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Updated: 18/09/2012
Bedtime Stories CD 1101004   $ 30.00
Product Image A unique guided relaxation program for falling asleep and entering the world of dreams: As a child growing up in a family of cantadoras (keepers of the old stories), Clarissa Pinkola Estes learned first-hand how a story told at bedtime can soothe away the troubles of the day, and prepare the way for another night's dreams to follow. Now a beloved cantadora herself, Estes shares this treasured family tradition with you on Bedtime Stories, her own special collection of tales to relax and ease you to sleep. Join this world-renowned Jungian analyst and bestselling author as she explores: How to use stories as healing companions that open anaperture into the divine world of our dreams; the meaning of archetypal figures like Mother Night and the Sandman, and themes such as renewal, enchantment and transformation; original tellings by Dr. Estes of her bedside favorites, including Sleeping Beauty, the Mouse and the Lion, and more.
Clarissa Pinkola Estes , Ph D
Deep Sleep Every Night CD 8080030   $ 32.00
Product Image Overcome the stressful problem of insomnia with this superb, high quality hypnosis CD by Glenn Harrold. Insomnia and sleep problems are often caused by stress, anxiety and having a busy mind at the end of the day. Hypnotherapy is uniquely effective in solving sleep disorders in a safe and natural way, free of any harmful side effects. Track 1 utilises skilled hypnotherapy techniques to help guide the listener in to a deep relaxing sleep every night. Track two is titled 'Lucid dreams for problem solving'. This track is also a hypnotherapy session that will induce a restful nights sleep, and will help cure sleeplessness and bad dreams as well as guiding you to find solutions to any problems through your dreams. The pink noise background sound effects on this title have been designed to sync with, and slow down brainwaves to alpha level (between 6 - 10 Hz), which is a pre requisite for a good nights sleep. Even the most ardent insomniac can't fail to wind down with this powerful relaxing hypnotherapy CD. Features two 25 minute hypnotherapy sessions containing: A pleasant relaxing voice guiding the listener into a completely relaxed state of mind & body. Hypnotic echoed background vocals panning from left to right across the stereo range - a deeply relaxing and unique effect. 60 B.P.M digital sound effects - all compounding the overall effect.
Glenn Harrold
DE-Stress CD CD 1005069   $ 36.00
Product Image Created by one of the foremost acknowledged authorities on the therapeutic uses on sound, DE-STRESS features three beautiful musical selections perfect for providing tranquility and harmony in your home or workspace. With keyboards, zither, guitar, flute, choral voices and Tibetan Bowls, this CD uses the latest scientific sound technology coupled with tranquil ambient music for your listening pleasure. Includes a 16 page booklet on how to use the CD for stress reduction.
Jonathan Goldman
Good Nights Sleep 8110013   $ 32.00
Product Image How to overcome insomnia with visualization, breathwork, and meditation Presents mental and physical exercises to quiet mental chatter, visualizations to prepare for sleep, and deep breathing and mindfulness meditation techniques Explains how to establish and analyze a sleep diary and how to retrain the body to sleep solidly Includes a 65-minute audio CD of guided visualizations and relaxation techniques In A Good Night's Sleep, Jan Sadler teaches the skills needed to break the patterns and frustration of insomnia. She explains how to overcome stress and restlessness through meditation and deep diaphragmatic breathing, how to prepare for sleep through positive visualization, and how to quiet mental chatter with awareness and physical techniques such as the "Stop/Cancel/Change" and "Shakeout" exercises. Sadler addresses how to reduce dependence on sleeping pills, determine the amount of sleep you truly need, and, most important, how to retrain yourself to sleep soundly. She provides a two-week sleep diary and shows step by step how to identify and analyze any underlying daytime and pre bedtime habits that can disturb sleep. In addition, the accompanying 65-minute audio CD presents six relaxation and visualization techniques, including Sadler's "Peaceful Sleep Bedtime Routine," a 20-minute guided relaxation practice designed to ease one into a deep and peaceful sleep. By revealing the keys to quality, drug-free sleep, A Good Night's Sleep enables you to reclaim control of your sleep cycle and your life.
