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Updated: 25/02/2014
Angelic Reiki CD 1211002   $ 32.00
Product Image Combining the talents of Niall (Reiki River, Calling my Angels) and the classic angelic vocals of Juliana, Angelic Reiki is deeply relaxing music and ideally timed for Reiki treatments. (12 tracks x 5 minutes) It sets the perfect atmosphere for raising angel energy and healing. Total Running Time: 60 minutes Produced by Niall Executive producer Llewellyn
Niall & Juliana
Beyond the Horizon 1106013   $ 38.00
Product Image "Beyond the horizon there is a mystical world where one's imagination is the only limit," says composer Patrick Kelly. Kelly, inspired by his brother (a well respected spiritual healer and Reiki Master), creates tracks that invoke memories of warm tropical beaches, discoveries of awe and wonder, or safe and womblike states of being--all to ensure that the listener "travels" along with the mood and tone of the album. Enjoy this fusion of keyboard, guitar, synthesizer, samples, drums, and loops from a passionate artist composing beyond the music and in tune with the spiritual life. Patrick Kelly has been featured on albums by The Big Blue, Shooter, Jo Breezer, and more.
Patrick Kelly
Blue Moon Dancing The Sound of GratitudeCD 1311011   $ 34.00
Product Image Working with our drummer, River Guerguerian, and with Chris Rosser, our studio engineer, was high fun. One of my intentions for this CD was to have so much fun recording and mixing it that the joy in the studio would spill over into every note of music. We began the project totally open to how each step would unfold. River and I worked side by side during the recording of our tracks. When River suggested that I might want to lay down an additional track of the flute I had just recorded, both Charlie and I said, "We've tried that before and it doesn't work." I paused and remembered my intention to be "open at the top" as to how the music would unfold. So I tried it and it worked so well that songs 4 and 7 have three tracks of flutes. I have been using two flutes, an octave apart, on many of our recordings, but this is the first time to have three flute tracks. The result is expansive and mesmerizing! Sound healer and visionary scientist, Dr. Valerie Hunt has researched the importance of rhythm in the treatment and prevention of stress related diseases. Her work inspired me to invite River Guerguerian, an amazing mult-percussionist, to be our guest artist on this CD. The combination of the relaxing sounds of my flutes with the trance like rhythms is appropriate for all healing modalities. May Blue Moon Dancing assist you to open your heart to an ever-widening experience of joy, gratitude and bliss. May it provide a vehicle for healing that is inspiring and uplifting, expansive and luminous. Quote from Marlene Brown, Ph.D., "I use Blue Moon Dancing when doing Reiki on Cancer patients. They respond that they definitely feel 'different' after listening to this CD. They get very relaxed, and feel a different energy. It's GREAT!"
Marina Raye
Buddha Gold CD 1211003   $ 32.00
Product Image INCLUDES FREE DOWNLOAD ALBUM! 2 Albums for the price of one!!! Customers can choose any Paradise Album from the Paradise download site by using the unique download code inside the album. Specially created by Llewellyn (Reiki Gold, Reiki Starlight) Buddha Gold is ideal for relaxation as well as for therapies including Reiki, Meditation, Crystal healing, Aromatherapy, and all kinds of massage. We are all individually influenced by sound and certain vibrational tones can and do affect our chakras. Each of the seven relaxing and healing tracks on Buddha Gold is a journey through the seven key chakras. Buddha Gold features seven chakra tracks blended together by natural sounds to create inner balance and healing. Produced by Llewellyn - COVR Winner of the 2011 Best healing/meditation album at INATS.
