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Updated: 13/02/2013
A-Z Guide to Drug-Herb-Vitamin Interactions 8110049   $ 58.00
Product Image A-Z Guide to Drug-Herb-Vitamin Interactions Revised and Expanded 2nd Edition: Improve Your Health and Avoid Side Effects When Using Common Medications and Natural Supplements Together: Know the Side Effects and Protect Your Health If you're among the millions of people taking prescription and over-the-counter drugs, as well as vitamins and natural medicines, you need to know which combinations are potentially helpful and which can be extremely dangerous. The A–Z Guide to Drug-Herb-Vitamin Interactions is an essential resource to understanding the interactions that may affect your health. From the experts at Healthnotes, this revised and updated edition contains the newest information on thousands of drugs and supplements, based on studies published in the leading medical journals. Reliable and easy to use, this book is sure to become a trusted reference in your home. MORE THAN 18,000 DRUG-HERB-VITAMIN INTERACTIONS Find out about: Drugs that can deplete your body’s nutrients Supplements that can interfere with drug absorption Side effects of common drug-herb-vitamin combinations Supplements that can help your prescriptions work better Combinations that should never be taken together
Alan Gaby
Behold a Pale Horse 3030213   $ 60.00
Product Image The author, former U.S. Naval Intelligence Briefing Team Member, reveals information kept secret by our government since the 1940s. UFOs, the J.F.K.. assassination, the Secret Government, the war on drugs and more by the world's leading expert on UFOs. REVIEW Behold a Pale Horse is definitely not a book to curl up on the couch with on a Sunday afternoon. The topics William Cooper discusses will very likely keep you reading late into the night. There are two types of people in the world: those who want to know who exactly is controlling whom, and those who are more comfortable taking things at face value. I will say up front that I didn't believe everything I read in this book, such as some of the references about UFOs. What really disturbed me was the theory of the true intent of the government. Cooper's account of what the government is capable of in times of heightened alert is extremely relevant now. It is important to keep in mind that this book was published before the attack on the World Trade Center because the US is finding itself in exactly the position Cooper predicted. Whether or not you think you might agree with the information in this book, I recommend any book written by someone who was killed for the purpose of silencing him or her. Be an informed citizen and know what your government is capable of.
William Cooper
Bucklands Complete Book of Witchcraft 5020016   $ 40.00
Product Image Here is the most complete self-study course in modern Wicca available, written by the person who first went public with "The Old Religion" in the United States. For group or solitary use, it includes rituals; exercises for developing psychic talents; information on all major "sects" of the Craft; sections on tools, beliefs, dreams, meditations, divination, herbal lore, healing, ritual clothing; and much, much more. Even those who have practiced Wicca for years find useful information in Buckland's Complete Book of Witchcraft, and many covens are using it as their textbook. Profusely illustrated and full of music and chants.
Raymond Buckland
Complete Illustrated Guide to Aromatherapy 8120001   $ 39.00
Product Image This encyclopaedia of remedies and techniques covers every application of aromatherapy, from cosmetics and clincial aromatherapy, to perfumery, and explains how aromatic oils can be used simply and effectively to treat a wide range of health complaints. The Ancient Egyptians, Greeks and Romans all practised aromatherapy, but it was only in the 1980s and 1990s that the benefits of aromatic oils were generally recognized. Many essential oils have antiseptic and revitalizing properties, and have been proven to benefit people suffering with stress-related disorders, respiratory and skin problems. This encyclopaedia of remedies and techniques covers every application of aromatherapy from cosmetics and clincial aromatherapy to perfumery, and explains how aromatics oils can be used simply and effectively to treat a wide range of health complaints.
Julia Lawless
Condensed Encyclopedia of Healin foods 7030017   $ 24.00
Product Image Condensed Encyclopedia Of Healing Foods: A User Friendly Guide To The Nutritional Benefits And Medicine: In The Encyclopedia of Healing Foods, Michael Murray, N.D., and Joseph Pizzorno, N.D., two of the world's foremost authorities on nutrition and wellness, draw on an abundant harvest of data to present the best guide available to healthy eating.Grounded in rigorous research, The Encyclopedia of Healing Foods offers health-conscious eaters scores of vital facts at their fingertips.Sweeping in scope and rich in detail, this indispensable reference and inspiring guide has the immediately accessible, authoritative information anybody needs to make healthier food choices.
