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Updated: 08/04/2014
Alhazred 6080118   $ 53.00
Product Image H. P. Lovecraft's compelling character, Abdul Alhazred, is brought to life in this epic tale detailing the mad sorcerer's tragic history and magical adventures. Alhazred tells his own life story, beginning with himself as a poor, handsome boy in Yemen who attracts the attention of the king for his divine skill in poetry. As the court poet, young Abdul lives a luxurious life at the palace, where he studies necromancy and magic. But falling in love with the king's daughter leads to a foolish tryst, which is ultimately discovered. As punishment, Abdul is tortured, brutally mutilated, and cast into the desert, known as the Empty Space. Battling insanity, he joins a tribe of ghouls and learns forbidden secrets from a stranger called Nyarlathotep. Thus begins his downward spiral into wickedness. Renamed Alhazred, he escapes the desert and embarks on a quest to restore his body and reunite with his true love. Traveling across the ancient world and fantastic realms, he is hounded by foes and tormented by the demands of his dark lord.
Donald Tyson
Barefoot Indian 8090073   $ 32.00
Product Image The main character in the book responds to a job advertisement for a Messiah or Messiahress, suspecting that it might be for a reality TV show. At the interview she realizes that it isn't a spoof when she comes face to face with all the great prophets and philosophers who have made an impact on the world. She is offered the job, but has to undergo unique training and her coach is The Barefoot Indian, who is extraordinarily beautiful, humorous and wise. As she journeys through her life she discovers answers which she had never been able to find before. She is transformed and her life is changed, forever. Fiction, or could this be true for you?
Julia Heywood
Behold a Pale Horse 3030213   $ 60.00
Product Image The author, former U.S. Naval Intelligence Briefing Team Member, reveals information kept secret by our government since the 1940s. UFOs, the J.F.K.. assassination, the Secret Government, the war on drugs and more by the world's leading expert on UFOs. REVIEW Behold a Pale Horse is definitely not a book to curl up on the couch with on a Sunday afternoon. The topics William Cooper discusses will very likely keep you reading late into the night. There are two types of people in the world: those who want to know who exactly is controlling whom, and those who are more comfortable taking things at face value. I will say up front that I didn't believe everything I read in this book, such as some of the references about UFOs. What really disturbed me was the theory of the true intent of the government. Cooper's account of what the government is capable of in times of heightened alert is extremely relevant now. It is important to keep in mind that this book was published before the attack on the World Trade Center because the US is finding itself in exactly the position Cooper predicted. Whether or not you think you might agree with the information in this book, I recommend any book written by someone who was killed for the purpose of silencing him or her. Be an informed citizen and know what your government is capable of.
William Cooper
Beyond Earthway 3030394   $ 39.00
Product Image Beyond Earthway: A Comprehensive Question-and-Answer Guide to Total Mind, Body, and Spirit Health (Religion and Spirituality) BREATHE IT. FEEL IT. SHARE IT. LIVE IT. The earth around us, the heaven above us, the soul within us -- Mary Summer Rain's illuminating guide Earthway helped us become aware of their interconnectedness to all life. Now Mary Summer Rain responds to the thousands of letters from her readers about applying nature's centuries-old knowledge to everyday life. Beyond Earthway offers more empowering information about dream interpretation, the celestial pull of the stars, our relationship to the Earth's vibrations, our selection of food and herbs for vitality and healing, and our yearning to strengthen the role of meditation and spiritual practices in our increasingly complex modern world. The gifts she offers us within these pages are the strength, self-reliance, and harmony with nature that characterize the concept of "all my relations" -- a way of living filled with values that feed the mind, the body, and the hungry heart.
Mary Summer Rain
Bloodline of the Holy Grail 9020001   $ 28.00
Product Image Bloodline of the Holy Grail: The Hidden Lineage of Jesus Revealed: From royal and suppressed archives comes documented proof of the heritage of Jesus in the West and the long awaited discovery of the Holy Grail. In fulfilling this time-honored quest, penetrating new light is cast upon the Grail Code of Service and the venerated feminine element, upheld in chivalry but forsaken by the Church in order to forge a male dominated society. This unique work offers revelatory insight concerning the descendent heirs of Jesus and his brother James while, in documenting a hidden legacy of the Messiah, it unveils hitherto guarded facts about characters such as Mary Magdalene and Joseph of Arimathea. Tracing the sacred lineage through centuries of persecution and Inquisition, Bloodline of the Holy Grail reveals a systematic suppression of authentic records and a strategic manipulation of the New Testament Gospels. Featuring all the charm and adventure of Arthurial romance, coupled with enthralling Rosicrucian and Templar disclosures, this extraordinary work has a cutting edge of intrigue that removes the established blanket of enigma to expose one of the greatest conspiracies ever told.
