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Updated: 20/12/2009
James Wild james  $ 0.00
Product Image Writer and composer James Wild has travelled the world facilitating seminars on personal empowerment. Under the highly acclaimed Quiet Earth label he has produced an extensive range of recordings on meditation, relaxation, music and general discussion. He says, “With these recordings I endeavour to help people realise their aspirations; and in their everyday lives, connect them holistically to humanity and the unfolding world. I hope you enjoy them as much as I enjoyed creating them”
Body Healing Meditations CD 9030080   $ 33.00
Product Image Rejuvenate, Balance and Strengthen Your Body. Accelerate the Process of Healing. With Olga Thomas These two practical guided meditations are designed to aid the process of body healing. They guide you through four effective visualisation techniques that can help affect a healthy change in your body and general wellbeing. The meditations can be used to focus on a specific part of the body or simply general therapeutic conditioning. The easy to follow narration creates a wonderful healing space, granting you the maximum benefit. Both tracks have the same narration giving you a choice of a female or male voice. The background music tracks are excerpts from titles by James Wild - especially Music for the Healing Arts Vol 2 (see music section) Track 1. Guided Meditation by Olga Thomas (29:00) Track 2. Guided Meditation by James Wild (29:00)
James Wild and Olga Thomas
Boosting Creativity CD 9030084   $ 33.00
Product Image Live the Creative Life Track 1: Relaxing Music by James Wild. Track 2: Beach Waves. Total 60 mins (30 mins each track) Your Subliminal Program my mind is free...I love life...creativity flows from recall is excellent...I act on my ideas...I love to ponder...all things are mind is my friend...I am memory is excellent...I listen to my vision is strong...I concentrate easily...I am inventive and life is full of new ideas...I accept my mind...I am mind is quick...imagination weaves through inspires me....I respect fire...I create path is clear before me...(repeated)
James Wild
Breath Awareness Meditation CD 9030081   $ 33.00
Product Image Attune to the Power of Breathing with Two Guided Meditations. With Olga Thomas Would you like to breathe consistently more freely and deeply? These meditations were created for attuning to your breath and hence the rhythm of the universe. The meditations guide you through simple but powerful breathing exercises by using counting and holding techniques. The full power of your breathing can be realised giving experiential insights into the healing qualities of breath. The two meditations have the same narration giving you a choice between a male or female voice. Gentle flowing music is added to aid relaxation. Track 1. Guided Meditation by Olga Thomas (24:00) Track 2. Guided Meditation by James Wild (24:00) "I have been meditating for 14 years and find this to be ideal, the audio very clear and one of the most beautiful meditations I have done. Really enjoyed it." S. Brown, Melbourne, Australia. "...gets me in touch with my breathing with helps me with all sorts of activities." J Arunal, Ashford, Australia
James Wild and Olga Thomas
Colour Meditation CD 8080029   $ 33.00
Product Image Experience the World of Colour with a Guided Journey Through Music, Chakras and the 7 Coloured Rays. With Olga Thomas The first track is a wonderful meditative journey through colour. Using visual imagery Olga Thomas guides you through the magical world of colour, sound, chakras and the related endocrine glands. The meditation as well as the insert gives information on the relationship between these four aspects of colour and our lives. The second track is a discussion on colour imparting scientific as well as metaphysical information. Track 1. Guided Meditation by Olga Thomas (28:00) Track 2. Discussion by James Wild (19:00)
James Wild and Olga Thomas
Courage and Strength Meditation CD 6050002   $ 33.00
Product Image Create Your Path to a Courageous Life; Strengthened by Goal Setting Courage and greatness are transient feelings. They ebb and flow with the rhythm of our inner selves. We all have the ability to bring more courage and strength into our lives. These meditations help align you to an energy of reoluteness, of unwavering solidity and determination. But what is courage without a gentle heart? Here we explore heartfelt courage, developing a strength and softness, setting you on a path of spiritual alignment with your nature-self. The meditations are perfect for goal setting - putting in place steps to manifest your intentions or desires. Both tracks have the same narration giving you a choice of a female or male voice. The compelling music has been specifically composed to aid you on your quest. Track 1. Guided Meditation by Olga Thomas (31:20) Track 2. Guided Meditation by James Wild (31:20)
James Wild & Olga Smith
Healing Drums CD 9030142   $ 34.00
Product Image Let your spirit run free with drumming created for body/mind healing and pure listening pleasure. This exuberant journey of percussion is an awakening into the spirit of rhythm calling to mother earth. The four tracks make up one continuous musical experience - building, unfolding, peaking then winding down. The first track starts gently building gradually. It represents the summoning of the life force within us. The second builds on this theme, the drums picking up tempo with the addition of more instruments; representing our embracing of the emerging self. The third is an energetic celebration where the percussion moves up in tempo and the music comes alive. The fourth is the wind down...into relaxation and calm where we surrender to the spirit of the cosmos. Healing drums is an exceptional recording with the drums panned and affected to give you a truly dynamic drumming experience. Features congas, tablas, rain stick, shakers, bells tambourine, clavs, steel drum, clay bottle, triangle, fish percussion and sticks. Feel free to grab your percussion instrument and join in. 4 tracks (60:00) "Fantastic - love it because it builds over such a long period and unique because the music is all drums." P Kater, Brisbane, Australia
