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Updated: 25/02/2014
Akwaba CD 9030246   $ 32.00
Product Image Come Home to Ancient Roots - Tya's enticing world-trance sound could be described as Enigma meets Deep Forest. Indigenous voices blend with modern grooves in a new sound that is both deep and uplifting. One of the most requested artists from the bestselling Buddha-Lounge series and very popular in Europe, TYA (pronounced t:sch:ya, Aboriginal word for mother earth) is the creation of German composer Martin Scherl, who has spent extended time with the Australian Aborigines and was profoundly impressed with their ability to see themselves as part of whole. Feel the pulse and come home to the Earth's ancient roots!
Sequoia Music
Alhambra CD 7050046   $ 36.00
Product Image Oliver Shanti & Friends with the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra London At the beginning of the new millennium Oliver Shanti & Friends created the album Alhambra. Many top-musicians from all over the world where brought together on this world music project. Sounds of Flamenco, Arabic scales, beautiful emotional voices, pulsating beat and percussion sequences unite east and west in harmonious music! A topical masterpiece and a bridge for universal understanding.
Oliver Shanti and Friends
Amadas Estrellas CD 9030242   $ 32.00
Product Image Highly acclaimed producer and guitarist Jens Gad, who worked for 10 years with the multi-platinum group ENIGMA, brings you a spellbinding downtempo musical odyssey into the ancient mythology of his Scandinavian homeland. He is joined by the entrancing classical vocals of Helene Horlyck, to co-create a sophisticated and hypnotic chill-out journey through "The Nine Worlds" of archaic legend. At once stirring and calming, entertaining yet relaxing, Achillea achieves a vibrantly new and hauntingly beautiful musical vision that artfully blends evocative ambient New Age atmospheres with European dance club electronica. Achillea elegantly weaves the mystery of ancient myth - a world of seers, elves, and rune masters, into a lush, richly layered sonic landscape with velvety melodies of delicately bluesy guitar playing, slow sensuous grooves and silky smooth vocals sung in Latin and ancient Swedish. Both intimate and cinematic, this uniquely transcendent masterpiece is full of deep beauty and mysterious wonder that will nourish your soul.
Amun Ra CD 8070032   $ 32.00
Product Image The Pyramids come alive with this truly inspired music that leaves you quite breathless with it's epic themes filling your mind with visions of rolling dunes and an ancient civilization we are still attempting to fully comprehend. Full of authentic instruments the CD depicts the world of RA, the Egyptian God of the Sun.
Medwyn Goodall
Angel Beauty: Irish Harp, Flute, Vocals CD 7050050   $ 36.00
Product Image REVIEW: I have heard all of Erik's CD's and I own every one of them. This is one of my very favorites. I have also heard Erik in concert. When I listen to his music I experience the beauty, peace, and love that exists in the angelic realms. In talking to others at his concerts and in my own experience, each piece takes you to somewhere beautiful where you feel healed, uplifted, and expanded. People often sense angelic presences around them as they listen, called by this beautiful harp music. This is the background music I play often during the day when I want to concentrate, feel peaceful, or feel more connected to the angelic realms. Sanaya Roman - author, Living with Joy
Erik Berglund
Are You Dreaming: One at Last: (CD ) 8080022   $ 36.00
Product Image With each appearance before packed audiences, One at Last crackles with positive mystical energy that springs from their trailblazing combination of traditional and electronic music. Now the techno-tribal sound of this enchanting kirtan band—who have opened for Michael Franti and who brought down the house at the Burning Man festival—has been exquisitely captured on this state-of-the-art recording, Are You Dreaming? Front woman Jaya Lakshmi leads the group with a cosmic, otherworldly elegance and a powerful connection to the art of sacred chant. Weaving together the modern and the ancient with a seamless fusion of electronica, traditional instruments, and devotional lyrics, the group creates a musical space where traditions and voices from around the world become “one at last.” With lyrics in many languages (including English and Sanskrit) inspired by musical and spiritual traditions from all over the world, One at Last creates a true sound of cultural unity that is timeless, accessible, and infinitely danceable.
One at Last
Art of Seduction CD 7040048   $ 24.00
Product Image If seduction be an art, play on! From the urban melting pot of Brazil comes a sensual sensuous blend of catchy rhythms and heart. The sensual rhythm envelopes the body, an exotic music hypnotizes the senses. For the true lover who loses a heart a day, only to find it again the following night.
Ascension CD 1005022   $ 30.00
Product Image Cliffords first album Ascension become a new age classic of the '80s, selling over 50,000 copies worldwide. A serene and uplifting album with a peaceful and expansive atmosphere, Ascension is both gentle and powerful, blending smooth orchestral themes with an indefinable sacred or reverant quality of sound. Many have noted Ascension's healing properties and it's ability to create a calm and warmly welcoming atmosphere.
Clifford White
Ascension II - Healing Touch CD 1005017   $ 30.00
Product Image The power of healing, the releasing and cleansing of blocked energies and negative patterns in our light bodies and energy fields. This CD aids the healer and self healing by providing emotional release and relaxation. Clifford White, composer of the international best-seller Ascension, celebrates his 25th year in music with a beautiful return to his roots in Ascension II - The Healing Touch. Over an hour long.
Clifford White
Astral Doorways CD 8120011   $ 28.00
Product Image ASTRAL DOORWAYS, a gentle yet haunting piece to relax to, but allows your imagination to fly. Paul is going to be an artist to watch as his music has a rare melodic quality and a gift for those few notes you find yourself singing days later wondering what it is you're hummiing. His music gets inside your mind. Highly recommended !!
Paul Sills
Atlantis CD 1011023   $ 30.00
Product Image ATLANTIS - The enduring mystery of a lost advanced civilisation is brought back to life in this epic musical adventure by Clifford White. Sweeping and majestic, powerful and rhythmic, ATLANTIS voyages back in time to revisit the ancient Atlanteans and explore their myths and legends in an awe-inspiring journey guaranteed to surprise, dazzle and astound.
Clifford White
Beautiful Hands: Music of the Celtic Harp CD 8040040   $ 37.00
Product Image Beautiful Hands: Music of the Celtic Harp: International bestselling author and composer Caiseal Mr presents this hauntingly beautiful body of work created and recorded by Caiseal during the past decade. Featuring the Celtic harp, Beautiful Hands takes you on a magical journey back through the mists of time. (50 mins approx)Caiseal Mr is the bestselling author of two non-fiction books, twelve fantasy novels, including the 'Wellspring' and 'Watchers' trilogies, and the composer of six accompanying musical CDs.
Caiseal Mor
Beneath the Veil Cd 6060003   $ 32.00
Product Image Enter now a secret chamber, warm with candlelight, scented silk and the spiraling smoke of incense. A place of mystery where God and Goddess join in the Divine Dance. Ancient rhythms draw you in, Beneath the Veil, where the sensuous and the sacred, the spirit and body unite. Awaken the Sacred Fire, Come Beneath the Veil...
Beyond Body & Mind CD 7040050   $ 32.00
Product Image A tonal meditation to calm body and mind, intensifying the connection with the higher self. By utilizing bells, soothing music and quiet pauses, Karunesh achieves a lilting journey to still the mind and center into the natural rhythm of the body. This is a wonderful sound journey for deep relaxation for bodywork and healing environments. It is also very effective for personal yoga and meditation
Beyond the Horizon 1106013   $ 38.00
Product Image "Beyond the horizon there is a mystical world where one's imagination is the only limit," says composer Patrick Kelly. Kelly, inspired by his brother (a well respected spiritual healer and Reiki Master), creates tracks that invoke memories of warm tropical beaches, discoveries of awe and wonder, or safe and womblike states of being--all to ensure that the listener "travels" along with the mood and tone of the album. Enjoy this fusion of keyboard, guitar, synthesizer, samples, drums, and loops from a passionate artist composing beyond the music and in tune with the spiritual life. Patrick Kelly has been featured on albums by The Big Blue, Shooter, Jo Breezer, and more.
Patrick Kelly
Bhakti Bazaar Vol 2: Music for Yoga and Other Joys CD 1011077   $ 31.00
Product Image Come visit the 'Bhakti Bazaar,' where the only currency is love. All are welcome to enjoy an endless feast of melody and rhythm, of longing and ecstasy, of divine moods and passions. Vocalist Tina Malia, Nepalese bamboo flutist Manose, and others join Jai Uttal and Ben Leinbach to offer Bhakti Bazaar-created especially 'for yoga and other joys' and ready to awaken the flame of devotion in everyone. Instrumentation includes dotar, electric guitar, and slide tamboura.
Jai Uttal and Ben Leinbach
Bismillah: the Festival of World Sacred Music (2 CD)CD 1101007   $ 38.00
Product Image The most inspired music on the planet finds its highest expression at the annual Fes Festival of World Sacred Music. B'ismillah ("in the name of God") brings together the highlights of this landmark event. B'ismillah documents music from the world's most accomplished artists in many traditions, including Pakistani qawwali chants dating back to the 11th century; Egyptian madih odes; flamenco style Christian saeta that are shot "like an arrow" into the heart of God; ancient gwalior chants from the north of India; and the mystical music that transforms mere mortals into the whirling dervishes of the Sufi tradition. Utterly authentic, B'ismillah radiates a divine presence beyond the artificial boundaries of maps and politics, into the hearts of world music lovers everywhere. Live digital recording.
Bliss CD 1109015   $ 38.00
Product Image Bliss are the British musical writing partnership of Lucinda Drayton and Andrew Blissett who are fast becoming renowned for making some of the most exquisite, high quality music that is inspiring, touching and spiritually uplifting. There is a new energy of joy in the music which we hope will touch all of you. We would like to think of you dancing to some of these songs and being transported beyond to others. The songs are deep and textured, and an album to explore and take time over. The lyrics cover the usual Bliss topics of the divine, unconditional love and the human struggle on the path to truth. An inspiring and touching uplifted Bliss are the British musical writing partnership of Lucinda Drayton and Andrew Blissett who are fast becoming renowned for making some of the most exquisite, high quality music that is inspiring, touching and spiritually uplifting.
Cafe Fuego - Music to set your soul on fire 1104086   $ 37.00
Product Image Everyone who has been inspired by the fiery Latin American rhythms of bands such as the Gypsy Kings will adore the passion and beauty of Cafe Fuego. Accompanied by Scott Vomvolakis on percussion,Paul Tchounga on Drums and Bass by Mike Paganini, Roger plays Spanish guitar with enormous precision and vitality.
Roger Espinoza
Calling My Angels CD 1209047   $ 32.00
Product Image Featuring the classic angelic vocals of Juliana, "Calling My Angels" is beautiful relaxing celestial music composed and performed by Niall. (Reiki River) Ideal for treatments such as Reiki and Massage, "Calling My Angels" creates the perfect atmosphere for raising angel energy and healing. Co-Produced by Llewellyn & Niall
Cancer CD 7040042   $ 25.00
Product Image Cancerians are kind, protective, cautious, emotionally resourceful, excellent homemakers and have a powerful imagination. They can be over-emotional, hyper-sensitive and too easily flattered. "An exciting series of unique recordings attuned to the signs of the zodiac. As the painter interprets the mysterious meanings of the zodiac, so the musician reaches deep within to express the many, many facets of each sign.
Max Folmer
Canyon Trilogy: Native American Flute Music CD 8090275   $ 42.00
Product Image Carlos Nakai brings us this world renowned flute music. Album includes song titles Daybreak vision,Ancestral Home,Echoes of Time,Inward Journey and many more of his melodic flute melodies.
Carlos Nakai
Celebration Light CD 1210018   $ 33.00
Product Image This is Deuter's offering for the holiday season! On Celebration of Light, traditional holiday music was selected that is both heartfelt, simple, and which has been played throughout the centuries. New Age icon Deuter has released his first holiday music album and no surprise he's done an outstanding job. Retaining his trademark sound yet infusing plenty of extra seasonal flavor, the CD contains some easily recognizable holiday carols, such as Greensleeves, Coventry Carol, and Silent Night, as well as some that will be new to all but the most well-versed music historians (some pieces date back to the 13th century). Don't expect Winter Wonderland or Santa Claus Is Coming to Town, though. The CD'’s 15 tracks are mostly serene meditations with gentle melodies and uncluttered arrangements. Celebration of Light is the perfect album to play all holiday season and even beyond through winter's end and the first signs of spring. It's perfect late-night listening when you're stressed out from all the holiday hustle and bustle!
Celestial Mozart for relaxation Vol II CD 1111024   $ 38.00
Product Image It's here! The long awaited sequel to the album Celestial Mozart that so many thousand have enjoyed. A serene blend of Classical Mozart with Gerald Jay Markoe's New Age touch. • Mozart's most beautiful melodies with Markoe's meditative celestial orchestrations. This unique recording combines the best relaxation elements of both classical and new age music.
Gerald Jay Markoe
Cello Blue CD 8060040   $ 34.00
Product Image The Tao of Cello and Dark Wood, which feature Darling's renowned improvisational skills. At the turn of the century, Darling did two albums for Relaxation Music's Musical Massage series: Musical Massage: In Tune and Musical Massage: Balance. He also recorded Cello Blue for Hearts of Space in 2001.
David Darling
Celtic Meditation Music CD 1108035   $ 28.00
Product Image From an ancient source, prayerful songs for modern-day relaxation Celtic Meditation Music. If prayers were music, what would they sound like? Irish harpist Áine Minogue offers her artful answer on Celtic Meditation Music a collection of original songs based on ancient Celtic prayers, specifically composed for meditation and relaxation. The Irish harp has always been associated with spirituality, says Minogue, and this is especially evident on her newest album. Using traditional poetry as divine inspiration, she crafts a set of instrumental slow airs—feminine, expressive, and dynamic songs that transpose the silent spaces between the lines of Celtic prayer into melody. Minogue's numerous albums, including the acclaimed Between the Worlds, cross genres and appeal to Celtic, World, Folk, and New Age music enthusiasts alike. Her introspective style is at once deeply rooted in the ancient form and imbued with a creativity all her own, making her a regular favorite with Billboard Magazine and Boston Globe reviewers and National Public Radio. Now, with Celtic Meditation Music, fans both new and old are immersed in the haunting, modal tones of the harp, turning the act of listening into an invitation to an ancient sacred space an invitation that lasts long after the final vibration of the strings. Irish harp accompanied by clarinet, cello, violin, and percussion.
Aine Minogue
Celtic Moods Metro Tin (3 CDs): The essential album 1109002   $ 42.00
Product Image Over three discs this fantastic collection presents more than three hours of Celtic-themed music, both vocal and instrumental. Blending highly traditional and boldly contemporary styles, we invite you to sample the very best in Celtic songs and melodies. Enclosed in a Tin for ease of storage.