Laurence Gardner
Celestine Prophecy 3030419   $ 28.00
Product Image "A book that captures the spiritual moment" Are three decades of interest in modern physics, ecology, mystical religion and interpersonal psychology finally synthesizing into a new spiritual "common sense"? Are we now beginning to live this new common sense? Can it become the dominant paradigm of the next century? THE CELESTINE PROPHECY AN ADVENTURE An ancient manuscript has been found in Peru. Its contents: nine insights the human race is predicted to grasp as we enter an era of true spiritual awareness. In this gripping adventure-tale, James Redfield offers a compelling vision of the new spiritual understanding that is emerging in human culture. You will instantly recognize the truth of the First Insight: in each of our lives occur mysterious coincidences-- sudden, unexplained events that, once interpreted correctly, serve to guide and direct our actions. Join the adventure and let this synchronistic perception guide you through a daring search for the remaining insights. Each will be found in turn, and each will clarify how a growing link with the spiritual is relentlessly transforming human life.Reading like a story of high adventure, but having the in-depth effect of a spiritual parable, THE CELESTINE PROPHECY will take you on a journey, that will lighten your soul, and connect you with a vision and an experience that is already changing the world.
James Redfield
Celestine Prophecy - An Experiential Guide 1004006   $ 28.00
Product Image This companion volume helps you intensify and expand the exciting knowledge contained in each of the Nine Insights of "The Celestine Prophecy". Through detailed explanations and carefully designed exercises, you can uncover further revelations about your family and partners, and the ways your past has been a preparation for that special contribution you can make to the world. Most exciting of all, you can explore a deeper connection with your personal energy and divine source.
James Redfield & Carol Adrienne
City of Secrets 8090098   $ 32.00
Product Image City of Secrets: One Woman's True life Journey to the Heart of the Grail Legend: A captivating tale of author and playwright Patrice Chaplan's early years spent in a mysterious town in Spain and the secrets she uncovers as she returns later throughout the course of her life. Her story follows the intriguing villagers of Girona, many of whom, she discovers, belong to a secret society formed to protect the legacy of Abbe Saniere of Rennes le - Chateau fame. The mysteries surrounding him are at the very heart of the modern Grail phenomenon. Along the way she tells of her love affair with the town's favorite son and how their lives become dangerously entangled in the secrets buried in this beautiful, ancient city.
Patrice Chaplin
Codes of Power 7110045   $ 28.00
Product Image This second spiritual novel sees Marcus, Joanna and Helen in Australia, seeking the Codes of Power mentioned in the sacred scroll from Atlantis. The scroll tells them that when Lemuria - the ancient civilisation that existed prior to and during Atlantis - sank, only the isolated Aboriginal peoples were saved. The blueprint for our planet was placed by them in Uluru (Ayers Rock) and the Aborigines today remain its caretaker. When the blueprint is revealed, the Codes of Power will be understood - but first the characters must pass an initiation fraught with danger and exitement...In adventure form, Diana's second spiritual novel explores the spiritual wisdom and darkness of the Aboriginal culture, the effects of their right brain dominance, the higher spiritual reason why the Aborigines were invaded by Europeans, and ties Aboriginal dreaming in with the myths of other cultures. When enough people have been initiated into the Codes of Power, the planet's blueprint will come to fruition. This book offers that initiation.
Diana Cooper
Dalai Lamas Cat 1303008   $ 22.00
Product Image "'Oh! How adorable! I didn't know you had a cat!' she exclaimed.I am always surprised how many people make this observation. Why should His Holiness not have a cat'If only she could speak, ' continued the actress. 'I'm sure she'd have such wisdom to share.'And so the seed was planted . . . I began to think that perhaps the time had come for me to write a book of my own--a book that would convey some of the wisdom I've learned sitting not at the feet of the Dalai Lama but even closer, on his lap. A book that would tell my own tale . . . how I was rescued from a fate too grisly to contemplate to become the constant companion of a man who is not only one of the world's greatest spiritual leaders and a Nobel Peace Prize Laureate but also a dab hand with a can opener." Starving and pitiful, a mud-smeared kitten is rescued from the slums of New Delhi and transported to a life she could have never imagined. In a beautiful sanctuary overlooking the snow-capped Himalayas, she begins her new life as the Dalai Lama's cat.Warmhearted, irreverent, and wise, this cat of many names opens a window to the inner sanctum of life in Dharamsala. A tiny spy observing the constant flow of private meetings between His Holiness and everyone from Hollywood celebrities to philanthropists to self-help authors, the Dalai Lama's cat provides us with insights on how to find happiness and meaning in a busy, materialistic world. Her story will put a smile on the face of anyone who has been blessed by the kneading paws and bountiful purring of a cat.