Calling My Angels CD 1209047   $ 32.00
Product Image Featuring the classic angelic vocals of Juliana, "Calling My Angels" is beautiful relaxing celestial music composed and performed by Niall. (Reiki River) Ideal for treatments such as Reiki and Massage, "Calling My Angels" creates the perfect atmosphere for raising angel energy and healing. Co-Produced by Llewellyn & Niall
Celestial Reiki CD 8040046   $ 37.00
Product Image This CD is ideal background music for Reiki treatments, meditation or simply music to relax to. Inspiring, heartfelt and soothing, this album is infused with love, light and healing vibrations that nurture mind, body and spirit - ideal for Reiki students and practitioners. Featuring Bell sounds every three minutes
Robert Boyd
Celestial Reiki CD 7100003   $ 37.00
Product Image A magical offering of instrumental music created to enhance and assist the listener in the healing process and to induce states of deep relaxation. Co-created by Jonathan Goldman and Laraaji Nadananda, internationally renowned musician and teacher of sound consciousness. Composed of 3 separate pieces, the instrumentation includes synthesizer, guitar, zither and bells. "Celestial Reiki" is a musical experience perfect for Reiki work, yoga, massage, or any kind of healing, mediation or guided visualization. This album was voted: "Best Sustained Trance Music" by Yoga Journal.
Jonathan Goldman
Celestial Reiki II CD 7080026   $ 37.00
Product Image In this follow up to the highly successful "Celestial Reiki", Jonathan Goldman and Laraaji again unite to create a extraordinarily hypnotic music that channels the energy of reiki for healing and transformation. Performing on synthesizer, guitar, bells and zither, .Jonathan Goldman and Laraaji create ambient and fluid music that's also great for relaxation and meditation. Joining them on flute is sound healing pioneer and musical master Sarah Benson. Feel the loving energy of this album as it subtly shifts and changes you.
Jonathan Goldman
Celestial Yoga CD 8070040   $ 36.00
Product Image "CELESTIAL YOGA" is gentle and soothing instrumental music designed to assist all aspects of yogic practice, including meditation. It features synthesizer, guitars, choral voices, bells & zither creating a sonic landscape which allows you to float in the Sound Current, transcending space and time. The 3 musical compositions are ideal for relaxation. They will calm you, assisting in achieving the primary yogic goal of "samadhi"—enlightenment or union with the divine. Feel your consciousness expand as you listen to this recording. "CELESTIAL YOGA" may also be used simply as background music to soothe and relieve stress and as a tool to enhance sleep induction. It is also ideal to enhance any form of bodywork or healing such as massage, Reiki or guided visualization.
Jonathan Goldman
Healing Touch Music for Reiki and Relaxation CD 9030143   $ 32.00
Product Image Discover an island of relaxation within. Soothe away stress as you are bathed in blissful waves of healing energy. Winner of last year's COVR Best Healing/Meditation Music award for "Music for Reiki and Meditation", Reiki-master Shajan returns with a refreshing new soundscape that is powerfully effective for Reiki, Yoga, and the healing arts. It's easy to relax with these serene melodies. tranquil atmospheres and pure sounds of nature. With "The Healing Touch," Shajan has created his most rejuvenating, uplifting music to date. Listen while getting a massage, doing yoga or just close your eyes and experience deep exquisite relaxation.
Incense CD 1207011   $ 30.00
Product Image Music designed for massage, yoga, reiki, Spa treatments, deep relaxation, tai chi, meditations. The music is a continuous 1 hour length without pause. The musical content is influenced by INDIA, with a soft Tabla beat, flutes, and stringed instruments, but with a soft westernised ambience that is never intrusive . The music is always gentle and creative luring one into a deep sense of calm and inner peace. The perfect choice for any professional practice, home ambience or personal use.
Koyasan Reiki Sound Healing CD 9080022   $ 33.00
Product Image Deuter puts his entire palette of musical abilities on display on Koyasan. This CD incorporates a global mixture of instruments, including the Chinese erhu, Japanese shakuhachi flute, East Indian tamboura and Tibetan bowls, as well as shimmering keyboard textures. Deuter takes the listener on a serene, mystical voyage through a variety of peaceful soundscapes with a relaxed and soothing pace. The music is soothing, contemplative and intimate.
Little Reiki Meditation Album CD 1107014   $ 37.00
Product Image The Little Reiki Meditation Album is a perfect compilation of guided meditation techniques suited to both beginners and advanced meditators. These unique meditations open up a powerful and deep connection to the Reiki energy flow, bringing benefit to everyone who listens, including those completely new to Reiki.
