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Updated: 09/04/2014
Forbidden Science: From Ancient Technologies to Free Energy 8050059  $ 32.00
Product Image Following the model of his bestselling Forbidden History and Forbidden Religion, J. Douglas Kenyon has assembled from his bimonthly journal, Atlantis Rising, material that explores science and technology that has been suppressed by the orthodox scientific community - from the true function of the Great Pyramid and the megaliths at Nabta Playa to Immanuel Velikovsky's astronomical insights, free energy from space, cold fusion and Rupert Sheldrake's research into telepathy and ESP.There is an organised war going on in science between materialistic theory and anything that could be termed spiritual or metaphysical. For example, Masaru Emoto's research into the energetics of water, although supported by photographic evidence, has been scoffed at by mainstream science because he has asserted that humans affect their surroundings with their thoughts. The materialism or absolute scepticism of the scientific establishment is detrimental to any scientific inquiry that thinks outside the box. This mentality is interested in preserving funding for its own projects, those that will not rock the establishment. From Tesla's discovery of alternating current to Robert Schoch's re-dating of the Sphinx, this book serves as a compelling introduction to the true history of alternative and New Science research.* Contains 43 essays by 19 researchers denoting cutting-edge, heretical or suppressed scientific research, including Immanuel Velikovsky, Nikola Tesla, Rupert Sheldrake and Masaru Emoto.
Douglas Kenyon
11:11 The Time Prompt Phenomenon 9050002   $ 50.00
Product Image 11 11 the Time Prompt Phenomenon: The Meaning Behind Mysterious Signs, Sequences, and Synchronicitie: Is it happening to you? You wake up at night, look at the clock, and notice that it is 11:11 p.m. This happens again the next night, and the next. You think it is a coincidence, but what if you were to discover that it was happening to others, possibly millions of others, all over the world? And that it meant something...something important? The reports of people noticing strange and repeated associations with the number 11 are on the rise, prompting theories connecting this phenomenon with the coming Mayan calendar end date of 12/21/2012. But it's not just the number 11 that is showing up in people's lives, it is often accompanied by unusual events or profound insights. Mysterious numbers and strange sequences appear throughout the history of human experience. What do they mean? What secrets do they keep? Are these wake-up calls to a higher state of consciousness, triggers of paranormal experiences, or the activation of what some scientists refer to as "junk DNA"?In this fascinating new work, you'll learn about: ' Number-based patterns in nature,'such as the Fibonacci spiral, the golden ratio, and DNA sequences,-and the secrets of sacred geometry. , Synchronicity: The science behind coincidences and what they might be trying to tell us. , How the entire universe can be condensed into a handful of mathematical numbers and equations. , The power of numerology in human lives. , Is God a number? How numbers relate to the creative force behind all reality. We live according to times, dates, and numbers, and 11:11 The Time Prompt Phenomenon will explore the mysteries of 11:11 and the many other ways in which numbers compose the very foundation of our reality.
Marie Jones and Larry Flaxman
Atlantis: Ancient Legacy Hidden Prophecy 8040010   $ 45.00
Product Image Is there anything our modern industrial society can learn from the story of Atlantis, a legend that has endured for two thousand years? From the dialogues of Plato to the modern age of Atlantology, esteemed occultist John Michael Greer traces the evolution of this controversial story about a great civilization drowned by the sea. See how this fascinating legend was reshaped by modern occultists and pioneers of the rejected knowledge movement. Greer also proposes his own revolutionary theory based on Plato’s accounts, human history, and geological science—of a civilization doomed by natural disasters at the end of the last Ice Age. As the threat of global warming makes headlines today, Greer poses the ultimate question: is the legend of Atlantis a legacy of the distant past, or a prophecy of our own future?
John Michael Greer
Awakening the Energy Body 8070026   $ 28.00
Product Image Awakening the Energy Body: From Shamanism to Bioenergetics A practical guide to understanding and enhancing the functionality of the human energy body - Shows how the energy body and its interactions are the principal determinant of all we see, feel, think, or otherwise perceive - Details strategic skills to manage the infinite alternate realities available to the energy body Each of us inhabits an energy body whose interactions are the principal determinant of all we see, feel, think, or otherwise perceive. Even as modern science is establishing the uncertainty of physical matter, it is asserting the reality of our existence as interconnecting quantum energy fields. For over 5,000 years, shamans of the Toltec tradition have studied and worked with the energy body, learning to recognize and understand its structure and perceptual capacities as well as mapping it as an objective, measurable part of our anatomy. In Awakening the Energy Body, Kenneth Smith's thorough grounding in the Toltec tradition allows him to bring forth an instructive overview for non-Toltec adherents of the latent possibilities available to the energy body and how to bring awareness and objective form to it. Using evidence from the emerging scientific discipline of bioenergetics, which studies the flow and exchange of energy, Smith shows that conscious awareness not only creates our reality but enhances the functionality of the human energy body, allowing it to navigate the myriad realities of our world. He offers a specific set of strategies to manage the energy body in ways that are beneficial to both material existence and spiritual development. He also discusses the ethical considerations of developing consciousness and how one can quicken personal evolution in order to live a full and complete life, while revealing where the worlds of ancient tradition and modern science meet.
Kenneth Smith
Basic Code of the Universe 1110008   $ 48.00
Product Image The Basic Code of the Universe: The Science of the Invisible in Physics, Medicine, and Spirituality : Explains the universal information code connecting every person, plant, animal, and mineral and its applications in science, health care, and cosmic unity - Examines research on consciousness, quantum physics, animal and plant intelligence, emotional fields, Kirlian photography, and the effects of thoughts, emotions, and music on water - Reveals the connections between the work of Ervin Laszlo on the Akashic field, Rupert Sheldrake on morphogenetic fields, Richard Gerber on vibrational medicine, and Masaru Emoto on the memory of water DNA dictates the physical features of an organism. But what dictates how something grows--from the division of cells in a human being to the fractal patterns of a crystal? Massimo Citro reveals that behind the complex world of Nature lies a basic code, a universal information field--also known as the Akashic field, which records all that was, is, and will be--that directs not only physical development and behavior but also energetic communication and interactions among all living and non-living things. The author examines research on consciousness, quantum physics, animal and plant intelligence, the power of intention, emotional fields, Kirlian photography, and the effects of thoughts, emotions, and music on water. Linking the work of Ervin Laszlo on the Akashic field, Rupert Sheldrake on morphogenetic fields, Richard Gerber on vibrational medicine, and Masaru Emoto on the memory of water, Citro shows how the universal information field connects every person, plant, animal, and mineral--a concept long known by shamans and expounded by perennial wisdom. Putting this science of the invisible to practical use, he explains his revolutionary system of vibrational medicine, known as TFF, which uses the information field to obtain the benefits of natural substances and medications in their "pure" informational form, offering side-effect-free remedies for health and well-being.
Massimo Citro, M.D. Foreword by Ervin Laszlo
Beyond the Bleep 6120077   $ 30.00
Product Image Beyond the Bleep: The Definitive Unauthorized Guide to What the Bleep Do We Know: "What the Bleep Do We Know!?" is the biggest New Age movie phenomenon . . . EVER! Spreading by word of mouth and an obsessive grass-roots following in the vein of The Passion of the Christ, in which discussion groups spontaneously form and people who never go to the movies go over and over again, What the Bleep Do We Know!? has hit a nerve with the millions of people in our dissonant culture trying to balance their beliefs in both science and spirituality. Now in "Beyond the Bleep", Alexandra Bruce illuminates the personalities and teachings of the physicists, neurologists, anesthesiologists, physicians, spiritual teachers, mystics, and scholars in the film, as well as the filmmakers, helping the reader sort through their theories with simple explanations of the cutting-edge science on which they are based. For anyone seeking more information on the topics presented in the film, "Beyond the Bleep" is the place to start. From Quantum Physics to the Ramtha School of Enlightenment, Neuroscience to Time Travel, Alexandra Bruce provides easy to grasp, yet sophisticated explanations that expand upon the fascinating themes touched upon in "What The Bleep Do We Know!?"
Alexandra Bruce
Biology of Belief 7040006   $ 39.00
Product Image A groundbreaking work in the field of New Biology from a former medical school professor and research scientist. His experiments show that DNA is controlled by signals from outside the cell, including the energetic messages emanating from our positive and negative thoughts.
Bruce Lipton
Biology of Belief (3 CD) 8050096   $ 46.00
Product Image Since the publication of The Biology of Belief, Dr. Bruce Lipton has received widespread acclaim as one of the most accessible and knowledgeable voices of "new biology." The science is called epigenetics, A revolutionary field that shows us how the energy of consciousness is as important in shaping life on earth as DNA and chemistry. In this original author adaptation, Dr. Lipton brings his clarity, insight, and humor to unveiling a profound change in how we perceive the way life works, including: * How environment - including our thoughts and emotion - controls the character of every cell - Quantum physics and life: the key to understanding the bigger picture of how mind over matter works - Cooperation and evolution - moving beyond the "selfish gene" theory to see that a natural trend toward harmony literally shapes the biosphere - Why the oft-dismissed placebo effect is really the most powerful healing tool we have, and much more As scientists have mapped the human genome, it has become clear that there are important aspects of life that defy our traditional models of evolution. The "missing link,"according to Dr. Lipton, is consciousness. With The Biology of Belief, listeners join this groundbreaking researcher to learn how this new science radically alters both how we understand life on earth - and how we choose to live.
Dr Bruce Lipton
Biotech Time bomb 8120004   $ 25.00
Product Image Biotech Time-Bomb: The Side-Effects Are the Main Effects:Biotech Time Bomb is a probing analysis of the origins, transformations, and prospects of the Western mentality behind genetic engineering and similar strategies for manipulating the basic element of life. It is the first media ecology critique of the control paradigm now dominant in developed socities, and a clarion call for cross-cultural dialogue. Beyond demonstrating in damming detail how the side-effects of new technologies usually turn out to be their main effects, the book also highlights alternative perspectives from other cultures, and urges renewed attention to the inexhaustable resourcefulness of life itself.
Scott Eastham
Catastrophobia 8060072   $ 42.00
Product Image This is Barbara Hand Clow's examination of legendary cataclysms, which shows how, contrary to prophecies of doom, we are in the early stages of a great awakening on Earth. A series of cataclysmic events--the near destruction of Earth in 9500 B.C., the Black Sea flood in 5600 B.C., the volcanic destruction of Santorini/Thera in 1600 B.C.--have left humanity's collective psyche deeply scarred, which Clow says afflicts humanity with catastrophobia. She examines the insidious global elite forces that have used this unprocessed fear to control humanity for thousands of years. Most importantly, she offers guidance for achieving the creative evolutionary leap that is unfolding now. Published just before the 9-11-2001 human-caused cataclysm, this prophetic book identifies the political and psychic causes of the increasing waves of human violence and chaos that are sweeping Earth. Figure 2:1, p. 39. The Great Cataclys
Barbara Hand Clow
Cell-Level Healing: The Bridge from Soul to Cell 8090097   $ 35.00
Product Image After a shattering near-death experience, Joyce Whiteley Hawkes left her career as a biophysicist and embarked on a study of indigenous healing practices. Living and working with priests and shamans in the Philippines, South India, and Bali, she explored the previously uncharted territories that divide biology from spirituality -- and discovered that emotional, mental, and spiritual feelings can have a profound and positive impact on our bodies at the cellular level. Cell-Level Healing shows how our thoughts change the functioning of our cells to repair and renew the body. With profound yet simple exercises, this book provides a guide to tap your innate healing abilities by showing that healing is a basic part of human nature. Filled with thought-provoking stories and photographs, free of jargon, and thoroughly grounded in Dr. Hawkes's decades of experience in laboratory science and practical, hands-on healing, Cell-Level Healing invites you to explore your intrinsic powers of transformation and regeneration to attain new levels of spiritual and bodily health.
Joyce Hawkes
Consciousness from Zombies to Angels 9020019   $ 39.50
Product Image Consciousness from Zombies to Angels: The Shadow and the Light of Knowing Who You Are: A user-friendly, step by step guide to understanding the mind Presents a practical journey into understanding Consciousness philosophy's hardest problem, science's final frontier, and spirituality's deepest mystery Offers 7 steps to transform your life using the shadow and the light of consciousness Consciousness from Zombies to Angels presents a practical, step by step owner's guide for the mind that sorts out philosophy's hardest problem, sciences final frontier, and spirituality's deepest mystery what consciousness is, how it works, and why it’s important. Christian de Quincey presents seven simple steps for understanding consciousness and how it can lead to spiritual awareness: observe your language, identify the problem, learn how to look, recognize your patterns, know yourself, embrace your shadow, and practice transformation. All of us exhibit both shadow and light, aspects of ourselves we fear and deny (our inner Zombies) as well as qualities we admire and want to radiate (our inner Angels). The key to a creative and fulfilled life is to integrate both. De Quincey reveals that the way to transformation is to accept ourselves exactly as we are a work in progress. Readers will learn the difference between energy talk and consciousness talk; how the body affects the mind, and vice versa; and where to go for help to develop consciousness, heal emotions, or grow spiritually. De Quincey shows how to recognize and break habits and patterns that run your life, how to find out who you really are, and why facing up to your darkest fears will liberate your brightest light as you learn to embrace all of your humanity and experience the power of transformation.