David Michie
Dalai Lamas Cat and the Art of Purring 1312001   $ 22.00
Product Image "What makes you purr?" Of all the questions in the world, this is the most important. It is also the great leveler. Because no matter whether you are a playful kitten or a sedentary senior, a scrawny alley Tom or a sleek-coated uptown girl, whatever your circumstances, you just want to be happy. Not the kind of happy that comes and goes like a can of flaked tuna but an enduring happiness. The deep-down happiness that makes you purr from the heart." Before leaving for a teaching tour to America, the Dalai Lama poses a challenge to his beloved feline, HHC (His Holiness's Cat): to discover the true cause of happiness. Little does she know what adventures this task will bring! A hair-raising chase through the streets of McLeod Ganj leads to an unexpected revelation about the perils of self-obsession. An encounter with the mystical Yogi Tarchen inspires a breakthrough discovery about her past--one with dramatic implications for us all. And overheard conversations between ivy-league psychologists, high-ranking lamas, and famous writers who congregate at the Himalaya Book Cafe help her explore the convergence between science and Buddhism on the vital subject of happiness. Sparkling with wisdom, warmth, and a touch of mischief, "The Dalai Lama's Cat and the Art of Purring "is a charming reminder of why HHC is becoming one of the most-loved cats around the world.So what is the true cause of purring? The Dalai Lama whispers this secret on his return--only for the ears of HHC and those with whom she has a karmic connection . . . that, dear reader, means you!
David Michie
Dolphin - Story of a Dreamer 1104171   $ 20.00
Product Image "The Dolphin: Story of a Dreamer" is a story of courage, of struggle against our own fears, our own limits. It reminds us that there is more to life than what meets the eye: things we can only discover if we follow our heart. It is the story of hope that unveils the magic of this world, the magic we too often seem to forget. Follow your dreams, listen to the voice within yourself, and let Daniel Dolphin take you through the most magical journey of all: the quest to fulfill one's destiny.
Sergio Bambaren
Druid Isle 1005049   $ 47.00
Product Image "The Druid Isle" takes you into the world of Ethne, a Druid healer, and her warrior partner, Ruad. When their beautiful daughter Aife undertakes training on a Druid island, she falls in love with Lucius, a handsome young man who has traded his priestly studies at a Christian monastery for the Druid life. But their love-and their beliefs-are threatened in the face of a lustful king and relentless Roman monks. Set on a third-century island off the coast of Scotland, this instructional Celtic tale delves deeper into the spiritual mystery of the Druids and offers a fascinating look at the Romans, Gauls, and Britons. Praise for "Priestess of the Forest": 'I highly recommend this book equally to readers who are new to the Celtic tradition as well as those who practice Druidism or related earth-based spirituality' - "Inner Tapestry Holistic Journal
Ellen Evert Hopman
Elves of Lily Hill Farm: A Partnership With Nature: 8060035   $ 58.00
Product Image The Elves of Lily Hill Farm" is the true story of Penny Kelly's meeting with a group of elves and the deal she makes with them to produce one-hundred tons of grapes from a mere thirteen acres of vineyards - without the use of chemical fertilizers and pesticides. As a result of their deal, Penny inadvertently enters the private world of plants, insects, animals, devas, and nature spirits where communication among them is common but the rules are all different. As the elves teach her a series of intense and powerful lessons, an amazing drama emerges between people and nature, both struggling to survive in a world where communication between them has been lost.
Penny Kelly
Fireside 3030403   $ 33.00
Product Image From her isolated cabin deep in the mountains, Mary Summer Rain shares, for the first time, her own philosophical views about many subjects. In a series of fireside chats, she brings together the wisdom of a lifetime of experiences, study, and deep contemplation. In a quiet dialogue with a close friend, Mary covers subjects such as "quantum meditation" and "virtual meditation" (terms she herself has coined), the meaning of value, what real power is, the wisdom of silence, unconditional goodness, what children need to be taught, the eight qualities of wisdom, the nature of the web of consciousness, the enlightened physicists, and much more, including a few predictions for the future. There is even a close encounter of the "bear" kind. Fireside is one of the most fascinating and instructive books Mary Summer Rain has ever written.
Mary Summer Rain
Hitch Hikers Guide to the Galaxy 5 Part Trilogy 1310005   $ 49.00
Product Image irst a legendary radio series, then a bestselling book, now a blockbuser movie, the immensely successful Hitch Hiker's Guide to the Galaxy needs no introduction. Reissued to coincide with the film's release, this hardback omnibus edition include all five parts of the trilogy, incorporating for the first time, Mostly Harmless, along with a guide to the guide and essential notes on how to leave the planet. This single hardback edition is indispensable for any would-be galactic traveller and for old and new fans of Douglas Adams, Doctor Who and bestselling science fiction books.
Douglas Adams
Home With God: In A Life That Never Ends 6100008   $ 35.00
Product Image The bestselling author of Conversations With God returns with a book that explores the process by which we end our lives here on earth and what happens next. He asks the questions that we all want to ask and receives answers that offer new insights and deep wisdom. A healing book of comfort, hope and surprising revelation.