Celtic Ring of Fire CD 8080027   $ 23.00
Product Image Unique Celtic jigs & reels on 'folk-baroque' guitar, flute, pennywhistle, violin, cello, bass, bodhran & percussion. Greg Joy developed a unique acoustic guitar style which utilizes open tunings and is based on a synthesis of folk, classical and light rock influences.
Greg Joy
Circles of Life CD 8050027   $ 36.00
Product Image Best of Oliver Shanti & Friends Some of their most beautiful songs compiled by Warner Music. This album shows how many different cultures and influences have been taking part in the projects of Oliver Shanti & Friends - World music at its best.
Oliver Shanti and Friends
Clan a Celtic Journey CD 1011024   $ 38.00
Product Image A best selling, powerful and dramatic Celtic album. Full of great depth and atmosphere. Through Medwyn's music the listener can join the Celtic Clan and relive the ancient journey of Galatain the Warrior. Celtic harp, flute, Irish whistle, dulcimer, mandolin and guitar are overlaid with dramatic keyboard effects and powerful rhythms to create music that not only has an authentic Celtic Flavour but also the impact of a storey with epic dimensions. Medwyn has excelled at creating a musical score to the struggle between good and the forces of darkness.
Medwyn Goodall
Clan III the lands beyond CD 1011025   $ 30.00
Product Image Two years in the making Medwyn gathered an entirely new ensemble of instruments, and drums and re-built his studio. The outcome is a CD that is an instant classic, performed with such breathtaking drama that leaves you exhilerated and transported to another world far far away.... As the Clans gather in the shadows of the rain swept hills, a story teller comes into their midst. Huddled in the firelight they listen of the brave deeds of kings long gone and of strange winged creatures that once circled the skies in the Lands Beyond.
Medwyn Goodall
Coming Home at Last CD 9030247   $ 32.00
Product Image There are albums that, when you first hear them, you want to call up your best friends and play them your favorite parts - and at the same time you want to keep the songs all to yourself. "Coming Home at last" is one of these. Some artists have the ability to evoke memories of the great and small moments of one's own life in a song. Christina Lux writes and sings these kinds of songs. When people hear them they find their own world also opening as well. Her fearlessly honest songs of affirmation in the face of life's hurts are infused with hope. No sweet, soft poetry, but bittersweet questioning words that stay with us. But she always leaves behind a safe harbor for the stranded, a big coat of healing to roll up into. Lux's songs never try to be larger than life - that makes them so familiar and at the same time so unique.
Christina Lux
Cristal Silence I CD 7020007   $ 36.00
Product Image Soothing melodies to help relax the body and remove emotional blockages. So relaxing, it's considered a classic by Massage Therapists.
Robert Haig Coxon
Cristal Silence II CD 7020005   $ 36.00
Product Image Takes the listener progressively deeper, into that sacred space where all things are possible. A powerful tool for accessing true self-confidence.
Robert Haig Coxon
Cristal Silence III CD 7020006   $ 36.00
Product Image Takes the listener progressively deeper, into that sacred space where all things are possible. A powerful tool for accessing true self-confidence.
Robert Haig Coxon
Crystal Healing CD 1001022   $ 36.00
Product Image Drawing upon the renowned healing energies of crystals, this clear, delicate music floats in your mind with a dreamlike quality, untangling your stresses and bestowing its soothing, peaceful mood upon your senses throughout the whole day. Refreshing, comforting and pleasureable.
Anthony Miles
Dakshina CD 8090038   $ 35.00
Product Image Mantras are rapidly becoming the music of choice for people seeking solace in sound, and Deva Premal, dubbed by one reviewer as the "Enya of Mantra"' is the voice they're turning to. With over half a million CDs sold worldwide and a buzz of interest from ardent fans ranging from yogis, therapists and alternative health practitioners to Cher and His Holiness the Dalai Lama, Deva Premal and her partner Miten have achieved a huge degree of recognition in the blossoming niche world of Yoga Music. Deva Premal's music is driven by a simple yet elegant vision: "everybody with a voice can sing, and everyone with a breath in their body can experience their divinity...we share with others the healing power of music, and the bliss that it brings." The phenomenon of her groundswell of listeners is living proof that mantras are as relevant today as they were thousands of years ago. Featuring Deva Premal's transcendent voice layered in a chorus of lush harmonies, Dakshina is a celebration of the divine, perfect for Yoga and relaxation
Deva Premal & Miten
Dance of Innocents 1011017   $ 38.00
Product Image The ancient tones of the Tibetan flute seem as far removed from the melodic sound of contemporary piano as the Himalayas are from Hollywood. Yet when virtuoso flutist Nawang Khechog and pianist Peter Kater played together for the first time, they discovered a delightful harmony between their distinct styles. The Dance of Innocents is a unique musical synthesis of East and West, seamlessly blending Khechog's meditative flute with Kater's artistry on piano. A soothing journey through the peaceful hearts of two extraordinary artists that is fresh, original, and unforgettably beautiful.
Nawang Khechok and Peter Kater
Dance of Light River of Life ( 2 CD ) 8110038   $ 46.00
Product Image These two classic albums show James Asher's reflective and relaxing side. One, River of Life, has never been released in the U.S. Two full-length CDs for the price of one, the package contains over 133 minutes of music from the multi-talented creator of the best-selling Feet in the Soil, Tigers of the Raj, and other best-sellers.
James Asher
Deeper Surrender CD 1110010   $ 38.00
Product Image This is the nectar my living is worth/This is my purpose, my reason for birth . . . only for love, only this love. Dedicated to my beloved Gangaji, without whom these songs would not have arisen, this CD features songwriter Kirtana on guitar and vocals, with an ensemble of fretless bass, keyboards, electric violin, flute, celli, mandolin, tanpura, electric and acoustic lead guitar - accompanied on different tracks by tabla, dumbek, frame drum, conga and shakers.
Deep Within a Faerie Forest CD 9030157   $ 32.00
Product Image Rediscover the magic - Become filled with exquisite beauty as you journey into a mystical land of dreams. This new collaboration from Gary Stadler (Fairy HeartMagic) and Australian vocalist Wendy Rule leads you through landscapes of forest, deep into the enchanted heart of nature. Those who are familiar with Gary's previous albums will recognize the soulful beauty of his piano based soundscapes. Add to that the magical voice and gentle guitar of Australian singer/songwriter Wendy Rule and the lovely harp of Lisa Lynne, and the result is breathtaking as images of the ancient Celtic Faerie realm come alive once more.
Gary Stadler
Deva Premal Sings for the Moola Mantra CD 8080074   $ 38.00
Product Image Deva Premal's groundbreaking new release features an extended presentation of the beautiful Moola Mantra, which was received by Deva and Miten during a meditation retreat at the Oneness University in Chennai, India. It honours the divine light in every living being and celebrates the dance of female/ male energies as they merge into union. Produced by Ben Leinbach, the Moola Mantra meanders like a sacred river through a lush landscape of sitars, bansuri, dotar, grand piano, tablas, cello and string quartet, with Deva's golden voice leading the way, flowing finally into an ocean of silence. Special guest musicians include Miten (vocals), Jai Uttal (dotar), Manose (bansuri), Debopriyo Sarkar (tablas), Kit Walker (piano), Benjy Wertheimer (esraj), Peter van Gelder (sitar), and Moses Sedler (cello)
Deva Premal & Miten
Dhola Maru CD 1101010   $ 32.00
Product Image In the windswept desert of northwestern India, at the edge of the Islamic Orient, the Gypsies, Muslims, and Hindus of Rajasthan have coexisted for over ten centuries, giving rise to a sacred music tradition at once sensual and holy. On "Dhola Maru", Musafir unleashes a whirlwind of masterful rhythms and spiraling polyphonies transporting us into the ethereal landscape of Rajasthan's gods and maharajas, saints and lovers. This world-class gathering of musicians brings alive three sacred music traditions at their highest level - electrifying Muslim qawwali chant, North Indian raga, and passionate songs from the dawn of Gypsy culture - drawing us through the trance and irresistibly into the heart of divine ecstasy. Highlights: * The voices of the Muslim Langas * Epic Manghaniyar bhajans (Krishna lullabies) * Rajasthani and Hindu raga * Camel rhythms of the Indian desert * Solo desert flute * Kalbelya Roma (Gypsy) songs, and more Accompanied by aloogoza, dhol, dholak, gunguru, harmonium, kartals, pungi, and sindhi saarangi.
Dolphins and Whales Authentic Natural sounds CD 8080033   $ 36.00
Product Image An underwater world of magical intensity. Dolphins' gentle playful voices semm to speak directly to the soul, awakening a realisation of kinship and love. The deep resonance of whalesong wraps the senses in an emotive cocoon of pure communion.
Natural Sounds
Dreamtime Dolphin CD 1210019   $ 23.00
Product Image Dreamtime Dolphin contains beautifull and inspiring flute music, with harp, keyboards and sounds of dolphins and ocean waves.
Christa Michell
Drummers Path African and Diaspora Percussive Music CD 1110020   $ 32.00
Product Image Following the great diaspora out of Africa to the Caribbean and the Americas, percussionist Sule Greg Wilson draws from rhythms of the world on this eclectic recording. He brings the power of traditional drumming alive and plays classic rhythms from the diverse cultures of Puerto Rico, Brazil, Africa, and India. "Opening of the Way", a piece that incorporates Yoruba chants and Ayurvedic mantras, is followed by a broad selection of compositions, including a Brazilian Samba, a Cuban Rumba, a Mande Lamba, original drum solos, and a traditional African-American dance featuring hand and body percussion. Revived as a grass-roots movement by people getting in touch with ancestral rhythms, traditional drumming is now riding a crest of popularity following the remarkable success of Mickey Hart's book and disk.
Sule Greg Wilson
Drummers Path Moving the Spirit with Ritual and Traditional 1110021   $ 32.00
Product Image Drummers Path: Moving the Spirit With Ritual and Traditional Drumming: Drummer, dancer, and folklorist Sule Greg Wilson introduces the principles behind African and Diaspora music, including breath, posture, and orchestration.
Sule Greg Wilson
Earth Blue CD 9120016   $ 32.00
Product Image Recognized worldwide for his diverse and unique musical style, Deuter is a pioneer in the realm of healing and relaxation music. Through feeling, awareness, and experience, Deuter is known for expressing a spirituality that transports the listener to an ethereal domain free of stress. His uncanny ability to transform each note into a very meaningful, relaxing experience is something that can be observed but not defined.With patience and discipline, Deuter is able to create original magic with each project. Bodyworkers and healers use his music extensively both nationally and internationally. Earth Blue is the result of a partnership with automaker Volkswagen. It is part of an exclusive collaboration that makes Deuter's music available through the Autostadt Volkswagen factory in Wolfsburg, Germany. The unique relaxing qualities of Deuter's music envelop the listener with comfort and luxury,making this collaboration a natural choice for Volkswagen.
Earth: Full Spectrum Sound Healing CD 1001033   $ 28.00
Product Image Every day, we're subject to countless man-made electromagnetic frequencies that can drain our energy and cloud our sense of well-being. With Earth, sonic pioneer Alex Theory spins the third disc in his Full Spectrum Sound Healing series, giving you a powerful tool to help you relax, get deeply grounded, and re-align with the organic rhythms of our planet. Each ambient track on this album is embedded with the Schumann Resonance, the scientifically measurable electromagnetic frequency that naturally pervades and nourishes all life on earth
Alex Theory
Earth Goddess CD 7050065   $ 27.00
Product Image This has to be one of Medwyn's best. Vibrant, full of energy, and follows in the footsteps of the Medicine Woman style of music. Panpipes, Spanish Guitars and Marimbas, beat out a path that celebrates the Goddess and sacred animals in a tropical ambience.
Medwyn Goodall
Earth Healer 2 CD 1203001   $ 30.00
Product Image No story, no FX, no vocals….Medwyn returns to his hit making roots.Using all the original sounds and instruments from his past, Medwyn has gone full circle and produced what has to be one his all time best CD’s. Instantly catchy wonderfully upbeat, simple, free of all complexity, doing what he always did best, play from his heart creating an energy and sound that is so uniquely his own. Vibrant and euphoric ! Almost entirely unplugged it sounds like a lost classic from his own past.
Medwyn Goodall
Earth Healer CD 8010013   $ 34.50
Product Image From deeply reflective to joyfully celebratory, Earth Healer summons all the emotions and power of the Phoenix, the eternal survivor, to affirm the healing spirit of Man. This superb music features over a dozen instruments, including Pan Pipes, Mandolin, Bodhrun and Dulcimer.
Medwyn Goodall
Earth Songs CD 1210020   $ 29.00
Product Image Ambient sounds and featured cello and singing with integrated use of Brazilian indigenous musical instruments and recordings of tribal ritual and song.
Emily Burridge
Eckhart Tolles Music for Inner Stillness CD 1204018   $ 28.00
Product Image In a noisy world, how can we easily access the realm of inner stillness? Through the avenue of music. Why? "Because music, like nature, bypasses the conceptual mind," explains Eckhart Tolle. With Eckhart Tolle's "Music for Inner Stillness", the bestselling author presents a handpicked compilation of music purposefully sequenced to center us in the moment in what he calls "the joy of being." Artists include Grammy-nominated TIBETAN flutist Nawang Khechog, ambient composer and sound healer Alex Theory, Grand Master of the shakuhachi flute Riley Lee, and others.
Eckhart Tolle
Edge of Forever CD 7100042   $ 37.00
Product Image Listening to Hilary Stagg is to experience unimaginable tranquility! Through the captivating sound of his harp combined with flute and keyboards, Hilary takes you to a musical sanctuary where serenity, power and tranquility all await.
Hilary Stagg
Egypt Spiritual Journeys of the World CD 1211004   $ 32.00
Product Image Egypt is full of mystery, magic and wonder as well as its great history ruled by the Pharaohs. Immediately the musical style of Andreas transports the listener into the mystical soundscapes of pyramids and great kings. Featuring authentic sounds of Egyptian instruments and lush exotic keyboard textures, let Andreas open up your imagination and take you on a spiritual journey to Egypt.
Elements - CD 9020003   $ 36.00
Product Image This is Oka’s debut album which has sold thousands around the world. A superb collection of tracks which will bring calm and spiritual beauty to the forefront of your mind. Oka combines soft Sufi style devotional singing, Chicane type wafting electronica, synth and tabla beats, gentle woodwinds, acoustic guitar and didgeridoo, all designed to banish cares and create peace
Elysian Field CD 1105011   $ 32.00
Product Image A superb and outstanding debut CD. Fresh, inspiring, filled with magic, clever rhythms and exciting layers. Elysian Fields draws you in and takes you on a journey of relaxing wonder, like a daydream you hope never ends. Highly recommended. Jon is a new artist to watch. Evocative, ethereal and visionary; this album is your guide to the uncharted worlds beyond. Inspired by varied interpretations of the afterlife, including Greek, Japanese and Irish, “Elysian Fields” weaves a unique musical tapestry which binds all our ancient beliefs together. An escape to your own paradise lies within….
