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Updated: 12/03/2012
Ancient Ceremonies CD 9030188   $ 45.00
Product Image Includes booklet: "Druid meditation practices." Control of the mind and its states of awareness. A great deal has been written about the basics of these skills - relaxation, concentration and visualization. The combined result of these skills is called 'trance' - directed, self-willed states of consciousness. The human mind is constantly entranced, shifting between habitual types of awareness according to the random events and reactions of daily life. In ritual Druids use their skill to induce special trances in which they feel awe, respect and love for the Powers and which make them receptive to the blessing offered by the rite.
Gerald Jay Markoe
Ancient Meditations CD 9030189   $ 45.00
Product Image Ancient Meditations was inspired by the spiritual traditions of ancient Egypt, Japan, India and Greece. The instruments are harps, flutes, and other wind and stringed instruments from Asia and the Middle East. (koto, shamisen, lyre, reed flute, shakuhatchi, kanoun, shenai, Egyptian violin, ceremonial gongs and drums.) Ancient Meditations is perfect for meditation, yoga, tai chi, massage and more.
Gerald Jay Markoe
Celestial Mozart for relaxation Vol II CD 1111024   $ 38.00
Product Image It's here! The long awaited sequel to the album Celestial Mozart that so many thousand have enjoyed. A serene blend of Classical Mozart with Gerald Jay Markoe's New Age touch. • Mozart's most beautiful melodies with Markoe's meditative celestial orchestrations. This unique recording combines the best relaxation elements of both classical and new age music.
Gerald Jay Markoe
Celestial Music for Sitar Cd 9030197   $ 42.00
Product Image This one of a kind album features beautiful, meditative sitar, Sarod and flute melodies from India with celestial backgrounds that give you the feeling of twinkling stars, circling planets and celestial beings that radiate love, peace and harmony. Perfect for Yoga, relaxation, massage, reiki, spas etc. Subroto Roy Chowdhury is one of India’s most famous Sitarists. He has played over 300 concerts outside India and is a highly regarded composer of film music. Celestial synthesizer backgrounds with Sarod and oboe melodies by: Gerald Jay Markoe 'Gerald Jay Markoe is THE composer of the new age. He is to new age music, what Mozart is to classical music'. – New Age Voice magazine. Divine flute melodies by Premik Russell Tubbs, who has played with Ravi Shankar, Carlos Santana, Whitney Houston, John McLaughlin and other celebrities.
Gerald Jay Markoe
Messages from God CD 9030191   $ 45.00
Product Image Messages from God Narrated by "Phoenix" Lynn S. Marks Celestial Music by Gerald Jay Markoe A blend of 365 divine inspirational messages with magical celestial music. "Messages from God" works while you are asleep or awake on the soul level transforming your consciousness. This CD is something different, wonderful and original. The music by Gerald Jay Markoe radiates love, peace, and harmony. It features classical orchestral elements, angelic voices, monks choir and celestial background textures. Divine inspirational messages channeled through Phoenix, who is a pioneer in the field of coaching people in both business and spiritual matters. Phoenix is also a spirit guide, intuitive advisor, and the author of the acclaimed book "Messages from God."
Gerald Jay Markoe
Music from the Pleiades Cd 8090281   $ 45.00
Product Image The Pleiades are an extraordinarily beautiful and brilliant star cluster in the constellation of Taurus. I have a large picture of them in my recording studio, and sometimes when I look at a this picture, I am inspired to compose a style of music, which is very different from the music I usually compose, and very different from anything I have ever heard before. This album is a collection of those pieces. The Pleiades are the subject of many legends and stories of a positive and beautiful nature, and were held sacred by almost every ancient culture. An interesting example of this is the Torajas, a primitive tribe in Indonesia, who still build saucer shaped templates in remembrance of their ancestors who (according to legend) came from the stars called Pleiades, in saucer shaped ships a very long time ago. Numerous reports of extraterrestrial encounters from different parts of the world include the information that the space beings indicate the Pleiades as their place of origin. I can't claim any extraterrestrial contact with the Pleiades, but the beauty of this star cluster and the legends about it by the Egyptians, Greeks, Aztecs, Incas and American Indians have touched me deeply in an inner way. For some unexplainable reason many of us feel a special kind of connection with the Pleiades. Perhaps as so many of the legends say we are the descendants of Pleiades Cosmonauts who settled here aeons ago, before the dawn of history. I certainly can't say for sure one way or the other, but I do know that I love the Pleiades, and that my "contact" with them (through the picture in my studio, seeing them in the sky, and reading ancient legends about them) inspired this album.
Gerald Jay Markoe
Sacred Music from the Seven Stars CD 9030193   $ 38.00
Product Image A relaxing, meditative, melodic blend of new age and classical music Recorded on an "orchestra" of 26 synthesizers in Astromusic's crystal filled, 48 track, digital studio.
Gerald Jay Markoe
Zen Meditations CD 9030199   $ 45.00
Product Image Includes booklet: "Basics of Zen Meditation." One of the most popular composers of relaxation music in the world, Gerald Jay Markoe was classically trained at both the Julliard and Manhattan schools of music, and has received numerous ASCAP awards for his compositions. His best-selling albums MUSIC FROM THE ANGELS and MUSIC FROM THE PLEIADES reached #1 and #2 positions on national retail charts. A certified Yoga teacher, Gerald Jay Markoe has practiced meditation since 1961. Music for meditation, relaxation and healing featuring: Asian harps and flutes, sacred Tibetan crystal bowls, Temple bells and gongs, synthesizers & nature sounds. "Not that New Age music ever really needed a James Brown-styled figure, but Markoe has been the music's Godfather of the Super-Heavy Ultra-Bliss. A Julliard-trained keyboardist, who broadened the initial boundaries of New Age, Markoe has incorporated dozens of ethnic, jazz and classical elements into its ethereal sound. Along the way, Markoe has whisked the genre off to the cosmos (the best-selling "Music Of The Pleiades"), bid glad tidings with the cherubs ("Music Of The Angels"), and nurtured some very important musical fusions with a Native American ensemble ("Where The Earth Touches The Stars" featuring Ancient Brotherhood). Since moving to Puerto Rico, Markoe has begun to focus on an inner healing/spiritual quest that has led to scoring several motivational works, including background music for narrations by authors Stacey Dean and Alma Daniel. "Zen Meditations" commences Markoe's new series of serene soundscapes based on traditional Asian settings, melding his celestial synthesizer with an assortment of temple bells and gongs, Oriental harps, flutes and crystal bowls. Like the wealth of Markoe's previous work, "Meditations" is more dazzling than any other world beat fusion, quietly drifting along as his music billows and flows like puffy, cumulous clouds of gentle music. Fans familiar with similar works by Eastern ambient artists like Kitaro or Kenso should note that Markoe's scores refer more to the spiritual, meditative aspects of Asia's music, rather than their sharp, plucky scales. "Zen Meditations" provides a radiant, effervescent experience that's truly unique."
Gerald Jay Markoe
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