Neale Donald Walsch
Jaguar Woman 9040009   $ 42.00
Product Image Lynn V. Andrews takes the reader with her as she goes on inward journeys with the help of the Sisterhood of the Shields, and relates the stories of others. Join her as she is initiated into the Sisterhood and creates her own shield, which will show her the nature of her spiritual path ("Spirit Woman"). Follow her to the Yucatan, where the medicine wheel leads her, and she is faced with the terrifying reality of the butterfly tree ("Jaguar Woman"). Enter the Dreamtime with her, where she emerges in medieval England as Catherine, and encounters the Grandmother, who offers to show Andrews how to make her life one of goodness, power, adventure, and love ("The Woman of Wyrrd"). Not all these stories describe the author's own spiritual experiences. Meet Sin Corazan, an initiate into the Sisterhood, whose husband abandons her. She nearly succumbs to her inner dark power and unleashes her rage on men and the Sisterhood ("Dark Sister"). Andrews also writes about the elder women of the Sisterhood: their loves, their lives, their losses ("Tree of Dreams"). Andrews shows us how to channel our own spiritual and intellectual energy and balance the need for love with the desire for power ("Love and Power"). She takes the reader on numerous spiritual journeys that inevitably uplift.
Lynn Andrews
Jesus Papers 6050015   $ 32.00
Product Image The Jesus Papers: Exposing the Greatest Cover-Up in History: What if everything we have been told about the origins of Christianity is a lie? What if a small group had always known the truth and had kept it hidden . . . until now? What if there is evidence that Jesus Christ survived the crucifixion? In Holy Blood, Holy Grail Michael Baigent and his co-authors Henry Lincoln and Richard Leigh stunned the world with a controversial theory that Jesus Christ and Mary Magdalene married and founded a holy bloodline. The book became an international publishing phenomenon and was one of the sources for Dan Brown's novel The Da Vinci Code. Now, with two additional decades of research behind him, Baigent's The Jesus Papers presents explosive new evidence that challenges everything we know about the life and death of Jesu
Michael Baigent
Kryon 5 Journey Home 4060001   $ 34.00
Product Image Unlike any other Kryon book this one is a novel! The Journey Home was actually a live channeling given in Laguna Hills, CA in December 1996. This stirring story is about a man named Michael Thomas who enters a land of seven angels in seven houses. Within this simple spiritual story of a man trying to go "home," is embodied all of the practical living principles Kryon has been teaching since he arrived in 1989. The novel is packed with metaphors about real human living, and has become the basis for the Kryon seminar formats of 1998 and 1999. So profound are the hidden meanings, that separate workshops have been created where the book is literally "taken apart" to reveal the sacredness of the messages within it. The messages? Human enablement - our relationship with God - what humans can do for themselves in the New Age - what God expects from us - the way things work. The adventure is actually about one word that is never mentioned even once in the text. There is something for everyone within its pages - an adventure, danger, a battle to the death, spiritual purpose, love, and even romance. Driving to a surprise ending, The Journey Home is the most unusual Kryon book ever written, and promises a format for future works as well.
Lee Carroll
Lady of The Lamp 1012010   $ 35.00
Product Image The noble quest for the Holy Grail lay at the very heart of the Order of the Knights Templar. What could have inspired a brotherhood of warrior-monks to search the four corners of the world for such a thing? Forget, for a moment, all those clever Christianised diversions involving secret genealogies, clandestine inter-breeding and blood royal. It's true; all Grail romances speak of a woman who guards the sacred vessel. Some claim the Grail preserves a royal house; a few hint that the vessel itself is a woman. But the Grail has many other attributes.
Ciaseal Mor
Leadership Wisdom from the Monk Who Sold His Ferrari 3050055   $ 32.00
Product Image This book follows on from the international bestseller The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari and features the extraordinary lawyer turned monk, Julian Mantle. In this book he returns to the west to help an old friend transform his company using the leadership rituals that he learned from the ancient mystics with whom he lived. These 8-rituals of leadership blend cutting edge business knowledge with ancient wisdom and define the true nature of leadership. They are easy to use and will have a powerful effect on the way people think about any organization.
Robin Sharma
Lindens Last Life 1104108   $ 30.00
Product Image Lindens Last Life: the Point of No Return is Just the Beginning: Just as down-and-out Linden Kozlowski is about to end it all, he's intercepted by a monk who convinces him that if he runs away from life, he'll have to return, and his problems will just get worse. To escape the pain of the world forever, Linden stays alive long enough to make a mystical deal to never be reborn again. When a strange and unexpected turn of events occurs, Linden has second thoughts about his decision...but can he reverse it? His extraordinary adventure literally takes him to the ends of the earth, where he gathers allies, faces overwhelming forces, and realizes that he must decide if life is worth living and if love is more powerful than destiny.