Jon Richards
Embrace CD 8090039   $ 32.00
Product Image Embrace finds this best-selling singer at the height of her art, expressing the ancient wisdom of mantra through a contemporary musical vision. Deva Premal's gorgeous voice, rich and assured, floats above a cool, sensual groove provided by some of today's finest world fusion artists. Produced by Miten and Kit Walker (Walela, Kitaro, Pagan Love Orchestra), Embrace features a rich, elegantly developed musical dynamic, due in large part to virtuoso performances by such top flight musicians as Jai Uttal (dotar and distinctive vocals), Kit Walker (keyboards, grand piano, Hammond B3), Nepali native Manose (bansuri), Miten (vocals, guitar), Ty Burhoe (a star protégé of Zakir Hussain) and Marquinho Brasil (assorted exotic hand percussion
Deva Premal
Emerald CD 1307014   $ 30.00
Product Image Based on traditional 16th century Irish folk music Midori performs music that is like a loving embrace that stirs the heart and soul.Hauntingly beautiful, calm, and tender are the moments shared as the music paints pictures of lands and emotions unchanged by time. Take a journey across the rolling green hills, valleys and streams.Performed on Celtic instruments including, Irish flute, Guitars, Fiddle, Mandolin, Celtic Harp, Penny Whistle and Uillean Pipes.50 mins approx
Empty Sky CD 1211005   $ 32.00
Product Image With Empty Sky you experience the magic of Deuter at his best. This album is specifically designed to bring you in. You are transported into a realm where music and silence, healing and relaxation, body and spirit reach a harmonious equilibrium that creates a milieu that unites these energies, creating a healing atmosphere. You will enjoy Deuter's eclectic mastery of many of the world's most unique and beautiful instruments. A must for your collection.
Enchanted Journey CD 9030062   $ 33.00
Product Image Music Inspired By The Lord of the Rings Believe...Enter a world of enchantment. Join Everstar on their magical travels into realms of myth and mystery inspired by 'The Lord of the Rings'. Magic abounds with sounds of both orchestral and exotic instruments, as well as grand piano, classical, 12-string and electric guitars, silver flute, Celtic harp and percussion. The moods move through symphonic flare, to misty soundscapes and renaissance-flavored dances - all touched by the special mastery of the musicians of Everstar. This engaging album transports you to a magical would and will intrigue and delight all fans of fantasy. Produced by award-winning artists, David and Steve Gordon.
David & Steve Gordon
Epiphany CD 1001028   $ 32.00
Product Image Epiphany CD by Manose is the latest release by the Nepalese flutest, with guests Deva Premal & Miten. The rising sun; prayer flags fluttering in the breeze; a quenching rainstorm - simple images leap to life in these new songs by Nepal native Manose. With his bansuri flute -- accompanied by guitars, cello, percussion and guest vocals by Deva Premal & Miten -- Manose unveils the divinity that resides within each of us. 1. Sun Salutation 7:49 2. Prayer Flags 5:33 3. Epiphany 6:50 4. Oasis 7:59 5. Monsoon 10:32 6. Buddha's Lullaby 4:49 7. My Wish 4:30 8. Tapoban 11:15
Manose - Featuring Deva Premal
Everstar CD 9030067   $ 32.00
Product Image Warm your Spirit - Gather by the hearth and discover the enchantment awaiting you with these new instrumental versions of cherished holiday favorites with piano, classical and 12-string guitar and orchestral atmospheres. Celtic traditional carols with their own magical style influenced by myth and fantasy. Includes the "Three Masters Suite" which features compositions by Beethoven, Bach and Mozart - a wondrous collection of holiday music you'll enjoy all year long. "Yuletide in the Shire brings out the early English and Celtic roots of traditional carols beautifully and is a wonderful addition to any collection of holiday music." - David & Steve Gordon EverStar is performed by Myrin Lore, Arathar, Elor Gildomir, Landis Farwind, and David and Steve Gordon. composed and produced by David and Steve Gordon.
David & Steve Gordon EverStar
Excalibur CD 8010014   $ 32.00
Product Image A timeless classic. The continuation of the DRUID trilogy. The ancient ways, the pagan styled music. A long standing best seller. Shimmering, intriguing, powerful and passionate - Excalibur! This is truly music to elevate and inspire us with the strength and purity of an emblem which triumphantly reaches towards heaven. Medwyn’s superb and authentic composition speaks directly to the ‘inner mind’ that all mystics seek to commune with.
Medwyn Goodall
Fairy Heart Music CD 9030040   $ 32.00
Product Image Acclaimed composer Gary Stadler (Fairy of the Woods, Fairy NightSongs) takes you further into the world of ancient Celtic lore, featuring extraordinary vocalist Stephannie and Celtic Harpist Lisa Lynne. Together they take you on a soul-healing journey into a place where innocence and wisdom are one. Listen and your heart will be renewed with a mystical beauty.
Gary Stadler
Fairy Night Songs CD 9030156   $ 32.00
Product Image Deep in the night forest, fairies gather by firelight and fly to the song of the wind in the trees. Gary Stadler and vocalist Singh Kaur invite you to come with them on the their magical travels through the fairy veil. Listen and you will be transported to a mystical land of enchantment with beautiful melodies and angelic vocals.
Gary Stadler
Faith Hope & Love CD 9030148   $ 32.00
Product Image Refresh your spirit on this inspiring musical voyage. The Ginkgo Tree, known as a symbol for hope and love, is the muse for the music of Ginkgo Garden, the internationally acclaimed music project of renowned film-music composer and keyboardist Eddy F. Mueller. Two years of studio crafting with some of Europe's finest musicians went into this hope-filled fifth release. By masterfully combining vintage guitar and keyboard sounds with exotic world instruments, electric guitar, piano, pulsing electronica, multi-layered vocals, Asiatic chants and deeply spiritual lyrics, the result is a uniquely uplifting modern ethno-pop groove. Great efforts were put into the fascinating vocal work on this record resulting in a gorgeous and uplifting vocal sound.
Sequoia Music
Falling Awake CD 1305059   $ 33.00
Product Image Singer/songwriter, Kirtana, sings about the journey she takes. With each successive album she has invited us, song by song, footstep by footstep, to come with her, deeper into this journey which is nothing less than the soul's journey into itself. Her latest CD 'Falling Awake' is a shining jewel in the sequence of such invitations.When you hear the exquisite poetry of each song, speaking in a language of the heart - but a heart that longs for true revelation, not a temporary, sentimental solution - you will see why Kirtana has been called "The Rumi of our time."Her fresh, acoustic arrangements also serve to guide you gently into this mystery, as does the clarity of a voice washed with passion for the divine.
Feet in the Soil 2 CD 8070028   $ 32.00
Product Image Feet in the Soil vol 2 offers more celebrations of danceable energies centered in the earth. Following the success of the best-selling Feet in the Soil, larger and deeper drums join the didgeridoo this time around with a fresh palette of sounds setting the party swaying. Drawing on inspirations from Aboriginal and African lifestyles, the music invites you to join the groove, kick off your shoes and get your feet in the soil!
James Asher
Feet in the Soil CD 8070027   $ 32.00
Product Image Yow! What a fabulous, pulsating, thickly percussive journey this one turned out to be. Drawing his inspiration from African drumming and Australian Aboriginal chants, James Asher has created an enjoyable hybrid. The sizzling rhythms and drumbeats are sure to continue for years to come. Feet in the Soil is the No. 1 bestselling didgeridoo/drum album, selling over 100,000 copies worldwide!
James Asher
Floating World CD 1011028   $ 38.00
Product Image Slip into something entirely more comfortable with this magical CD. You will indeed be floating as you drift along listening to Riley Lee's melodic, dainty, soulful playing. Light and delicate, there is never a jarring moment. As such it makes great background music, but allow yourself to focus on the sounds and you will be uplifted. You may find yourself picturing a butterfly hovering over a colourful buddleia in full bloom. Music like this helps one get in touch with the senses and the imagination This collection of exquisite French, Japenese and Australian compositions performed on the Shakuhachi (Riley Lee) and harp (Marshall McGuire) takes us into the realm of a mystical imagination. Featuring the works by Faure, Satie, Ravel, Debussy, Tournier, Fukuda, Kozu and Boyd, this is a very special album ideal for relaxation, meditation of simply pure enjoyment.
Riley Lee & Marshall McGuire
Flowers of Silence CD 1305006   $ 33.00
Product Image The long-awaited album by Deuter, playing the shakuachi, the Japanese bamboo flute. The shakuachi is a special flute used by the monks of the Fuke school in the practice of Suizen blowing mediation. Deuter embodies the very essence of the shakuachi sound, a sound which has a subtle and rich tone. Deuter plays these 11 compositions from a space of deep meditation where sound and silence meet. 'Flowers of Silence' is a true gift of high vibration.
Flying Free CD 1109016   $ 38.00
Product Image 'I am' is particularly powerful, reminding us of the eternal nature of the soul. 'Flying Free' is joyful and shows the strong songwriting talents of bliss as well as their meditative practice. Spun Glass is an amazing instrumental which powerfully conveys stillness and concentration. Bliss are the British musical writing partnership of Lucinda Drayton and Andrew Blissett who are fast becoming renowned for making some of the most exquisite, high quality music that is inspiring, touching and spiritually uplifting.
Forbidden Songs CD 1008003   $ 45.00
Product Image Forbidden Songs: Songs of Desperation Obsession and Enlightenment : These songs, some of which I wrote over twenty years ago, are a kind of artifact. Culled from the foundry of my soul, they are the distillation of that strange process we call the self. Like a blacksmith that forges metal into usable things, I forge insight out of the desperation, obsession and illumination of my life. My tools are the hot searing heat of self-realization borne from the emotional cauldron of my deepest hopes and fears, mirrored so eloquently by the world and those around me. - TK
Tom Kenyon
French Cafe CD 8080036   $ 38.00
Product Image Although far from definitive (no Edith Piaf in sight!), this enchanting compilation delivers a perfect aural snapshot of what spending a late summer afternoon in a French cafe actually feels like. The supreme elegance and understated approach that lie at the core of these 13 tracks will delight fans of sophisticated pop. As is the case with previous Putumayo releases, the sequencing is seamless, combining the endearingly old-fashioned flavor of George Brassens with the iconoclastic romanticism of George Gainsbourg and the sultry whispers of a youthful Brigitte Bardot. Better yet, the disc spends some valuable time introducing listeners to a new generation of French musicians who have embraced the traditional chanson format while incorporating fresh elements into the mix. Try the light-as-a-feather caress of female vocalist Enzo Enzo, the sweet playfulness of the electronica-informed Mathieu Boogaerts, and the irrepressible optimism of Paris Combo--a jazzy quintet that represents the French cafe ambiance at its cosmopolitan best
Garden of Dreams CD 9030058   $ 32.00
Product Image Enter a secret world - In an enchanted garden, fairies and fireflies weave their stories of myth and mystery. The angelically haunting voice of London-based vocalist Alquimia blends exquisitely with the dreamy symphonic landscapes, shimmering harp, flute and piano sounds of German composer Gleisberg. Both are well-established artists in Europe who are known for their live performances during the popular summer festival season. Together they take you on a regal-ethereal journey in the tradition of Enya, Gary Stadler and Adiemus yet with their own unique spellbinding style. Alquimia's romantically poetic lyrics and bewitching vocals seem to dance upon Gleisburg's luxuriantly orchestrated and artfully layered arrangements. The result is a special magic that will caress your heart with a dreamy rhapsody of a long-forgotten time when magic was real. Come along with them, close your eyes and the veil is lifted into an unseen world of timeless beauty and heaven-touched reverie.
Alquimia and Gleisberg
Garden Serenity III CD 6050012   $ 32.00
Product Image Renew Your Soul in the Garden - Join David & Steve Gordon as they take you on a relaxing journey into the most tranquil garden there has ever been, The Garden of Serenity. Listen as sounds of bubbling water and singing birds intertwine with the quiet tinkling of wind chimes, harp, temple bells, koto, and gentle Silver and Shakuhachi flute melodies as a wonderful feeling of peace and joy drifts through your mind and soothes your soul. Enter the garden with David & Steve Gordon's original best-selling classic "Garden of Serenity". Then let them take you deeper into bliss behind secluded garden walls with "Garden of Serenity II". Finally, reach the gardens secluded center, with "Garden of Serenity III" where you can rejuvenate your body and mind as the Gordon's artfully blend Elizabethan and classically-influenced music, proven to reduce stress, with soothing harp, flute, piano, strings, lute and pure sounds of nature. The entire collection is ideal for Yoga, Massage or any time you need to relax.
David & Steve Gordon
Gaya of Wisdom Cd 9070004   $ 28.00
Product Image The story of Buddha. A superb album filled with exotic tabla rhythms, flutes and voices from India. Unmissable, superb. If you like Karunesh then you will love this.
Guy Sweens
Glastonbury Tor CD 1010006   $ 33.00
Product Image Powerful vibrant rhythms combined with soulful Gregorian chanting and soaring flutes lead the listener into a place of renewal and vibrant joy. This music is an ancient language of heartwarming devotion that reconnects the soul with a deep passion for awakening. Glastonbury Tor is an invaluable source and tool for connection and inspiration! Alto & soprano flutes, pan pipes, vocals, drums & percussion.
Terry Oldfield
Grace and Gratitude Olivia CD 1105007   $ 38.00
Product Image Olivia Newton-John has been long respected as a singer, and on this intensely personal yet universal offering, she displays her fine talents as a song-writer, too. With lush, ethereal arrangements, and impeccable production by Amy Sky (who also co-writes several of the tracks) this is an album which reveals its treasures to you layer by layer, listen after listen. Based on a meditative progression through the seven major chakras - energy centers in eastern philosophies - the songs are woven together with instrumental interludes to create an unbroken cycle of music which is nothing short of captivating.
Olivia Newton John
Great Spirit CD 6100048   $ 32.00
Product Image Inspired and emotive music dedicated to the spirit of all Native American Indians. Creative percussion rhythms and evocative sound effects weave through hovering woodwind and string instrumentation to celebrate a journey of an essentially healing and invigorating power. This is an imaginative musical experience, radiating with an inner beauty and wisdom.
Medwyn Goodall
Gregg Bradens Music from the Divine Matrix CD 1103019   $ 30.00
Product Image Gregg Braden's Music from the Divine Matrix: Opening the Heart Healing the Soul: Gregg Braden has found that the right music can serve as a vehicle to accessing our deepest emotions-bypassing the thinking mind and resonating directly with the heart. With "Gregg Braden's Music from the Divine Matrix", he presents a collection of his favorite music for helping us access the cosmic field of heart intelligence that he calls the "Divine Matrix." Featuring some of the most popular selections from his live events, here is an offering of cross-cultural rhythms, soaring melodies, and world grooves to help you tune in to the frequency of the universal consciousness.