Michael Murray
Cunninghams Encyclopedia of Magical Herbs 9030029   $ 30.00
Product Image Do you work magic with herbs? Do you use them in spells, for talismans or simply use their innate powers? If you don't have Cunningham's Encyclopedia of Magical Herbs, you need to get it right away. This book has become a classic in its field. Paul Beyerl, a respected author on herbs calls it "…an essential reference book by students of herbalism and magick alike … Scott's personable charm touches every page… I highly recommend this book." And Jeanne Rose, famous author of books on herbs and developer of an herbal course says "I love books like this … It is accessible, easy to read, and with its encompassing index (all too often neglected), simple to use as well." Over 200,000 people already have this book and use it frequently. In this edition of the book (it's expanded and revised on the 15th anniversary of original publication) you will find the magical properties and folklore of over 400 herbs! You'll also find lists of herbs based on their magical powers, their genders, their planetary rulers, and more. Perhaps the most important list is the folk name cross-reference. With that information, when a recipe calls for "bramble, " you'll know it needs blackberry. Or if the magic calls for "enebro," you'll know you that is juniper. The main part of this book is the listings of the herbs. Each one includes names, associations, and magical attributions. Violets can be used for protection, luck, love, and more. Primrose is for protection and love. Garlic is for protection, healing, exorcism, lust, and prevention of theft. This book is considered a classic. It is probably consulted more than any other book on this subject. If you want to learn the secrets of magical herbs, this book is a must! From the Publisher Some time ago I started to get into programming computers. There are books that teach programming languages. There are others that simply tell you what the commands are. They don't teach you how to program, but you can use the information to make your programs work. In a sense, programming books don't teach programming. In a similar way, Cunningham's Encyclopedia of Magical Herbs doesn't teach you how to do spells (although it does give a brief outline so you can use this without any other book). What it does do is give you all the information you need to make your spells, talismans, amulets, and rituals work better. This book has become a classic in its field. Every time I visit an occult shop that sells herbs, I look to see what books they use as resources. Inevitably, this book is there, usually quite beaten up from constant use. The pros use it and so do over 200,000 people like you. The cross-referenced index of folk names could be a book by itself. Did you know that if a magical spell calls for "bats' wings" you should use holly? Or did you know that if a magical recipe called for "lapstones" you should use potato? If you had this book you would know all that and more. You'd also learn that ragweed can be used for courage; lily of the valley can enhance mental powers and happiness; and chrysanthemums can be used for protection. This book by Scott Cunningham is truly encyclopedic. It gives information on over 400 herbs in an easy-to-use format that makes working with the book clear and simple. If you do any sort of magic with herbs, or if you are interested in folklore, this is a book you must have.
Scott Cunningham
Dictionary of the Esoteric: Over 3,000 Entries on the Mystic 5020126   $ 33.00
Product Image Including over 3000 cross-referenced entries from the prehistoric to the contemporary, this unique dictionary is an invaluable reference to the mystical and esoteric traditions. It includes biographies of leading figures in the field, such as astrologer Evangeline Adams and the prophet Zarathustra, and also offers a fascinating look at esoteric religious texts such as The Egyptian Book of the Dead, The Dead Sea Scrolls, and the Zohar, revealing both human and divine characters from the great legends and myths of the world
Nevill Drury
Eat Right for your Type Complete Blood Type Encyclopedia 9020061   $ 43.00
Product Image Do type A women have a higher rate of breast cancer? Should you take aspirin if you're type O? This reference book attempts to answer all your questions about how to treat a specific problem acording to your blood type. The author, Dr Peter J. D'Adamo, has established himself as an authority on the connection between blood type, eating, cooking and living. Through this guide, he aims to help you to improve your overall health and well-being by recommending treatments for hundreds of conditions. He also details the frequency and severity of the conditions for each blood type. Contents: Disease susceptibility; allergic responses; symptoms; chronic pain; digestive health; fatigue; immune enhancement; sleep enhancement; cognitive improvement; detoxification; healthy skin; cardiovascular protection; metabolic enhancement; exercise; food, herbs and supplements.
Peter D'Adama
Element Encyclopedia of the Psychic World 6060039   $ 55.00
Product Image Review: HUGE reference book on spirits, paranormal, psychic stuff, stones, crystals, people, places, things, and whatever else. A full sized book, 850 pages of material. If you can't find a little something about it here, I'd be real surprised. (Example: "table-tilting," tipping or turning is the crudest form of communication with the subconscious self or with extraneous intelligences. Yet tables have been associated with divination and communication with spirits since antiquity. . .") It goes on to tell you some history. We have a 20-page tiny font index alone for you to look up whatever topic you need to. It's written in such a way that you can either just read your way through topics in paragraph form, like Crystal stuff, or you can look up a specific item, like Tai Chi. A ton of info for the money, in encyclopedia type fashion.