Alan Cohen
Lost Colony of the Templars 8100002   $ 40.00
Product Image Lost Colony of the Templars: Verrazano's Secret Mission to America: In 1524, the Italian explorer Giovanni da Verrazano was sent by the French king, Francis I, on an expedition to find a shorter route to China. However, his true mission, Steven Sora suggests, was to contact a Templar colony that might have been established in Newport, Rhode Island, by Henry Sinclair at the end of the 14th century. In his expedition log, Verrazano recorded that his only stay on the journey was at Newport Harbour, the site of a tower built to the exact measurements of the Templar baptistery, a sacred sanctuary representing baptism and eternal life. This tower is a remnant of Sinclair's voyage to America nearly a century before that of Columbus (who had access to Sinclair's maps thanks to his wife, who was Sinclair's great granddaughter). Whilst Verrazano's mission succeeded in finding the tower, the colony itself eluded him. His backers then decided to resurrect the dream of Acadia by creating a new secret society that contained Huguenots and Catholic Sulpicians.
Steven Sora
Lucifers Court: 8050061   $ 35.00
Product Image Lucifers Court: A Heretic's Journey in Search of the Light Bringers: Otto Rahn's lifelong search for the Grail brought him to the attention of the SS leader Himmler, who shared his esoteric interests. Induced by Himmler to become the chief investigator of the occult for the Nazis, Rahn traveled throughout Europe - from Spain to Iceland - in the mid 1930s pursuing leads to the Grail and other mysteries. "Lucifer's Court" is the travel diary he kept while searching for "the ghosts of the pagans and heretics who were [his] ancestors." It was during this time that Rahn grasped the positive role Lucifer plays in these forbidden religions as the bearer of true illumination, similar to Apollo and other sun gods in pagan worship.This journey was also one of self-discovery for Rahn. He found such a faithful echo of his own innermost beliefs in the lives of the heretics of the past that he eventually called himself a Cathar and nurtured ambitions of restoring that faith, which had been cruelly destroyed in the fires of the Inquisition. His journeys on assignment for the Reich - including researching an alleged entrance to Hollow Earth in Iceland and searching for the true mission of Lucifer in the caves of southern France that served as refuge for the Cathars during the Inquisition - also led to his disenchantment with his employers and his mysterious death in the mountains after his break with the Nazis. This is the first English translation of the author's journeys in search of a Nordic equivalent to Mt. Sinai. It explains why Lucifer the Light Bringer, god of the heretics, is a positive figure.
Otto Rahn
Mercurius Marriage of Heaven and Earth 8030029   $ 36.00
Product Image An intriguing and fantastic novel centred around the theme of alchemy. This book has been out of print for years and prices recently asked for the original edition have been as high as US$600. "Know this: I, Mercurius, have set down a full, true and infallible account of the Great Work. But I give you fair warning that unless you seek the true philosophical gold and not the gold of the vulgar; unless your heart is fixed with unbending intent on the true Stone of the Philosophers, unless you are steadfast in your quest, abiding by God's laws in all faith and humility and eschewing all vanity, conceit, falsehood, intemperance, pride, lust and faintheartedness, read no further lest I prove fatal to you. In 1952 a country clergyman called Smith begins his tortuous quest for the Holy Grail of alchemy - the Philosophers' Stone which transmutes base metal to gold and confers immortality. As he pits himself against the bizarre perils of the Great Work, it becomes clear that his arcane transformations are as much spiritual as chemical. Gradually the shadow of alchemy falls over those around him a young girl whose sudden pregnancy is a local scandal; Janet, trapped in a barren marriage; and Robert who pursues his own quest for the legendary blue glass of Chartres. Thirty years later, Eileen comes to live in Smith's vicarage. In the medieval cellar she unearths a hidden manuscript and begins to read of secret fire and mysterious prime matter, a green lion and a raven's head, a fatal conjunction of king and queen, a descent into Blackness and putrefaction. As she penetrates farther into the alchemical labyrinth, she is haunted both by her own history and by that of her neighbours, the menacing Mrs Zetterberg and the disfigured Pluto - and, finally, by the enigma of Smith himself. In separate but interwoven accounts, Smith and Eileen strive towards the one thing necessary for the Work's success the great Secret guarded by the paradoxical Mercurius, who leads them to the zero point where Heaven is wedded to Earth and the miraculous Stone appears at the intersection of time and eternity. By reconstructing a highly sophisticated but almost forgotten world-view, Mercurius restores to us our own spiritual heritage which, rooted in the alchemists dark retorts, will perhaps flower in the light of the future.
