start with. Gray's book draws on the Golden Dawn interpretations but also adds more generalized interpretations as well. It is simple and concise, a great place to start learning to read the cards.
Eden Gray
Complete Idiots Guide To Tarot 8010029   $ 34.00
Product Image Now updated and revised, this guide to how a Tarot deck is used is an informative overview for longtime practitioners and a clear introduction for New Age explorers.
Arlene Tognetti
Complete Tarot Reader 6080101   $ 35.00
Product Image Tarot study can be daunting, with all the complex associations that the cards hold. The Complete Tarot Reader by Teresa C. Michelsen is possibly the best-structured learning tool, because it is organized like a study guide, including goals, activities and exercises. You learn easy methods for familiarizing yourself with a Tarot deck, as the book encourages you to use your own life experiences and knowledge to develop a personal understanding of the cards that transcends any memorized list. Everything is covered in depth. You'll come to understand: • The basis of intuitive Tarot reading • Suit correspondences and numerology of the numbered cards of all suits • Astrology and personality for the court cards • Historical and personal themes in the Major Arcana • Reading for yourself and others • How to overcome reader's block • Intermediate reading techniques The Complete Tarot Reader covers basic and complex methodology, including reversals, elemental dignities, timing of events, formulation of questions, numerology and the Tarot, astrology and the Tarot, symbols on the cards and much more.
Teresa Michelsen
Crowley Tarot Hand book to the Cards 1004029   $ 43.00
Product Image Akron and Banzhaf's text is insightful and oracular, giving diviners plenty of poetic and mythic depth to work with as they discern the meanings of the cards and their spreads. If you're prepared to do the work, this text will at least grant you entry into Crowley's symbolic universe, as it has for me. The rest is, of course, your own adventure.Deep descriptions and explanations of the details and symbols embedded in the 78 major and minor arcana cards of the Crowley Thoth Tarot Deck.
Hajop Banzhaf
Designing Your Own Tarot Spreads 5110052   $ 32.00
Product Image After learning a few basic card spreads and becoming familiar with individual card meanings, one of the first things tarot readers discover is the critical importance of asking the right question. But without using the right spread, you might not be getting the most out of your tarot readings. This groundbreaking book is a part of Llewellyn's Special Topics in Tarot series. This series was created in response to an increasing demand for more tarot books on advanced and specialized topics. Designing Your Own Tarot Spreads is an invaluable resource for tarot readers of all levels of expertise. Learn how to: Pose the perfect question Decide how many cards to use Clarify the meaning of each card position Work with reversals and dignities Use special cards such as significators, karmic lesson cards, and clarification cards Modify existing spreads to reflect your own reading style Inspirations for spreads covering a diverse variety of topics including relationships, financial and career development, predictive readings, personal development, and special occasions. Whether you're a professional tarot reader looking for ways to better serve your clientele or a beginner looking for a way to make your readings more accurate, this book will add new dimensions to your tarot practice.
Teresa Michelsen
Discovering Your Self Through the Tarot 9030017   $ 33.00
Product Image Discovering Your Self Through the Tarot: A Jungian Guide to Archetypes and Personality: This Jungian interpretation of Tarot symbolism uses the Tarot archetypes as mirrors for looking inside ourselves. Following Jung's personality types as guiding principles, the author shows how the Tarot can be an incisive tool for self-transformation, enabling you to discover the forces that are operative in your own personality. Provides a system for evaluating your strong and weak personality traits by indicating the court card and suit that correspond to your personality makeup. Highly original card spreads enable you to focus on and strengthen weaker facets of your personality. Other spreads enable you to gain insight into complex and challenging personal relationships. A section is devoted to using the Tarot to progress through the levels of consciousness represented by the sephiroth on the Tree of Life.
Rose Gwain
Encyclopedia of Tarot Volume IV 6080002   $ 110.00
Product Image A trove of tarot information and images, featuring reproductions of more than 11,000 different tarot cards from the 20th century. Over 800 tarot decks are identified and described including 100 Japanese tarot decks. Additionally, the annotated bibliography contains more than 1,500 books and articles dating from the 18th century to the present.