Theresa Cheung
Encyclopedia of Crystals 7060019   $ 46.00
Product Image The ultimate guide to crystals and how to use them! In The Encyclopedia of Crystals, Judy Hall draws on over 30 years' experience of working with crystals to provide the definitive reference. Lavishly illustrated, featuring newly discovered stones and providing new materials on geology and fluorescent properties, this is an essential addition to the libraries of everyone working with crystals. Organized by crystal color for easy reference, this gorgeous guide relates the colors of crystals to the chakras, tells readers how to cleanse and activate them, and provides helpful, authoritative advice on healing with crystals.
Judy Hall
Encyclopedia of Healing Foods 1104054   $ 60.00
Product Image From the bestselling authors of "The Encyclopedia of Natural Medicine", the most comprehensive and practical guide available to the nutritional benefits and medicinal properties of virtually everything edible. As countless studies have affirmed, diet plays a major role in both provoking and preventing a wide range of diseases. But just what is a healthy diet? What does the body need to stay strong and get well? In "The Encyclopedia of Healing Foods", Michael T. Murray, N.D., and Joseph Pizzorno, N.D., two of the world's foremost authorities on nutrition and wellness, draw on an abundant harvest of research to present the best guide available to healthy eating. Make healthy eating a lifetime habit. Let "The Encyclopedia of Healing Foods" teach you how to: design a safe diet use foods to stimulate the body?s natural ability to rejuvenate and heal discover the role that fiber, enzymes, fatty acids, and other dietary components have in helping us live healthfully understand which food prescriptions will help you safely treat more than 70 specific ailments, including acne, Alzheimer?s disease, immune system depression, insomnia, migraine headaches, PMS, and rheumatoid arthritis prepare foods safely in order to prevent illness and maximize health benefits select, store, and prepare all kinds of healthful foods Providing the best natural remedies for everyday aches and pains, as well as potent protection against serious diseases, "The Encyclopedia of Healing Foods" is a required daily health reference.
Dr Michael Murray, Dr Joseph Pizzorno with Lar Pizzorno, M.A, LMT
Encyclopedia of Herbal Medicine 5110100   $ 100.00
Product Image Encyclopedia Of Herbal Medicine: The Definitive Home Reference Guide To 550 Key Herbs With All Their Uses. This is the second edition of Chevallier's 'The Encyclopedia of Medicinal Plants'. Though the title has changed, the format and contents are substantially the same. This second edition has been revised to reflect the latest herbal research and includes some herbs not mentioned in the earlier book, such as cat's claw. It also addresses the issues of quality control and the safe use of herbal remedies. But as with the original, initial and final chapters address the development of herbal medicine, world herbal traditions, and home remedies. Including alphabetical listing by Latin name of 550 of the most commonly used individual herbs. One hundred key plants are given a full-page spread outlining their habitat and cultivation, related species, key constituents and actions, research, traditional and current uses, parts used, key preparations, and self-help uses. In a separate alphabetical list, an additional 450 plants are covered in less detail. A fine bibliography and index complete the book. As with all DK publications, the encyclopedia is lavishly illustrated with high-quality color captioned photographs and focus boxes. Rodale's Illustrated Encyclopedia of Herbs addresses briefly the medicinal uses of the listed herbs, there is a much stronger emphasis on the horticultural and culinary aspects. Deni Bown's Encyclopedia of Herbs and Their Uses is more comprehensive, covering over 1000 herbs, but has less information regarding their medicinal use. Therefore, the new Chevallier volume remains a top choice for a library reference on the medicinal use of herbs for the public.
Andrew Chevallier
Encyclopedia of Natural Healing for Children and Infants 7100006   $ 45.00
Product Image Treat common childhood ailments safely and naturally. This comprehensive, user-friendly volume by one of the nation's most highly trained medical herbalists has all the information that concerned parents need to safeguard and improve the health of their children. An Encyclopedia of Natural Healing for Children and Infants features new material on topics of particular interest to today's health-conscious parent, such as environmental allergies and the use of antibiotics. Mary Bove, N.D., is a world-renowned herbalist and educator with a private practice in family medicine and natural childbirth in Brattleboro, Vermont.