Patrick Hapur
Mystery of the Crystal Skulls 5060001   $ 36.00
Product Image A real-life detective story of the ancient world with overwhelming implications for the modern one. Explores the Native American legend of the 13 crystal skulls said to hold the keys to future earth changes and humankind's destiny. By independent filmmakers Chris Morton and Ceri Louise Thomas, whose A&E documentary on the crystal skulls has won high acclaim in the United States and abroad. Over 100,000 sold worldwide. Native American legend tells of 13 life-size crystal skulls said to contain crucial information about humankind's true purpose and destiny. The legend prophesied that at a time of great crisis for humanity, all of the crystal skulls would be rediscovered and brought together to reveal information vital to the very survival of the human race. The authors first heard of this legend while in the jungles of Central America and, after a real crystal skull was discovered in a Mayan city, set out on a quest to discover the truth behind this mystery. The Mystery of the Crystal Skulls follows their journey from the ancient temples of the Maya to the British Museum, the Smithsonian, and to the crystal laboratories of Hewlett-Packard, where sophisticated scientific tests on the skull made from the same quartz crystal used in today's computers lead to the conclusion, This skull shouldn't even exist. These scientific tests have raised many questions: Are the skulls really information storage devices that allow us to tap deep into the past and predict the future? Are they artifacts from the lost civilization of Atlantis or are they extraterrestrial in origin? Their journey also leads to Native shamans and elders who reveal the sacred knowledge and vital information that these skulls hold about coming earth changes and humanity's imminent destiny.
Chris Morton & Ceri Louise Thomas
Peaceful Warrior - The Graphic Novel: 1101035   $ 30.00
Product Image To create this bold visual reinterpretation of Dan Millman's unique saga of growth and enlightenment, Millman and illustrator Andrew Winegarner started from scratch, melding the "Peaceful Warrior" tale with the style and dynamism of the graphic novel. In the story, Dan, a college student and world-champion athlete, is haunted by the feeling that despite his success, something is missing from his life. Awakened one night by dark dreams, he wanders into an all-night gas station, meets an old man named Socrates, and is forever changed. Guided by this eccentric old warrior and drawn to an elusive young woman named Joy, Dan journeys into realms of light, shadow, romance, and mystery — and toward a final confrontation that will either deliver or destroy him.
Dan Millman & Andrew Winegarner
Power of Pleasure: Maximizing Your Enjoyment for a Lifetime 7110048   $ 30.00
Product Image This fascinating book will take you on the ride of a lifetime. Douglas Weiss explains how you’re incredibly designed for pleasure—with your own very unique pleasure palate and a discoverable pleasure hierarchy. You may be a classic “under-pleasurer” or “over-pleasurer,” but within these pages, you can be transformed into a balanced pleasurer. You can give and receive joy every day that you breathe once you harness the Power of Pleasure. You deserve to have this power work for you in your life, and as you read, you’ll learn how you can also overcome unwanted behaviors utilizing happiness as a reward. You can create your very own personal pleasure calendar, too. With the levels of stress prevalent in today’s world, you really need and deserve more love, peace, and relaxation in your life than you’re presently receiving. In your hands is the roadmap to make your life more fun joyous from today until . . . forever!
Douglas Weiss
Priestess of the Forest: A Druid Novel 8040011   $ 38.00
Product Image n the tradition of Marion Zimmer Bradley's "Mists of Avalon", Ellen Hopman weaves Druid history and spirituality into an engaging love story. This Bardic teaching tale is set in a fictional third-century Ireland when Christianity is sweeping across the Celtic Isles. During this time of crisis, love blooms between Ethne, a Druid healer, and her patient, a Fennid warrior. Their passionate affair suffers a tragic blow when Ethne is called upon to become the high queen. Told from the Druid perspective, Hopman recreates the daily life, magical practices, politics, and spiritual lives of the ancient Celts during this historic turning point. Druid holy days, rites, rituals, herbal lore, and more are brought to life in this Celtic fantasy-illuminating Druidic teachings and cultural wisdom.