Gregg Braden
Guardian Spirit CD 6100049   $ 35.00
Product Image Medwyn's exploration to find the power within the Native American Spirit, takes us along a rhythmic, mystical journey in search of our own Guardian Spirit. As with a true Guardian, the music'’s own enormous power is delivered with the gentlest touch of pure love.
Medwyn Goodall
Guiding Light CD 1211043   $ 32.00
Product Image "This music is ideal for meditation and healing." Jacky Newcomb - author of An Angel Treasury We have known times we might call dark times. And moments where our lives seem to have been touched by the Light. I think we all have our own ideas as to what the Light means – whether it be inspiration, love, faith, or a feeling of heightened spirituality. This music represents a journey towards the Light. "Guiding Light" is one seamless uninterrupted piece of music, making it ideal for meditation or healing. For ease of navigation there are track markers created at certain events in the music - Chris Conway.
Chris Conway
Gypsy Grooves CD 1303011   $ 28.00
Product Image Spark Your Gypsy Passion. The sand, the stars, the longing voice and moving rhythms of a Spanish guitar?If you're in the mood to awaken the soul-searching vagabond within, "Gypsy Grooves" will satisfy. Priyo takes us into an organic, "roots-trance" dreamscape of flamenco-infused guitar and a sultry blend of textures and rhythms for moving, grooving, or just relaxing. The eternal, searching spirit of the gypsy - passionate and free - burns within all of us. With "Gypsy Grooves", Priyo gets it going with quiet intensity, moving us into our bodies, our senses, and the mysterious, secret spaces within.Priyo is a multi-instrumental musician and a lifelong explorer of the traditions and frontiers of music. Born in Sicily of opera singer parents, he is best known as a visionary of the underground yoga-dance scene and founder of the groups 'One at Last' and 'Gypsy Moon'. His music energizes and elevates dance clubs and yoga studios alike across Hawaii, Australia, and the West Coast.
Hafiz - The Scent of Light CD 1103020   $ 28.00
Product Image Poetry and Music from the Great Sufi Master and Poet In modern day Persia, the 14th-century poet Hafiz remains the most treasured voice of his homeland - a place where his work outsells Rumi, and even the Koran. Yet only recently have Westerners come to know this wild Sufi mystic's astonishing verses on love and spiritual longing. Now, with "Hafiz: The Scent of Light", you will join Daniel Ladinsky — the acclaimed translator of The Gift — to revel in more than 30 of Hafiz' most stirring works. Offered here in the manner that Hafiz composed them, spoken or sung spontaneously amid companions and inspired music, each of these exquisite love songs (ghazals) shimmers with a nuance, depth, and passion rarely captured in previous translations. Hafiz once said: "A poet is someone who can pour light into a cup, then raise it to nourish your beautiful parched holy mouth." From his vision of an all-embracing Beloved who sees beyond our religious beliefs to his revelations on the oneness of worldly ecstasy and spiritual awakening, Hafiz continues to pour the light of his poetry forth today. Music composed and performed by Stevin McNamara (sitar and nylon string guitar), with special guest artists/composers Steve Gorn (bansuri flute), Jeffrey Rodgers (tabla, santoor, ethnic drums, percussion), Annette Cantor (vocals), Pandit S.N. Sopori (drupad/khyal/tarana singing), Bhushan Sopori (tabla), and Aurelia Roze (violin). Read by Nataraja Kallio
Daniel Ladinsky
Half Lazy Half Crazy CD 8090044   $ 36.00
Product Image Oka’s fourth studio album is a mixture of live beats, didgeridoo, world percussion, woodwinds and slide guitar; an explosive fusion of organic world sounds and modern electronica.
Healing Sound Journey CD 1108013   $ 33.00
Product Image Terry and Soraya travel the world giving concerts and offering various workshops. One of these workshops is called a Healing Sound Journey, guests are invited to lie down or sit comfortably, close their eyes, relax and listen, experiencing directly the vibration of the music in a space of deep peace and relaxation. In this beautiful space many people have reported they have come home to themselves and feel much more present and alive following the session. With this album we invite you to go on your own Healing Sound Journey.
Terry Oldfield and Soraya Saraswati
Hopes & Dreams CD 1005029   $ 34.00
Product Image Hopes & Dreams is an exquisite musical odyssey. Lisa's Celtic harp is in it's finest form on this heartwarming collection of all new, original music. Lisa Lynne is the musician-in-residence at the City of Hope National Medical Center, where she created this music during her intimate interactions with people on their healing and spiritual journeys. Celtic harp, enhanced with world flutes and an assortment of rich acoustic instruments, created an otherworldly experience... a nourishment for the soul.
Lisa Lynne
Hudson River Wind Meditations CD 8010001   $ 32.00
Product Image Lou Reed’s fans have learned to expect the unexpected,but his latest work may still come as a surprise. After four decades in the rock spotlight,Lou Reed has turned his attention to the world of meditation music,inviting listeners on a relaxing journey to the hidden territory of his inner landscape. With Hudson River Wind Meditations, the iconic "art rocker' presents his first album created specifically for quiet contemplation.
Lou Reed
I have a Feeling I have been here Before CD 8090277   $ 32.00
Product Image Jan sings some of her Jazz ballad favorites with master guitarist Jeff Linsky. Earl Klugh on Jeff Linsky: "Jeff is one of my favorite players. He has it all.." Songs include My Romance, Interlude, In a Sentimental mood, and 9 more. The full album contains 12 songs... Jan at her best!
Jan Tober
Roberts Latest
Infinite Essence of life CD 1002009   $ 36.00
Product Image ROBERTS LATEST..Become Your Dream ..... Then you are the Master - As I wrote this Music, my aim was to create a soundtrack that would guide the listener in crossing the bridge of consciousness into infinity .... a place where one can experience the essence of life, the source of all that it. Robert Haig Coxon.. Track 1, ...essence of Kryon, 2. The beginning, 3 Divine Secrets, 4 Reverence. 5 The Bridge. 6 The Family. 7 Serenity. 8 Life
Robert Haig Coxon
Initiation CD 8090278   $ 44.00
Product Image REVIEW:as the basis for an embodied spiritual practice? Wow! It's hard to beat. I open up with flowing, connecting with Goddess, connecting with Earth, connecting with Ancestors, connecting with Spirit, connecting with Heart. I let my body move in flowing motions, softly, gently, slowly opening, encompassing more and more. Moving on to stacatto, I move into a new energy space. Man, the toolmaker, not simply flowing with the current, but carving out a life. My energy level is rising. Into this movement I pour my plans, my goals, all that I would control.
Gabriel Roth
Inside the Dragons Lair Cd 8090166   $ 24.00
Product Image Tracks include List You Are a Knight Riding in From the Forest and Into the Castle's Courtyard. Opening a Large Wooden Door In the Near Distance You Open the Gate Into the Garden Opening a Heavy Studded Door Wooden Door Opens A You Continue Your Quest Ever Present Yet Never Seen Cave, An At the End of the Caves Daylight Reveals a Little Explored Magic Forest Lure of an Angelic Voice, The Spells Gather Into an Unearthly Vortex of Energy, The At the Edge of the Forest A CD of adventure
Melvyn Ching Studios
In the Key of Earth 7110035   $ 32.00
Product Image I N THE KEY OF EARTH is a musical celebration of our planet as a living organism, with its pulse, breath, rhythms, and cycles. In this ambient recording, sound healer Marjorie de Muynck bends and reinvents the boundaries between sound and music through seldom-heard harmonics created with acoustic instruments—all supported by the primordial Earth tone of Ohm, a scientifically calculated frequency that matches the elliptical path of our planet as it orbits the sun. The effect is symphonic and inspirational, evoking the macrocosm and the forces of creation.
Majorie de Muynck
In Unity CD 8090164   $ 32.00
Product Image There is magic and mystery in the alchemy of Tim Wheater's bittersweet soulful flute playing and David Lord's achingly beautiful strings. The sounds they create together stir the deepest feelings of the human spirit and aspire to the heights of celestial awakening. Their exquistely masterful music inspires a sense of serenity, healing and peace.
Tim Wheater
Invoking The Muse CD 1101018   $ 35.00
Product Image Invoking the Muse: A Landscape of Haunting Melodies and Mesmerizing Layers: In her most inspired recording to date, Layne Redmond offers "Invoking the Muse", a landscape of haunting melodies and mesmerizing layers of rhythm and harmony dedicated to the power of the Muse. While researching the ancient music of Greece, Layne Redmond Drum! magazine's 2002 Percussionist of the Year discovered the searingly beautiful 'Hymn to the Muse' written in 157 AD, and was inspired to create a musical tribute to each of the Nine Muses. Some of the most renowned names in world music, jazz, and Medieval chant join Layne Redmond on this stunning collection including Laurel Mass, co-founder of the Grammy award-winning Manhattan Transfer; Ruth Cunningham, who performed as a member of Anonymous 4 for ten years; Steve Gorn, whose flute opens Paul Simon's recent album; and master percussionist, arranger, and producer Tommy Brunjes. The Muses taught the use of intuition and prophecy as a way to self-knowledge, a knowledge that is gained through self-induced trance, meditation, singing, and dreaming. Now,on "Invoking the Muse", you will hear the echoes of the Muses themselves in these powerful sacred hymns that are sure to open the heart and invite transformation.
Layne Redmond
Journey into Space CD 1305004   $ 33.00
Product Image "Journey into Space" may conjure up all manner of imagery. For Terry, "Journey into Space" is about the path that we are all on towards the inner light, seeking that potential within all of us. Out of space, in every sense of the word, comes all creation. He goes on to say: "This musical journey was not planned as such - each track unfolded as a reflection of each day". Instruments: Guitar, -Bansuri Flute, Keyboards, Vocals
Terry Oldfield featuring Mike Oldfield
Journey to you Dreams (CD) 1011038   $ 37.00
Product Image This CD is separated into four parts - the music is to facilitate dreaming for the unconscious mind. The first part is to allow the body to relax, this is important as the mind and body are so closely linked. Imagine a hand shaped cloud firmly and gently holding your body, allow the muscles in your body to relax onto the cloud, which will hold and protect you, as the body relaxes so the mind can relax too. The second part is a gentle rising as if you are being carried to the land of dreams, gently the "cloud hand" carries you higher and higher to the place of dreams. This is about disassociating yourself from the day to rise above the "tittle tattle" of the day and go to a higher state of awareness. The Third part is travelling in this elevated position allowing a "landscape" of life to unfold below you the ability to absorb any relevant or forgotten memories that may wish to present themselves to you. The final part is the "Sanctuary" where you can dream, allow the gifts of inner wisdom to cascade over, like mists spilling from the grail cup and seeping into your inner consciousness. Allowing you to be more aware on a deeper level of your inner resources and wisdom.
Joy Joy Joy CD 8100026   $ 45.00
Product Image These 23 uplifting songs will put you in touch with easy-to-remember concepts and processes inspired by dialogues with "Abraham," a group of evolved teachers who deliver an inspirational message of joy and well-being through Esther Hicks. As you "listen," allow your well-being to flow up the emotional scale by "Looking" for positive "aspects," "Making" the best of "everything," and "Making" peace with where you "are." It is never too late to say "I" can begin "again." Dawn breaks more beautifully after adversity.
Esther and Jerry Hicks
Kabbalah Kirtan CD 8080039   $ 34.00
Product Image HEBREW KIRTAN CALLING TO THE DIVINE Hebrew or Kabbalistic Kirtan is a new expression of Jewish spirituality, offering to everyone what was once reserved for mystics alone: a direct experience of the presence of God. Hebrew Kirtan is the intense devotional chanting of Hebrew texts, and the Names of God found in the Jewish tradition. The simplicity of the words, and the hypnotic energy of the music transforms Kabbalistic Kirtan into a broad highway to Heaven open to men and women regardless of their level of Hebrew fluency and religious training and background. Hebrew Kirtan is the practice of calling out to God. As the intensity of our calling grows, we enter into a vibrational harmony with God. We are enveloped in a mysical union marked by deep joy and even ecstasy, expressing a sense of Oneness and unity with all in All.
Kamadeva CD 9070005   $ 28.00
Product Image Embrace life and swim in the bliss of the Indian god of love. A magnificent companion to Guy's previous 'Gaya of Wisdom'. Vibrant, passionate and full of melodic warmth with gentle rhythm.
Guy Sweens
King Arthur ( 3 CD ) 8060017   $ 64.00
Product Image A specially re-mastered 3 CD boxset containing the best-loved tracks from the Arthurian series. This music remains as fresh as the day it was first recorded. Uplifting, powerful, emotional, beautiful. Wonderfully covers the entire King Arthur legend. An ideal gift and collectors set. Main instruments: Dulcimer, Flutes, Cello, Fiddle, Guitars, Mandolin, Keyboards.
Medwyn Goodall
Koyasan Reiki Sound Healing CD 9080022   $ 33.00
Product Image Deuter puts his entire palette of musical abilities on display on Koyasan. This CD incorporates a global mixture of instruments, including the Chinese erhu, Japanese shakuhachi flute, East Indian tamboura and Tibetan bowls, as well as shimmering keyboard textures. Deuter takes the listener on a serene, mystical voyage through a variety of peaceful soundscapes with a relaxed and soothing pace. The music is soothing, contemplative and intimate.
Land of Hopes and Dreams DVD 7010012   $ 62.00
Product Image Mike Rowland’s warm and magical music inspires images of nature in its most beautiful form: cascading water, the sunset, serene landscapes that harbour harmony and stretch beyond a hopeful horizon. The wonderful imagery on this DVD complements Mike Rowland’s rich music. It doesn’t limit your dreams or the magical world summoned by the music.
Mike Rowlands
Law of Attraction Directly From Source (CD) 9010008   $ 36.00
Product Image Through the magical projection of high-vibration music, Law of Attraction Directly from Source will powerfully and playfully immerse you in the progressive stream of thought and the highly practical wisdom of The Teachings of Abraham. Each track features Leading Edge electronically influenced music that has been woven around the empowering and upbeat voice of Esther as she speaks for Abraham—a Non-Physical group of highly evolved teachers. So just relax and listen quietly, or crank it all the way up as you move and groove with your own vibrational being. Either way, prepare yourself for a sonic ride on the soothing—yet soul-stirring—audio stream of Well-Being.
Esther and Jerry Hicks
Legend of Ganesha CD 9070006   $ 28.00
Product Image Guy Sweens completes his trilogy based on the legends and spirituality of India, which he commenced with GAYA OF WISDOM, which was the story of Buddha; and then continued with KAMADEVA. This third and final instalment is perhaps his best yet with guest performers Medwyn Goodall on Guitar and Sangit OM on flutes. Full of life, rhythm and bursting with melody, anyone who enjoyed Gaya or Kamadeva will love this.
