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Updated: 14/09/2012
Esoteric Anatomy - The Body as Consciousness 9030264   $ 64.00
Product Image Esoteric Anatomy: The Body As Consciousness (40 black And white illustrations And 20 charts)REVIEW: Esoteric Anatomy offers a spiritual approach to massage, bodywork, and somatic psychology, demystifying an ancient transpersonal model for understanding energy in nature and working with consciousness in the healing arts. . . .exceptionally well thought out, wonderfully illustrated and clearly organized. I highly recommend it as a reference book on human energy dynamics and energy medicine. Franklyn Sills, Author of Craniosacral Biodynamics, The Polarity Process
Bruce Burger
Further Along the Road Less Travelled 1003013   $ 28.00
Product Image The original "The Road Less Travelled" spent more than ten years on the bestseller lists and is one of the biggest-selling self-help books of all time. In this wonderfully wise and accessible sequel M. Scott Peck delves more deeply into the issues that confront and challenge all of us in the modern world: blame and forgiveness; sexuality and spirituality; death and the meaning of life; families and relationships; accepting responsibility and growing up. Writing throughout with insight and sensitivity, he draws on his own extensive experience -- both professional and personal -- to challenge false assumptions, suggest a way forward and demonstrate that personal change is always possible, no matter how difficult and complex the journey.
M Scott Peck
Hand Writing Analysis 9060018   $ 46.00
Product Image Here is a fresh new approach to Hand Writing Analysis to help you develop a view of the whole person, not just a piecemeal understanding. It offers exciting features not found in conventional books on Graphology: An unusually large number of actual size handwriting samples, many of famous people Explanatory material with the samples not in another part of the book New material about determining emotional disturbance and mental illness New ideas on analyzing strokes and shapes New material on understanding the meaning of the writing rhythm Handwriting of children and adolescents Comprehensive, easy-to-use Index This book will tell you--in clear, precise terms--exactly how to analyze and interpret the handwriting of those you deal with every day: teachers, bosses, children, employees, spouses, parents, lovers, friends... and your own handwriting as well.
Karen Kristin Amend and Mary Stansbury Ruiz
How to be More Interesting 3110165   $ 25.00
Product Image People spend vast amounts of money, time and trouble to achieve and maintain Beauty, and yet despite its undisputed importance few of us devote similar efforts to being interesting. However as Edward de Bono demonstrates in this book anyone can acquire this crucial life-enhancing skill.
Edward de Bono
Life You Were Born To Live 3030146   $ 32.00
Product Image One of Dan's most popular books due to its uncanny accuracy in revealing and clarifying each reader's core talents, and hurdles. Written to increase self-knowledge, as well as compassion for self and others. Includes key spiritual laws to overcome the hurdles on each of the 37 life paths.
Dan Millman
Living on Purpose 3030436   $ 32.00
Product Image Using his gifts of intuition and expression, Dan Millman presents 24 powerful reminders about Reality, then illustrates how these reminders apply to everyday life by sharing answers to real-world questions he has received from people all over the world. In what may be his wisest work, Dan reveals the truths that can set us free.
Dan Millman
Road Less Travelled 25th Edition 5090060   $ 26.00
Product Image Psychotherapy is all things to all people in this mega selling pop psychology watershed, which features a new introduction by the author in this 25th anniversary edition. His agenda in this tome, which was first published in 1978 but didn't become a bestseller until 1983, is to reconcile the psychoanalytic tradition with the conflicting cultural currents roiling the 70s. In the spirit of Me-Decade individualism and libertinism, he celebrates self-actualization as life's highest purpose and flirts with the notions of open marriage and therapeutic sex between patient and analyst. But because he is attuned to the nascent conservative backlash against the therapeutic worldview, Peck also cites Gospel passages, recruits psychotherapy to the cause of traditional religion (he even convinces a patient to sign up for divinity school) and insists that problems must be overcome through suffering, discipline and hard work (with a therapist.) Often departing from the cerebral and rationalistic bent of Freudian discourse for a mystical, Jungian tone more compatible with New Age spirituality, Peck writes of psychotherapy as an exercise in "love" and "spiritual growth," asserts that "our unconscious is God" and affirms his belief in miracles, reincarnation and telepathy. Peck's synthesis of such clashing elements (he even throws in a little thermodynamics) is held together by a warm and lucid discussion of psychiatric principles and moving accounts of his own patients' struggles and breakthroughs. Harmonizing psychoanalysis and spirituality, Christ and Buddha, Calvinist work ethic and interminable talking cures, this book is a touchstone of our contemporary religio-therapeutic culture. 4. Evil seeks to discourage others to think for themselves (fosters dependency). 5. To oppose evil we must have an ongoing dedication to reality at all cost. I agree that to be mentally healthy we must believe what is true and only what is true. After reading this book you will be better equipped to deal with people who cause strife and confusion. It will also help you identify thought patterns where you are lying to yourself.