Ellen Evert Hopman
Red Shoes 8090153   $ 28.00
Product Image The Red Shoes: On Torment and the Recovery of Soul Life: This dramatic excursion into the realm of the soul illuminates how we are driven to destructive behavior by ignoring our inner needs. Join Dr. Est's as she tells the story of The Red Shoes, and analyzes how cultural pressure and inner hunger lead to the addiction self-destruction cycle. Healing, she says, comes from a life made by hand, that is a unique extension of the instinctual self. A treasury of counsel from the author of The NewYork Times #1 bestseller Women Who Run with the Wolves. how people fall prey to destructive impulses, analyzes the deep-seated needs that lead to addiction, and offers ways to free us from the traps that torment and destroy the soul
Clarissa Pinkola Estes
Secret of Shambhala 3030421   $ 26.00
Product Image The inspiring journey of the international bestsellers THE CELESTINE PROPHECY and its sequel, THE TENTH INSIGHT, continues...In the remote snow-covered mountains near Tibet lies a community long thought to be a mere myth called Shambhala, or Shangri-La. Here, in this place, is knowledge that has been kept hidden for centuries - and an insight that can have profound impact on the way each of us lives our lives. Your search for Shambhala will lead to Kathmandu, Nepal and then to Lhasa, Tibet. You will meet the secret Tibetan sect that guards mysterious legends. You will pass regions where anger and compassion struggle for ascendancy, and arrive at a place where the stunning reality about human prayer-energy is about to be revealed. Like all of James Redfield's books The Secret of Shambhala has a parable effect. Open yourself to this adventure and the experience will stretch your worldview and leave you determined to channel your thoughts and wishes into a dynamic force that can help you liberate your life, enhance others and actively change the world. 'The best yet from James Redfield...even better than THE CELESTINE PROPHECY' - MARIANNE WILLIAMSON 'In his inimitable style of great storytelling, James Redfield opens us up to a world of insight, synchronicity and power. Read this book.' - DEEPAK CHOPRA
James Redfield
Seventh Mesa 9030207   $ 48.00
Product Image The author of the No-Eyes series weaves a suspenseful story about four people who, for various reasons, are strangely drawn to a sacred place hidden deep beneath the New Mexican desert. Is there a guarded chamber there that holds sacred scrolls and tablets with answers to humanity's most puzzling mysteries? The answers to that question and many others unfold in this tale of humanity grappling with its past history and future possibilities
Mary Summer Rain
Shack 1001027   $ 28.00
Product Image Mackenzie Allen Phillips's youngest daughter, Missy, has been abducted during a family vacation, and evidence that she may have been brutally murdered is found in an abandoned shack deep in the Oregon wilderness. Four years later, in this midst of his great sadness, Mack receives a suspicious note, apparently from God, inviting him back to that shack for a weekend. Against his better judgment he arrives at the shack on wintry afternoon and walks back into his darkest nightmare. What he finds there will change his life forever.
William Paul Young
Song of the Eagle 3070007   $ 32.00
Product Image This volume carries the reader from Rapanui to Aoteroa to Kauai to Alaska. It is an epic journey of different "tribes" coming together to bring peace back to a world that is being threatened by violence. One of the things I love most about this series is that Brailsford incorporates local history and legend into the stories. For example, the people of Kauai are represented by the Menehune. Scholars insist that the Menehune did not really exist, but there is much evidence that they did. Brailsford has the genius to be able to interweave stories, history, legends etc., and come up with a brilliant series reinterpreting some world history and in doing so, giving us hope for today by reminding us that we can go forward in fear or love. "History" with a moral lesson! Unfortunately, this book and many in the series are almost impossible to find.
Barry Brailsford
Song of the Sacred Wind 3070008   $ 32.00
Product Image Barry Brailsford
Song of the Silence 3070009   $ 32.00
Product Image This volume takes us back to China and Tibet at a time when peace was re-introduced. It was a time of great change, hardship, etc. The future seemed uncertain. It was a time not dissimilar to today. Brailsford's book reminds us that we can face change in fear which produces aggression and suffering, or we can chose to face change by opening our hearts to love and support, producing team-work and harmony. The choice is ours to make, then and now. His writing takes one back to those times and makes one feel like they are living that journey.
Barry Brailsford
Soulmate: A Novel 1201010   $ 25.00
Product Image Raj Rabban, a gifted young doctor, thought he knew about love and death. Then he meets fiery, red haired Molly on a Manhattan subway, and what begins as infatuation grows deeper than anything he ever imagined possible. Although he is engaged to Maya, a woman of his parents' choosing, Molly is the flame that ignites his soul. For a brief time they inhabit a paradise reserved only for true soulmates. She teaches him how to be free, until fate steps in and she is tragically taken away. But Raj's journey is only beginning; his path ultimately takes him - and those closest to him - beyond the portals of death.
Deepak Chopra
Taking with Nature 9030251   $ 33.00
Product Image After reading this book, you will never again wonder if nature can speak. It can and it does, and this unique book may well expand your awareness of the special bond between humanity and the environment. In a profound spiritual journey, Michael Roads explores the nature of energy, the foundations of personal power, and the frontiers of reality. Through a dazzling series of visions, Michael goes beyond communicating with nature and becomes blackberry, dog, and crystal.
Michael Roads
Tenth Insight 3030422   $ 28.00
Product Image In this sequel to the international bestseller, 'THE CELESTINE PROPHECY', Charlene, the woman who first brought news of the discovery of an ancient Peruvian manuscript containing the Nine Insights, has disappeared while exploring a forest deep in the Appalachian Mountains. James Redfield's new book is both a page-turning adventure story and a parable for our times. As you read THE TENTH INSIGHT, you will finally begin to answer the big questions that loom over all experience and in every heart: Why are we here?