Guy Sweens
Le Spa Sonique CD 9030060   $ 32.00
Product Image Welcome to Le Spa Sonique where you can treat yourself to luxurious relaxation anytime. Indulge your senses in these blissfully smooth grooves that are both relaxing and hip. Master of mood, renowned composer Jens Gad, who has worked for more than 10 years with multi-platinum group ENIGMA and visionary of ACHILLEA brings you this sublimely soothing set of sophisticated lounge music with a distinctly sensuous European flare. From his state-of-the-art studio in Ibiza Spain, Jens Gad has created an entrancing new sound where healing ambient textures combine with hypnotic modern rhythms. Let yourself escape fully into this magically serene music where you will experience your very own personal spa retreat. Here, in this exclusive spot, far from the demands of day to day life, you can ease your mind and let your spirit fly. Le Spa Sonique is chill-out music for the to live by - it's the ideal soundtrack for dining, yoga, intimate nights or just relaxing at home.
Jens Gad
Light and Spirit CD 9090028   $ 32.00
Product Image Utilizing the cello, nyckelharpa, sarangi, harmonium and percussion, classically trained musician Hans Christian, of the duo RASA, performs a range of emotive renaissance compositions originally written by composers from France, England, Ireland, the Netherlands and Germany. These pieces reach directly into the emotional realm, bypassing constraints of time or culture; they are serene, joyful and elegant.
Hans Christian
Mantralove CD 1312005   $ 30.00
Product Image The Cosmic Dance of the Divine Feminine and Masculine Merge in Ecstatic Chant Deva Premal and Miten have inspired millions of listeners with the power of devotional chant and music. With "MantraLove", they offer an uplifting new collection of songs in celebration of universal love. Calming, ecstatic, and uplifting, Deva and Miten's luminous voices evoke here the union of the divine masculine and feminine that connects us to one another and creates wholeness. Here, the duo awakens within us the great cosmic dance to open our hearts, enter the depths of the ecstatic divine, and let the energy flow. Contains previously released tracks.Deva Premal and Miten have released 14 albums together, including Into Silence, The Essence, Password, Love is Space, Embrace, Songs for the Inner Lover, Soul in Wonder, and Dakshina. Deva is known worldwide for her serene, sacred chants and their power to draw listeners into the space of universal love and consciousness. Miten has composed, guided, and overseen their musical adventures for the past 20 years, creating his own brand of spiritual self-penned songs and uplifting production values which he lovingly applies to all their recordings.
Deva Premal and Miten
Mediterranean Islands Spiritual Journeys of the World CD 1211009   $ 32.00
Product Image If youre looking for music that will take you away to exotic faraway places in the warm sun then this album is for you. Calming and relaxing.Andreas perfectly captures the romantic imagery of the sun-drenched terrace overlooking the Mediterranean, the white sandy beach,the sweet fragrance of flowers, and the hammock softly rocking in the balmy breeze. Andreas also has a wonderful ear for melody and his gentle guitar playing is a style all of his own. Enjoy the journey.
Mediterranea: Songs From the Mediterranean: (CD) 1102010   $ 35.00
Product Image From the fertile landscape of the Mediterranean rim comes this evocative new offering of songs from Savina Yannatou, one of the region's most stellar voices today. Yannatou has already been hailed throughout Europe for her ability to enrapture audiences with the ancient tonal textures and unheard local dialects of the Mediterranean world. Now, on 'Mediterranea', Savina Yannatou joins forces with the acclaimed Primavera en Salonico ensemble to offer this shimmering mosaic of ethereal voice and rhythm from the nearly-lost song traditions of Greece, Tunisia, Sicily, Corsica, Albania, the Holy Land and more. With toumbeleki, bendir, tambourine, daoul, kanonaki, viola, nay, oud, tamboura, recorder, guitar, violin, and double bass.
Savina Yannatou
Messages from God CD 9030191   $ 45.00
Product Image Messages from God Narrated by "Phoenix" Lynn S. Marks Celestial Music by Gerald Jay Markoe A blend of 365 divine inspirational messages with magical celestial music. "Messages from God" works while you are asleep or awake on the soul level transforming your consciousness. This CD is something different, wonderful and original. The music by Gerald Jay Markoe radiates love, peace, and harmony. It features classical orchestral elements, angelic voices, monks choir and celestial background textures. Divine inspirational messages channeled through Phoenix, who is a pioneer in the field of coaching people in both business and spiritual matters. Phoenix is also a spirit guide, intuitive advisor, and the author of the acclaimed book "Messages from God."
Gerald Jay Markoe
Michangelo Tarot Deck 1208005 Cards  $ 42.00
Product Image These images, rendered in Michelangelo’s classic style, show the human soul’s driving desire for transcendence and thus help us all on our quest for transformation. On each card, figures strive and reach, alive with an inner tension, a physical representation of spiritual yearning. Revered as a divine genius even in his own lifetime, Michelangelo is unquestionably one of thegreatest artists of all time. Honoring the master of the Italian Renaissance, the Michelangelo Tarot Deck cleverly enshrines his signature work into a tarot paradigm. David, the Madonna, and other familiar faces from Michelangelo’s iconic masterpieces come to life in unique andcompelling ways. This inspiring tarot, lightly tied to Rider-Waite-Smith structure, can be usedto deepen your faith, solve spiritual conflicts, make moral decisions, and embark on your own personal renaissance. 78 cards and instruction booklet.
Lo Scarabeo
Monsoon Point Cd 8010018   $ 32.00
Product Image The combined effect of ancient dhrupad singing with Al Gromer Khan’s ambient soundscapes is as stunning as it is unique. Monsoon Point is a jewel of the ambient genre!
Al Gromer Khan
Moon Goddess CD 8010019   $ 32.00
Product Image Revered for millennia for her beauty and nurturing power, the magnificent spirit of the Moon Goddess is re-awakened in captivating splendour. Medwyn combines deep and ancient sounds with his acclaimed instrumentation and beguiling special effects, to weave a stunning and irresistible spell of unsurpassed pleasure and enchantment.
Medwyn Goodall
More Than Music (Book & CD) 8080073   $ 64.00
Product Image A beautifully produced photo biography book about Deva Premal and Miten, and a compilation CD. The 56-page CD-sized book in English and German tells the story of Deva Premal and Miten's life together in their own words, along with many original photos. Also included is a great CD with over 70 minutes of music featuring ten classic tracks from their best-selling albums, including a brand new, previously unreleased remix of Hari Om Shiva Om by top American World Music DJ, Cheb i Sabbah.
Deva Premal & Miten
Music as Medicine CD 1011018   $ 28.00
Product Image Ancient Tibetan teachings tell us that merely seeing an image of the Medicine Buddha or even hearing his name holds the power to heal. Now,acclaimed musician and former Buddhist monk Nawang Khechog invokes the blessings of this potent deity on his new recording,Music As Medicine. Nawang is one of the few Tibetan musicians today who has received the blessing transmission of these teachings and shares them here with the outside world as a catalyst for transformation. On this all-new album,premier native American musician R. Carlos Nakai joins Nawang Khechog as a special guest artist to create a cross-cultural apothecary of soothing melodies and healing chants to infuse this universal energy within anyone who listens. With Tibetan flute,long horn,and overtone chanting; native American flute and drum; universal horn; and calming chants to restore balance and health.
Nawang Khechok and R Carlos Nakai
Music from the Pleiades Cd 8090281   $ 45.00
Product Image The Pleiades are an extraordinarily beautiful and brilliant star cluster in the constellation of Taurus. I have a large picture of them in my recording studio, and sometimes when I look at a this picture, I am inspired to compose a style of music, which is very different from the music I usually compose, and very different from anything I have ever heard before. This album is a collection of those pieces. The Pleiades are the subject of many legends and stories of a positive and beautiful nature, and were held sacred by almost every ancient culture. An interesting example of this is the Torajas, a primitive tribe in Indonesia, who still build saucer shaped templates in remembrance of their ancestors who (according to legend) came from the stars called Pleiades, in saucer shaped ships a very long time ago. Numerous reports of extraterrestrial encounters from different parts of the world include the information that the space beings indicate the Pleiades as their place of origin. I can't claim any extraterrestrial contact with the Pleiades, but the beauty of this star cluster and the legends about it by the Egyptians, Greeks, Aztecs, Incas and American Indians have touched me deeply in an inner way. For some unexplainable reason many of us feel a special kind of connection with the Pleiades. Perhaps as so many of the legends say we are the descendants of Pleiades Cosmonauts who settled here aeons ago, before the dawn of history. I certainly can't say for sure one way or the other, but I do know that I love the Pleiades, and that my "contact" with them (through the picture in my studio, seeing them in the sky, and reading ancient legends about them) inspired this album.
Gerald Jay Markoe
Mystical Ireland 3 Cd Gift Edition 8090172   $ 70.00
Product Image Gaelic soprano Noirin Ni Riain and the monks of Glenstal Abbey have evoked worldwide acclaim for their authentic recreations of the medieval liturgy's choral masterworks. "Mystical Ireland" offers for the first time in one collector's set Noirin's most memorable hymns, laments, carols and prayers, accompanied by the uplifting voices of the Benedictine monks of Glenstal Abbey. The set includes 49 traditional songs, in Gaelic, Latin and English. With pipe organ, tin whistle and harmonium.
Noirin Ni Riain
Mystic Angel CD 9110005   $ 36.00
Product Image Piano, strings and orchestrated instrumentation awaken a stilling, reassuring, joyful tranquility. Perhaps Mike Rowland's purest most inspired composition, Mystic Angel reveals a timeless, sensitive attunement that lingers in one's emotions with a serene delight. A magnificent creation, unsurpassed in its beauty and refreshing optimism.
Mike Rowland
Mystique CD 1207010   $ 30.00
Product Image An exotic blend of instruments against a seductive backdrop of spaceous synthesizers and atmospheric effects invites you into the enticing world of Mystique. Let the slow gentle rhythms relax your body and mind as you drift into another world a world of beauty, inner calm and personal sanctuary. Instruments include Guitar, Dulcimer, Tibetan Bowls, Gong, Shamanic Drum, and Synthezizers.
Nada Himalaya - Music for Meditation CD 1003021   $ 32.00
Product Image From one of the masters of New Age meditation music comes this album, produced entirely with Tibetan bells, singing bowls, chimes and the natural sounds of a mountain stream. The simple tones of Nada Himalaya channel the rampaging stream of consciousness into the melody of a gentle brook Meant to be used as "active" meditation or as a soft background after a hard day's work.
Nalu - Surf Rider - Shakuhachi with Harp CD 1305075   $ 37.00
Product Image Japanese Shakuhachi, Paraguayan and Celtic HarpsThe marriage of the Japanese Shakuhachi, and Paraguayan and Celtic Harps embraces opposite cultures and creates a unique and beautiful musical recording. Also featuring ocean sounds, this fantastic album comes highly recommended by all at New World Music. A must have!Suitable for: Healing, relaxation, meditation, pure listening pleasure
Riley Lee with Andy Rigby / Harp
Natural Sounds of Dolphins CD 8030014   $ 28.00
Product Image The purity of Nature captured on CD for your enjoyment. Pristine Nature recording in real time, perfect for relaxation and pleasant ambience. approximately an hour long.
Medwyn Goodall
Natural Sounds of Morning Birdsong CD 8010020   $ 27.00
Product Image The purity of Nature captured on CD for your enjoyment. Pristine Nature recording in real time, perfect for relaxation and pleasant ambience. approximately an hour long.
Medwyn Goodall
Natural Sounds of Thunderstorms CD 7050032   $ 27.00
Product Image The purity of Nature captured on CD for your enjoyment. Pristine Nature recording in real time, perfect for relaxation and pleasant ambience. approximately an hour long.
Medwyn Goodall
Natural Sounds of Woodland Walk CD 8060018   $ 27.00
Product Image The purity of Nature captured on CD for your enjoyment. Pristine Nature recording in real time, perfect for relaxation and pleasant ambience. approximately an hour long.
Medwyn Goodall
Natural Sounds with Music - Healing River CD 1211036   $ 32.00
Product Image This recording features 2 tracks:1 x 30 minutes of a gently flowing river1 x 30 minutes of a gently flower river carefully mixed in and out with calming relaxation music composed and performed by Llewellyn.Total Running time: 60 mins
Natural Sounds with Music - Healing Sea CD 1211037   $ 32.00
Product Image Recorded close to Llewellyns home in Ceredigion, Wales.This recording features 2 tracks: 1 x 37 minutes of waves gently breaking upon the shore and 1 x 37 minutes of gentle waves carefully mixed in and out with calming relaxation music composed and performed by Llewellyn.Total Running time: 74 mins
Nature Angels CD 1211044   $ 32.00
Product Image People who love and care for animals have often been described as Nature Angels. Like Faeries - also known as Nature Angels - they have a mission to protect the Earth and Nature. Inspired by those special passionate people, Andreas has created a beautiful healing album celebrating the Goddess protection of nature and beauty. Set against a backdrop of natural woodland sounds it features soft acoustic guitars and subtle flutters of flutes and strings. "Nature Angels" is refreshingly light and summery with immediate melodies and lovely chimes and sparkles. IDEAL FOR THERAPISTS WISHING TO CREATE THE PERFECT RELAXING ENVIRONMENT FOR THEIR CLIENTS.
NatureSpace CD 1001056   $ 22.00
Product Image NatureSpace, an award winning album of multi-layered instrumental acoustic music, invites the listener to enter a space of inspirational relaxation a magical musical experience of joyous sensitivity. The richly orchestrated, majestic music of NatureSpace features Sambodhi Prem's guitar, the violin of Don V Lax, piano and the sounds of the New Zealand Bellbird and Tui. Mirroring the flow of nature into sound, Sambodhi Prem elegantly combines his reflective, improvisational guitar melodies with an array of ambient textures and rhythms.
Sambodhi Prem
Nesting of the cranes Shakuhachi Duet CD 1011029   $ 38.00
Product Image A Shakuhachi (Japanese Bamboo Flute) duet with Andrew MacGregor. The distinct and haunting sounds of the Shakuhachi drift and entwine on this truly unique and wonderful album, helping to ease and calm our minds. Suitable for healing & relaxation.
Riley Lee & Marshall McGuire
Notes from Home Himalayan Folk Tunes CD 1001029   $ 32.00
Product Image A lively and lilting combination of Himalayan instruments: bamboo flute, the violin-like sarangi, and Nepalese two-headed drums accompanied by acoustic guitar. Flautist Manose's arrangements of these traditional tunes are at once cheerful and nostalgic.