Christian De Quincey
Convoluted Universe Bk 4 1202023   $ 37.00
Product Image This is the fourth volume in the wildly successful "Convoluted Universe" series. Premier hypnotherapist and psychic researcher Dolores Cannon does it again. Using deep hypnosis and past life regression techniques, she presents mind-blowing theories and concepts originating from other dimensions. In this new volume you'll find more information about the spirit side--where we go after we "die"--plus new information on life reviews and preparing contracts and your life plan of what you hope to accomplish on your return to Earth. Cannon uncovers forgotten ancient knowledge widely used by secret mystery schools and ancient civilizations, including Atlantis, Lemuria, and the original Stonehenge. She even explores the creation of life on Earth and presents unknown information about DNA.
Dolores Cannon
Convoluted Universe Book 1 5110007   $ 42.00
Product Image This is the sequel to 'The Custodians'. The book contains some of the more complicated concepts in Metaphysics that Dolores Cannon discovered through twenty years of using deep hypnosis to explore the subconscious mind. Some of the topics explored in this book: The origin, knowledge and destruction of Atlantis; The explanations of Earth mysteries, including -- the Pyramids, Easter Island, the Bermuda Triangle, the Ark of the Covenant, Loch Ness Monster, Nazca Lines; Characteristics of other Planets, Parallel Universes, Parallel Lifetimes and Realities; Other Dimensions and much more. This book is intended for those readers who want their minds expanded by the more complicated Metaphysical ideas that border on 'Quantum Physics'
Dolores Cannon
Convoluted Universe Book 2 3030332   $ 43.00
Product Image For those who have enjoyed the challenges of Book One of this series, here is Book Two. Buckle your seat-belts and get ready for another roller coaster ride that will present new concepts and either threaten or expand your belief systems. Dolores Cannon continues to uncover complicated metaphysics, creating the need for sequels. Topics included in this book: The Universal Language of Symbols; Splinters and Facets of the Soul; Hidden Underground Cities; Energy and Creator Beings; Time Portals for Travelling Between Dimensions; Life on Other Planets; Characteristics of the New Earth; and, Raising of Vibrations and Frequencies to Shift into the New Earth.
Dolores Cannon
Convoluted Universe Book 3 9070002   $ 43.50
Product Image Join Dolores Cannon, and go exploring! Join Dolores on a voyage through time and space into the world of the strange and unusual and unfathomable, as hypnotherapist Dolores Cannon's "Convoluted Universe" series continues. Suspend belief as Dolores explores worlds and dimensions where dreams become reality and reality is only a dream. Readers should open their minds to a myriad of possibilities that have previously only dwelt in the imagination. The book includes more mind-bending concepts for those with open minds and eager curiosities.
Dolores Cannon
Cosmic Serpent - DNA and the Origins of Knowledge 9010022   $ 44.00
Product Image A personal adventure, a fascinating study of anthropology and ethnopharmacology, and, most important, a revolutionary look at how intelligence and consciousness come into being. This adventure in science and imagination, which the Medical Tribune said might herald "a Copernican revolution for the life sciences," leads the reader through unexplored jungles and uncharted aspects of mind to the heart of knowledge. In a first-person narrative of scientific discovery that opens new perspectives on biology, anthropology, and the limits of rationalism, The Cosmic Serpent reveals how startlingly different the world around us appears when we open our minds to it. "The Cosmic Serpent is a spellbinding, scholarly tour de force that may presage a major paradigm shift in the Western view of reality." Michael Harner, Ph.D., president, Foundation for Shamanic Studies, and author of The Way of the Shaman
Jeremy Narby
Cycle of Cosmic Catastrophes: Flood, Fire, and Famine 8070068   $ 42.00
Product Image Cycle of Cosmic Catastrophes: Flood, Fire, and Famine in the History of Civilization:There are a number of puzzling mysteries in the history of Earth that have yet to be satisfactorily explained by mainstream science: the extinction of dinosaurs, the vanishing of ancient Indian tribes, the formation of the mysterious Carolina Bays, the disappearance of mammoths, the sudden ending of the last Ice Age, and the cause of huge underwater landslides that sent massive tsunamis racing across the oceans millennia ago. Eyewitness accounts of these events are chronicled in rich oral traditions handed down through generations of native peoples. The authors' recent scientific discoveries link all these events to a single cause. In "The Cycle of Cosmic Catastrophes", Richard Firestone, Allen West and Simon Warwick-Smith present new scientific evidence about a series of prehistoric cosmic events that explain why the last Ice Age ended so abruptly. Their findings validate the ubiquitous legends and myths of floods, fires, and weather extremes passed down by our ancestors and show how these legendary events relate to each other. Their findings also support the idea that we are entering a thousand-year cycle of increasing danger and possibly a new cycle of extinctions.
Richard Firestone
Dawn of the Akashic Age 1401007   $ 28.00
Product Image A preview of the post-mechanistic, holistic world in 2020 and 2030 as well as a map of the obstacles we must overcome to get there? Reveals how the youngest generation is seeding the shift in consciousness? Explains how society will be reorganized into grassroots networks like those revealed by quantum physics and experienced through social media? With contributions from futurist John L. Petersen, ex-CEO of Sanyo Tomoya Nonaka, media activist Duane Elgin, and other visionaries. The world is changing. The transition from the mechanistic worldview to one that recognizes the interconnectedness of all life is upon us. It is the dawning of the Akashic Age. The Akashic field that connects the universe is now recognized by cutting-edge science. What we know about communication, energy, and consciousness is rapidly evolving in tandem with the new quantum worldview. Many adults are consciously evolving to meet the transitional challenges at hand, while today's youth have arrived already hard-wired with the new consciousness. Rising from the ashes of the old systems, this Phoenix generation of radical change agents is seeding our evolution and spiritual transformation, a process that will continue over the next few decades.
Ervin Laszlo and Kingsley L Dennis
Decoding the Human Body Field 8050100   $ 37.00
Product Image Decoding the Human Body-Field: The New Science of Information as Medicine : A revolutionary system that reestablishes the proper flow of information to the body’s energetic fields to promote health Presents a new integrative model of the energetic physiology of the human body (the human body-field) and its influence on health Shows that a root cause of disease is due to information blockages in the body-field Introduces Infoceuticals, liquid remedies that help the human body-field process vital information to engage the physical body’s self-healing abilities After decades of research, Peter Fraser has formulated a system that unites the meridian system of traditional Chinese medicine with quantum wave theory to provide the first comprehensive link between the human body’s biochemistry and bioenergetics. He explains that we each have a body-field based on twelve meridian-like channels that process and coordinate information throughout the body and that our health depends on the proper flow and communication of information through these channels. In Decoding the Human Body-Field, Fraser and Massey describe in detail their revolutionary Nutri-Energetics System, which uses Infoceuticals liquids infused with organic colloidal minerals that are imprinted with corrective quantum electrodynamic information - to remedy distortions and blockages in the information flow of the body field. The imprinted information acts as a magnetic signpost to engage the body's self-healing ability
Peter H fraser
Decoding the Message of the Pulsars 8060092   $ 37.00
Product Image First time proof of the existence of interstellar radio signals of intelligent origin being sent to us. Evidence that pulsars are part of a vast network of ETI communication beacons. This is the updated second edition of the book The Talk of the Galaxy published in 2000. This exhaustive study presents first time proof that astronomers have been receiving radio signals of intelligent origin. As early as 1967 and continuing to the present, radio astronomers have been carefully studying and cataloging unusual interstellar beacons called pulsars thinking them to be stars of natural origin. Dr. LaViolette, who has been researching pulsars for 27 years, shows that, up to now, the nature of these radio sources has been grossly misunderstood. He has discovered that a number of very unique pulsars are nonrandomly distributed in the sky and mark key Galactic locations that have particular significance from an ETI communication standpoint. He also presents evidence of unusual geometric alignments among pulsars and intriguing pulse period relationships. Equally compelling is the message they are sending-a warning about a past Galactic core explosion disaster that should help us avert a future global tragedy. Contains extensive analysis of pulsar data, revealing new ideas about the origins and functions of pulsars Provides proof of an extraterrestrial communication network Includes information about the formation of crop circles and force-field-beaming technology
Paul A Violette
Deep Truth 1111002   $ 25.00
Product Image Deep Truth: Igniting the Memory of Our Origin History Destiny and Fate:- A new world is emerging before our eyes, while the unsustainable world of the past struggles to continue. Both worlds reflect our beliefs. Both exist - but only for now. Which world do you choose? Bestselling author and visionary scientist Gregg Braden suggests that the hottest topics that divide us as families, cultures and nations - seemingly disparate issues such as war, terror, abortion, genocide, poverty, economic collapse and nuclear war - are actually related. They all stem from the false assumptions of an incomplete science. These obsolete beliefs have brought us to the brink of disaster and the loss of all that we cherish as a civilisation. "Deep Truth" reveals compelling scientific evidence that: Civilisation is at least twice as old as traditionally acknowledged. We can avoid mistakes today that led to the collapse of civilisations past. Nature "wired" us for peace and cooperation, not "survival of the fittest" and war. Darwin's ideas about evolution fail to explain human existence. We're at a rare and pivotal choice point in our existence. How can we know what laws to pass, which policies to enact and how to head off the greatest threats to our survival until we answer the oldest question at the heart of our lives: Who are we? The deep truths underlying scientific discoveries now give us a way to do just that. Will we base the emerging world on the deep truths of life? We won't have to wait long to find out. . .
Gregg Braden
Digital Dharma 7120028   $ 35.00
Product Image There is an Infosphere, an electronic web produced by our multiple telecommunications technologies, pulsating all around us. These technologies, as many human inventions, can be viewed as a product of the creative collective mind and therefore encoded with core lessons of human evolution and transformation. Laptops, cell phones, PDAs, GPS locators, HDTV, and wireless Internet offer new ways of communicating with our inner selves and with others. Techno-aficionado Steven Vedro says putting this newfound wisdom into spiritual practice as a collective society is our Digital Dharma, our path toward greater self-awareness and enlightenment. Practicing this path helps us recognize the impact of technology on our inner life and teaches us to overcome the challenges presented by modern media. Vedro uses the seven chakras—the basic energy centers in the body that spiral upward along the spinal column used by many ancient yogic traditions to link our physical selves to higher levels of consciousness and developmental stages of life—as a model for achieving Digital Dharma. Vedro further explains that practicing this new spiritual awareness, what he also terms "Yoga of Teleconsciousness," allows us to see both the universal light and shadow side of technology and then apply that knowledge to our communication with one another and to our own personal work of spiritual evolution and understanding.
Steven Vedro
Dimensions of Paradise 8040024   $ 33.00
Product Image Dimensions of Paradise: Sacred Geometry, Ancient Science, and the Heavenly Order on Earth: An in-depth look at the role of number as a bridge between Heaven and Earth - Reveals the numerical code by which the ancients maintained high standards of art and culture - Sets out the alchemical formulas for the fusion of elements and the numerical origins of various sacred names and numbers - Describes the rediscovery of knowledge associated with the Holy Grail, through which the influence of the Heavenly Order is made active on Earth The priests of ancient Egypt preserved a geometrical canon, a numerical code of harmonies and proportions, that they applied to music, art, statecraft, and all the institutions of their civilization. Plato, an initiate in the Egyptian mysteries, said it was the instrument by which the ancients maintained high, principled standards of civilization and culture over thousands of years. In The Dimensions of Paradise, John Michell describes the results of a lifetime's research, demonstrating how the same numerical code underlies sacred structures from ancient times to the Christian era. In the measurements of Stonehenge, the foundation plan of Glastonbury, Plato's ideal city, and the Heavenly City of the New Jerusalem described in the vision of Saint John lie the science and cosmology on which the ancient world order was founded. The central revelation of this book is a structure of geometry and number representing the essential order of the heavens and functioning as a map of paradise.