James Redfield
The Saint the Surfer and the CEO 1104168   $ 29.00
Product Image The Saint, the Surfer and the CEO: A Remarkable Story About Living Your Hearts Desires: Once in a while, a book comes along that has the power and the wisdom to speak to the best part of us and awaken our highest selves to the miracle our lives were meant to be. In this truly unforgettable guide, Robin Sharma, author of the national bestseller "The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari "and a man whose life lessons are currently transforming the lives of many thousands of people across the planet, will show you how to access your inner gifts and reshape your whole outer life in the process. With brilliant simplicity and remarkable insight, "The Saint, the Surfer and the CEO" will teach you: - How to stop betraying your self and live your destiny - Simple ways to feel a rare amount of fulfillment and joy in your days - How to reconnect to your inner child like heart for a more passion-filled life - Lessons to conquer stress, balance life, and feel good about yourself - A proven process that will revolutionize your relationships and fill your life with love - How to restore adventure, simplicity, and prosperity into your life - Powerful principles to become strikingly successful at work - Practical wisdom to help see a gorgeous vision for your future and then make it a reality
Robin Sharma
Ticket, Passport and Tarot Cards 6090001   $ 35.00
Product Image REVIEW:Thought I should let you know just how much I have enjoyed reading your fascinating book. I couldn't put it down - you certainly have a great talent for weaving personal stories with the cards in such a way that makes it all so easy to follow
Linda Marson
Tottering In My Garden: A Gardeners Memoir 3060012   $ 29.30
Product Image Ex-actress/broadcaster/teacher Keeble has been gardening for 40 years. Moving through a range of properties and gardening problems, she has made sand and clay, shade and stone all succumb to her will and shovel. Her gardening memoir is a grade-A text, brimming with wit and contagious enthusiasm. Color photos.
Keeble midge Ellis
Twelfth Insight 1103006   $ 40.00
Product Image On 21 December 2012, the Mayan calendar will end. Many see it as an apocalyptic sign. But is it? In "The Twelfth Insight", we again follow our Hero and his close friend Wil. They have just received a portion of another ancient and mysterious manuscript that describes a secret approach to spirituality that is silently arriving in the second decade of the 21st century. But the manuscript is only available in fragments. To understand its full meaning for mankind, our Hero and Wil begin an urgent search to find the message in its entirety. As they embrace the power of Synchronicity and begin their search, they are confronted by powerful political forces and religious extremists that stand in the way of these spiritual revelations. Utilising what he calls the 'parable effect', and based on his own sources, James Redfield explores the similarities and differences that exist among the world religions, revealing the essential messages contained within them that can energise our experience of spirituality - and produce a new wave of integrity and reform that can transform our lives and our world.
James Redfield
Web Of Light 4080017   $ 28.00
Product Image Top-selling spiritual novel from bestselling Mobius author Diana Cooper, with a profound spiritual message to enlighten us all. Diana Cooper's first novel THE SILENT STONES has already proved to be a hugely popular success, and her new title continues the winning formula of weaving enlightening spiritual wisdom into a fast-paced and compelling adventure story. Set in Africa, this latest novel features an exciting quest to protect a sacred lion cub whose birth will heal the tear in the precious Web of Light surrounding the Earth. Throughout the story Diana Cooper unfolds the mystical secrets of the Sphinx, Pyramids and Bermuda Triangle, reveals the true purpose of our most sacred animals, as well as exploring the connections between our planet and others, and the pure wisdom of Atlantis.
Diana Cooper
Whispered Wisdom 5010004   $ 42.00
Product Image Mary Summer Rain's readers are captivated by her powerful descriptions of nature, especially the Colorado mountains. Whispered Wisdom is a collection of Mary's own photos taken over four seasons in the Colorado mountains, together with her observations of nature in verse, prose vignettes, and sayings.
Mary Summer Rain
White Lie 1307004   $ 42.00
Product Image They do exist. Secret underground laboratories where previously unemployed professors work on secret inventions for unknown employers. In Switzerland, Professor William Fairfax succeeded in creating a stable wormhole through which people could travel through time. Without realising the consequences of their adventure, Dr. Danielle Parker and Dr. Gabby Standford are sent back to the first century, where they discover the amazing story of Oshu, the real Jesus. This incredible adventure, however, results in the kidnapping of Danielle. For Danielle’s freedom, the kidnapper demands one of the most intriguing historical artefacts known to the world: The Ark of the Covenant. Without the knowledge of the professor, a mysterious researcher was brought from his time to the present to assist the team: SS-Obersturmführer Otto Rahn. Frequently Bought Together
Jeanne D'aout
Wisdom for Healing Cards 9030231   $ 24.00
Product Image Healing is more than confronting the challenge of an illness. The wise approach is to realize that it is a lifestyle requiring constant support, and attention to the well-being of our mind, body, and spirit. However, illness often forces a person to begin the journey of personal empowerment, as does loss, loneliness, and other life crises. It’s very difficult to know where and how to begin that journey, which is why I created these Wisdom for Healing Cards. They are intended for repeated use, as the task of keeping healthy on a physical, spiritual, and emotional level is lifelong.
Caroline Myss Ph.D
Copyright 1998 Beachhaven Books


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