Oceans of Mercy CD 9030144   $ 32.00
Product Image Immerse yourself in the blissful divine love of ancient mantras and the Sacred Names. Acclaimed vocalist Jaya Lakshami (Lost at Last) is joined by Deva Pryio (Lost at Last) on Flaminco guitar and Sarod, and Daniel Paul on Tabla. Lakshami’s sweet, soulful voice is filled with true heart that graces these devotional Sanskrit chants and hypnotic ambient grooves. This incredibly radiant music is perfect for yoga, the healing arts, or for dancing with the joy of being alive! Her blissful blend of Sanskrit chant, flemenco quitar, sarod and ambient grooves will comfort your heart and free your soul.
Jaya Lakshmi
Offering CD 1305060   $ 33.00
Product Image "The Offering; Epiphanies and Prayer Flags" begins with a few relatively upbeat songs then winds down into more prayerful, introspective ballads about our relationship to ourselves, our planet and the cosmos. These messages of hope and healing are tenderly accompanied by cello, flute, keyboards, violin, piano, bass, tabla and percussion.55 minutes of some of the most healing music you're ever likely to hear. The stories she tells, and the pictures she paints, will have the thoughtful listener in tears as hearts open and the floodgates of emotion come pouring through. Uplifting, profoundly moving, these songs Will become friends... Devotional singing on the most exalted of levels."
OM 2 CD 9070024   $ 30.00
Product Image Following in the footsteps of the 2007 best seller, many of the MG Music artists return to produce this amazing sequel. Each artist submits a track representing "OM" with Medwyn Goodall performing Guitar and Aroshanti on Flutes. This is another exceptionally rare event in the history of new age music where so many artist collaborate with each other on new music.
Medwyn Goodall & Aroshanti
OM CD 7050011   $ 27.00
Product Image MEDWYN and TERRY OLDFIELD have joined forces for the first time ever to perform together. Almost all of the MG Music artists were invited to guest feature on the album making it an unprecedented event in new age music. Recorded in 11 recording studio's across the world including Australia, England, Sweden, Poland, and the Czech Republic, never before has there been such a gathering of artists composing and performing original material together on an album. It has been an incredible technical and musical journey. Each track features one guest artist with Medwyn perfoming on Guitar and Terry on Flute, each piece of music being the guest artists interpretation of OM. Guest artists include - Threefold, Neil H, Roland Sante, Guy Sweens, Simon Lovelock, Stephen Page, Paul Lawler, and Karl Maddison. OM goes way beyond what was expected or anticipated, what has emerged is a performance of sheer beauty and incredible expression. For anyone who enjoys new age music this is a rare event not to be missed.
Medwyn Goodall
Oneness CD 9030064   $ 32.00
Product Image Experience the perfect peace and profound relaxation of deep meditation. This soothing musical soundtrack of floating ethereal sounds gently guides you into an extremely pleasurable altered state. To further deepen this euphoria, sounds which have been used for thousands of years to induce a meditative state were also used, including Tibetan temple bells, Chinese wind chimes, Indian tamboura and silver flute. The result is a potent tool for meditation, visualization and massage. Great for brain-machines, floatation tanks, and any time you need powerful and effective meditation music.
David & Steve Gordon
One Talk - CD 9020004   $ 36.00
Product Image If you are from the same family, village, province, region, country or just plain friend ... you are my wantok (onetalk). One heart, one love, one talk ... this is the essence of what onetalk means in Torres Strait Island culture. Oka’s music brings musical traditions and cultures together - ancient and modern - black and white. The traditional rhythms and stories of didgeridoo weave throughout pumping electronic beats, vocals, exotic woodwinds and world percussion - a unique fusion of organic world sounds and electronic music like no other. This particular album springs from the title (Onetalk). In the island areas north of Australia and Papua New Guinea there are hundreds of distinct languages which make communication across tribal boundaries very hard. If we can speak together we are family, kin or friends - we are onetalk. This music is designed to cross all barriers.
Orcas Trance CD 1012009   $ 37.00
Product Image 'Orca's Trance' is a beautiful 52-minute soundtrack that guides you on a soft yet profound inner journey of deep relaxation and self-healing. It is highly therapeutic, infusing your environment with powerful vibrations of love and peace. Artfully combining mystical piano-scapes with trance-inducing Didgeridoo, Crystal Bowls, Love Flute and nature sounds, this composition was created with the intention of aiding in the awakening and expanding of human consciousness. TRACKLISTING: 1. San Juan Rain (7:35) 2. Green River Gorge (12:32) 3. Orca's Trance (11:40) 4. Claire de Loon (7:59) 5. Thunder's Bridge (12:08)
Harmonic Awareness
Pagan Dawn CD 8030013   $ 32.00
Product Image A collection of tracks taken from many of the best selling albums that featured pagan, Mayan, culturual, Native american, Celtic themes. A themed best of collection.
Medwyn Goodall
Pamanyungan CD 7040059   $ 30.00
Product Image This deeply meditative CD (voted album of the year by the Queensland recording association) is a powerful blend of ethnic and sometimes tribal rhythms drumming out the heartbeat of the earth. Overlaid by Prem Ayliah's extraordinary and divine vocals awakening a deep connection within, warm deep keys, soaring guitar melodies, and Jethro's exquisite flute courses over the top of the warm, ambient background allowing you to dive deep into the core of your ancient being and remember your true divine nature.
Sacred Earth
Paradise Cafe CD 1211038   $ 32.00
Product Image Imagine sitting on an exotic sun drenched terracesurrounded by the soft sound of gently breaking waves.Nothing to do except relax.Paradise Cafe is a relaxing and refreshing summery album by award winning recording artist Andreas. Produced inthe style of Cafe Del Mar and the Buddha Bar, Paradise Cafe creates the perfect mood for chilling with family and friends. Also ideal for spas, healing centres, nail bars therapists or wellness centres looking to create the ideal chilled atmosphere.
Paradise Chillout CD 1211039   $ 32.00
Product Image Paradise Chillout is a specially compiled album by chillout producer Helios.In the style of Cafe Del Mar, Paradise Chillout is relaxing and fresh.It is ideal for spas, healing centres, nail bars, therapists, and essentially for those at home looking for a contemporary relaxing groove to create the perfect chilled atmosphere.
Specially mixed and produced by Helios
Password CD 1111035   $ 30.00
Product Image Deva's enchanting new CD, "Password", was created with Miten and Manose at the end of their 2010 world tour, and marks an exciting new direction in their unique blending of East and West, embedding the extraordinary energy carried by ancient mantras into a rich fusion of sound and silence. Deva's golden voice, guided by Miten and The Essence producer Rishi, glides through shining soundscapes created by some of the best young jazz musicians in Europe, offering beautiful invitations to return home to our hearts. As Deva notes, "Mantras are passwords that transform the mundane into the sacred."
Deva Premal
Peaceful Evening CD 9030243   $ 32.00
Product Image This soothing music surrounds you with the deeply calming moods of a perfect sunset. You experience the warm, quiet feeling of a grand piano, acoustic guitars, and the wooden flute along with the sounds of early evening in the country. The music and nature sounds transport you to magical places of serenity under painted twilight skies. As you listen, the music brings the quiet majesty and healing relaxation of nature's most cherished moments into your life. The New Age Music and Nature Music classic!
David & Steve Gordon
Peru CD 1104093   $ 37.00
Product Image Reflecting the beautiful, natural multiple layers of the Peruvian Andres and its peoples rich cultural traditions.
Patricia Spero
Prayer to the Mystery 1 CD 1003026   $ 34.00
Product Image Listen closely and the ancient rhythms present in Prayer to the Mystery will sweep you across time, painting a clear landscape once dominated by the indigenous people of North America. Little Wolf's unparalleled combination of traditional Native American flutes, drums and beats with state of the art electronics makes this album truly unique and groundbreaking within the new native music genre. Intoxicating and full of life, this album reaches deep into your soul connecting you with the native spirit that flows through all.
Little Wolf
Prelude to Infinity CD 7020008   $ 36.00
Product Image Such profound melodies....guiding the listener to the source of all beauty. Think healing!" Lee Carroll, Author, The Kryon Books Robert shows us his great mastery of composition and orchestration through strong melody lines, lush orchestral strings and heavenly choir backgrounds. He also shows us true artistic talent with some very sensitive acoustic piano passages. It provides a magical setting for the listener to transcend time and space, and therefore experience infinite beauty and harmony. Nominated for the GALA Award (Robert's fourth nomination)
Robert Haig Coxon
Promise of Angels 7050066   $ 29.00
Product Image Heavenly and celestial. Soft choirs, harp and piano bath you in a gentle enchantment. Midori returns to us after a 6 year break with this wonderful release.
Promise of Faeries CD 7050067   $ 28.00
Product Image A delicate, beautiful CD full of harps, Piano, magic and enchantment!
Pulse where the rhyhm begins CD 1104094   $ 25.00
Product Image Great Music ****
Brent Lewis
Pure Ganesh CD 1105006   $ 38.00
Product Image Journeying from intimate to expansive, Pure Ganesh showcases Guru Ganesha Singh's signature guitar work and rich chant vocals. It also features the soaring vocal improvisations of Snatam Kaur. A cross between Dire Straits, Sacred Earth and Deva Premal this album is emotive, relaxing and produced to the highest level. Perfect for relaxation, yoga and therapy.
Guru Ganesha Singh
Pure Spa Metro Tin (3 CDs): Time to Relax 1109003   $ 42.00
Product Image Everyone need some time to relax, to unwind and leave the stresses of the day behind. This collection, containing over three hours of peaceful melodies and calming sounds, will help you to do just that. The three discs have been specifically formulated to help lighten the load and soothe your troubles away. Union Square Music are very proud to present a brand new range of specially packaged releases from the Metro stable. Each of these fabulous titles are packaged in a limited edition collectors tin.
Reiki Flow CD 1011075   $ 33.00
Product Image A perfect album for giving or receiving Reiki: harmonious, balanced, and mellow. Terry Oldfield blends alto and soprano flute, pan pipes, bansuri, and natural sounds into a healing mix.
Terry Oldfield
Reiki Gold (CD) 1011039   $ 37.00
Product Image Reiki Gold is the long awaited new Reiki healing album by International recording artist Llewellyn. Working closely with experienced Reiki Masters, this specially recorded music is ideally timed for treatments, allowing healers and listeners to discover the power and benefits of Reiki healing with a clear and relaxed mind and body. Reiki Students, Reiki Teachers and anyone seeking a healing path, will be inspired by the beautiful healing vibrational sounds that will unfold when playing this CD.
Reiki Hands of Light CD 1003029   $ 32.00
Product Image REIKI is a universal healing energy rediscovered by Mikao Usui at the end of the last century. REIKI is also the term for a gentle system of healing, mostly by the touch of hands. Several methods have been developed by different successors of Mikao Usui. All of them share the realization that a subtle life energy can be activated to promote self-awareness and self-healing of body, mind and soul. REIKI - Hands of Light is a precious gift for all lovers of REIKI, of music and of self-healing.
Reiki Healing Hands CD 1003027   $ 32.00
Product Image Reiki Healing Hands provides music created to support meditation and a spiritual environment. A delicate bell sounds every three minutes to remind practitioners to change hand positions. A bestselling album used by healers of all kinds. Also ideal for trance and meditation.
Anuvida & Nik Tyndall
Reiki Whale Song CD 1001016   $ 35.00
Product Image Healing songs of these gentle giants of the deep echo throughout this newest release from Kamal. The musician blends the sounds of whales with flute and soft synthesizer to create an atmosphere supportive of the healing energies of reiki. Kamal's Inspiration: "The whales travel down the East coast of Australia in September taking their calves from their warm birthplaces to the rich feeding grounds of Antarctic. From the beaches of Byron Bay and the landmark lighthouse, I can watch them blowing off from their breathing holes and occasionally breaching. One morning I dove into the water and heard the strange calls of the whales as if I were swimming right next to them. I was mesmerized and could have stayed under water forever --- floating, relaxing and listening to the songs of whales were singing. Coming out of the water I felt elated and rejuvenated."
Return of the Tiger CD 1111013   $ 34.00
Product Image With Return of the Tiger James Asher harnesses a deep current to create a rhythmic soundscape, rich in world beats, ethnic instruments and global cultural influences. The drumming celebration that started with the ground-breaking album Feet in the Soil continues as Asher returns with this vibrant addition to his world beat repertoire! The great drum master has surpassed himself and managed to surprise us all exploring new musical territory where no one one has ventured before, bringing us new sounds and eliciting strong emotions. “Return of the Tiger features energy, celebration, dramatic visual scenarios and mystic rites of passage. Unifying these 10 tracks is the all encompassing power of drums, engaging the listener into a hypnotic world of rhythmic trance, finding colorful variations and atmospheric imagery expertly crafted as only Asher can. The spiritual force, emotional depth and intensity of the adventure makes for a dynamic listening experience, inviting a transformational kind of bliss.”
James Asher
Running Wild CD 7040069   $ 32.00
Product Image A beautiful, uplifting album. Caitlin's gentle voice is enhanced by her unique piano playing, keyboards and guitar. Her sensitive lyrics are inspired by remote wilderness as she travelled for many years on horseback exploring the beauty and spirit of New Zealand and Britain. Caitlin's first solo album brings a sense of peace to the listener.
Sacred Music from the Seven Stars CD 9030193   $ 38.00
Product Image A relaxing, meditative, melodic blend of new age and classical music Recorded on an "orchestra" of 26 synthesizers in Astromusic's crystal filled, 48 track, digital studio.
Gerald Jay Markoe
Sacred Sounds CD 9030104   $ 32.00
Product Image Experience joy, light, love and healing with vibrtionary sounds channeled by Victoria Hamilton on the Sacred Sounds CD. A gift of deeply profound and divine energy that you'll so want to share. REVIEW: I have just finished listening to your inspiring Sacred Sounds CD - twice! I was very touched by it. Your voice is beautifully unique and projects a distinctive message that really resonates healing. To me, the songs sound like the channelling of a Native American Indian who is crying out for the protection of Mother Earth and as we provide care for her we bring nurturing and healing to ourselves. There is a poignant sadness coming through but an optimism at the same time. You can feel the heart chakra in the singing. My favourite is 'Blessings' but all the songs carry a feeling of wonderment. You can hear the various harmonics in the songs as well as feel the vibrationary levels. What a wonderful, creative way to help others experience peace and light. I also loved reading the Sacred Sounds insert: 'We are part of all if only we knew and understood' - how true!
Victoria HAmilton
Sacred Tree CD 1209048   $ 32.00
Product Image Creative, inspiring, legendary music lovingly produced with Celtic and pagan influences. Gentle, rhythmic and melodic, the perfect music to let your imagination write the story. Music to escape to. 1. Song of the Seasons 8:49 2. The Triple Goddess 9:32 3. Lady of the Forest 9:17 4. The Sacred Tree 9:34 5. Nature Spirits 9:14 6. Waiting for Rain 7:05 7. White Willow 10:00 Total length 60 mins appox.