Stuart Kaplan
Enochian Tarot: A New System of Divination for a New Age 6080093   $ 31.00
Product Image This book is based on the system of Enochian magick, as revealed to John Dee, the court magician of Queen Elizabeth I. Forecasting the future is only one of the powers of this system, which encourages and enables the practitioner to delve into an inner self and discover destiny. -
Gerald Schueler
Essence of the Tarot: Modern Reflections on Ancient Wisdom 6080086   $ 35.00
Product Image Essence of the Tarot differentiates itself from other Tarot books by interlacing ancient wisdom with modern insight. The first section, "Ancient Wisdom," explores the major themes of each card or archetype of the Tarot. It contains insight from many sources, including astrology, mythology, the Kabbalah, and modern psychology, and focuses on the more meditative aspect of each card. It also includes a traditional divination and ways to interpret the cards in an easy, approachable manner. The second section, "Modern Reflections," reads similar to a diary, drawing analogies from modern cultural experiences such as literature, film, and daily life in the 21st century. It presents the stories behind the images, which help to make the cards real and alive, removing them from the realm of metaphysics and placing them squarely into everyday reality. It also encourages the reader to develop his or her own unique perspective.
Megan Skinner
Fools Pilgrimage: Kabbalistic Meditations on the Tarot 6120086   $ 38.00
Product Image The idea for this book grew out of classes Hoeller taught which linked the Tarot with the symbolic system of the Kabbalah. In the course of these classes, Hoeller composed meditations designed to help students experience the meaning of each of the twenty-two cards in the Tarots Major Arcana in relationship to the spiritual path they represent. At the urging of students who found these meditations helpful, Hoeller wrote this book, now celebrated as a classic.This handbook for heightening spiritual consciousness in unrivaled for its clarity in explaining the Kabalah, or ancient Hebrew Tree of Life, and how it relates to the twenty-two cards of the Tarot's Major Arcana.
Stephen Holeller
Fortune-telling by Tarot Cards 3030225   $ 33.00
Product Image An outstanding Tarot Reader for over a quarter of a century, Sasha Fenton wrote this book for the beginner, to quickly gain access to the cecrets locked within the Tarot cards. Worldwide sales of over 500,000 copies since first publication confirm that Sasha's well-known, friendly and accessible writing style clearly sets a standard amongst the multitude of Tarot books available today.This book gives the novice an ideal introduction to the Tarot, while also providing the more experienced Reader with useful, practical tips as well.
Sasha Fenton
Haindl Tarot Minor Arcana 8120037   $ 43.00
Product Image Rachel Pollack traveled to Germany and spent weeks living with Hermann Haindl and his wife, Erica. Together, they went over every card, its symbolism, its inner levels, and its esoteric history. In this book Rachel describes each card of the Minor Arcana in great detail. She lists each symbol and describes the card's spiritual meaning as well as the way these meanings appear in readings. The book for The Minor Arcana examines the four suits of the "Minor Arcana" that reflect the wisdom of the entire world, for Hermann Haindl has based each suit on the spiritual and artistic traditions of cultures from around the planet. Swords are Egyptian, Wands are Indian, Cups are European, and Stones (Pentacles in older decks) are Native American. The divinatory meanings for each card clearly indicate how they work when they appear in actual readings that we do with the cards.
Rachel Pollack
Karmic Tarot 3rd Edition 6080137   $ 43.00
Product Image The third edition of Karmic Tarot explains its tarot system for finding and following your life's path. The book is divided into theoretical and practical sections. One of the first things that Lammey does is give working definitions of the principles of karma and reincarnation. Reincarnation is defined as the belief that the soul never dies - that it is reborn in a series of lifetimes, which is the process of the evolution of our consciousness. Karma is defined as the belief that the soul's purpose (agenda) for any given lifetime is determined by your progress on the path of your evolving consciousness. Each lifetime is driven by the power of free will, and by the Karmic Contract that our soul made coming into it. Our challenge is to stay centered on our path. The Karmic Tarot spread consists of 22 cards, laid out in four rows of seven cards each. (I can count - this would make 28 cards, except for the fact that six of the cards are in "swing" positions - i.e. the end of one column and the beginning of the next.) The four rows are the four Planes (physical, emotional, mental and spiritual). Plane 1 correlates with the suit of Pentacles (Earth), Plane 2 with the Suit of Cups (Water), Plane 3 with the suit of Swords (Air), and Plane 4 with the suit of Wands (Fire). Lammey also lists correlation's with Aristotelian Concepts, Elementary Physics, Psychology, Numerology, Color, Dualities, Rosicrucian Concepts, Older Channeled Material About The Ancient Races, and Disciplines of Yoga.