Philip Permutt
Meditations with Angels CD 7080029   $ 36.00
Product Image by Martine Salerno 6 Tracks, Total Running Time: 78 mins Reconnect with the Angelic Realm through this heartfelt and energizing series of meditations by Australian Reiki Master, Martine Salerno. This beautifully presented CD comprises Guided meditations accompanied by a beautiful and original sound track which incorporates Angelic voices and haunting instrumental enhanced by the occasional sounds of Tibetan bells and bowls.
Martine Salerno
Reiki Brightness Healing CD 9110041   $ 37.00
Product Image 70 minutes of finest meditative music, selected by Reiki masters from the work of Oliver Serano-Alve, specially assembled to the Reiki therapy,deep relaxation, well-being treatment, energy and light treatment, massage therapy, Acupuncture etc. This CD is recommended by "Reiki magazine".
Oliver Shanti
Reiki Chants CD 1005076   $ 36.00
Product Image From an ancient Eastern tradition of sound healing comes the never before released sonics of Reiki Chants. An extraordinarily beautiful choral album with lush vocals and light instruments that will awe and heal you as you listen. Designed to enhance specific aspects of Reiki energy for amplified physical, emotional, mental and spiritual wellness and healing. The different chants are each encoded with the energy of the Reiki symbols. Great for healing, meditation and relaxation. Features: Male & Female Choral Voices with harp, tambura, koto, violin, and gentle keyboards. Reiki Chants represents a new transformational listening experience that is both positive and uplifting! With extensive liner notes on the creation and uses of this astounding recording. Note: It is not necessary to be a Reiki practitioner in order to enjoy the special relaxing and healing energy of this album. Availability Active
Jonathan Goldman
Reiki Flow CD 1011075   $ 33.00
Product Image A perfect album for giving or receiving Reiki: harmonious, balanced, and mellow. Terry Oldfield blends alto and soprano flute, pan pipes, bansuri, and natural sounds into a healing mix.
Terry Oldfield
Reiki Forest CD 1104118   $ 42.00
Product Image Ambient soundscapes and subtle melodies interwoven with the sweet sound of native birds from New Zealand's forests, create an exquisitely spacious and soothing atmosphere. One continuous track - 68 minutes long - highly recommended for healing sessions, massage, Spas or as a relaxing environment for work or home. An indispensable tool for any Reiki practitioner! Bell sounds every 5 minutes.
Sambodhi Prem
Reiki Gold (CD) 1011039   $ 37.00
Product Image Reiki Gold is the long awaited new Reiki healing album by International recording artist Llewellyn. Working closely with experienced Reiki Masters, this specially recorded music is ideally timed for treatments, allowing healers and listeners to discover the power and benefits of Reiki healing with a clear and relaxed mind and body. Reiki Students, Reiki Teachers and anyone seeking a healing path, will be inspired by the beautiful healing vibrational sounds that will unfold when playing this CD.
Reiki Hands of Light CD 1003029   $ 32.00
Product Image REIKI is a universal healing energy rediscovered by Mikao Usui at the end of the last century. REIKI is also the term for a gentle system of healing, mostly by the touch of hands. Several methods have been developed by different successors of Mikao Usui. All of them share the realization that a subtle life energy can be activated to promote self-awareness and self-healing of body, mind and soul. REIKI - Hands of Light is a precious gift for all lovers of REIKI, of music and of self-healing.
Reiki Harmony CD 1104119   $ 33.00
Product Image On Reiki Harmony, Terry Oldfield and his ensemble of musicians combine calming nature sounds, subtle vocals and ambient synths with traditional Indian instrumentation. This soothing music gently washes over the listener, encouraging the deep relaxation and tranquility necessary for a truly healing experience. Terry's goal in creating this CD is to offer a soundtrack perfectly suited to the practice of Reiki, massage, and other healing arts. Practitioners, patients and anyone who loves gorgeous music will want to add Reiki Harmony to their collections.