Jon Richards
Samurai CD 1104115   $ 30.00
Product Image Step into the ancient world of the Samurai, a culture devoted in their pursuit of balance of mind, body, spirit, and perfection. The music is performed on many authentic instruments such as Taiko drums and Shaku flutes which gives the CD a unique Japanese atmosphere, which is both Zen like and soul stirring.
Santa Fe Sunrise: Nuevo Flamenco CD 1104113   $ 35.00
Product Image Santa Fe Sunrise is Nuevo Flamenco! James Bobchak, Arcadio Marin (guitar); Mark Clark (whistle, udu drum, percussion); Jeff Nelson (synthesizer); John Belzaguy (upright & electric basses).
James Bochak
Satsang: A Meditation in Song and Silence CD 8080075   $ 36.00
Product Image A series of tracks recorded live in Australia, America, Germany and Denmark, this beautiful CD shares the power and simplicity of Deva and Miten's live performances. As it is with Satsang Meditation, Deva and Miten share their music without applause, inviting the listener to participate by joining with the chant, and by sitting with closed eyes for the duration of the meditation. Satsang features un-plugged versions of some of the most popular chants from The Essence and Love is Space (including The Gayatri Mantra, Chidananda, Yemaya Assessu etc...), plus the original songs of Miten (Empty Heart, The Strength Of A Rose etc), and also includes a bonus studio recording of All Is Welcome Here. The CD is a precious offering to celebrate the sacred space of silence. Joining Deva (keyboards) and Miten (guitar), are their special musical friends, Kit Walker, Maneesh de Moor, Praful, and other talented instrumentalists.
Deva Premal & Miten
Saxafaction CD 1104116   $ 33.00
Product Image Bryan Savage blows with an attractive combination of fire and seductive ice, writes solid and energetic hooks, but scores only marginally in the unique category on Saxafaction. His switchoff to flute here and there adds flair, but the tenor playing (which takes center stage, despite flashes of alto and baritone) is strictly out of the Richard Elliot catalog. Which could be a compliment; few have ever approached that soulful tenor passion as well, and at least Savage chops his hardest on the upbeat tunes, with the wind synth induced "Something Sweet" proving most engaging. It's all very likeable and well played.
Bryan Savage
Seashore Sunrise CD 9050015   $ 34.50
Product Image This is a very gentle and relaxing album, featuring soft ocean sounds between the tracks
Tony O'Connor
Secret of the Panpipes CD 8090176   $ 32.00
Product Image Haunting Music
Secret of the Wind CD 1005045   $ 34.00
Product Image Secret of the Wind is an uplifting musical magic carpet ride effortlessly crossing the borders between East and West - yet keeping touch with the earth through strong ethnic rhythms. Instruments: bamboo flutes, soprano sax, keyboards, drums, bass, tabla, violin, voices, guitar, sitar, and numerous other ethnic percussions.
Prem Joshua
Secrets of Avalon CD 1005018   $ 30.00
Product Image Inspired by the misty landscapes, folklore and legends surrounding the ancient monument of Glastonbury Tor. In such places, you don't just believe in magic, you become part of it.
Shakti Rhythms:Flow with the Pulse of Life: CD 1104111   $ 37.00
Product Image Shakti. The creative pulse of life moving through all things. The space where physics and yoga meet.” At the cutting edge of today’s growing “flow yoga” phenomenon, Shiva Rea is renowned for creating original music compilations that cross genres to evoke the flow of yoga and life. Shakti Rhythms melts the boundaries between ancient and modern music, offering a tantalizing blend of ecstatic chant and evocative rhythms perfect for dance, yoga, and creative living.
Shiva Rea
Shakuachi Flute Meditations Cd 1305074   $ 30.00
Product Image Zen Music to Calm the Mind Description: The shakuhachi flute can be as expressive as the human voice?it can evoke the sound of gentle rain, the quiet rustle of a breeze through a bamboo grove, or the soft rush of wings as a heron takes flight. Most of all, when played by a master, the shakuhachi captures the quality of stillness the essence of meditation itself. With Shakuhachi Flute Meditations, Grand Master Riley Lee presents an album of his most soothing selections, with original and traditional compositions to create an atmosphere of spacious serenity. Melodic and tranquil, this music is an ideal accompaniment for meditation, the healing arts, t'ai chi?and anyone who wishes to hear the Zen mind expressed in music.
Riley Lee
Shambhala CD 1104126   $ 42.00
Product Image A place of peace, tranquility and happiness - the mythical kingdom of Shambhala is hidden in the depths of the Himalayas and our hearts. It is said that only those who have attained enlightenment ever reach Shambhala, though many have searched for it following whispers of the "pure land" across Tibet.
Signatures on Water: Piano Meditation Music: CD 1103027   $ 31.00
Product Image In "Signatures on Water", Maneesh de Moor invites us to relax into the flow of life with a meditative journey of spontaneous sound expressions. Like leaves carried effortlessly down a calming stream, this album features layers of piano that float delicately over subtle instrumentation - creating a sense of peace and tranquility that enables listeners to experience the depths and beauty of the present moment. With a subtle musical fluidity and wholeness, "Signatures on Water" offers a five-phase meditation that includes: * "Mindfulness," for helping you softly land in this moment and become aware of the now * "Compassion," a celestial atmosphere created to open the heart * "Galaxies Within," for expanding your consciousness * "Empty Mirror," a piece that facilitates a deepening into presence and encourages even the "watcher" to disappear as stillness remains * "Always Home," a musical meditation that uses the chant of Om and Tibetan crystal bowls to remind you that wherever you are, you are always home. Meditative and spacious, "Signatures on Water" offers a soothing musical experience for meditation, yoga, healing therapies, or respite from any busy day.
Maneesh de Moore
Sleep and Deep Relaxation CD 1005019   $ 30.00
Product Image MIDORI and has created the ultimate Sleep and Deep Relaxation album. A CD we all so desperately need during such times of stress. The perfect switch off, chill out, fall asleep in your favorite chair CD. Filled with warmth, melody and the usual Midori touch of soft magic.
Snatam Kaur Live in Concert CD 8090043   $ 35.00
Product Image Recorded at concert halls, churches and yoga studios as Snatam Kaur and her ensemble traveled across North America, you ll hear performances which soar to the heights of these sacred spaces and find a home in the hearts of their audiences. Join in the magical experience of Snatam Kaur Live in Concert. Also includes a bonus DVD, Path of Peace, that intimately chronicles this tour. This album fulfills years of requests for Snatam Kaur to capture the experience of her live performances on CD. There is something mystical that happens at her concerts that is represented in these songs. The album opens with Azure Salver, a prayer translated in the book Peace Lagoon. This song has been a favorite at her concerts, but has never been recorded before. This song is hilighted by the clarity of Snatam's voice, the poetry of the lyrics, and the expert instrumental accompaniment. The live version of Snatam's Ong Namo takes the recorded version into the ethers. Sometimes when Snatam is on stage, she goes into a deep meditative space and spontaneously weaves improvisational poetry into the songs. Ong Namo has a beautiful example of this. On Ong Sohung, Gobinda Hari and Adi Shakti, the dynamic interplay of the entire band is hilighted to perfection with incredible musical conversations between Snatam Kaur, Manish Vyas and GuruGanesha Singh, fantastic solos on guitar, violin, tabla and clarinet, and the lively experience of a slowly building rhythm that is unique to the live kirtan experience. Shivohum is a track composed by Manish, and you will be singing this track for years to come. A beautiful duet between Snatam and Manish, this track has an an addictive energy and purity of sound that you will want to listen to again and again.
Debra Lynne Katz
Snows of Kilimanjaro CD 8010023   $ 33.00
Product Image As uplifting as catching the first sight of the mountain rising up out of the African plains - As inspirational as gazing down from the summit, Snows of Kilimanjaro is a perfect, musical tribute to the inner strength of all those who rise above adversity.
Medwyn Goodall
Songs For Healing CD 1001023   $ 15.00
Product Image Discover the gently reviving strength of these uplifting songs as the help to cleanse the spirit and refresh the farthest horizons of your soul. Includes - The spirit heals, see me feel me, Shri Ram, We all as one and many more
Songs For Love CD 1001024   $ 15.00
Product Image Share the powerful emotion of these exquisite songs that so eloquently express the great depths of feeling and the need for caring that's in all of us.Including Lost in Love, Wind beneath my wings, All you need is Love and many more
Songs For Peace CD 1001025   $ 15.00
Product Image Calm you innermost rhythms with these beautiful soothing songs that bring gentle tranquillity with a sense of quiet comfort and deep contentment. Including Prayer for Peace, Where have all the flower gone, Give Peace a Chance, We Shall Over come and many more.
Songs for the Inner Lover CD 8090041   $ 35.00
Product Image "Songs For The Inner Lover is a powerful and passionate work of love. The beautiful music of Miten and Deva Premal truly speaks to the heart and will move your soul. Both Sage and I have been blessed to have the music touch our lives." ANTHONY ROBBINS Author: Awaken The Giant Within and Unlimited Power Miten created Songs For the Inner Lover as a soundtrack for the love and life experiences we all share. Insightful lyrics and refreshingly simple, melodic arrangements examine the many faces of love: from its manifestation on the physical plane and the master disciple relationship to longing for meaningful companionship and the inner dialogues we conduct with ourselves. Graced by Deva Premal's vocal harmonies, Miten’s songs take flight, seamlessly blending male/female energy to reveal the healing balance that comes through true connection with the self. Through their long and storied musical and life partnership together, Miten and best-selling mantra singer Deva Premal have created a true heart connection with each other and thousands of fans worldwide. On Songs For The Inner Lover, Miten draws from that nourishing experience to offer a truthful and universal sentiment sure to provide healing comfort to all who are touched by love or long to be
Deva Premal & Miten
Sound Medicine Man CD 8060052   $ 32.00
Product Image Drawing on the ancient, spiritual path of the Shaman, Tim has created a truly inspirational album recorded amid the snow covered peaks of the Colorado Mountains. This emotional voyage of discovery and nature unfolds with magical and evocative compositions featuring Tim's unsurpassed, haunting flute playing, as well as piano, bass, drums, strings and vocals. The result is a kaleidoscope of sounds that weave through the emotions in glorious splendour as a monumental celebration to life.
Tim Wheater
Sourceres Daughter CD 8010024   $ 27.00
Product Image The beginning of a new vibrant emotional Celtic series. Melodic, graceful and moving. Celtic instruments flow and interweave with orchestral strings, flutes, Guitar and piano in what is essentially an emotional portrait of a beautiful woman, but no ordinary woman. A woman blessed with ancient wisdom and magical power, but coming to terms with that she is the last of her bloodline and kind. As the magic in the earth fades she knows the ancient ways are to be preserved some how. With an immortal Owl and guardian a sacred journey begins and a prophecy is fulfilled.
Medwyn Goodall
Sourceres Daughter CD 8080062   $ 27.00
Product Image A gentle, slightly Jazz, melodic album that depicts a love of the sea. Features tenor sax
Medwyn Goodall
Sources of Power CD 8050090   $ 32.00
Product Image An inspiring and moving didjeridoo album, using nine didjeridoos, natural sounds from the Australian bush and English woodlands, clap sticks and subtle percussion. Many of the songs were recorded inside a 500 year old stone chamber, providing phenominal spacial effects to take you on an inner journey to your sources of power. Ideal for healing, massage, meditation and journeying
Space Hotel CD 8010025   $ 32.00
Product Image A new soundscape intended to seduce the listener by this internationally-acclaimed instrumentalist - a pioneer in the fields of ambient and world music in the tradition of Brian Eno.
Al Gromer Khan
Spirit Horse CD 1202026   $ 28.00
Product Image This album is about unity, love, power and Earth changes, it was created during a major landslide disaster that hit Sika and Caitlin's home town in New Zealand. Significantly the first song "Rain Song" was written & recorded as the flood began
Spirit Joy Peace CD 9030145   $ 32.00
Product Image Touch the Spirit of Joy and the Peace in our hearts with three tracks of inspiring, atmospheric music. James Wild has created another wonderful and compelling musical experience that will take you on a journey into a unique dimension of sound. Ideal to play around the home to create a special oasis of chillout ambience. An excellent gift for a friend or loved one. 3 tracks; 60 mins
James Wild
Spirit Lounge CD 1003028   $ 33.00
Product Image With music by Snatam Kaur, Miten, Deva Premal, Aethera, Manish Vyas, Terry Oldfield, Tulku, and Prem Joshua Spirit Lounge is a star-studded album not to be missed! Except for a few break downs and other embellishments, it's getting harder and harder to tell new age chant music from rave music. The eastern touches, the beats and the vibe are all fusing in some far off left field corner that is at least giving people the message to chill. This collection pulls from various New Earth releases that could enjoy further exploitation. Not exactly a round up of girl friend music, this somewhat experimental world beat collection is well programmed for leading edge ears whether into the healing arts, world beat or sonic exploration.
Spirit of Africa CD 1010007   $ 33.00
Product Image Deep resonant chanting and soulful rhythms create a perfect background for Terry's soaring flute and pan pipes. This wonderful music captures the very essence of this ancient land and its people and carries us on an unforgettable journey into the very heart of Africa.
Terry Oldfield
Spirits of the River CD 1307002   $ 32.00
Product Image Follow the course of a river from its source to the sea and beyond - a journey which mirrors the course of life. This lush, evocative, relaxing music, played on an amazing collection of instruments is a unique melange of world music influences from a multi-instrumental master."Different streams, joining together to make one music - one life - one river." A chill-out masterpiece.
Chris Conway
Spirit Traveller CD 9030174   $ 33.00
Product Image Experience the magic of ambient chill out music inviting a unique direction in atmospheric sound. Spirit Traveller is a captivating journey through time and place that will take you out across the vistas of our beautiful planet. Using sweeping combinations of sounds that move away from melody, the music creates an atmosphere transcending time and space and all words to describe it. This is truly a great mix of strings, voice, guitar, percussion, flute and chants. Press play, sit back and bliss out to the compelling, soul stirring music.....Dedicated to the people and places of our remarkable planet.
James Wild
Spiritual Woman CD 1107020   $ 38.00
Product Image Spiritual Woman features Lucinda Drayton from the highly acclaimed duo Bliss, the angelic voice of international singer Juliana, Vikki Clayton - singer with Fairport Convention, Hungarian legend Lila Mayi and the breathtaking voice of Kym. The album features a unique collection of songs that are both individually and collectively a tribute to the feminine
Bliss - Juliana - Vikki - Kym - Lila
Stor Amhran: A Wealth of Songs From the Irish TraditionCD 1101026   $ 32.00
Product Image Noirin Ni Riain and the monks of Glenstal Abbey continue a thousand- year-old tradition: giving voice to mystical works of praise; inviting us to link heaven and earth. With startling clarity, Ni Riain recreates the nearly-lost sean nos style of Gaelic singing, drawing from a deep spiritual well with origins in Ireland's most treasured tradition. Noirin Ni Riain's angelic soprano reaches down into our hearts -- a healing presence that lingers long after the music has faded. Steeped in mysticism, "Stor Amhran" is a vivid mirror of Ireland's most enduring musical landscape. Eighteen traditional songs accompanied by pipe organ, Indian harmonium, and tin whistle, recorded live in the acoustically perfect environment of Glenstal Abbey.