Jan Sadler
Guided Meditation for Sleep CD 5050057   $ 32.00
Product Image An experienced psychologist and clinical hypnotherapist guides the listener into a peaceful sleep to the accompaniment of calming, relaxing guitar musicgaia
Simonette Vaja
Guided Meditations to Heal Mind Body and Spirit CD 1012008   $ 37.00
Product Image Experience increased self-confidence, optimism, motivation, vitality, inner strength and minimise external stresses impacting on your life, improving both your physical and emotional health and well-being! You will become more focused and centered, enabling you to make clear and confident decisions day by day. You will sleep more soundly and experience restful sleep, waking up feeling energised and ready to seize the day!
Lyn Craven
Healthy Sleep (2CD) 1003006   $ 37.00
Product Image Imagine waking up each day alert, invigorated, and at the peak of healthwithout needing that cup of coffee to get going. For many, this sounds like a fantasy. But according to Dr. Andrew Weil and his colleague Dr. Rubin Naiman, healthy sleep and healthy waking are well within your grasp, without turning to sleeping drugs. Now in this 2-CD set, these two mind-body experts present practical tools to help you enjoy the life-changing health benefits that optimum sleep provides. On Healthy Sleep you will learn: The roots of insomnia, and natural techniques, practices, and safe supplements to overcome it The spiritual component of sleep and dreaming—the missing ingredient to truly rejuvenating sleep Eight practices from Dr. Naiman to address your specific sleep concernsincluding three sessions to help you fall asleep How a healthy sleep cycle can improve your immune system, mood, sense of well-being—and even your weight
Dr Andrew Weil & Rubin Nauman PH.D.
Help with getting to Sleep CD 9030042   $ 23.00
Product Image This album is designed to help you to get to sleep. It is based on tried and true methods of sleep induction. Many people fall to sleep before they hear the end of this CD. The voice-over will guide you through relaxing each part of your body as you prepare for a deep and relaxing sleep. A guided meditation is followed by a sleep inducing number count down. A soft acoustic guitar background accompanies the voice, followed by an extended period with just soothing guitar music.
Dick Rigby
Insomnia Cure Hypnosis CD 1101017   $ 38.00
Product Image Welcome to achieving deep and consistent sleep patterns when you need to. This CD will immediately place you into a deeply relaxed state to induce a satisfying and prolonged sleep. It will also introduce new beneficial values that will remain with you permanently, so that even when you are not using the CD, you will still have an easy sleep transition time and time again. By using the CD you will be able to create a switch in your mind that allows you to ‘switch off’ and ‘stop over-thinking’ when it is time for bed, allowing you to achieve instant sleep and not wake up before you are properly rested. Synchronise your ‘body-clock’ with your emotions, so that when your body tells you that you are tired, your emotions and mentality do not contradict and keep you awake.
Rick Collingwood
Relax & De-Stress CD 1011037   $ 32.00
Product Image Legendary composers like Beethoven, Bach, and Chopin instinctively understood the profound effect that music can have on our emotions and physical bodies. Now, bestselling author and physician Dr. Andrew Weil has joined with producer and sound researcher Joshua Leeds to bring you Dr. Andrew Weil's Music for Self-Healing Series-classical music for promoting good health. With Relax and De-Stress, the first CD of this new series, listeners will enjoy a selection of soothing classical music, scientifically selected and performed to reduce physical tension, dispel anxiety, and create inner calm. The award-winning players of the Apollo Chamber Ensemble perform each piece on Relax and De-Stress with the guidance of the sound-healing research of Dr. Weil and Joshua Leeds. Through subtle rearrangement and emphasis on the underlying psychoacoustic harmonics embedded in the music, these renowned musicians draw out each composition's innate healing potential. Masterpieces such as Debussy's "Reverie" and Vivaldi's "Winter" movement are presented in a specific order on the CD, easing the listener with each track into a deeper state of stress-free tranquility. Relax and De-Stress is the perfect choice for listeners who wish to slow down from a hard day's work, prepare for a good night's sleep, or simply unwind with some of the greatest work from classical composers.