Mary Bove
Encyclopedia of Natural Medicine 2nd Edition 8090001   $ 60.00
Product Image The perfect balance between the latest research and age-old wisdom This completely revised and expanded second edition of the classic reference work arms you with the latest information on the extraordinary healing powers of natural medicine. Michael Murray and Joseph Pizzorno, two of the most trusted naturopathic doctors in the world, have teamed up once again to bring you cutting-edge natural remedies for the most common ailments. Easy to understand, a pleasure to read, yet scientifically well researched and documented, this is your complete health adviser to the natural approach to over 70 diseases, from arthritis to varicose veins. In addition, this life-long reference offers important information on: - The four cornerstones of good health and how to achieve them - How to enhance your body's key systems - How to promote good health and increase longevity Authoritative and up to date, the "Encyclopedia of Natural Medicine" is the essential medical reference no home should be without.
Michael Murray
Encyclopedia of Nutritional Supplements 8090132   $ 46.00
Product Image
Michael Murray
Encyclopedia of Superstitions 8040008   $ 37.00
Product Image Have you ever rubbed a frog on your freckles: Trivia fans and fun fact fanatics will adore this fascinating, flickable encyclopedia of superstitions! Richard Webster presents over five hundred of the most obscure, curious, and just-plain-freaky superstitions of the Western world. Discover batty beliefs about baldness, beans, and the Bermuda Triangle, and peculiar practices regarding hiccups, hearses, and hunchbacks. From modern myths to centuries-old lore, The Encyclopedia of Superstitions offers a wealth of wonderfully weird beliefs on just about every topic you can imagine: Holidays Birth Death Weddings Colors Gemstones Trees Flowers Fairies Weather Numbers Animals Birds Insects Household Items Zodiac Signs Gambling The Human Body Food
Richard Webster
Encyclopedia of Tarot Volume IV 6080002   $ 110.00
Product Image A trove of tarot information and images, featuring reproductions of more than 11,000 different tarot cards from the 20th century. Over 800 tarot decks are identified and described including 100 Japanese tarot decks. Additionally, the annotated bibliography contains more than 1,500 books and articles dating from the 18th century to the present.
Stuart Kaplan
Encyclopedia of Wicca and Witchcraft 5020028   $ 57.00
Product Image Raven Grimassi's Encyclopedia of Wicca & Witchcraft is easily the most important book on the subject to come out this year. It will be seen as one of the most important books on Wicca and Witchcraft for years to come. From now on, if you want to know anything about the history or methods of the Craft, this is the place you will start. Do you need to find out about a person who has had an important impact on Wicca: Gardner? Sanders? Clutterbuck? Valiente? It's in here. Would you like to discover more about Wiccan holidays: Mabon? Lughnasadh? Litha? You'll discover it in here, too. Also in here is information on magical tools and methods, philosophy, theology, various pantheons, Pagan traditions, herbs, and their powers and even the flows of energy around the world called the "Tatvic Tides." Three hundred photos and illustrations let you see what people look like and help to amplify the information. Perhaps you'd like to learn about Scottish Witchcraft. In this book you'd learn that the first modern mention of it was in a book by Raymond Buckland. "Such was the response that Ray got to his mention of this tradition, that he had to publish full details...The information was provided by Wiccan teacher Aidan Breac..." If you want to know more about Breac and the PectiWita tradition, you'll find it in this book. Many people think that Wicca has no real laws. However, there are 140 Traditional Laws of Witchcraft. You'll find them all listed here. You'll also discover the difference between a pentacle and a pentagram, what the Odic Force is, the eclecticism of the Ladywood Tradition, the ancient sources of working magic "skyclad," plus lists of Pagan publications, mail order suppliers, and so much more.
Raven Grimassi
Essentials of Human Anatomy & Physology 9th ed 1002006   $ 120.00
Product Image Now in its Ninth Edition, "Essentials of Human Anatomy & Physiology" continues to set the standard for short-course A&P texts with an enhanced media package, an updated art program, and new "active learning" features that help allied health students better visualize and understand the structure and function of the human body. Elaine Marieb's clear and friendly writing style emphasizes the relevance of anatomy and physiology to students' lives and careers. It clarifies concepts, defines key terms, and offers just the right balance of anatomy, physiology, and clinical coverage to make the content complete without being overwhelming. While many authors merely condense a two-semester text to meet a one-semester need, Elaine Marieb wrote this book specifically for the one-semester course and continues to carefully select a range of material that proves just right for the shorter course. New information on hot topics like DNA fingerprinting, contraception, stem cell research, and obesity draws students into the material, while a flexible topic structure allows instructors to choose a chapter sequence to meet virtually any need.Thoroughly updated, the Ninth Edition offers instructors three options for online course management, including my A&P -- a comprehensive, customizable resource site for accessing tutorials, quizzes, review exercises, and other helpful instructor resources. WebCT and BlackBoard are also available. The book also includes "Essentials of Interactive Physiology(R)", a new Media Manager, and a companion website.