Terry Oldfield
Reiki Healing Hands CD 1003027   $ 32.00
Product Image Reiki Healing Hands provides music created to support meditation and a spiritual environment. A delicate bell sounds every three minutes to remind practitioners to change hand positions. A bestselling album used by healers of all kinds. Also ideal for trance and meditation.
Anuvida & Nik Tyndall
Reiki Healing Journey Vol 1 Featuring Bell Sounds Every 3 Mi 1106021   $ 38.00
Product Image Llewellyn has compiled a beautiful music album that creates the perfect environment for Reiki healing. Reiki Healing Journey is also cleverly mixed with three minute music sections to allow beginners to concentrate on the Reiki and ignore the clock.
Reiki Healing Music CD 1106004   $ 28.00
Product Image Using his finely tuned hands, reiki master and musician Christopher of the Wolves has created "Reiki Healing Music", a spacious and peaceful soundscape for setting such an atmosphere. Featuring the soothing vibrations of the hang (pronounced “hong”), as well as other mesmerizing instruments that Christopher learned to play during his extensive travels, this musical journey is perfect for meditation, yoga, massage, or any other healing art. Made of two circular steel sheets fused together, the hang has seven or eight tone fields hammered on the outside. Depending on how it is played, the hang can produce a dynamic range of sounds resembling those of a harp or gong. Created in Switzerland and prized for its soothing harmonic qualities, the hang has become a highly sought-after instrument by healing artists across the globe.
Christopher of the Wolves
Reiki Healing Touch Featuring Bell Sounds Every 5 Minute CD 1106014   $ 34.00
Product Image This beautiful new album is the latest in our best selling Mind, Body and Soul series. Working closely with the Reiki Master Christopher Wilson, Daniel Otsuka has produced a quite stunning album timed in five-minute sections for Reiki Treatments. The music has a beautiful eastern sound with traditional acoustic instruments such as flute and guitar that delicately overlay soothingly warm synthesizer chords and tingshaw bells to create a wonderful selection of gentle musical landscapes that entices you into an alternative world of peace, harmony and wellbeing. Perfect also for Aromatherapy, Reflexology and Massage or to simply relax and unwind after a busy day. It also includes a full colour guide to Reiki.
Daniel Otsuka
Reiki Meditations for Beginners 8110021   $ 41.00
Product Image "Reiki Meditations for Beginners" offers for the first time a practical guide to the practice of Meditation and Reiki. It provides the reader with the practical 'know how' and teaches the basics of meditation practice combined with an introduction to Reiki. The book is divided into three sections which include: an introduction to Reiki, an introduction to Meditation practice and section three includes a total of 25 Reiki Meditations. The book also features a guided Meditation CD narrated by the author who presents 'real time' Japanese Reiki Meditations. "Reiki Meditations for Beginners" is a complete guide to the practice of meditation and shows how these two practices are in fact an integral experience for anyone wishing to cultivate inner peace and happiness in daily life. Far from being abstract ideas, the methods presented in this book, makes meditation readily accessible for the reader, whether they are a complete novice or seasoned practitioner.
Lawrence Ellyard
Reiki Meditations for Self Healing CD 1106015   $ 35.00
Product Image Most people know the system of Reiki as a healing art for treating others, but few realize that this increasingly popular energy practice also focuses on meditations for self-healing and personal empowerment. With Reiki Meditations for Self-Healing, acclaimed author Bronwen Stiene (The Reiki Sourcebook) presents two CDs of guided instruction in traditional Japanese practices for your own health and vitality. Requiring no prior experience in the system, this program guides listeners through meditations for building the life energy of ki throughout the body's meridians, becoming more emotionally balanced, focusing healing through the hands to specific areas of the body, and opening a conduit to this divine source of energy, Reiki.
Bronwen Stiene
Reiki Music Vol 1 7080030   $ 36.00
Product Image with Subliminal Mantras by Martine Salerno and Neil Barry 1 Track, Total Running Time: 60 mins Featuring bell sounds every three minutes. This 60 minute soundtrack is ideal background music for Reiki treatments, meditation or simply music to relax to. Inspiring, heartfelt and soothing, this CD is ideal for Reiki students and practitioners. Composed and performed by Neil Barry and featuring subliminal mantras by Reiki Master Teacher Martine Salerno, Reiki Music Vol. 1 is infused with love, light and healing vibrations that nurture mind, body and spirit.