William C Lammey
Lo Scarabeo Tarot Gallery Book 1004001   $ 95.00
Product Image REVIEW: The Tarot is a universe in continual expansion. Those who love Tarot cards and wish to understand them better embark on a fascinating voyage into a world full of mystery and evolution reflecting more than five centuries of history, magic, art, and spirituality. This volume embraces the entire world of Tarot - not with words, but rather with images alone.- From the Lo Scarabeo Tarot Gallery Book As a child, I remember anticipating the Sears "Wish Book" catalogue. Every Christmas season, thousands of kids would drool over its pages, marking toys, electronics, and clothes in the hopes that St. Nick might bring them one or more from their selections. In similar fashion, Italian publisher Lo Scarabeo now offers a glorious 206-page gallery of Tarot images from dozens of their decks. Eleven cards from each deck are reproduced in actual size (front and back), and for the shimmering golden decks that Lo Scarabeo are famed for, one actual card is glued to the page. Yum! Divided into five families historical, metaphysical, esoteric, cultural and artistic this tabbed full-color hardcover catalogue displays the following cards for each deck: 2 of Cups, 7 of Pentacles, Knight of Wands, Queen of Swords, The Magician, The Emperor, Strength, Justice, Temperance, The Stars and The World. These choices provide a nice overview of cards for getting a feel for each deck. The Lo Scarabeo Tarot Gallery serves as a drool-worthy wish book for Tarot enthusiasts, it's also a must-have catalogue for all who are unfamiliar with Lo Scarabeo and wish to get a great overview of the decks offered by the Italian publisher. This gallery provides information in six languages (English, Italian, Spanish, German, French, and Russian), as well as helpful icons noting if a particular deck is available in mini format, or is more suitable for adult consumers.
Lo Scarabeo
Personal Development with the Tarot 3030007   $ 23.00
Product Image In our modern technological world, we have access to the religious and philosophical belief systems of a whole range of cultures, and this has become coupled with a new attitude that the individual is ultimately self-responsible. In this new age, we understand that we must find out through our own efforts our individual route to personal understanding. Increasingly, modern psychologists are discovering the validity of ancient symbolic systems such as the Tarot, and in this thoughtful yet straightforward guide, the authors offer a skilful interpretation of this ancient art for the modern reader as a guide to a deeper understanding of who we are and our unique place in the world.
Catherine Summers
Pictiorial Key to the Tarot 6080094   $ 25.00
Product Image Ideal for use with the Rider-Waite Tarot Deck and the Universal Waite Tarot Deck.
Arthur Edward Waite
Pictorial Key to the Tarot 6080096   $ 25.00
Product Image Ideal for use with the Rider-Waite Tarot Deck and the Universal Waite Tarot Deck.
Arthur Edward Waite
Psychic Tarot 1104010   $ 30.00
Product Image Psychic Tarot PB: Using Your Natural Psychic Abilities to Read the Cards: Learn to read tarot cards using your own psychic skills, and gain new levels of inspiration, guidance, and insight. This lively, friendly book features a wealth of creative exercises, spreads, and sample readings, along with compelling first-hand accounts from the authors' own experiences, to start you on the path to trusting your intuition in reading the cards. Rather than presenting cookbook interpretations or complex symbols, "Psychic Tarot" invites readers on a fascinating journey. Along the way, readers will learn a variety of original intuitive exercises designed to awaken their psychic abilities such as Light and Shadow, Turning Point, and Hidden Question. Also included in this helpful guide are simple techniques for doing energy readings and seeing the unseen, instructions on keeping a synchronicity journal, and even a tarot spread for communicating with spirit guides or loved ones on the other side.
Nancy Antenucci and Melanie Howard
Putting the Tarot to work 6080097   $ 38.00
Product Image Putting the Tarot to Work: Creative Problem Solving, Effective Decision Making & Personal Career Planning: Forego fortune telling for fortune making! You have your cell phone, your pager, and your palm pilot. But a Tarot deck? Why not? It’s the perfect tool for thinking outside the box. Business manager and consultant Mark McElroy has worked and thrived in the corporate pressure cooker. Let him show you the secrets of using the cards to boost your creativity, make better decisions, and increase your value as a boss or employee. Apply this versatile tool today to clarify your values, define your goals, and restore meaning to your career. The cards can even help you to plan productive meetings, breathe new life into dull presentations, and improve business relationships.