Elaine N Marieb
Illustrated Directory of Healing Crystals 1104053   $ 28.00
Product Image Illustrated Directory of Healing Crystals: A Comprehensive Guide to 150 Crystals and Gemstones: - Millions believe in the healing power of crystals, and this revised edition of "The Illustrated Directory of Healing Crystals" explains how to put that power to use. Each of 150 minerals, from agate to zoisite, comes with a description, a color photo, an explanation of its healing properties and astrological significance, and a list of associated herbs, oils, and incenses. Whether it's relieving an earache with a piece of rose quartz or ridding the workplace of tension with an amethyst geode, the many practical ideas here are a powerful source of protection, health, and well-being.
Cassandra Eason
Maori Healing and Herbal 3060006   $ 99.00
Product Image By Murdoch Riley. First section of this book surveys Maori health and healing from the pre-contact period with Europeans to the present time. It itemises individual ailments and subjects, discussing the spiritual and herbal healing needed. The second section contains information on some 200 plants with colour photographs of each. This book details New Zealand and world medicinal information according to the particular botanical family. Award winning book with wide appeal, also a recommended textbook for students.
Riley Murdoch
New Age Encyclopedia 3050022   $ 32.00
Product Image Book: New Age Encyclopedia: A Mind body spirit Reference Guide A complete, easy to read, quick reference guide to everything and anything New Age, this book covers it all -from acupressure to herbal medicine, Reiki to numerology Druids to spirit guides. Each entry is presented in a straightforward fashion; boxes of pertinent information further enhance the text. Quick and reliable reference guide for anything and everything New Age from acupressure to herbal medicine, Reiki to numerology, Druids to spirit guides.
Belinda Whitworth
Prescription for Nutritional Healing 5th Ed - Totally Revise 1204020   $ 48.00
Product Image * America's #1 Guide to Natural Health Prescription for Nutritional Healing (5th Ed): A Practical A to Z Reference to Drug free Remedies..."Prescription for Nutritional Healing" is the nation's number 1 bestselling guide to natural remedies. This new fifth edition incorporates the most recent information on a variety of alternative healing and preventive therapies and unveils new science on vitamins, supplements, and herbs. With an A-to-Z reference to illnesses, updates include: how omega-3 and exercise may help those suffering from Alzheimer's Current; information on the latest drug therapies for treating AIDs; what you need to know about H1N1 virus Nutritional information for combating prostate cancer; Leading research on menopause and bio identical hormones; and, much, much more. In the twenty years since the first edition was released, the natural health movement has gone mainstream, and the quest for optimal nutrition is no longer relegated to speciality stores. With more than 800 pages of comprehensive facts about all aspects of alternative ways to wellness, "Prescription for Nutritional Healing, Fifth Edition", unites the best of age-old remedies with twenty-first- century science.
Phyllis A Balch, CNC
Sacred Sites Bible: The Definitive Guide to Spiritual Places 1104131   $ 35.00
Product Image From the extraordinary Machu Picchu set high in the Andes to Uluru in the central Australian desert, and from Britain's Glastonbury Tor to Saint Catherine's Monastery beneath Mount Sinai, this book is a homage to those sites around the world that have inspired faith, devotion and mystical experiences. Understand the spiritual significance of major buildings such as Borobudur in Java and Chartres Cathedral in France, learn about the sacred traditions associated with each monument and unlock the symbolic meaning of incredible landscapes and natural landforms. Featuring reconstructions, location maps and plans of the sites as they would have appeared at their height, along with key pilgrimage routes and advice on when to visit them, "The Sacred Sites Bible" is an essential guide to these ancient wonders.