John Michell
Disappearance of the Universe 5030118   $ 44.00
Product Image What would you do if you were sitting quietly in your living room when a mysterious couple appeared from out of nowhere - and then told you they were "ascended masters" who had come to reveal some shocking secrets of existence and teach you the miraculous powers of advanced forgiveness? Would you call the cops? Call a psychiatrist? Call out for pizza? When two such teachers appeared before Gary Renard in 1992, he chose to listen to them (and ask a lot of impertinent questions). The result is this startling book: an extraordinary record of 17 mind-bending conversations that took place over nearly a decade, reorienting the author's life and giving the world an uncompromising introduction to a spiritual teaching destined to change human history.
Gary Renard
Easy Organic Gardening and Moon Planting 1207008   $ 52.00
Product Image Organic gardening is a way of leaving your patch of earth in a better condition than you found it by working with nature rather than against it. A practicable and better alternative to chemical-dependent and environmentally unsustainable cultivation practices, organic gardening prevents soil damage, and results in more nutritious food, and fewer contaminated waterways and poison-resistant pests. Easy Organic Gardening and Moon Planting is an indispensable reference to organic cultivation methods, with an additional moon-planting guide, to help gardeners to work with the cycles of nature. It includes an easy-to-follow moon-planting routine for all aspects of gardening, with a listing of the best planting, harvesting, and pruning days from 2009 to 2013. Full of common sense and wisdom, and written in a friendly, conversational voice, it includes comprehensive information and advice about: how you can revitalise garden soil and keep it healthy; how to use composting and worm-farming techniques to transform garden and kitchen waste into top-quality, organic fertiliser; how to grow your own fruit and vegetables in garden beds or pots; how to raise healthier, pest- and disease-resistant seedlings, shrubs and trees - without using poisons. This wide-ranging book also features an extensive listing of Australian native plants, and a month-by-month diary of what to plant when for all climate zones of Australia and New Zealand.
Lyn Bagnall
Emerald Modem 4100010   $ 53.00
Product Image The Emerald Modem: A User’s Guide to Earth’s Interactive Energy Body : Twenty years ago, in England, author Richard Leviton discovered the planet. Following quite specific guidance, he began a long process that amounted to an apprenticeship. “My mentors dispatched me to various specific locations in the Somerset landscape, and at all hours of the night and day. I sat on hills and valleys and rocks under sunlight, moonlight, rain, snow, and fog, and had visions. I started to see another landscape behind the apparent landscape. It was an apparitional landscape with stars, planets, galaxies, angels, spirits of Nature, mythic deities, divinity.” As time went on, he found himself talking with angels, visiting celestial cities, and following gnomes. He came to understand that at one level we are the planet, and that both we and it have an intimate relationship with our galaxy. I found myself living inside the myths of the world as if they were expert scripts for real-life inner adventures. I never once thought I was crazy. Why should I? Quite the opposite. I believed I was finally getting grounded in something real. But it would take me twenty years to make sense of it. That sense is embodied in The Emerald Modem. The Emerald Modem includes: * direct correspondences between human chakras and the Earth's energy features—and the galactic originals * tables listing locations of sacred sites around the planet where you may experience this relationship * explanations of world myths, which provide clues to this unsuspected visionary world around us This is the first book to synthesize all the fragments of geomantic perception (sacred sites, energy points, vertexes, etc.) into a global interactive model that ties human consciousness directly to it. Leviton describes 85 subtle features in the planetary landscape, places you can go for mystical experiences. They are features of the Earth’s energy body, almost all invisible to conventional sight. But psychic cognition can be trained, and you can usefully interact with any of these types of sites today without seeing what you’re doing. Your intent to interact for the benefit of yourself and the planet is all that's required. Just as modems dial us into the Internet, so the features of the Earth's energy body described in The Emerald Modem help us get online with the galaxy. You can learn to visit Grail Castles, experience a Mount Olympus, or walk through the stars in a landscape zodiac and you can learn enough to become confident that you’re not traveling alone.
Richard Leviton
Energy Grid: Harmonic 695 8090134   $ 52.00
Product Image The Energy Grid: Harmonic 695: The Pulse of the Universe [The Investigation into the World Energy Grid] : Explores the incredible potential of the Energy Grid and Unified Field all around us. Cathie investigates the Harmonics of Light and how the Energy Grid is created. Here are chapters on UFO propulsion, Nikola Tesla, Unified Equations, the Mysterious Aerials, Pythagoras and the Grid, Nuclear Detonation and the Grid, maps of the ancients, an Australian Stonehenge, and much more. Cathie's books are a must for the student of Anti-Gravity and Lost Science.
Bruce Cathie
Enlightened Brain The Neuroscience of Awakening (7 CD) 1111023   $ 115.00
Product Image Meditation Meets Neuroscience - Practical Tools to Reshape Your Brain for Awakening. We are inspired by the living example of great teachers, who have both penetrating insight and a loving heart. "With modern neuroscience, we're now beginning to understand the brain processes that support these wonderful qualities of mind,"explains Dr. Rick Hanson. With "The Enlightened Brain", this pioneering neuropsychologist explores how you can activate these same processes inside your own brain to accelerate your own transformation. Self-Directed Neuroplasticity - How Our Mind Shapes Our Brain. Your thoughts and feelings continually sculpt your brain - for better or worse. As Dr. Hanson teaches, you can use the power of self-directed neuroplasticity to take control of the evolutionary tendency of your brain to react to life with fear, frustration, and heartache - and return your brain to its natural state of calm, contentment, and caring. With simple and potent practices, he reveals how you can weave positive thoughts and emotions into the fabric of your brain, allowing you to cultivate the qualities of mindfulness, virtue, and wisdom for your own path of awakening. "This new science gives us unprecedented tools to individualize psychological growth and spiritual practice," says Dr. Hanson. You'll learn about your unique "profile of attention' and which methods best strengthen your focus and concentration. You'll also learn how to approach life with equanimity, and relax the focus on "me, myself, and I." With 'The Enlightened Brain', Dr. Rick Hanson gives you practical tools for strengthening the neural circuitry of spacious awareness, calm in the midst of stress, contemplative absorption, resilience, and lasting happiness. HIGHLIGHTS Knowing your brain - how to tailor psychological growth and spiritual practice to your unique neurophysiology. Defeating the negativity bias of your brain by internalizing key resources. Pairing positive experiences with negative material to soothe and heal old pain. Activating the neural foundations of mindfulness. Strengthening the five factors of concentration and deep meditative absorption. Building neural shock absorbers for stable inner peace in a turbulent world. Using neuroscience to relax the apparent self and take life less personally
Rick Hansen
Fantastic Inventions of Nikola Tesla 8090142   $ 45.00
Product Image This book is a readable compendium of patents, diagrams, photos and explanations of the many incredible inventions of the originator of the modern era of electrification. In Tesla's own words, are such topics as wireless transmission of power, death rays, and radio-controlled airships. In addition rare material on German bases in Antarctica and South America, and a secret city built at a remote jungle site in South America by one of Tesla's students, Guglielmo Marconi. Marconi's secret group claims to have built flying saucers in the 1940s and to have gone to Mars in the early 1950s! Incredible photos of these Tesla craft are included. The Ancient Atlantean system of broadcasting energy through a grid system of obelisks and pyramids is discussed and a fascinating concept comes out of one chapter that the Egyptian engineers had to wear a protective metal head-shields while in these power-plants, hence the Egyptian Pharoahís head covering as well as the Face on Mars! * His plan to transmit free electricity into the atmosphere * How electrical devices would merely have small antennas on them * Why unlimited power could be utilized anywhere on earth * How his inventions could utilize this free energy in the atmosphere * How anti-gravity airships could draw power from the towers he was building * How radio and radar technology can be used as death-ray weapons in Star Wars. * Includes an appendix of Supreme Court documents on dismantling of his free-energy towers * Tesla's Death Rays, Ozone generators, and more
Nikola Tesla
Field - 2 CD 1101013   $ 35.00
Product Image Based on interviews with today's cutting-edge scientists, investigative journalist Lynne McTaggart wrote The Field (HarperCollins, 2002)--a compelling presentation of the theory that there is a measurable "life force" in the universe. Now in this original audio adaptation by the author, McTaggart takes listeners on a journey into this exciting arena of science called the "Zero-Point Field" that could be the key to understanding "supernatural" forces, healing energy, and the nature of consciousness. Offering a challenging new vision of the future--and insights on how this science can immediately affect our own lives--here is a unique opportunity to hear Lynne McTaggart as she unveils the mysteries, discoveries, and wonder of The Field.
Lynne McTaggart
Field - Quest for the Secret Force Of the Universe 1211001   $ 30.00
Product Image A book which gives scientific proof of the paranormal. Psychic activity, remote viewing, the power of prayer and homoeopathy are all discussed. The energy found in the vacuum - or the zero point field - seems to be the key to all sorts of unexplained phenomena: ESP or remote viewing, homeopathy, energy medicine, spiritual healing, and even the homing instincts of animals. Lynne McTaggart follows the life and work of disparate physicists, pioneers in the area where the paranormal meets quantum physics.
Lynne Mctaggart
Flying Saucers and Science 9060016   $ 46.00
Product Image "Flying Saucers and Science" is a comprehensive look at the scientific data on the flying saucer phenomenon. Nuclear physicist and lecturer Stanton T. Friedman has distilled more than 40 years of research on UFOs, and shares his work on a wide variety of classified advanced nuclear and space systems. He answers a number of physics questions in laymans terms, and establishes that travel to nearby stars is within reach without violating the laws of physics. Photographs of little known, far-out advanced propulsion systems, on some of which he worked, are included. Friedman also presents data demonstrating the ability to withstand high accelerations with some surprising results. He clearly shows that government policy on this subject has been to provide false, misleading claims and disinformation, and establishes that the subject truly represents a Cosmic Watergate. "Flying Saucers and Science" presents intriguing data from a number of large-scale scientific UFO studies that almost no one, especially the noisy negativists, has discussed in detail. It deals with a host of questions such, as reasons for the cover-up, reasons for aliens to come to Earth, and reasons for not landing on the White House lawn. Friedman unveils the SETI program, and details the antipathy of science-fiction writers to UFOs and other mysteries of the saucer conundrum. False notions about those who believe in the reality of alien visitors and the adequacy of coverage by the journalistic and scientific communities are reviewed.
Stanton T Friedman. MSc.
From Naked Ape to Superspecies: 3040004   $ 40.00
Product Image From Naked Ape to Superspecies: Humanity and the Global Eco Crisis: David Suzuki and Holly Dressel explore the ways in which human beings have evolved beyond their needs, trampling other species, believing that they can make the Earth work the way they want it to. The book examines how human arrogance - demonstrated by a disregard for the small and microscopic species that constitute the Earth's engine, and the reckless use of technological inventions like powerful herbicides or genetically engineered crops - is threatening the health of the populace and the safety of the food supply. But this is not simply a doom-and-gloom scenario or alarmist creed. The authors introduce readers to the people who are fighting back, those who are resisting the inexorable advance of the "global economy" juggernaut. From Naked Ape to Superspecies offers strategies for making the right turn at this crossroads and prospering by reshaping the place of humanity in nature.
David Suzuki
Gateways to the Otherworld 9060017   $ 46.00
Product Image Is there life after death? Is there a world outside our own? Mankind has wrestled with these profound questions for as long as there has been consciouness. "Gateways to the Otherworld" reveals that ancient man already knew the answers. Acclaimed author Philip Gardiner proves that our ancestors were far more advanced -scientifically and spiritually-than previously believed. Through a special technique, ancient Egyptians and others were able to journey to other realities within themselves-in short, to the Other world. The author undergoes his own experiments to prove the point. Gardiner makes us consider the fact that ancient man also knew more about his place in the universe than previously thought. He placed buildings and objects in specific places around the globe. Why? Because at these points he had discovered areas where lines of energy cross -points with distinct relation to the universal and human wave resonance of electromagnetism. When man journeyed to these places, he was joining with God and visualising the effect. The remarkable conclusions and discoveries in this book not only dispel some age-old myths, but also address questions such as: Is there a universal frequency that allows the mind to travel into other realms? How does this relate to the holographic universe and the concept of quantum entanglement? Does the Great Pyramid hold a real secret to the quantum realm? What are those mysterious round towers found scattered around our planet? Is there an answer to the phenomena of earth energies? What is the truth behind the Crystal Skulls and the rods of power? Is ESP real? What "Gateways to the Otherworld" uncovers are not just tales of ancient trips to other realms, nor theories on why stone circles were built in specific locations, but real answers based on thorough research and science.
Philip Gardiner
Giza Power Plant 8040072   $ 38.00
Product Image The fruit of over two decades of research, this text argues that the Great Pyramid was a source of harmonic resonance that converted the Earth's vibrational energies to electricity. Did this technology of harmonic resonance provide the ancient world with endless supplies of energy, and was this the same energy discovered by Nicholas Tesla?