James Wild and Chris Cullen
Health & Vitality Meditation CD 9030162   $ 33.00
Product Image Your Path to Maintaining Good Health James Wild & Olga Thomas Today, many of us are focusing more and more on not just being healthy, but maintaining this good health for the duration of our lives. So how can we do this with our busy lifestyles and with all the conflicting information about what is good for us? These impressive meditations will put in place simple steps that help you sustain a healthy life. They may even assist your body in slowing the aging process. The meditations guide you through a garden with four key areas, where you discover and bring forth the steps necessary to nurture a life of vitality and lasting health. The relaxing music has been specifically composed for this goal in mind. Both tracks have the same narration giving you a choice of a female or male voice. Track 1. Guided Meditation by Olga Thomas (32:05) Track 2. Guided Meditation by James Wild (32:05)
James Wild & Olga Smith
Improving Memory CD 9030082   $ 33.00
Product Image Better Concentration and Study. Track 1: Relaxing Music by James Wild (30 mins). Track 2: Beach Waves (30 mins). Subliminal Program - my recall is excellent...I am focused...I celebrate my mind...I concentrate easily...I love to study...creativity flows with me...I plan my studies effectively...I am vision is strong...I take time to exercise...I eat only nourishing foods...I celebrate my mind is strong....I am confident with my learning...I study well in any memory is always improving...lucid and peaceful life...(repeat)
James Wild
Lake of Stillness CD 9030089   $ 32.00
Product Image A profound guided journey creating a deep spiritual stillness. In this meditation, you are guided to a beautiful lake and transported into a dimension of stillness and calm. The moving, tranquil music flows with the meditation, enhancing a deep state of relaxation. During this journey you will have the opportunity to let go of an aspect of yourself that may be holding you back from a peaceful and serene life. The second part of the meditation is connecting to a deeper stillness within. This is truly a profound meditation, exploring spiritual fulfilment and capturing the essence of stillness in body and mind.
James Wild
Manifesting Meditation CD 9030163   $ 32.00
Product Image Contact details: Conscious Living 5 Cavan St Bicton WA Phone: 08 9339 0921 Fax: 08 9339 1562 Email: Web: Manifesting Meditation CD by James Wild/Olga Thomas Do you have any unfulfilled goals or desires that you would like realised? By giving more clarity to your thoughts and emotions you can easily begin the process of manifesting what it is you truly need. These meditations guide you through powerful exercises that help you attune to your innermost desires. Your goals can then be brought into focus and the full power of manifestation can be accomplished. The two meditations have the same narration giving you a choice between a female or male voice. Gentle, flowing music is added to aid relaxation. Both tracks run for 25 mins. '....a fantastic production....for goal-setting it's perfect' Michelle Forther, USA
James Wild
Past Lives Meditation CD 9030085   $ 32.00
Product Image Tap Into Past Lives With Two Guided Meditations. With Olga Thomas Have you ever pondered on lives you may have had in the past? Here is a chance to bring forth deeply held memories of a past life and at the same time give more clarity to your thoughts and emotions. These meditations guide you through a powerful exercise to attune you to another time - into the past. You can use these experiences to bring forth new strengths and abilities, release emotions and undergo healing. The two meditations have the same narration letting you choose between a female or male voice. Gentle, flowing music is added to aid relaxation. Track 1. Guided Meditation by Olga Thomas (25:00) Track 2. Guided Meditation by James Wild (25:00)
James Wild
Spirit Joy Peace CD 9030145   $ 32.00
Product Image Touch the Spirit of Joy and the Peace in our hearts with three tracks of inspiring, atmospheric music. James Wild has created another wonderful and compelling musical experience that will take you on a journey into a unique dimension of sound. Ideal to play around the home to create a special oasis of chillout ambience. An excellent gift for a friend or loved one. 3 tracks; 60 mins
James Wild
Spirit Traveller CD 9030174   $ 33.00
Product Image Experience the magic of ambient chill out music inviting a unique direction in atmospheric sound. Spirit Traveller is a captivating journey through time and place that will take you out across the vistas of our beautiful planet. Using sweeping combinations of sounds that move away from melody, the music creates an atmosphere transcending time and space and all words to describe it. This is truly a great mix of strings, voice, guitar, percussion, flute and chants. Press play, sit back and bliss out to the compelling, soul stirring music.....Dedicated to the people and places of our remarkable planet.
James Wild
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