Mark McElroy
Rider Waite Learning To Read The Tarot Intuitively: DVD 8060023   $ 49.00
Product Image IN THIS DVD YOU WILL LEARN: What is an intuitive reading? What is a mechanical reading? The differences between intuitive and mechanical Guidelines on using and reading the tarot What the tarot is and is not How to read the tarot intuitively How to use your psychic abilities How to Prepare for a reading ALSO INCLUDED: In-depth on camera readings of 6 different spreads including the Celtic Cross. Mechanical interpretations are explained first, then the intuitive interpretations. All 78 cards are illustrated and their intuitive meanings given. 14 additional spreads are illustrated and card positions explained. Spread topics are diverse, from love, health, wealth and even one on pets. From novices of the tarot all the way up to professional readers, this video takes your understanding of the tarot to a higher, intuitive level. This video instructs, Illustrates and demonstrates step by step how to read the tarot intuitively.
Steve Murray
Seventy Eight Degrees of Wisdom 6080078   $ 24.00
Product Image Together in one volume for the first time, these are the classic texts that helped launch the modern Tarot renaissance. Often described as the Bible of Tarot readers, they bring awareness of myth and modern psychology to the Tarot's ancient symbolism.
Rachel Pollack
Tall Dark Strange 6080134   $ 35.00
Product Image For centuries, the love-struck, lovesick, and lovelorn have consulted the tarot-a tradition still thriving today. Tall Dark Stranger makes it easy for anyone to explore matters of the heart through tarot. Corrine Kenner's tour of the tarot begins with its colorful, romantic history. She goes on to describe the deck itself-explaining its structure, suits, symbolism, archetypes, and astrological associations-while relating its special significance in love and relationships. The second part of the book is devoted to the nitty-gritty of tarot readings: choosing a deck, preparing for a reading, asking appropriate questions, timing events, and interpreting cards and spreads. By the end of the book, readers will have a powerful edge in conquering the ever-mysterious ways of love.
Corine Kenner
Tarot 101 - The art of reading the cards 1008040   $ 36.00
Product Image Would you like to gain professional-level skills in Tarot, bring more insight to card readings--and definitely have some fun? This complete course in Tarot demystifies the art of reading Tarot cards in an exciting new way. And all you need is a desire for wisdom and a boundless imagination. In twenty-two clear and practical lessons, Kim Huggens teaches you everything you need to know to become an expert card reader. Unlike other Tarot guides, this book groups the cards according to shared themes--a much simpler and more intuitive way to learn. You can even use the Tarot deck of your choice. Designed to be completed at your own pace, each lesson introduces an essential concept broken down into four topics and features helpful tips, key terms, and enjoyable activities for hands-on learning. At the end of each lesson are extra exercises that beginners as well as advanced card readers can explore to delve deeper into the Tarot. The Major and Minor Arcana . Choosing a Tarot deck . Methods of card reading and interpretation . Spreads for love, success, and more - Creating original spreads . Reading for others - Image symbolism and divinatory meanings Developing intuition for insightful readings
Kim Huggens
Tarot: An Illustrated Notebook (Parchment Journal) 6090014   $ 15.00
Product Image This ingenious parchment journal delivers a lot of Tarot at a stunning value. A full deck of 78 compact, colorful Tarot cards is printed on perforated sheets bound into the front of the journal. They just need to be removed and separated before being used in readings. The journal pages, highlighted with instructional text about the meaning and application of each card, offer ample space for recording thoughts and noting the results of each reading.
Dennis Fairchild
Tarot Awareness: Exploring the Spiritual Path 6080099   $ 40.00
Product Image Tarot Awareness: Exploring the Spiritual Path : Have you ever looked at the mysterious symbols on the Tarot cards and wondered what they meant? Or perhaps you have read the Tarot for others for many years but still don't understand how to use them for meditation and spiritual development. Or perhaps you use the intense imagery of the Tarot for meditation, but don't think it is "appropriate" to use this mystical tool for readings. Well, now you can learn the meaning of the symbols for spiritual development and for giving great readings in Stephen Walter Sterling's Tarot Awareness.