Christopher Dunn
Great Human Potential 1403002   $ 32.00
Product Image Walking in Ones Own Light Description: Earth represents a remarkable experiment where genetic material from thousands of worlds was deposited. Along with this genetic material, all of the emotional coding and experiences of these planets and species was left, laying the ground for ?The Grand Experiment?. There are other timelines in which this experiment is not succeeding. But you, the version with which we are having this conversation, are successful and, hence, you are going through the ascension process.The information that is shared in this book is what we consider the most appropriate vibrational match for where you are right now. When we give information, we always look at the vibrational level of the majority of whom we think will be reading this. We do this to give you a version of the truth that will best serve you in accessing your highest potential.We are truly excited for you as you embark on this journey. This window in time is rife with amazing potential that is only limited by your imagination. The greatest challenge for you will be to release the constraints of your past beliefs and judgments and know that all things are possible. That is what ascension is all about.Despite negative aspects, games or manipulation, when you recognize that you are a creator being, you can change your version of reality. And when enough of you decide that you want a different version of reality, then a brand new timeline is created, followed by a change in current events, all leading to a brand new world.So, there is only one thing left to do: dream your most beautiful dream!
Tom Kenyon
Hermetic Code in DNA: The Sacred Principles in the Order 8070013   $ 49.00
Product Image An examination of the precise code that connects ancient spirituality with modern science - Shows how the numerical patterns in ancient philosophies are evident in both the structure of the universe and the helical structure of DNA - Reveals that music theory comes from an intuitive understanding of the resonant harmony of the cosmos Many have observed the distinct numerical patterns embedded in ancient philosophies and religions from all over the world; others have noted that these same patterns are apparent in many of the theories of groundbreaking science. Michael Hayes reveals that there is a precise code, the Hermetic Code, that connects these patterns--information once known to ancient cultures but apparently lost over time. Mirrored in the structure of this code are the ordering principles of the universe and, intriguingly, also the harmonic ratios of music. Our notions of what is harmonious in music may therefore arise not from an abstract aesthetic sense but as a response to an intuition of a fundamental cosmic harmony.The resonance between biology and cosmology shows that life is music, complete with "overtones"--nowhere more strikingly present than in the helical structure of life itself: DNA.
Michael Hayes
Hidden Truth Forbidden Knowledge 9090048   $ 78.00
Product Image In "Hidden Truth - Forbidden Knowledge" Dr. Greer provides his own personal disclosure based on years of high-level meetings with over 450 military and government-connected insiders and whistle-blowers and briefings with senior government officials, such as former CIA Director R. James Woolsey, members of the US Senate and senior UN officials. In addition to these disclosures, "Hidden Truth - Forbidden Knowledge" unveils the actual contact experiences Dr. Greer has had with UFOs and Extraterrestrial Civilizations, beginning as a young child. In one of the most amazing and moving personal stories ever shared, he explains how after a prolonged near-death experience at age 17, he experienced cosmic consciousness and found the Rosetta Stone of ET contact: the power of the unbounded mind within each of us. Later this led to numerous Close Encounters of the 5th Kind: contact with ETs initiated by Dr. Greer and later by larger groups of people through the CSETI (Center for the Study of Extraterrestrial Intelligence) project.
Steven M Greer M.D.
Honeymoon Effect 1305027   $ 22.00
Product Image The Honeymoon Effect: A state of bliss, passion, energy and health resulting from a huge love. Your life is so beautiful that you can't wait to get up to start a new day and you thank the Universe that you are alive. In his new book, bestselling author of "The Biology of Belief", Bruce H. Lipton, PhD, asks readers to think back on the most spectacular love affair of their lives - the Big One that toppled them head over heels. It was a time when they were exuberantly healthy, when they were overflowing with energy, when they were loving their lives so much they couldn't wait to bound out of bed in the morning to experience more. It was the 'Honeymoon Effect' that was to last forever. Lipton explains that this 'Honeymoon Effect' was not a chance event but a personal creation. Just as important, he explains why honeymoons are so often short lived. This book describes how readers manifested the Honeymoon Effect and the reasons they lost it in their lives. That knowledge empowers them to create the honeymoon again, this time in a way that ensures a happily-ever-after relationship that even a Hollywood producer would love. With authority, eloquence and an easy-to-read style, Lipton covers the influence of quantum physics (good vibrations), biochemistry (love potions), and psychology (the conscious and subconscious minds) in creating and sustaining juicy loving relationships. He also asserts that if we use the 50 trillion cells that live harmoniously in every human body as a model, we can create not just honeymoon relationships for two, but also a 'super organism' called humanity that can heal our planet. To illustrate the science of creating "Heaven on Earth", Lipton weaves his own personal saga from dysfunctional relationships to his 17-year honeymoon with his partner, Margaret. The book includes a Honeymoon Effect Checklist to help launch readers on their own journey to create enduring relationships for each and every day of their lives.
Bruce Lipton
Human Design: Discover the Person You Were Born to Be 1011064   $ 42.00
Product Image Forget your sign what's your design? Would you like a clear picture of your ideal life partner? Would you like to make better decisions, find your ideal career, and realize your highest potential? Would you like to know who you really are? More individually specific than astrology, Human Design is a revolutionary system that is changing people's lives around the world. Using the date, time, and location of your birth, it reveals the person you were born to be and the life you were meant to lead. Chetan Parkyn presents the first comprehensive guide to Human Design, with free downloadable software to give you everything you need to map your own life chart a personality blueprint as unique as your fingerprints. With this simple-to-use book, you can discover your own inside story as well as those of your friends, your family members, and a variety of intriguing public figures and celebrities. Prepare to meet the real you. It will change your life forever.
Chetan Parkyn
Humanity Ascending Series Part 1 DVD 1012017   $ 42.00
Product Image Humanity Ascending Series Part 1: Our Story - Our story is seen through evolutionary eyes as the unfoldment of a fourteen billion year journey of transformation, now pressing us forward to give birth within ourselves to a universal human and a universal humanity capable of co-evolving with nature and co-creating with spirit. Our storyteller, Barbara Marx Hubbard, provides the unique perspective of viewing our history through what she terms as "evolutionary eyes" as the unfoldment of a fourteen billion year journey of transformation that is now pressing us forward to give birth to a new, never before seen, universal humanity. This compelling vision of hope sees us at an evolutionary edge where the old world is dying and the new world is being born.
Barbara Nax Hubbard
Humanity Ascending Series Part 2 DVD 1012018   $ 39.00
Product Image Humanity Ascending Series Part 2: Visions of a Universal Humanity: In Visions of a Universal Humanity, the second movie in the award winning HUMANITY ASCENDING Documentary Series, futurist Barbara Marx Hubbard brings together some of the finest minds of our time including world renowned physicist Freeman Dyson, biologist Bruce Lipton, scholar Jean Houston and others who present cutting edge perspectives on humankind's potential to create a positive future for the Earth. Based on current scientific, social and spiritual realities and credible future probabilities, the optimism of VISIONS presents an alternative viewpoint to the doom and gloom Armageddon scenarios currently circulating. VISIONS is a movie that takes us beyond now, beyond 2012, into a future filled with infinite possibilities. (80 minute DVD)
Barbara Nax Hubbard
Human Race Get Off Your Knees: the Lion Sleeps No More 1011063   $ 69.00
Product Image David Icke marks his 20th year of uncovering astounding secrets and suppressed information with the publication of his most amazing book yet. He takes the manipulation of the human race and the nature of reality to still new levels of understanding and he calls for humanity to rise from its knees and take back the world from the sinister network of families and non-human entities that covertly control us from cradle to grave. David has moved the global cutting edge so many times since his incredible awakening in 1990 and he he does it again and then some.He describes what he calls the Moon Matrix, a fake reality broadcast from the Moon which is decoded by the human body/mind in much the same way as portrayed in the Matrix movie trilogy. The Moon Matrix has hacked into the human body-computer system, he says, and it is feeding us a manipulated sense of self and the world 24/7.
David Icke
Infinite Energy Technologies 1303015   $ 34.00
Product Image Tesla, Cold Fusion, Antigravity, and the Future of Sustainability Description: Clean, sustainable energy solutions from the geniuses of our past and the visionaries of our future? Explores five great but nearly forgotten minds of the past--John Worrell Keely, Nikola Tesla, Viktor Schauberger, Royal Raymond Rife, and T. Townsend Brown--and their revolutionary discoveries? Reveals information from leading experts on cold fusion, zero-point energy, power from water, antigravity, and the free-energy potential of the Searl Effect GeneratorAs the global need for clean, renewable energy grows and the shortage of viable large-scale solutions continues, it is time to look to the geniuses of our past and the visionaries of our future for answers. Taking inspiration from Albert Einstein?s statement that ?Problems cannot be solved by the same level of thinking that created them,? Finley Eversole explains that the key to a pollution- and poverty-free future of infinite energy lies not in pursuing one single method, but in investigating all the possibilities--in uniting as a world in creative pursuit of global transformation.Exploring five nearly unknown geniuses of our past--John Worrell Keely, Nikola Tesla, Viktor Schauberger, Royal Raymond Rife, and T. Townsend Brown--and their revolutionary discoveries about free energy, electricity, water vortex motion, electric ray and super-microscope technology, and antigravity, this book helps to restore their long-suppressed scientific legacies and bring us one step closer to the destiny they foresaw. Eversole has gathered research from leading experts on cold fusion, zero-point energy, power from water, and the free-energy potential of the Searl Effect Generator to reveal technologies that work with Nature
Finley Eversole & John L Peterson
Intelligent Universe 9040014   $ 73.00
Product Image Intelligent Universe: AI ET And The Emerging Mind Of The Cosmos: What is the ultimate destiny of our universe? That is the striking question addressed by James Gardner in "The Intelligent Universe". Traditionally, scientists (and Robert Frost) have offered two bleak answers to this profound issue: fire or ice. The cosmos might end in fire - a cataclysmic Big Crunch in which galaxies, planets and life forms are consumed in a raging inferno as the universe contracts in a kind of Big Bang in reverse. Or the universe might end in ice - a ceaseless expansion of the fabric of space-time in which matter and energy are eternally diluted and cooled, stars wither and die and the cosmos simply fades into quiet and endless oblivion. In "The Intelligent Universe", James Gardner envisions a third dramatic alternative - a final state of the cosmos in which a highly evolved form of group intelligence engineers a cosmic renewal, the birth of a new universe. Gardner's vision is that life and intelligence are at the very heart of the elegant machinery of the universe. It is a viewpoint that has won outspoken praise from an array of leading scientists, including Britain's Astronomer Royal, Sir Martin Rees and Templeton Prize winner, Paul Davies. "The Intelligent Universe" is both a look into the past and a road map for the future of the universe. It explores the mysteries of the universe and of consciousness and provides a frank and fascinating look at where our minds are taking us.
James Gardner
Intention Experiment: Use Your Thoughts To Change The World 1001005   $ 26.00
Product Image Do you wonder if your intentions, prayers or wishes have a real, calculable effect on the world? Here, riveting accounts of scientific investigations and real case histories, from the groundbreaking author of "The Field", Lynne McTaggart, help to prove that we are all connected and our intentions can be harnessed as a collective force for good. Your thoughts and intentions have a tangible energy with an astonishing power to affect our world. They can be called upon to focus our lives, heal our illnesses, bring peace to communities and improve our planet. This book is for anyone who has ever dreamed of being in control of their life or yearned to make the world a better place. "The Intention Experiment" blends elements of quantum physics with stories of ordinary people with extraordinary experiences and tales of scientists from some of the most prestigious universities in the world researching into the areas of psychic phenomena and the power of human thought. The energy we give out in prayer or meditation can actually be measured as a surge of electrical voltage, that changes the molecular structure of the object of our intentions. Quantum theory suggests that reality isn't fixed, but fluid and open to influence, and that we are central to this entire process as influencers. Research has even demonstrated that human intention will have an effect, regardless of the point in time it is generated or its distance from the object of intention. Intention is ordered energy and coherent information and we are all connected, like one giant organism, one part affecting the others. It has been demonstrated that our thoughts can change the output of machines, calm down or help focus nervous people, heal remotely, transform our bodies, or affect the growth of plants. The larger the group, getting in tune, the greater the influence.