Noirin Ni Riain
Sufi Cd 7110003   $ 32.00
Product Image Here Khan draws inspiration from the wide-open skies of Persia and the freewheeling dances of the Sufis. The empty spaces in this music are as essential as the melodies themselves. Enjoy this music at moderate to low volume, where a different sound vibration spectrum becomes audible, allowing for a trance-inducing experience and access to our inner worlds.
Al Gromer Khan
Summer Rain CD 9050013   $ 34.50
Product Image A very gentle and romantic album of gentle piano and acoustic guitar - set to a distant background of rain on a Summer's night. Paul Clement and I had been performing together for over twenty years, and it was great to finally produce an album together. It is a very freeform recording, with raindrops throughout the background, and creates a wonderfully relaxing atmosphere. Many masseurs and natrual therapists use Summer Rain and I think it's a great bedtime album.
Tony O'Connor
Symphony of Light CD 9110006   $ 24.00
Product Image On 'Symphony of Light' Mike Rowland collaborates with Jana Dugal to create an inspirational album. His melodies are misleadingly simple. Theay are very intuitive and come close to the heart. They speak the language of all people and never become sentimental. Jana Dugal is a British composer and her works include The Voice circus, an opera for young people, and compositions for workshops with the English Touring Opera. She also writes songs for theatre, working with scriptwriter and lyricist Andrew Neil with whom she shares several theatre credits.
Mike Rowland Jana Dugal & Wenhaston Girls Choir
Tao of Cello CD 8060054   $ 34.00
Product Image The Tao of Cello and Dark Wood, which feature Darling's renowned improvisational skills. At the turn of the century, Darling did two albums for Relaxation Music's Musical Massage series: Musical Massage: In Tune and Musical Massage: Balance. He also recorded Cello Blue for Hearts of Space in 2001.
David Darling
Terry Oldfields Underwater World DVD 1011010   $ 38.00
Product Image Stunning images that capture the tranquility of the underwater kingdom with the beautiful atmospheric music from leading composer of relaxation music Terry Oldfield. Together the music and breathtaking imagery take us on a truly magical journey of sounds, vision and spirit.
Terry Oldfield
The Way You Look Tonight - CD 8090274   $ 29.00
Product Image Simply Beautiful Jazz
Jan Tober
This Embrace CD 1305061   $ 33.00
Product Image A brilliant poet, marvelous songwriter, and lovely guitarist, Kirtana's albums have become more magical with each release. I've called her a Rumi of our time, and if you give yourself a chance to listen carefully to "This Embrace", I'm confident you'll see why.Guest artists joining her on this transcendent album include Alex de Grassi (guitar), Spencer Brewer (piano), Matt Eakle of The David Grisman Quintet (flute) and Dennis Murphy of Acoustic Alchemy (bass). A most special guest is Gangaji, an awakened soul who offers satsang around the world.For lovers of New Age vocal music, it doesn't get any better than 'This Embrace'."
Through These Eyes - Bliss Series CD 1107017   $ 38.00
Product Image Many still claim this as their favorite Bliss album. Mainly songs, it's still relaxed enough for therapists to use. If you like Celtic melodies and heart opening music this is the album to get. "This music is a gift that has been given to us. We merely pass it on and feel honoured to be a part of that process" Bliss Bliss are the British musical writing partnership of Lucinda Drayton and Andrew Blissett who are fast becoming renowned for making some of the most exquisite, high quality music that is inspiring, touching and spiritually uplifting.
Tibetan Healing Music Gift Box Collection (3 CD) 1011019   $ 68.00
Product Image In 1991, former monk and master of the bamboo flute Nawang Khechog resolved to return to mountain seclusion. It was the Dalai Lama himself who finally convinced him to continue sharing the message of peace through his traditional flute music. These three soothing masterpieces use spare melodies and textures to invoke an inner stillness that is the essence of peace. Nawang intends each to be a living, breathing meditation. Let them draw you into the vast spaces and sacred serenity of his Himalayan homeland. With didgeridoo, gongs, bells, and drums. This special offer includes Rhythms of Peace, Sounds of Peace ,and Quiet Mind
Nawang Khechok
Tibetan Healing Music of Nwang Khechog 2 CD 1304008   $ 38.00
Product Image the Best of 25 Years Over the past 25 years, flutist Nawang Khechog has been hailed as the global ambassador of Tibetan music. With "The Tibetan Healing Music of Nawang Khechog", he offers a hand-picked selection of his finest compositions for healing, contemplation, and experiencing the beauty of Tibet's musical heritage. Nawang has arranged this music to support meditation and the healing arts, combining the serenity of the Tibetan flute with the recurring use of a powerful chant for universal compassion led by His Holiness the Dalai Lama. Filled with timeless favorites and featuring three new tracks, here is an essential collection from a master of Tibetan meditation music.
Nawang Khechog
Time Travel CD 9080021   $ 32.00
Product Image This is an upbeat album that is sure to fill the dance floors. Using Cybertribe's mesmerizing didgeridoo-filled music as a base for their tracks, these DJs have remixed some serious beat-driven tracks.
Tome The Book of Souls (CD) 1011036   $ 31.00
Product Image Imagine being presented with a book containing a record of your soul'’s purpose. Its pages list every thought, deed and experience you have ever had through countless forgotten lifetimes, insights that offer you profound recall and understanding into some aspect of your own lifepath or soul's evolution. Known as the Akashic record, this ancient belief is the inspiration behind this album. Open your book and start to read.
Train to Okinoma CD 1011031   $ 34.00
Product Image The delightful melodies of the cello interweave with the soulful and soothing sounds of the Shakuhaci (bamboo flute) to create a unique and enjoyable musical fusion.
Riley Lee & Peter Grayling
Trance Yoga CD 1005042   $ 34.00
Product Image This is a high-energy movement CD that facilitates the liberation of the creative life force that resides in all of us. Music from Tulku, RASA, Ganga Giri, Tya, Cybertribe, Kamal, Bhakta and James Asher aid the exploration of rhythm and movement in the practice of yoga. Trance Yoga is excellent for up-tempo yoga classed and everyday jamming. "Enticing and real! A pure body-mind connection CD! Exciting mix of various artists and beats, this mix can lead you through an upbeat, driven astanga or power yoga; lit it take you down to the depths of your soul in meditation, hatha yoga, yogilites, nia or exotic dance." Hope Zvara , Yoga Instruction
Tribute Hilary Stagg CD 8010035   $ 37.00
Product Image Hilary loved life, and the sharing of his wondrous musical gift gave him as much pleasure as it has given joy, comfort and healing to more than a million listeners.
Hilary Stagg
Troubadour CD 1108006   $ 30.00
Product Image Threefold return after a two year break with TROUBADOUR, a medieval journey of lyrical romance and legends. Acoustic instruments and Celtic sounds create a wonderful uplifting atmosphere, with hints of Enya like choirs.
True Crystals CD 9070025   $ 30.00
Product Image The last in the True Series brings you a study of crystals: their uses and powers. Each track very sensitively and harmonically interprets each crystal musically. The booklet contains information on the uses of crystals. Endorsed by Melody, one of the most significant people today working with crystals.
Universal Love CD 3070033   $ 34.00
Product Image Nawang Khechog takes listeners on a musical pilgrimage into the experience of compassion through music. Nine original compositions meld the ancient ritual sounds of Nawang’s Tibetan homeland with traditions from across the globe to invoke within us the uplifting power of Universal Love.
Nawang Khechog
Universe to come - Tulku CD 7010020   $ 32.00
Product Image Combining modern technology with indigenous acoustics, Tulku is a melting pot of global musical styles, resulting in a stew wherein every ingredient can be distinctly noted and relished... rapturous in its rhythms REVIEW Ihave followed all of the previous Tulku releases and as always "Universe to Come" is full of surprises.The collarorations with Jai Uttal and Krishna Das are fabulous,as on the first album. The "tribal" elements with ayahuasca singers remains a constant thread of the trilogy.The new contributions of Gina Sala and Consuelo Luz are very strong. There is a good reason why Tulku is the only group to be featured on all four of the highly acclaimed "Buddha Bar" releases. This is the best Tulku yet.
Upon a Celtic Shore (CD) 1011035   $ 31.00
Product Image Rhythmic, with wonderful drumming, highly melodic and full of energy, with a wonderful sense of style and Celtic atmosphere.
Olof Hammar
Voice of Violet CD 8010048   $ 32.00
Product Image Personnel: Cecilia (vocals); Stuart Wilde (spoken vocals); Jenny Cook (Celtic harp); Nikki Elemer (flute); Will Gregory (soprano saxophone, oboe); David Lord (keyboards). Voice of the Feminine Spirit
Cecilia - Stuart Wilde
Voices of the Night (Soothing Shakuhachi) CD 1305076   $ 37.00
Product Image The soothing sounds of the shakuhachi played by Grand Master Riley Lee and accompanied by talented artist Michael Atherton.Suitable for: Healing, Relaxation, Meditation, Pure listening pleasure
Riley Lee with Michael Atherton
Walking Across Heaven CD 8120012   $ 28.00
Product Image Inspired by stories from the afterlife. There are people who have experienced physical death and glimpsed what lies beyond this life, and been greeted by departed loved ones, only to be revived to share what they witnessed. There are also mediums and psychics who have insight into the world of spirit. This CD is based on such accounts and musically is a reflection of another world that exists just beyond our own. The music is wonderfully imaginative and inspiring, with a great sense of peace, wonder and above all a message of love and hope..
Paul Sills
Ways of Love CD 9030167   $ 32.00
Product Image REVIEW: I totally enjoyed this CD. The music can transport you to a very relaxing state of mind. It also mellows you out and then vitalizes you with a deeper yearning for touch.
Lee Mayall
Where Angels Tread CD 8010028   $ 36.00
Product Image Medwyn has created an album of distinctive charm and sensitivity to naturally unwind and uplift your spirits with exquisitely relaxing melodies. Featuring panpipes, Brazilian guitar, oboe and grand piano, this is magical music for quiet moments.
Medwyn Goodall
Windjanna CD 8120020   $ 34.50
Product Image Another of my personal favourites and a very popular title. In fact I think this album is the best in my Australia collection. After visiting the incredible Kimberleys, I couldn't help but be inspired to write something epic. As well as dramatic orchestral movements, I introduced a lot of acoustic guitar and flutes, trying to capture that vastness and strength. I think this album has some of my best arrangements, and many listeners have said this too. Windjana is a tribute to one of the Earth's last untouched wilderness areas.
Tony O'Connor
With Every Breath CD 1106002   $ 30.00
Product Image Medwyn Goodall master of the panpipes performs alongside Aroshanti master of the Shaku flute, as they duel and share soaring, haunting solo's to a mystical backdrop created and produced by Runestone. A rare opportunity to hear expressive performances of these wonderful wind instruments. With every breath they create spine shivering moods and atmosphere.
Medwyn Goodall with Runestone
World Collection Spirit Rhythm CD 8070034   $ 32.00
Product Image Featuring the best of Guy Sweens, Medwyn Goodall, Karl Maddison. The best in world, ethnic and cultural influenced music. Featuring music inspired by India, Andes, Africa, Tibet and South America.
Medwyn Goodall
Yoga Moods CD 9030165   $ 32.00
Product Image Refresh your spirit on this inspiring musical voyage. The Ginkgo Tree, known as a symbol for hope and love, is the muse for the music of Ginkgo Garden, the internationally acclaimed music project of renowned film-music composer and keyboardist Eddy F. Mueller. Two years of studio crafting with some of Europe's finest musicians went into this hope-filled fifth release. By masterfully combining vintage guitar and keyboard sounds with exotic world instruments, electric guitar, piano, pulsing electronica, multi-layered vocals, Asiatic chants and deeply spiritual lyrics, the result is a uniquely uplifting modern ethno-pop groove. Great efforts were put into the fascinating vocal work on this record resulting in a gorgeous and uplifting vocal sound.
Sequoia Music
Yoga Nidra CD 1005043   $ 34.00
Product Image This is a Guided Meditation to accompany restorative yoga practice. Yoga Nidra inspires the release of physical stress, anxiety and mental tension: an essential companion for achieving core relaxation and subtle transformation! Slanted more toward practitioners of healing arts to use in practice, this finds Oldfield going PBS in a guided mediation set that can be listening matter for the real granola eaters but seems more like it’s tilted toward 'industrial' use. And for all you lapsed Jews out there, this has nothing to do with Kol Nidra so don’t go thinking you can multi-task your way into heaven just by playing this and meditating while you pray over the high holidays. Something here doesn't make sense, but this record does for those seekers looking more a musical journey to help them go deep.
Terry Oldfield & Soraya Saraswait
Zaghareed Music From the Palestinian Holy Land CD 1101029   $ 30.00
Product Image Music From the Palestinian Holy Land: Direct from the Holy Land comes the first North American release by El-Funoun, the ensemble recognized by Arab-Palestinians throughout the world as the crucial voice of their music and culture. Here, ecstatic zaghareed - wails of joy traceable to several Arab regions - intermingle with the unmistakable voices and instruments of this passionate and endangered culture. Seventeen heartfelt offerings draw us irresistibly into the mystery of Palestine, evoking a centuries-old spiritual landscape of longing, hope, and celebration. Sung in Arabic. Accompanied by oud, daf, ney, and more. Produced by Dan Rosenberg, host of the acclaimed Cafe International radio program.
Zen CD 1005044   $ 34.00
Product Image Melodic flutes accompany soulful rhythms, inspiring a journey into the deeper self. Zen is a unique and ideal album to accompany yoga, relaxation, healing or simply chilling out! Ever notice how Oprah tells you to buy something to simplify your life? Anything wrong with that picture? If you have to buy something to simplify your life, start with this Terry Oldfield audio take on what Zen is. Expertly crafted chill music that’s bottomed by real music, Oldfield takes you to places you should be visiting in dreams if you find yourself in a place where the little things mean too much, and not in a good way. Internal music for massage or quiet times, this is a first class audio getaway.
Terry Oldfield
Zen Mama CD 1005046   $ 34.00
Product Image Kamal's Zen Mama features a collection of compositions that are specially created for expectant mothers and children. One of the tracks is the 'Baby Puja' which is an ancient chant performed by the Gyuto monks of Tibet for the welfare of children, fertility and especially pregnancy and birth. This album also includes the sounds of humpback whales woven together with violin and viola creating an ambiance of peacefulness and beauty. To complete this unique Kamal album there is an interpretation of Charles Gounod’s 'Ave Maria.'
Copyright 1998 Beachhaven Books


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