Stephen Walter Sterling
Tarot for All Seasons: Celebrating the Days & Nights of Pow 6080080   $ 29.00
Product Image Weave a Web of Tarot Magic Celebrate the days and nights of power with the magic of tarot and ritual. Perfect for both solitary and group practitioners, Tarot for All Seasons is the only book that combines the ancient wisdom of the tarot with the solar and lunar celebrations of the pagan Wheel of the Year. Discover how to work with seasonal energies throughout the year to improve all areas of your life—relationships, health, finances, and career. The twelve original tarot layouts capture the spirit of the full moon Esbats, waxing and waning moons, and the eight solar Sabbats. Several three-card spreads are also included for further advice and clarification to help you hone your tarot reading skills. Sample readings offer a way to weave a story with the cards, showing how the cards relate to one another and how the same cards can describe diverse situations in various layouts. Ritual creates a sacred space between the worlds, an ideal environment for powerful and magical tarot readings. A list of corresponding scents, magical brews, and candles are included to help you design a personal tarot ritual. The special chapter "A Year and a Day" concludes your journey with suggestions for self-dedication to the magical study of tarot. The seventy-eight cards of the tarot form a unique system for divination, self-discovery, and magic. From the growing darkness of Samhain to the fertility and flowers of Beltane, weave a web of tarot magic as you celebrate the ever-changing world around you and within you. In the following excerpt, author Christine Jette describes the Lady of the Hunt spread. This spread is intended to be used near the time of the waxing moon. Lady of the Hunt In this spread, "project" means any creative endeavor or career/study plan. "Relationship" can be new love, coworkers, family, or friendships. You are the Lady of the Hunt and your question becomes your quest. If you have something specific in mind, ask your question while shuffling the cards. For example, "Tell me what I need to know about my new (love, work situation, etc.)." Breathe deeply and shuffle your tarot deck. When you are ready, lay the cards out in the shape of a waxing crescent moon. Position 1 - This begins your project or relationship: Your life experience, what you bring from the past into the new situation. What brought you to this moment? Position 2 - This shapes your project or relationship: Outside influences, significant events, other people that shape the situation. Position 3 - This is at the center of your project or relationship: The main theme, lesson, opportunity or challenge of the situation. The focus card; all other cards revolve around the center and it carries the most weight in the reading. Position 4 - What your project or relationship needs to succeed: The effort you will make, the "elbow grease" required for your goals and ambitions to be realized, the follow-up too your magical workings on the physical plane. Position 5 - The direction or path of your project or relationship: Where you are headed, the future outlook. Position 6 - Advice card: What is the best course of action to take with this new project or relationship? What do you need to know now? To complete the Maiden reading, you can meditate with the cards, write a journal entry, keep the cards on the altar until the next waxing moon, or simple close. Carry a card or two with you during the day to strengthen the connection between you and your Maiden Spirit's desire. Affirm your personal power to create your destiny: "I awaken to my own creative powers. This, or something better, is manifesting for me now, for the good of all, harming no one, according to free will. So must it be."
Christine Jette
Tarot for Fun and Profit 1203007   $ 19.50
Product Image Over the years, Richard Webster has given thousands of Tarot card readings to people all around the world - in The Tarot for Fun and Profit, he shows you how to give helpful, insightful and entertaining readings to your clients. In this book you will learn: - How to choose the right deck for you and your clients. - A mnemonic system to help you remember the cards. - How to tell stories with the cards. - How to give brief readings. - How to set yourself apart from the competition. - How to make money with your reading skills.. This book provides everything you need to know to start working with the tarot.
Richard Webster
Tarot For Life 9070059   $ 37.00
Product Image In "Tarot for Life: Reading the Cards for Everyday Guidance and Growth", author Paul Quinn transforms the Tarot from fortune-telling into the ultimate Self Help tool for intuitive guidance, empowerment, and well-being. He presents the Tarot as a lifelong tool to access inner wisdom, which can be applied to gain deeper insights and practical, inspired guidance in relationships, career, family, and personal growth. Drawing on esoteric, spiritual, and psychological principles, Quinn shows how the Tarot can reveal unconscious beliefs and offer soul-directed advice leading to positive changes and greater well-being. Featuring illustrations from the 100-year old Rider- Waite deck, the book offers provocative casebook examples – one for each card -- from Quinn’s readings for clients, his Tarot students, and himself.