Andrew Weil, M.D. and Joshua Leeds
Sleep and Deep Relaxation CD 1005019   $ 30.00
Product Image MIDORI and has created the ultimate Sleep and Deep Relaxation album. A CD we all so desperately need during such times of stress. The perfect switch off, chill out, fall asleep in your favorite chair CD. Filled with warmth, melody and the usual Midori touch of soft magic.
Sleep Better: Acupressure and Gentle Yoga CD 1104106   $ 28.00
Product Image Over 60 million Americans each year suffer from insomnia, which can lead to serious sleep deficits and health problems. This self-healing program relieves insomnia by counteracting the stress that accumulates in the upper back, shoulder, and neck area. On Sleep Better, Michael Reed Gach's soothing voice guides listeners into a good night's sleep by using simple techniques that combine gentle stretching, self-acupressure, eye movements, and deep breathing exercises.
Michael Reed Gach
Sleep Deep CD 1003045   $ 32.00
Product Image Many times, when people have trouble sleeping, the answer lies with an inability to calm the mind and let go of the day. Maybe you're analyzing a situation that occurred at work, or consumed with worry over something that honestly cannot be changed at 1 am in the morning. Sleep Deep, from meditation expert Anando, was conceived with the goal of providing a tool for getting the mind in sleep mode. Anando begins by having listeners focus on relaxing their feet muscles, and moves up the body targeting the extremities and major muscle groups. Along the way, she guides the listener in proper breathing and speaks in softer and softer tones as the meditation moves forward. By the time you reach the programs conclusion, you will find that our mind is clear and your body is wonderfully relaxed. Now you can move to bed and gently drift off into sleep.
Sleep - Music for Sleep Therapy and Relaxation 1005024   $ 36.00
Product Image Clearly sleep is important to us and we all need different amounts of sleep. If you find sleeping easy, then that's excellent. You most likely find that you have a lot of energy and feel good most days. If you find sleeping difficult however, there are many solutions and you are certainly not alone. Enjoying this relaxing, specially crafted musical composition along with the suggested sleep therapies can help you find restful sleep.
Sleep Well Every Night Book and CD 8090030   $ 34.00
Product Image Sleep - or lack of it - is one of the most common 21st century health complaints. Only 1 in 10 of us say we always sleep well; 1 in 5 suffer from lack of sleep; and two-thirds say we get less sleep now than we did a few years ago - around 90 minutes less, according to one leading American sleep expert. There are many reasons why people cannot get a good night's sleep, but a solution to many of these problems lies in hypnosis, a wonderful tool for quietening the mind and relaxing the body. Hypnosis helps to slow brainwaves and naturally guide you into a state that is ideal for deep, restful sleep. Whatever your particular sleep problem, this book and CD will promote a deep, restful sleep every night.
Glenn Harrold
Transition to Sleep CD 1001034   $ 30.00
Product Image "Transition To Sleep: Ambient Rhythmic Entrainment for Deep Rest" - Sound therapy researcher Jeff Strong is the leading authority on using rhythm to affect brain states. Now he presents a potent rhythmic entrainment CD drawn from his pioneering clinical research, offering: - Soothing organic rhythms designed to synchronize the brain naturally into the sleep cycle - Ambient audio that is most effective when used quietly in the background, without headphones - Sound healing that trains the nervous system for quick and effortless relaxation, promoting an easy descent into sleep. For anyone who has struggled to get their mind to quiet down once their head hits the pillow, Transition to Sleep provides a sound-based solution for natural, healthy rest.
Jeff Strong
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