Lynne McTaggart
Interdimensional Universe 8090283   $ 34.00
Product Image Interdimensional Universe: The New Science of UFOs, Paranormal Phenomena and Other dimensional Beings : Over the course of his thirty years of investigation into UFOs, including his own field research, photographic evidence, and meticulously compiled case studies, Philip Imbrogno has provided fascinating new insight into paranormal phenomena. In this book, he reveals for the first time the detailed findings of prominent paranormal experts as well as his own firsthand experiences.The UFO Phenomenon: Fascinating New Theories and Never-Before-Released PhotosUsing the latest quantum theories, Imbrogno sheds new light on classic UFO cases, government cover-ups, and the hidden connections between UFOs and other unexplained phenomena-from crop circles and animal mutilations to angels and jinn (or genies). Imbrogno's insider knowledge spans the very early UFO reports to present-day sightings. He personally investigated four of the best-known UFO flaps of the modern era—Hudson Valley, Phoenix lights, the Belgium sightings, and the Gulf Breeze Florida sightings—and shares information never released before, including photographic evidence that something very unusual is taking place on planet Earth.
Philip Imbrogno
Introduction to Spontaneous Evolution Bruce Lipton DVD 1207012   $ 33.00
Product Image If looking at today's headlines makes you wonder about the fate of our planet, here is some news that may surprise you: from an evolutionary standpoint, we are exactly where we need to be. According to eminent biologist Bruce H. Lipton, Ph.D., we are surrounded by the proof that we are poised to take an incredible step forward in the growth of our species. Just as a terminally ill patient can have a 'spontaneous remission' - usually following a profound life change or change in beliefs ' human society is now on the verge of a similar healing. In this dynamic illustrated lecture, Bruce presents compelling scientific evidence that shows how our collective perceptions are contributing to global crises and how, by changing those perceptions, civilisation will thrive into the future.
Bruce H Lipton PHD
I Reality and Subjectivity 1012037   $ 50.00
Product Image I: Reality and Subjectivity presents a major advance in critical human knowledge by defining the essence of man and God and exploring the Reality that unites them. It also facilitates the reader's evolution to advanced consciousness and enlightenment for the benefit of all mankind. The clarity with which the highly evolved subject matter is presented enhances the reader's understanding. Integrous readers can use simple techniques provided for discovering long-sought-for truths. The resolution of ages-old doubt and uncertainty emerges regarding religion and spirituality, or evolution versus creation. Topics include clarification of the nature of the ego and its transcendence; karma; truth vs. falsehood; and the calibrated levels of truth and underpinnings of human emotions. Described in detail is the most direct route to Self-realization and the awareness of the Presence of God, traditionally termed Enlightenment. This work bridges the gap between the limitations of linear Newtonian science and nonlinear Reality of spiritual Truth. It describes simple meditation and contemplation processes for achieving peace, even in the midst of a busy, turbulent world. By understanding the core structure of the ego, liberation from its relentless emotions and tyranny can be achieved.
David R Hawkins, M.D., Ph.D.
Its the Thought that Counts 9070035   $ 25.00
Product Image When pharmaceutical scientist David R. Hamilton, Ph.D., observed the results of tests on new drugs, he noticed that patients receiving control placebo pills reported the same level of improvement as those receiving the actual drug. Seeing this result repeat itself time and time again, he became fascinated by the mind-body connection and started to research the work of scientists, mystics, and healers working in this field. The result is this groundbreaking book, in which Hamilton explains how the mind and emotions can influence the well-being of your body and even the structure of your DNA. You’ll learn about: the physical impact of meditation, why sending healing thoughts to a person in need is so beneficial, the power of love and its impact on body cells, and all the many ways in which your thoughts affect you.
David R Hamilton Ph.D
Keepers of the Garden An Extraterrestrial Document 1008065   $ 33.00
Product Image Dolores Cannon uses information obtained from regressive hypnosis to formulate a provocative viewpoint on the ancient astronaut theory of human origins. Her findings indicate that the earth was seeded eons ago by travelers from outer space. These visits by ancient extraterrestrials did not end with their intervention in human evolution. They have continued up to the present day resulting in a whole class of contemporary humans who have been subject to alien abduction. Sometimes the sheer volume of material is overwhelming. Details will undoubtedly send chills down the spines of other unsuspecting starbeings who have forgotten who they are and why they came. In a sense this book is a wake-up call.
Dolores Cannon
Living in the Field - 6 CD Audio Learning Course 1101034   $ 115.00
Product Image Consciousness Is the Signal You Are the Receiver How can invisible quantum forces affect the way you live? In light of McTaggart's research, the answer might astonish you: the very essence of your thoughts, memories, and sentient mind arises from the Zero Point Field. Your consciousness is not stored in your brain instead, your brain is a receiver that picks up the signal of your consciousness from The Field. And through The Field, encoded in its infinite energetic frequencies, you are fundamentally connected to all other life. If you have ever picked up the feelings of a loved one from far away, known what your pet was thinking, worked in synchronicity with a team, or had a strong premonition of the future—then you have already glimpsed the power of this quantum connection. To live The Field is to continuously enhance your ability to receive the signal of this unified consciousness. Distilling the best techniques from her acclaimed workshops, Lynne McTaggart gives you straightforward, practical tools to expand your access to the limitless energy and wisdom of The Field. Whether you wish to boost your health, increase your intuitive powers, turn intention into reality, or even unlock your dormant extrasensory gifts, Lynne McTaggart will help you discover how to achieve profound and life-altering results when you begin Living The Field.
Lynne McTaggart
Living Matrix: The New Science of Self Healing - DVD 1008026   $ 50.00
Product Image "The Living Matrix" is a new documentary that challenges conventional medicine to expand its understanding of human biology. The film uncovers evidence-based research in bioenergetic medicine that reveals energy and information fields - not genetics - drive human physiology and biochemistry. It encourages the total integration and acceptance between conventional and alternative health care. 85 minutes.
Bruce Lipton, Eric Pearl & Lynne McTaggart
Magic, Power, Language, Symbol 8110031   $ 38.00
Product Image Magic, Power, Language, Symbol: A Magician's Exploration of Linguistics :From the sigils of chaos magic to the numerical code of Qabalah, all magical practices operate in a web of symbols and language. Yet academics seldom examine the role that semiotics and linguistics play in the unfolding of magical works. In the follow-up to his debut Postmodern Magic, Patrick Dunn returns once again to the theoretical realm of the sign, the signified, and the changeable perceptions of a slippery reality. Intellectual and aggressively modern, his language-driven perspective on magic touches on all elements voiced and written, from speaking in tongues and creating mantras to composing Enochian spells and working with gematria. A hefty appendix includes exercises that put Dunn's theories to work, as well as the first published dictionary of English alphabet numerology. Highly literate and highly readable, Magic, Power, Language, Symbol will tickle the minds of theory-thirsty academics and seasoned mages alike, as well as anyone else eager to examine the manufacture of meaning.
Shakti Carolan Narvan
Matrix Energetics 9090038   $ 28.00
Product Image Matrix Energetics: The Science and Art of Transformation: In 1997, Dr. Richard Bartlett experienced an event that would redirect the entire course of his life.He suddenly discovered that by lightly touching his clients while at the same time applying focused intent, he could restore them to a physically, mentally, and spiritually balanced state, instantly shifting misalignments that had plagued them for years. Most astonishing of all, he could teach anyone how to do this. Now, for millions of people looking for empowerment in an age of declining and impersonal healthcare, Dr. Bartlett shares this phenomenon in a book full of explosive potential.In "Matrix Energetics," Dr. Bartlett builds upon his popular seminars to teach us how to access the discovery he has made -- a process that merges the science of subtle energy with our innate imaginations to produce measurable results. By applying forces known to modern physics, each of us can tap into states of healthy awareness from different moments -- in essence, travel in time -- and bring them into the present for immediate, profound results. As Dr. Bartlett clearly shows, this practice requires no special training, produces transformation in the blink of an eye, and is available to everyone who has a willingness to learn."Matrix Energetics, The Science and Art of Transformation," provides an easily-reproducible, results-oriented process of change that draws on the fundamental principles embraced by the field of quantum physics. This paradigm-busting book can teach anyone how to access their creative power to heal and transform their lives. Dr. Richard Bartlett discovered that what he once thought about the human body was just the tip of the iceberg -- after seeing change beneath his hands, and hearing about the invisible transformations that were often revealed later -- he knew that he had to pass along what he had discovered.
Richard Bartlett, DC, ND
Message from Water and the Universe 1007019   $ 24.00
Product Image Masaru Emoto's 15 extensive years of study on water has given him the background to discuss what water is, how it has been implicated in the creation of the universe, and why a perfect ratio of Love and Gratitude can help this energy can go on infinitely. This fascinating book explains how our prayers, goodwill and positive words heal us humans - as well as viruses and the universe as a whole - through water. Dr Emoto explains that the fact that water has lost its true form shows that our way of living has moved away from God's will, so we should be aware of our Creator's alert to 'correct the way we are living now'. The information in this work is an important step in revealing how we can modify our way of living to bring about true peace on earth.
Masaru Emoto
Message of Joy and Hope - Ramath Address - DVD 1001053   $ 49.00
Product Image Ramtha's powerful live address at the Seattle Center was his first public appearance since he was featured in the acclaimed independent film, "What the Bleep Do We Know?" In this address, Ramtha explains with clarity and genius that the source of our greatest joy and hope is in our divine quality as creators of reality and Observers in a field of unlimited potential described by quantum physics.
Ramtha J Z Knight
Mindlight: Secrets Of Energy, Magick And Manifestation 6110018   $ 35.00
Product Image RavenWolf puts quantum physics theories into plain English and explains how they can be put into practice for personal fulfillment. She teaches how to achieve a special state of consciousness, including how to create and project a "mindlight," or ball of energy, through meditations, visualizations, rituals, and mind exercises. These techniques-some involving elemental energies, astrology, oils, and herbs-can be used for healing, problem solving, relaxation, banishing negative thoughts, and general wellbeing.
Silver Ravenwolf
Miracle of Water 8090213   $ 42.00
Product Image Dr. Masaru Emoto describes the ability of water to absorb, hold, and even retransmit human feelings and emotions. Using high-speed photography, he found that crystals formed in frozen water reveal changes when specific, concentrated thoughts are directed toward it. Music, visual images, words written on paper, and photographs also have an impact on the crystal structure. Emoto theorizes that since water has the ability to receive a wide range of frequencies, it can also reflect the universe in this manner. He found that water from clear springs and water exposed to loving words shows brilliant, complex, and colorful snowflake patterns, while polluted water and water exposed to negative thoughts forms incomplete, asymmetrical patterns with dull colors. Emoto believes that since people are 70 percent water, and the Earth is 70 percent water, we can heal our planet and ourselves by consciously expressing love and goodwill.
Emoto Masaru
Mother of Invention 1105022   $ 25.00
Product Image Mother of Invention: The Legacy of Barbara Marx Hubbard and the Future of You: - A biography unlike any other, "The Mother of Invention" tells the story of every human being now on the earth . . . "through" the telling of the life story of futurist and visionary Barbara Marx Hubbard. We are all moving through the same process, the book and its subject declare. It is the process of the birthing of our species. In what may very well be a new literary style, this biography "begins in the future", unraveling Barbara's story backward: from December 22, 2012, to the date of her birth. Throughout the book are special sections inviting us to explore how we may directly apply what Barbara has observed and learned during her remarkable 80-year journey . . . to our own daily lives. On this journey, we will witness Barbara as she became one of the first women ever to have her name placed in nomination for the vice presidency of the United States by a major political party, traveled to Russia as a cultural ambassador for peace, visited the Oval Office and asked the President a question that he could not answer, and developed a deep acquaintanceship with the American space program. Today, we continue to find her at the leading edge of contemporary thought and innovative action regarding our construction of the future. In a very real sense, the story of Barbara Marx Hubbard is "the story of the future of all of us," rendering it one of the most relevant and compelling modern biographies of our time.
Neal Donald Walsch
Mystery of 2012, Predictrions Prophecies and Possibilities 1108047   $ 30.00
Product Image Are we coming to the end of a cosmic cycle? Will there be an age of awakening, or even an end to the world we know? For the first time, the leading authorities on the 2012 phenomenon are all given voice in a single book: "The Mystery of 2012". From the prophecies of the Mayan astronomers to modern predictions about social, ecological, and spiritual changes to our world, this comprehensive anthology offers you a chance to examine the mystery from every angle—and to decide for yourself whether 2012 will end with a whimper or a bang. Whether you’re a skeptic, a true believer,or simply “2012-curious,” here is a thought-provoking exploration of this approaching landmark in human history.