Paul Quinn
Tarot for the Curious Spirit - Awakening the High Priestess 1007008   $ 55.00
Product Image Tarot for the Curious Spirit: Awakening the High Priestess Within: This is a descriptive guide written in an easy-to-read format that will make discovering, exploring and learning about the tarot interesting and informative. Styled to represent the vast majority of tarot decks available on the market, it covers the history of the cards, how the Higher Arcana and four lower suits of the deck blend and fit together in a reading. It teaches a level of competence enabling the tarot to be read proficiently, providing a progression of simple card layouts that will help the reader's ability and understanding to build in sensible increments until they can work with a full eleven card spread to give a more knowing and flowing reading.
Barbara Venn-Lever
Tarot for your self 6080084   $ 52.00
Product Image Originally published in 1984, this was the first book not only to say that ordinary people could read the cards for themselves but to show them how. Greer linked Tarot to crystals, mythology, channeling, astrology and more. This revised edition features expanded interpretations for the Minor Arcana, reversed card meanings for all 78 cards, an entirely new chapter on recent research and discoveries, information on the Shadow/Teacher cards, a new introduction, updated bibliography and complete index
Mary K Greer
Tarot: Get the Whole Story: Use, Create & Interpret Tarot Sp 6080102   $ 35.00
Product Image Creating original spreads is a rite of passage for many ambitious Tarot students. James Ricklef gives valuable lessons in doing just that-with advice for finding inspiration, defining positional meanings, and structuring a layout. Tarot: Get the Whole Story is also for those who want to peer over the shoulder of a Tarot master as he demonstrates a variety of new spreads. Readers will learn which spreads are best for relationship concerns, personal transformation, New Year's resolutions, life decisions, and more. Each chapter discusses a new spread with detailed explanations of positional meanings and dynamics between the cards. Also included are illustrations and entertaining sample readings featuring Clark Gable, Marie Antoinette, Hera, Don Juan, and other historical, literary, or mythological figures.
James Ricklef
Tarot Journalling 6120172   $ 27.00
Product Image A new way to tell the story of your life Everybody has a story. Yours began in the past, encompasses the present, and holds the promise of all your hopes for the future. Whatever you seek in the present — a source of creative inspiration, a new perspective on a difficult situation, or a glimpse of your unwritten future — the book of your life can be read in the seventy-eight cards of the tarot. Whether you’re new to tarot or you regard your cards as old friends, keeping a tarot journal can help you gain insight into the characters, events, and themes that form the story of your life. But where do you start? How do you begin to fill a book of blank pages? How will you tell your story? As an experienced tarot teacher and certified tarot master, author Corrine Kenner has shared her tarot reading and journaling techniques with hundreds of students. The only book of its kind, Tarot Journaling covers everything you need to create, keep, and preserve a personal tarot journal. You’ll discover hundreds of ideas to inspire and enliven your own tarot journal, from down-to-earth advice on choosing your journaling materials and protecting your privacy, to valuable techniques for getting out of your own way and transforming negative energy into a positive brainstorming tool. No matter where you are on your tarot journey, Tarot Journaling encourages you to pause and reflect upon the miles you’ve walked — and the open road ahead.
Corine Kenner
Tarot of Perfection 9030114   $ 49.00
Product Image A collection of wildly imaginative tales of tarot, divination and desire from an award-winning author of fantasy and science fiction. Profound, touching and outrageously funny, these stories will open new ways of seeing and meditating on the cards, and provide a provocative new fiction (with more than a touch of spiritual truth) on the origins of the familiar archetypes of the tarot deck. These are vivid, dreamlike fantasies that ask us to consider new realities and ways of seeing. But they also invite us simply to play with our own expectations and to have fun imagining the impossible.
Rachel Pollack
Tarot Symbolism 6090002   $ 40.00
Product Image Robert V. O’Neill wrote what is probably the most interesting of all the historically oriented Tarot books. It is 392 pages and expresses the author’s view that early Tarot was in fact virtually all the things claimed by the eighteenth century occultists and twentieth century neo-Jungian interpreters, more or less. The book claims that occultists have done much to elucidate the meaning of the symbols, and many occultist interpretations are justified, while taking care to reject none of the occult sciences as possible influences on Tarot. Because occultist views of Tarot have held center stage in terms of Tarot interpretation for over two centuries, and because this book is the most notable apologetic for the historicity of their interpretations, O'Neill's work is must reading for anyone interested in either occult or historical Tarot studies.