Anthony J Taylor
Secret Language of Destiny 9060005   $ 98.00
Product Image Why push a rock uphill when you can discover your particular karmic path and follow it straight to the top? Knowing which way to turn just became easier with "The Secret Language of Destiny", cosmologist Gary Goldschneider's latest addition to the Secret Language" series (The Secret Language of Birthdays, The Secret Language of Relationships). This weighty compendium of wisdom delights with its handsome design by Joost Elffers, and provides hours of entertainment as you peruse the 1,300 photos and birthdays of VIPs. A database of 7,500 famous folks was analyzed to produce the karmic path descriptions, and gifts, goals, and lessons for each of the 48 paths are clearly illuminated, as are the pitfalls to avoid. Up front are 52 astrological descriptions of personality characteristics for the week of birth. The Secret Language of Destiny is immensely useful and fun for the whole family. Following the phenomenal success of The Secret Language of Birthdays and The Secret Language of Relationships, Joost Elffers and Gary Goldschneider have created a book that seeks to answer the question, "Why am I here?" Just as the first books in the series explored an individual's relationship with both the self and with others, The Secret Language of Destiny explores one's relationship with the universe and what one is fated to accomplish. Based on an individual's date of birth, the book reveals what each person came into this life to achieve, what lesson is to be learned, and what goal is to be embraced. Destiny is divided into 48 karmic paths--from The Way of Expression to the Way of Transcendence. Each path outlines the purpose of individuals born on that path, what pitfalls are to be avoided, and how the journey on that path affects every area of life from work to love. Complete with 1500 black-and-white photographs and 2000 pieces of decorative line art, this is the ultimate sourcebook for answering one of life's great questions. Beautiful, intelligent, and thoughtful, The Secret Language of Destiny will delight fans of the Secret Language books, spiritual seekers, and anyone who has contemplated their purpose in life.
Gary Goldschneider & Joost Elffers
Signs and Symbols Bible 1104137   $ 35.00
Product Image Signs and Symbols Bible: the Definitive Guide to the World of Symbols: Everyday symbols such as the Freemason's set square or the lotus flower are familiar to nearly everyone, but few are aware of the true significance and fascinating origin of these signs. Originally used to provide protection from spirits, enhance mystical practices, or to maintain a secret, these symbols may have been misused, misunderstood or simply forgotten. "The Signs and Symbols Bible" reveals the key ideas and sacred concepts behind over 500 signs and symbols, from those used by ancient religions to the glyphs of mediaeval magicians. This definitive guide is a fascinating exploration into a shadowy world where nothing is as straightforward as it seems.
Madonna Gauding
Subtle Body 9110011   $ 69.00
Product Image Subtle Body: An Encyclopedia of Your Energetic Anatomy: Welcome to the first comprehensive encyclopedia of the human energetic anatomy. Here is a reference that no personal or professional health care library should be without - an in-depth, illustrated guide to the invisible energies of spirit, psyche, and consciousness that influence every aspect of our well-being. Whether you are looking for the complementary medicine to enhance your own healing practice, seeking perennial wisdom about your body's energetic nature from world traditions, or exploring the quantum edge of intention-based care, The Subtle Body is an indispensable companion for exploring virtually any facet of holistic healing. Created for healing professionals and patients alike, this volume provides a lexicon of terms, illustrations, and detailed entries about our energetic biology and how it relates to our physical being. This invaluable information will help you enhance any form of health care, giving you the knowledge you need to develop an integrated approach for your clients' well-being-or your own. Compiled by energetic healer and scholar Cyndi Dale, The Subtle Body examines: * Energy-based therapy principles from the world's healing traditions-including Ayurveda, Qigong, Reiki, Quabalah, and many more * The science of subtle anatomy: the ancient models and the newest research on the unseen fields that determine our physical condition * True integrative care: how combining Eastern energetic modalities with Western scientific rigor yields optimum results * The meridians, fields, and chakras: detailed information and diagrams about the role of these energetic structures in our overall health * The role of intention in healing: how the beliefs of a healer, patient, and everyone involved affect the outcome of a treatment What is it that distinguishes good healers from great ones? Today it is clear that the most successful healing occurs when we take into account every level of our physical and energetic selves. With The Subtle Body, you now have an unprecedented resource for understanding the physical, energetic, and spiritual elements of human health-for an informed, complete approach to healing.
Cyndi Dale
Trail Guide to the Body 4th Edition DVD 1011012   $ 75.00
Product Image "Trial Guide to the Body" author Andrew Biel coaches students on palpation in this dynamic 3-hour DVD. It covers 79 muscles, key bony landmarks and includes more than 200 illustration overlays. It's an educational DVD students will actually want to watch!(Included in the Trail Guide textbook or sold separately.)
Andrew Biel
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Water Blessing Labels
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