Gregg Braden and Others
Neurofeedback Solutions 1207006   $ 38.00
Product Image Neurofeedback Solution: How to Effectively Treat Autism, ADHD, Anxiety, Brain Injury, Stroke, PTSD, - A guide to neurofeedback for better physical and mental health as well as greater emotional balance, cognitive agility, and creativity - Provides easy-to-understand explanations of different neurofeedback methods--from the LENS technique to Z-score training - Explains the benefits of this therapy for anxiety, depression, autism, ADHD, post-traumatic stress disorder, obsessive-compulsive disorder, brain injuries, stroke, Alzheimer’s, and many other ailments - Explores how to combine neurofeedback with breathwork, mindfulness, meditation, and attention-control exercises such as Open Focus What is neurofeedback? How does it work? And how can it help me or my family? In this guide to neurofeedback, psychologist and neurofeedback clinician Stephen Larsen examines the countless benefits of neurofeedback for diagnosing and treating many of the most debilitating and now pervasive psychological and neurological ailments, including autism, ADHD, anxiety, depression, stroke, brain injury, obsessive-compulsive disorder, and post-traumatic stress disorder. Surveying the work of neurofeedback pioneers, Larsen explains the techniques and advantages of different neurofeedback methods--from the LENS technique and HEG to Z-score training and Slow Cortical Potentials. He reveals evidence of neuroplasticity--the brain's ability to grow new neurons—and shows how neurofeedback can nourish the aging brain and help treat degenerative conditions such as Alzheimer's and strokes. Examining the different types of brain waves, he shows how to recognize our own dominant brainwave range and thus learn to exercise control over our mental states. He explains how to combine neurofeedback with breathwork, mindfulness, meditation, and attention-control exercises such as Open Focus. Sharing successful and almost miraculous case studies of neurofeedback patients from a broad range of backgrounds, including veterans and neglected children, this book shows how we can nurture our intimate relationship with the brain, improving emotional, cognitive, and creative flexibility as well as mental health.
Stephen Larsen
Neurospeak- Transforms your body while you read ! 9090053   $ 28.00
Product Image The culmination of a 30-year exploration into bodywork, "Neurospeak" introduces a radical new do it yourself system that has great appeal for the massive audience of readers now interested in healing and honing their bodies on their own. Dr. Masters talks readers through simple exercises that enhance psychophysical abilites; heighten sensory functioning; heal and renew bodily systems; and, with continued use, enhance consciousness and the divine principle within.
Robert Masters
New Science and Spirituality Reader 1305028   $ 28.00
Product Image Leading Thinkers on Conscious Evolution Quantum Consciousness and the Nonlocal Mind Description: Bridging the gap between science and the world's great spiritual traditions to move our worldview forward? With contributions from 28 leading scientists and spiritual thinkers, including Michael Beckwith, Deepak Chopra, Larry Dossey, Amit Goswami, Stanislav Grof, Jean Houston, Barbara Marx Hubbard, Jos Argelles, and Peter Russell. Offers strategies to promote the fusion of science and spirituality. Explores phenomena at the crossroads of science and religion, such as the nonlocal mind, conscious evolution, and quantum consciousness Edited by Nobel Prize nominee Ervin Laszlo and WorldShift International cofounder Kingsley Dennis, this volume brings together 28 leading scientists and spiritual thinkers for a game-changing conversation on bridging the gap between science and religion. With contributions by Michael Beckwith, Deepak Chopra, Larry Dossey, Amit Goswami, Stanislav Grof, Jean Houston, Barbara Marx Hubbard, Jos Arg elles, Peter Russell, and many other prominent visionaries, this collection explores phenomena at the crossroads of science and religion, such as the nonlocal mind, conscious evolution, and quantum consciousness, and offers strategies to promote the fusion of science and spirituality and develop a multiperson planetary consciousness.
Ervin Laszlo & Kingsley Dennis
New Science of the Paranormal 9070058   $ 33.00
Product Image A New Science of the Paranormal is the highly passionate and astute appeal of acclaimed psychologist and bestselling author Dr. Lawrence LeShan. This deeply affecting and hardnosed argument implores readers to recognize the crucial need to pursue a scientific understanding of psychic phenomenon. A New Science of the Paranormal incorporates powerfully persuasive empirical findings with gripping, yet heartfelt, documented psychic events to deliver a fresh look into the astonishing mystery of the human potential. LeShan goes above and beyond a mere call to action by explaining, not just what the scientific community must begin doing, but why they have failed to in the first place. LeShan demonstrates how researchers’ reliance on classical scientific method has left them largely defective in their approach. Mainstream science has been reluctant to realize that, although controlled experiments do provide scientific proof of the psychical, the laboratory is an unsuitable channel for acquiring sizeable results.
Lawrence LeShan Ph.D
New Spiritual Technology for the Fifth- dimensional Earth 1103030   $ 52.00
Product Image Earth is Moving Closer to the Fifth Dimension and New Spiritual Ideas and Technologies are Becoming Available for Rebalancing Our World Teachings From the Sacred Triangle Native ceremonies to connect to Earth healing energies. Thought projections and thought communication to communicate with Earth. A new spiritual paradigm to help humankind transition into the next evolutionary stage. Using sacred areas of the Earth, we can establish spiritual corridors with the fifth dimension. The Sacred Triangle Represents the Integration of Three Spiritual Sources for Healing the Earth: 1) The Native American spirituality and the spiritual work of the indigenous peoples of the world. 2) The mystical energy found in all the major religions in the world including Christianity, the Kabbalah, Hinduism, Sufism and the ascended masters. 3) Fifth-dimensional galactic spirituality, which includes energy from extradimensional masters such as the Arcturians and Pleiadians.
David K Miller
One Two Three of God ( 3 CD) 7070018   $ 43.00
Product Image Is it possible to develop an all-inclusive embrace of God, one that can satisfy scientists, philosophers, and priests at the same time? It is, teaches best-selling author Ken Wilber, if you are able to understand The 1-2-3 of God. According to this premier modern philosopher, the seemingly innumerable ways humans conceptualize God can actually be broken down into three basic perspectives. Now, Ken Wilber invites listeners to learn more about: • The “I, We, and It” views of God: how different religions and spiritual paths tend to focus on only one of these three fundamental ways of relating to the divine • Using an integrated 1-2-3 approach to God to open communication between people of different faiths and beliefs • Guided sessions by Ken Wilber for deeply experiencing each of the three aspects of God—mystical, devotional, and objective Through his best-selling books and his work as founder and president of the Integral Institute, Ken Wilber has become one of the world’s most recognized and respected pioneers of modern spirituality. With The 1-2-3 of God, he now brings his unique gift for lucid insight to the most essential question asked by spiritual seekers throughout history: what is the true nature of God?
Ken Wilber
Playing the Quantum Field 8090217   $ 36.00
Product Image Do you often feel you are at the mercy of external forces in your life? If so, this book is for you. Playing the Quantum Field demonstrates that you have the power to shape your own life, showing how your very next choice can change struggle ....into play. Brenda Anderson presents a fresh approach to everyday life based on the premise that everyone and everything in the universe are interconnected, and she shows you how to play the quantum field to create success and joy at home or on the job. She posits that the old rules no longer apply and presents a new set of rules, which include ten energetic choices you can make to take control of your life and move into what she calls the Power Zone. Once you grasp how easy it is to move among the choices along the energy spectrum, each day will become a dynamic, empowering exploration of the unlimited potential of the Field.
Brenda Anderson
Practical Guide to Vibrational Medicine 8080087   $ 42.00
Product Image Practical Guide to Vibrational Medicine: Energy Healing and Spiritual Transformation: The old paradigms of medicine are fading. We no longer believe our bodies are machines with parts that wear down, only to be braced up by drugs or replaced through surgery. Instead, medical pioneers are embracing a new view of healing, one expounded by Dr. Gerber in his best-selling Vibrational Medicine. His next book shows how to put this new paradigm to practical use, including the role of consciousness and scientific research on a range of alternative therapies.
Richard Gerber
Prescence of the Past 8070071   $ 46.00
Product Image The Presence of the Past: Morphic Resonance and the Habits of Nature:Biochemist Sheldrake maintains that if a pigeon in London learns a new habit, then pigeons everywhere else will automatically show an increasing tendency to learn the same habit. He holds that invisible energy patterns or "morphogenetic fields" surround and shape all atoms, all crystals, all pigeons and all humans. In his astonishing theory, any natural systemwhether insulin molecules, dandelions or societiesinherits a collective memory from all previous members of that group. Experimental evidence for Sheldrake's hypothesis is inconclusive but tantalizing. If true, it would force a radical revision of our understanding of genetics, evolution, memory, learning. Many books on the "new physics" and the paranormal have discussed Sheldrake's ideas, but his own explanation of morphic resonance is the most lucid and exciting account to date. He uses the theory here to suggest how creation myths and rituals connect past and present
Rupert Sheldrake
Psience 9030250   $ 35.00
Product Image PSIence: How New Discoveries in Quantum Physics and New Science May Explain the Existence of Paranormal Phenomena: Are poltergeists energy fluctuations in the Zero Point Field? Could even the simple experience of déjà vu be explained by the quantum theory of parallel universes? Do thoughts have the energy to manifest and move physical objects? PSIence introduces readers to the latest discoveries in quantum physics and New Science that may explain the existence of paranormal phenomena—UFOs, ghosts, poltergeists, mysterious apparitions, time anomalies, the Bermuda Triangle, energy vortices and psychic abilities such as ESP, telekinesis, remote viewing, and recalling past lives. You'll explore the cutting-edge ideas that are fascinating both scientists and paranormal investigators, including: • The latest theories of multiple universes and eleven dimensions. • The Zero Point Field—is it the potential source of all creative energy? • The potential of every human being to experience the paranormal. Many of the world's leading scientists, researchers, philosophers and spiritual leaders from noted physicists like Michio Kaku to the revered Dalai Lama are beginning to accept the possibility of alternate realities and dimensions that warp time and space. PSIence takes the reader on a journey to where the "normal" and the paranormal intersect, where the known and unknown converge, where science greets the supernatural.
Marie Jones
Quantum Activist DVD 1008053   $ 46.00
Product Image The Quantum Activist is a thrilling look at the metaphysical ties that bind us all. Debut filmmakers Ri Stewart & Renee Slade have made an inspiring documentary for anyone looking to realise their full personal potential. The film's primary focus is recent paradigm shifts in quantum physics. While many forms of science remain materialist in approach, an increasing number of scientists are supporting and studying the primacy of consciousness. Dr. Amit Goswami Ph.D is one such man. Having authored over a dozen books, as well as appearing in What the Bleep Do We Know?! and The Dalai Lama Renaissance, he is a pioneer of this revolutionary new perspective. Here, he shares with us his vision of the unlimited potential of consciousness as the ground of all being, and how this revelation can actually help us to lead a more enriched existence. This is the story of someone who is challenging us to rethink our very notions of reality. Goswami's work reveals the overarching unity inherent in the world's major religions and mystical traditions with stunning precision. He shows this without straying far from the scientific rigour of quantum mechanics. Witty, profoundly insightful and coloured with humour, The Quantum Activist is one man's vision of the universe. Steeped in veritable facts, Dr. Goswami has dared to pose the question, "What are you doing to participate in the creation of the reality we all share?"
Amit Goswami. Ph.D.
Quantum Shift in the Global Brain 8050063   $ 28.00
Product Image Our world is in a Macroshift. The reality we are experiencing today is a substantially new reality - climate change, global corporations, industrialised agriculture - challenging us to change with our rapidly changing world, lest we perish. In this book, Ervin Laszlo presents a new reality map to guide us through the world shifts we are experiencing - the problems, opportunities and challenges we face individually as well as collectively - in order to help us understand what we must do during this time of great transition.Science's cutting edge now views reality as broader, as multiple universes arising in a possibly infinite meta-universe, as well as deeper, extending into dimensions at the subatomic level. Laszlo shows that aspects of human experience that had previously been consigned to the domain of intuition and speculation are now being explored with scientific rigour and urgency.There has been a shift in the materialistic scientific view of reality toward the multidimensional worldview of multiple interconnected realities long known by the world's great spiritual traditions. By understanding the interconnectedness of our changing world as well as our changing map of the world, we can navigate with insight, wisdom and confidence. * Articulates humanity's critical choice to be the last decade of an outgoing, obsolete world or the first of a new and viable one* Presents a new "reality map" to guide us through the environmental, scientific and geopolitical upheavals we are experiencing
Ervin Laszio
Rebirth of Nature: Greening of the Rebirth of Nature Science and God 8050106   $ 38.00
Product Image Rupert Sheldrake, one of the world's preeminent biologists, has revolutionized scientific thinking with his vision of a living, developing universe--one with its own inherent memory. In The Rebirth of Nature, Sheldrake urges us to move beyond the centuries-old mechanistic view of nature, explaining why we can no longer regard the world as inanimate and purposeless. Sheldrake shows how recent developments in science itself have brought us to the threshold of a new synthesis in which traditional wisdom, intuitive experience, and scientific insight can be mutually enriching.