Robert V O'Neill
Tarot Tells The tale 6080109   $ 38.00
Product Image Tarot Tells the Tale: Explore Three Card Readings Through Familiar Stories: Let author and Tarot teacher James Ricklef guide you through sample readings for famous characters from history, myth, and fiction. Discover many ways to interpret the cards, read reversed cards, expand on common three-card spreads, construct a good question, and even rephrase less-than-ideal questions. Explore several variations of the basic three-card spread, and learn how to break the Celtic Cross into mini spreads for clearer, more insightful advice. Beginning Tarot students will find in-depth solutions to common stumbling blocks, while advanced readers will delight in the myriad possibilities of three-card spreads and the sample readings for famous characters.
James Ricklef
Tarot Workshop 2 CDS 1305024   $ 32.00
Product Image an Introductory Guide to Tarot In this special double CD workshop, experienced tarot teacher Suzanne Corbie presents an introductory guide to learning tarot. Beginners are encouraged to work with their own intuition and feelings. Presented in Suzanne's fun and easy going style, she covers both the Major and Minor Arcana tarot cards. It is an easy to understand and no-nonsense guide that enables you to quickly learn how to work with tarot cards and give readings for yourself and others.Suzanne has read and studied the tarot for over thirty years and has taught it for the last seven. She regularly teaches classes and workshops in tarot all over the UK
Suzanne Corbie
Tarot Your Everyday Guide: Practical Problem Solving and Eve 6080111   $ 28.00
Product Image Tarot Your Everyday Guide: Practical Problem Solving and Everyday Advice: Reading the tarot for advice requires a different approach than reading for prediction. Tarot: Your Everyday Guide presents a new method of tarot interpretation. You'll learn how to use the tarot to help you make an informed decision and determine a course of action for just about any life situation. For example, in an advice reading the Two of Wands could mean you should set up your own challenges to work out goals, define issues, and work out compromises. If the King of Cups comes up in an advice reading, it means you must give encouragement, acknowledge the accomplishments of others, give rewards, and let others enjoy the limelight. Alternatively, it could mean you need to seek a mentor who has these qualities. The position of a given card within a spread, and the cards before and after it, will clarify the cards' advice for you. You can even use advice readings to augment traditional divination. If a divinatory spread shows trouble ahead, consult the cards for advice on how to avoid the situation or lessen its impact. Whether you're an experienced tarot reader or have never even shuffled the cards before, this unique and practical book will open new doors of understanding and help you integrate the rich symbolism of the tarot into your daily life.
Janine Renee
Ticket, Passport and Tarot Cards 6090001   $ 35.00
Product Image REVIEW:Thought I should let you know just how much I have enjoyed reading your fascinating book. I couldn't put it down - you certainly have a great talent for weaving personal stories with the cards in such a way that makes it all so easy to follow
Linda Marson
Tiny Tarot Key Chain With Tiny Universal Waite Tarot Deck 3110070   $ 19.00
Product Image The world’s smallest complete tarot deck is available on a key chain, packaged in an attractive, durable carrying case
Pamela Colman Smith
Witch s guide to Life 5020095   $ 58.00
Product Image The Witch's Guide to Life is brimming with practical advice for every modern, magickally minded person. Author Kala Trobe explores what it really means to practice Witchcraft, including how to implement a positive metaphysical philosophy as an aid to overcoming life's many challenges or at least facing them with courage. Covering mind, body, and spirit in its three extensive parts, The Witch’s Guide to Life is an indispensable magickal reference book for novice and adept alike. Wiccan ethics, the difference between a Wiccan and a non Wiccan Witch, love, sex, mood swings, eating disorders, suicidal impulses, and the use of drugs are amongst the issues discussed in the first part of the book, along with wider subjects such as the witch’s role in global crisis. Part two explores the history, folklore, and mystical systems relevant to witchcraft as we know it today, including chakras, the Qabalah of the Western Mystery Tradition, and Tarot. The lives of eminent historical and contemporary occultists are outlined, and the image of the witch as reflected in art, literature, and the media is explored as an indication of the changing attitude of the general public to the arts magickal. In part three you'll find the practical how-to of witchcraft and magick, with comprehensive sections on a witch's working tools, when to cast what, and magickal techniques and spell-casting. Also included are recipes to make every sabbat a tasty as well as magickal experience, tips on psychic self-protection, and advice for coping with adversity. The power inherent in every witch shines forth in this guide to magickal living in the modern world.
Kala Trobe
Copyright 1998 Beachhaven Books


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