M Scott Peck
Souls in the Sea - Dolphins, Whales and Human Destiny 1104173   $ 38.00
Product Image Scott Taylor has devoted his life to studying dolphins and whales. In this poetic cetology compendium, he shows how the history, mythology, and scientific research surrounding these creatures is an index to what our future as a species can be. The author discusses the portrayal of dolphins and whales in literature, legend, and the Judeo-Christian heritage; the research of biologist John Lilly on interspecies communication; the military's sinister use of dolphins; and the benefits of dolphin-assisted swimming therapy for disabled children and adults. Poetic and mystical, Taylor looks at the world from the perspective of these creatures, demonstrating how they connect humanity to the natural world. Color and black-and-white photos and illustrations add to this celebration of the biology, history, and mystique of dolphins and whales.
Scott Taylor
We are all in Shock 3090005   $ 43.00
Product Image We Are All in Shock: How Overwhelming Experiences Shatter You...And What You Can Do About It : This book is a complete guide to physical, emotional, psychological, and spiritual well-being. It is an essential manual for those who have experienced difficult, shattering experiences and want to reclaim thorough and immediate health.
Stephanie Mines, Ph.D.
Why Men Dont Listen and Women Cant Read Maps 3110175   $ 38.00
Product Image Ever wonder why women can brush their teeth while walking and talking on various subjects while men generally find this very difficult to do? Why 99 percent of all patents are registered by men? Why stressed women talk? Why so many husbands hate shopping? According to Barbara and Allan Pease, science now confirms that the way our brains are wired and the hormones pulsing through our bodies are the two factors that largely dictate, long before we are born, how we will think and behave. Our instincts are simply our genes determining how our bodies will behave in given sets of circumstances. That's right: socialization, politics, or upbringing aside, men and women have profound brain differences and are intrinsically inclined to act in distinct - and consequently frustrating ways.
Allan and Barbara Pease
World Waiting to be Born 8090249   $ 26.00
Product Image REVIEW: Peck starts his book with an example followed by a question: a man on an airplane, after talking to a fellow passenger, sees him as a business prospect, excuses himself, checks the man's credit rating, then returns with a drink "for his new best friend." Why, Peck asks, is this wrong? We know something is off the mark here, but can't quite put our finger on it. What isn't right, Peck explains, is that the passenger is really being treated as a "thing" to be exploited, but outwardly is being treated as an intimate friend. The theologian and philosopher Martin Buber, who has greatly influenced Peck, called the first relationship an "I-It" and the second, an "I-Thou." The first is narcissistic, the second, anti-narcissistic. And narcissism, writes Peck throughout this book, is really the problem: people treating others as if they are only "things" there to serve them. That, is a sentence, is the essence of incivility. Being civil doesn't necessarily mean being polite. The man on the airplane was polite, but a hypocrite. Civility means, more than anything else, not being so utterly self-centered that peoples' feelings are never considered. It can at times require forcefulness, even anger, to get the other person to understand. But true incivility, Peck believes, actually is a cause of quite a few divorces, and many problems in business. For those interested in the subject, this book is exceptionally interesting.
M Scott Peck
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