Rupert Sheldrake
Resonance Key 9090039   $ 42.00
Product Image Resonance Key: Exploring the Links Between Vibration, Consciousness, and the Zero Point Grid : What if the true nature of reality were like an onion, made up of layer upon layer that, when peeled back, would reveal a creative, self-regenerating, weblike core? A center that could contain the whole of all that is, was, and will be? As physicists search for a Theory of Everything, those who dare explore the paranormal are similarly searching for a unifying theory to explain the vast unknown, from UFOs, ghosts, and cryptoids to clairvoyance, remote viewing, and teleportation. How do these things occur? Where do they come from? What triggers their manifestation in our simple, three-dimensional reality? Scientists and paranormal researchers alike are looking to resonance as the theory that could bridge the gap between science and the supernatural...and explain every facet of reality in between. "The Resonance Key" dives into the most amazing new ideas, theories, and research that link vibration, mind, and matter, including: • What ancient civilizations knew about resonance and the use of vibratory patterns found in art, nature, and science, and how they incorporated resonance into sacred temples, megaliths, and churches.
Marie D Jones and Larry Flaxman
Sacred Numbers and the origins of civilization 8060086   $ 37.00
Product Image Sacred Number and the Origins of Civilization: The Unfolding of History Through the Mystery of Numbers: The ubiquitous use of certain sacred numbers and ratios can be found throughout history, influencing everything from art and architecture to the development of religion and secret societies. In "Sacred Number and the Origins Of Civilization", Richard Heath reveals the origins, widespread influences and deeper meaning of these synchronous numerical occurrences and how they were left within our planetary environment during the creation of the earth, the moon and our solar system. Exploring astronomy, harmony, geomancy, sacred centres and myth, Heath reveals the secret use of sacred number knowledge in the building of Gothic cathedrals and the important influence of sacred numbers in the founding of modern Western culture. He explains the role secret societies play as a repository for this numerical information and how those who attempt to decode its meaning without understanding the planetary origins of this knowledge are left with contradictory, cryptic and, often, deceptive information. By examining prehistoric and monumental cultures through the Dark Ages and later recorded history, "Sacred Number and the Origins Of Civilization" provides a key to understanding the true role and meaning of number.
Richard Heath
Sacred Symbols of the Dogons 8050085   $ 41.00
Product Image Sacred Symbols of the Dogon: The Key to Advanced Science in the Ancient Egyptian Hieroglyphs: In "The Science of the Dogon", Laird Scranton demonstrated that the cosmological structure described in the myths and drawings of the Dogon runs parallel to modern science - atomic theory, quantum theory and string theory - their drawings often taking the same form as accurate scientific diagrams that relate to the formation of matter. Scranton, also, pointed to the close resemblance between the keywords and component elements of Dogon cosmology and those of ancient Egypt and the implication that ancient cosmology may, also, be about actual science."Sacred Symbols of the Dogon" uses these parallels as the starting point for a new interpretation of the Egyptian hieroglyphic language. By substituting Dogon cosmological drawings for equivalent glyph-shapes in Egyptian words, a new way of reading and interpreting the Egyptian hieroglyphs emerges. Scranton shows how each hieroglyph constitutes an entire concept and that their meanings are scientific in nature. Using the Dogon symbols as a "Rosetta stone," he reveals references within the ancient Egyptian language that define the full range of scientific components of matter: from massless waves to the completed atom, even suggesting direct correlations to a fully realised unified field theory.
Laird Scranton
Science and the Akashic Field 8120034   $ 33.00
Product Image Mystics and sages have long maintained that there exists an interconnecting cosmic field at the roots of reality that conserves and conveys information, a field known as the Akashic record. Recent discoveries in vacuum physics show that this Akashic Field is real and has its equivalent in science's zero-point field that underlies space itself. This field consists of a subtle sea of fluctuating energies from which all things arise: atoms and galaxies, stars and planets, living beings and even consciousness. This zero-point Akashic Field is the constant and enduring memory of the universe. It holds the record of all that has happened on Earth and in the cosmos and relates it to all that is yet to happen. The book explains how modern science has rediscovered the Akashic Field of perennial philosophy and this new edition updates ongoing scientific studies, presents new research inspired by the first edition, and includes new case studies and a section on animal telepathy. In "Science and the Akashic Field", philosopher and scientist, Ervin Laszlo, conveys the essential element of this information field in language that is accessible and clear. From the world of science he confirms our deepest intuitions of the oneness of creation in the Integral Theory of Everything. We discover that, as philosopher William James stated, "We are like islands in the sea, separate on the surface but connected in the deep."
Ervin Laszio
Science of the Dogon 8050086   $ 38.00
Product Image Science Of The Dogon: Decoding The African Mystery Tradition - The Dogon people of Mali, West Africa, are famous for their unique art and advanced cosmology. The Dogon creation story describes how the one true god, Amma, created all the matter of the universe. Interestingly, the myths that depict his creative efforts bear a striking resemblance to the modern scientific definitions of matter, beginning with the atom and continuing all the way to the vibrating threads of string theory. Furthermore, many of the Dogon words, symbols and rituals used to describe the structure of matter are quite similar to those found in the myths of ancient Egypt and in the daily rituals of Judaism. "The Science Of The Dogon" offers a case-by-case comparison of Dogon descriptions and drawings to corresponding scientific definitions and diagrams from authors like Stephen Hawking and Brian Greene, then extends this analysis to the counterparts of these symbols in both the ancient Egyptian and Hebrew religions. What is ultimately revealed is the scientific basis for the language of the Egyptian hieroglyphs, which was deliberately encoded to prevent the knowledge of these concepts from falling into the hands of all but the highest members of the Egyptian priesthood. "The Science Of The Dogon", also, offers compelling new interpretations for many of the most familiar Egyptian symbols, such as the pyramid and the scarab and presents new explanations for the origins of religiously charged words such as Jehovah and Satan. The whole text reveals striking similarities between Dogon symbols and those used in both the Egyptian and Hebrew religions, with amazing implications for the history of civilisation.
Laird Scranton
Secrets of Antigravity Propulsion 8080086   $ 49.50
Product Image A complete investigation of the development and suppression of antigravity and field propulsion technologies - Reveals advanced aerospace technologies capable of controlling gravity that could revolutionize air travel and energy production - Reviews numerous field propulsion devices that have thrust-to-power ratios thousands of times greater than a jet engine - Shows how NASA participates in a cover-up to block adoption of advanced technologies under military development In Secrets of Antigravity Propulsion, physicist Paul LaViolette reveals the secret history of antigravity experimentation--from Nikola Tesla and T. Townsend Brown to the B-2 Advanced Technology Bomber. He discloses the existence of advanced gravity-control technologies, under secret military development for decades, that could revolutionize air travel and energy production. Included among the secret projects he reveals is the research of Project Skyvault to develop an aerospace propulsion system using intense beams of microwave energy similar to that used by the strange crafts seen flying over Area 51.Using subquantum kinetics--the science behind antigravity technology--LaViolette reviews numerous field-propulsion devices and technologies that have thrust-to-power ratios thousands of times greater than that of a jet engine and whose effects are not explained by conventional physics and relativity theory. He then presents controversial evidence about the NASA cover-up in adopting these advanced technologies. He also details ongoing Russian research to duplicate John Searl's self-propelled levitating disc and shows how the results of the Podkletnov gravity beam experiment could be harnessed to produce an interstellarspacecraft.
Paul Laviolette
Source Field Investigations 1111017   $ 35.00
Product Image Source Field Investigations: The Hidden Science and Lost Civilizations Based on a hugely popular Internet documentary, this exploration of historic signs and symbolism determines what the future holds for humanity come 2012. "If you believe there is no special significance to the year 2012, then prepare yourself for a guided tour through the most incredible scientific mysteries in the modern world, which may be the rediscovery of an ancient system of physics and spirituality that was once widely used and understood, but has since crumbled almost completely into ruin." -"The Source Field Investigations" In his documentary "The 2012 Enigma"-viewed more than two million times- David Wilcock exposed many great secrets: DNA, consciousness science, wormholes, stargate travel, sacred geometry, three-dimensional time, the Mayan calendar, and much more. And in this book, his seminal work, he'll expose even more. Calling upon fascinating areas of alternative science, Wilcock's unique philosophy connects the human species and the rest of the cosmos, proposing that it is in our power to usher in the Golden Age prophesied in so many ancient cultures and spiritual traditions. Unlike the doom- and-gloom viewpoints depicted in big-budget disaster films, Wilcock believes that 2012 may be a watermark for when a widespread acceptance of a greater reality will begin to occur-and in his book, he lays out many of the blueprints for such a Golden Age.
David Wilcock
Source Field Investigations - Unabridged 16 CD 1110024   $ 74.00
Product Image A stunning synthesis of hidden science and lost prophecies, "The Source Field Investigations" exposes many great secrets: DNA transformation, consciousness science, wormholes, stargate travel, sacred geometry, ancient conspiracies, multidimensional time, the Mayan calendar, and a stunning new model of galactic energy fields triggering mental, biological, and spiritual evolution.More than two million people have seen David Wilcock's incredible tour of the 2012 prophecies in his Internet documentary, "The 2012 Enigma". Now, he expands his vision with a cutting-edge investigation into alternative sciences with deep insights into what is coming in our future. Unlike the apocalyptic viewpoints depicted in big-budget disaster films, Wilcock believes that 2012 will be a water-mark for widespread acceptance of a greater reality and in his book, he lays out many of the blueprints for such a Golden Age.
David Wilcock
Spectrum of Consciousness 9090042   $ 37.00
Product Image A synthesis of religion, philosophy, physics, and psychology that started a revolution in transpersonal psychology.
Ken Wilber
Spiritual Technology of Ancient Egypt: 8060075   $ 37.00
Product Image Since the dawn of the Age of Science, humankind has been engaged in a methodical quest to understand the cosmos. With the development of quantum mechanics, the notion that everything is solid matter, is being replaced with the idea that information or "thought" may be the true source of physical reality.Such scientific inquiry has led to a growing interest in the brain's unique and mysterious ability to create perception, possibly through quantum interactions. Consciousness is now being considered as much a fundamental part of reality as the three dimensions we are so familiar with. Although this direction in scientific thought is seen as a new approach, the secret wisdom of the ancients presented just such a view thousands of years ago.Building on Rene A. Schwaller de Lubicz's systematic study of Luxor's Temple of Amun-Mut-Khonsu during the 1940s and '50s, Edward Malkowski shows that the ancient Egyptian's worldview was not based on superstition or the invention of myth but was the result of direct observation using critical faculties attuned to the quantum manifestation of the universe. This understanding of reality as a product of human consciousness provided the inspiration for the sacred science of the ancients precisely the philosophy modern science is embracing today. In the philosophical tradition of Schwaller de Lubicz, "The Spiritual Technology of Ancient Egypt" investigates the technical and religious legacy of ancient Egypt to reveal its congruence with today's "New Science."
Edward Malkowski
Spoken Miracles: 7100060   $ 26.00
Product Image Spoken Miracles: A Companion To The Disappearance Of The Universe: Spoken Miracles is an anecdotal account of Martha Lucía Espinosa’s 30-year-long search for answers from God, as well as the result of a request that has been made by thousands of readers of author Gary R. Renard’s The Disappearance of the Universe, lovingly called “D.U.” Near the end of D.U., one of Gary’s teachers mentions that there were 365 quotations from the modern spiritual guide A Course in Miracles (ACIM) used in the D.U. book. We are told also that if these quotations were read on their own, they could either be used as a thought for the day throughout the year, or they could simply be read like a book, in which case they would constitute a “refresher course” by Jesus, the Voice of A Course in Miracles.
Martin Lucia Espinosa
Spontaneous Evolution (5 CDs): Our Positive Future And How t 8110040   $ 70.00
Product Image Spontaneous Evolution (5 CDs): Our Positive Future And How to Get There From Here looking at today's headlines makes you wonder about the fate of our planet, here is some news that may surprise you: from an evolutionary standpoint, we are exactly where we need to be. According to eminent biologist Bruce H. Lipton and political and cultural commentator Steve Bhaerman, we are surrounded by the proof that we are poised to take an incredible step forward in the growth of our species. On Spontaneous Evolution, you are invited to participate in an eye-opening examination of science and history - one that leads to a profound vision of the next "holistic" stage of human civilization. Join these two pioneers as they explore: - the three perennial questions any belief system needs to address, and why the answers have changed throughout history the four "Myth-Perceptions of the Apocalypse": the unexamined pillars that support modern thought, and why each one of them is ready to crumble - Why the blueprint for a brighter future is literally inside you encoded into each of your trillions of cells What you can do to help usher in the greatest cultural shift since the Copernican revolution Many of the ideas and institutions that define our culture today are breaking down and that's a good thing, say Lipton and Bhaerman. this is a necessary part of the natural process of clearing out what no longer serves us to make room for a new way of being that will carry us into the next age. Spontaneous Evolution is an insightful, playful, and ultimately hopeful look at the unfolding destiny of our species and how you can play an active role as a co-creator of the world to come.