Martine Salerno
Reiki River CD 1106018   $ 38.00
Product Image Reiki River is beautiful healing music by Niall. Specially timed 5 minute tracks create an hour of ideal music for a Reiki treatment. Co-produced by Llewellyn, Reiki River features outstanding flute performances by multi instrumentalist Niall with gentle guitar, keyboards and healing bowls. Set against a background soundscape of soft flowing natural water sounds, Reiki River is refreshing and like the energy of water, it will cleanse and help wash away negativity.
Reiki Wellness CD 1106012   $ 34.00
Product Image Music to support the practice of Reiki brings together healing sounds of these three award-winning artists. This superb collection of music ranges gently through layered melodies, nature sounds and textural vibrations to create a sonic environment perfect for massage, bodywork and meditation. Featured Artists: Deuter, Anugama and Kamal "Three of the world's foremost sound healers, Deuter, Kamal and Anugama, have contributed some of their most healing musical soundscapes to create this very special compilation CD. Immediately relaxing, its gentle waves of sound take the listener into the most serene spaces of the heart and serve as a perfect backdrop for any type of healing work. Especially suited for healers working with the subtle energy fields, Reiki Wellness has a quality that seems to enhance the healing experience for both subject and healer as it creates a soothing, mystical sound environment. For meditation or deeper contemplation, these celestial keyboards, flutes and various ambient percussions submerge the consciousness in the vastness of infinite peace, reminiscent of diving into the ocean from a busy and noisy public beach. For dreamtime, nothing could be more peaceful or gentle, and this wonderful release will hold welcome place in my dreamtime lineup for quite some time,
Deuter, Anugama, Kamal etc
Reiki Whale Dreaming CD 1001055   $ 35.00
Product Image This is the follow-up to the much-acclaimed Reiki Whale Song by Kamal. A beautiful CD combining the haunting calls of the humpback whales with soothing ambient sounds, bringing the listener into a state of healing tranquility. Reiki Whale Dreaming is a perfect musical accompaniment for Reiki, meditation, massage therapies, and other relaxing moments Also a great addition for yoga and other movement classes that require pulse and rhythm.
Reiki Whale Song CD 1001016   $ 35.00
Product Image Healing songs of these gentle giants of the deep echo throughout this newest release from Kamal. The musician blends the sounds of whales with flute and soft synthesizer to create an atmosphere supportive of the healing energies of reiki. Kamal's Inspiration: "The whales travel down the East coast of Australia in September taking their calves from their warm birthplaces to the rich feeding grounds of Antarctic. From the beaches of Byron Bay and the landmark lighthouse, I can watch them blowing off from their breathing holes and occasionally breaching. One morning I dove into the water and heard the strange calls of the whales as if I were swimming right next to them. I was mesmerized and could have stayed under water forever --- floating, relaxing and listening to the songs of whales were singing. Coming out of the water I felt elated and rejuvenated."
Sacred Drum Visions CD 6060008   $ 32.00
Product Image Experience Inner Peace...Relax and renew with this ultimate music for Yoga, Spa Treatments and the Healing Arts, created by award-winning composers, David & Steve Gordon. Soothing atmospheres of abundant peace, serene piano and ambient guitar artfully blend with sounds of ocean waves, birdsong and streams. This specially designed music enables you to easily access the inner peace at the core of your being - ideal of meditation.
David & Steve Gordon
True Reiki 2 Featuring Bell Sounds Every 5 Minutes: CD 1106017   $ 30.00
Product Image True Reiki is one of the most popular in the Namaste dedicated therapy TRUE series of CD's. TRUE REIKI II has been produced by Aroshanti, who performs on hand made Japanese wood flutes, shaku's and Tibetan bowls, to produce a very spiritual, soulful and musical expression aimed at Reiki and healing. Soft bells indicate hand changes for the Reiki therapist every 5 minutes.
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