Dr Bruce Lipton
Spontaneous Healing of Belief (4 CD) 1102012   $ 39.00
Product Image -Spontaneous Healing of Belief: Shattering the Paradigm of False Limits - What if the beliefs you have about yourself and the world are wrong? How differently would you live if you discovered that you possess the power to choose the way you deal with longevity, health, and even life itself? Such a radical discovery would change everything about the way you see yourself!In "The Spontaneous Healing of Belief", you will discover that you are not limited by the laws of physics - nor by the laws of biology...and that the DNA of life is a code that may be changed and "upgraded" by choice!In this life-altering CD program, best-selling author and lecturer Gregg Braden shares 15 keys of conscious creation that show you how to translate the miracles of your imagination into what is real. With easy-to-understand science and real-life stories, Gregg shows you that you are limited only by your beliefs...and what you once believed is about to change!
Gregg Braden
Tao of Chaos: Merging East and West: 1104154   $ 46.00
Product Image Katya Walter, Ph.D. examines the new nonlinear science of Chaos theory and finds there a "broad new highway to God". At the deepest level of mathematical structure, there is a union of new physics (Chaos theory), new biology (the genetic code map), and the ancient wisdom of I Ching. Like I Ching, Chaos and the genetic code are both yin and yang -- interplay of opposites. This exciting study explores similarities between China's I Ching and the genetic code and concludes that the same structure found in DNA also exists in this ancient book of wisdom, as well as in spiders webs, sunflowers, and antique Indian rugs. This, Walter maintains, is evidence that a Master Plan exists in which the Divine is the all-encompassing pattern present in all life. Illustrations. Charts.
Katya Walter
Timewave 2013 DVD 8100001   $ 55.00
Product Image What lies ahead for the human race? Will we reach the destiny that awaits us? In the film 2012 The Odyssey, author Sharron Rose went on a quest to understand the many prophecies around the year 2012. In this sequel to that film, she travels far beyond the world of 2012. During this fascinating expedition into the nature of time itself, Ms. Rose speaks to many of the world's experts on mythology, alchemy, astrology, anthropology and ancient history; Jose Arguelles, Gregg Braden, Riane Eisler, William Henry, Jean Houston, John Major Jenkins, Rick Levine, Dennis McKenna, Terence McKenna, Daniel Pinchbeck, Geoff Stray, Whitley Strieber, Alberto Villoldo and Jay Weidner. They discuss topics such as the shift of the ages, the galactic alignment, global warming, the pervasive role of the media in our lives, the secret place of refuge, the mystic work of Benjamin Franklin, renewal of the American spirit and the transformation of humanity. Journey with Ms. Rose beyond the Georgia Guidestones, Denver Airport, Cross of Hendaye and Mayan Calendar to the Sacred Valley of Peru where we sit in ceremony with the powerful Shaman/healers of the Q'ero people and listen to their powerful prophecies for the future of humankind. While firmly based in a rich perspective on our past history, and a new understanding of the nature of the times we live in, Timewave 2013 offers a clear, yet positive vision of what is to come.
Sharron Rose
Transcending the Speed of Light: 8110012   $ 54.00
Product Image Transcending the Speed of Light: Consciousness, Quantum Physics, and the Fifth Dimension: A study of the new scientific understanding of consciousness and the mind as a fifth dimension of reality - Introduces the existence of a fifth dimension--one of mind--an inner- or hyperspace where time is transcended - Shows how the barrier of the speed of light is actually a gateway demarking the fifth dimension Since the introduction of Descartes' dualism in the seventeenth century, the mind and the physical world have been viewed as disconnected entities. Yet qualities of mind such as awareness, purposeful action, organization, design, and even decision-making are present within the structure of matter and within the dimensions of space and time. The space-time continuum of scientists generally ignores the realm of the mind, though phenomena such as imaginary numbers, used by Einstein to combine space with time, are concepts that only exist in the mind. Marc Seifer contends that the inadequacy of four-dimensional models to account for our experience of mental phenomena points to the consciousness of the mind as a higher organizing principle, a fifth dimension where thoughts are as real and quantifiable as our familiar physical world. He shows that because thought enables us to move backward and forward through time--reflecting on the past and making plans for the future--this fifth dimension of mind breaks the laws of relativity, thereby transcending the speed of light. His extensive study of this fifth dimension ranges from relativity and ether theory to precognition, telepathy, and synchronicity, all from the perspective of the conscious universe.
Marc Seifer
Vibrational Medicine 8010060   $ 42.00
Product Image Vibrational Medicine: The Number 1 Handbook of Subtle-Energy Therapies:This new edition provides the most up-to-date information on alternative health care, and helps to explain what possibilities are available as more and more people choose to take responsibility for their own health. Dr Richard Gerber practices internal medicine and is a very popular international teacher. This book is the culmination of twenty years of nationally recognised research into alternative medical diagnosis and treatment, and has become the definitive text for energetic medicine.
Richard Gerber
Virus of the Mind: The New Science of the Meme 1101038   $ 25.00
Product Image "Virus of the Mind "is the first popular book devoted to the science of "memetics, "a controversial new field that transcends psychology, biology, anthropology, and cognitive science. Memetics is the science of "memes, " the invisible but very real DNA of human society. In "Virus of the Mind",Richard Brodie carefully builds on the work of scientists Richard Dawkins, Douglas Hofstadter, Daniel Dennett, and others who have become fascinated with memes and their potential impact on our lives. But Richard goes beyond science and dives into the meat of the issue: is the emergence of this new science going to have an impact on our lives like the emergence of atomic physics did in the Cold War? He would say the impact will be at least as great. While atomic bombs affect everybody's life, viruses of the mind touch lives in a more personal and more pernicious way. Mind viruses have already infected governments, educational systems, and inner cities, leading to some of the most pervasive and troublesome problems of society today: youth gangs, the welfare cycle, the deterioration of the public schools, and ever-growing government bureaucracy. Viruses of the mind are not a future worry: they are here with us now and are evolving to become better and better at their job of infecting us. The recent explosion of mass media and the information superhighway has made the earth a prime breeding ground for viruses of the mind.
Richard Brodie
Walking Between the Worlds DVD 1009041   $ 39.00
Product Image This 4-hour DVD is a journey between the worlds of outer technology and inner technology - our highest potential as human beings. Professionally filmed with a small audience. Explaining the ancient teachings and modern sciences that are converging in this unparalleled time in human evolution, Braden documents how our emotions program our physiology, instructs us in the use of powerful spiritual tools known throughout history, and leads us to a view of life based on compassion and enlightenment. Explore the seven mirrors of relationship once taught in the Essene Mystery School.
Gregg Braden
Water Pure and Simple 8090264   $ 35.00
Product Image Water, Pure and Simple: The Infinite Wisdom of an Extraordinary Molecule: Water, Pure and Simple The Infinite Wisdom of an Extraordinary Molecule Paolo Consigli, MD There is no more important substance on earth than water, which makes up over 70% of both our bodies and our planet. This remarkable new resource for inner enlightenment allows us to discover and understand more about this most common of molecules by reconciling modern science with ancient wisdom. What makes water such an integral part of life? By going beyond simply describing its attributes and celebrating its physical properties, this study reveals water’s spiritual dimension. We learn about our own hypnotic attraction to the element’s purity and transparency, its bizarre physical behavior, and how water’s capacity to transfer data is at the root of its therapeutic properties. This innovative, intelligent and far-reaching exploration of our most fundamental natural resource will inspire everyone. Includes information on: The role of water in the formation of the Universe How life is created out of water The relationship of water to the moon and the tides How water affects the meridians of acupuncture, the Shu points, and bodily energy Water and divination Aquatic Intelligences: intelligent behavior in dolphins Water as Medicine: hydroptherapy, mineral waters, and thalassotherapy
Way of the Explorer 9100001   $ 46.00
Product Image Way of the Explorer: An Apollo Astronaut's Journey Through the Material and Mystical Worlds: In February 1971, as Apollo 14 astronaut Edgar Mitchell hurtled earthward through space, he was engulfed by a profound sense of universal connectedness. He intuitively sensed that his presence and that of the planet in the window were all part of a deliberate, universal process and that the glittering cosmos itself was in some way conscious. The experience was so overwhelming Mitchell knew his life would never be the same. For the next 35 years he embarked on another journey, an inward exploration of the ineffable mystery of human consciousness and being. Mitchell left NASA to form the Institute of Noetic Sciences. The Institute allowed him to initiate research in areas of study previously neglected by mainstream science and where he constructed a theory that could not only explain the mysteries consciousness, but the psychic event — what spiritualists call a “miracle,” and scientists dismiss altogether. Mitchell also created a new dyadic model of reality, revealing a self-aware universe not predetermined by the laws of physics, nor preordained by deities, nor infinitely malleable. While human actions are generally subject to the laws of physics, these laws are also influenced by the mind. "The Way of the Explorer" traces two remarkable journeys — one through space and one through the mind.Together they fundamentally alter how we understand the miracle and mystery of being, and ultimately reveal mankind’s role in its own destiny.
Dr Edgar Mitchell
What the Bleep do we know 9030260   $ 32.00
Product Image What The Bleep Do We Know: Discovering the Endless Possibilities For Altering Your Everyday Reality: Gravity sometimes doesn't work. Some things are both waves and particles. . .at the same time. Electrons simply disappear . . . all the time. If the universe is this wild and unpredictable, so full of possibility, why are your thoughts about your own life so limited? Hundreds of years ago, science and religion split apart; they became antagonists in the great game of explanation and discovery. But science and religion are two sides of the same coin. They both help explain the universe, our place in the great plan and the meaning of our lives. In fact, they can only begin to do that adequately when they work together. What the Bleep Do We Know? TM is a book of amazing science. With the help of more than a dozen research and theoretical scientists, it takes you through the looking glass of quantum physics into a universe that is more bizarre and alive than ever imagined. Then it takes you beyond, into the outer-inner edges of our scientific knowledge of consciousness, perception, body chemistry and brain structure. What is a thought made of? What is reality made of? And most importantly, how does a thought change the nature of reality? This science leads not just to the material world, but deep into the realm of spirituality. If observation affects the outcome, we aren't merely part of the universe, but participants in it. If thoughts are more than random neural firings, than consciousness is more than an anatomical accident. A higher power exists, but is it truly out there? Where is the dividing line between out there and in here? This is not a book of definitive answers. This is a book of mind stretching questions. It is a book that shows you not the path, but theendless possibilities. Do you think you have to go to the same job every day, do the same errands, think the same thoughts, feel the same way? Well, think again.
William Arntz
Yoga of Light DVD 7100054   $ 45.00
Product Image In this elegant and enlightening presentation, award winning author, educator and performing artist Sharron Rose introduces the feminine – based Yoga of Light, an ancient science and spiritual practice of physical and spiritual revitalization. Rooted in her extensive research and first-hand experience in women’s mysteries and the mystic arts of Tantra and Alchemy, Ms. Rose introduces a system of yogic training based upon the unique dynamics of the female energy field. This consists of meditations for relaxation and stress reduction, visualizations for cleansing, restoring and protecting the physical body and luminous energy field that surrounds it, mudras (sacred gestures) designed to depict the flow of subtle energy through the luminous field, and exercises to enhance visionary capacity and align women with the most powerful and profound feminine role model – the Great Goddess. Segments include; Yoga of Light, Cleansing the Luminous Body, Igniting the Inner Fire, Awakening the Serpent Power, Opening the Heart and Healing the Luminous Body.
Sharron Rose
Yoga of Time Travel - How the mind can defeat time 9090007   $ 37.00
Product Image Buddha said he could move backward through time, observes theoretical physicist Fred Alan Wolf. Time travel is not just science fiction; it may actually be possible. Wolf draws on yoga and quantum physics to show that time is a flexible projection of mind. Cheating time, he says, is an ancient metaphysical idea from the Vedas having to do with moving through meditation to a place where time stands still. In reader-friendly language, Wolf explores how time and thought are bound together and how a change in ego structure could allow freedom from time's limitations. And he elaborates on benefits: Time travel, he asserts, could clarify our purpose; change our sense of self, the future, and death; and provide a hero's journey that might aid the entire community. Fascinatingly, Wolf thinks that, under certain circumstances, we might not only visit but even alter the past, with a ripple effect on the present
Fred Alan Wolf Ph.D.
Copyright 1998 Beachhaven Books


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