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Updated: 02/01/2013
Sacred Symbols Water Blessing Labels 1104035  $ 20.00
Product Image Sacred geometry holds the secrets to the mysteries of the universe. These ancient symbols have been carefully chosen to energize your water with the most sacred vibration. This package includes 16 reusable, static cling blessing labels. These labels are designed to influence drinking water with positive thoughts as based on the 5-year study by Dr. Emoto featured in the movie WHAT THE BLEEP...DO WE KNOW. If words, thoughts and images can change the crystal structure of water imagine how they can transform our bodies which are 85% water. Each contains 16 Static Cling Re-Usable Labels & bonus gift of 16 Daily Inspiration Cards inside.
Alhambra CD 7050046   $ 36.00
Product Image Oliver Shanti & Friends with the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra London At the beginning of the new millennium Oliver Shanti & Friends created the album Alhambra. Many top-musicians from all over the world where brought together on this world music project. Sounds of Flamenco, Arabic scales, beautiful emotional voices, pulsating beat and percussion sequences unite east and west in harmonious music! A topical masterpiece and a bridge for universal understanding.
Oliver Shanti and Friends
Chakraman Blue Divine Art Wall Hanging Tapestry 1010012   $ 78.00
Product Image Divine Art Wall Hanging Collection Chakraman Blue Wall Hanging 45cm x 66cm lined wall hanging includes wooden dowling rod. Designed in mind for the healing arts.
Paul Heussenstamm
Chinese Medicine Bible: The Definitive Guide to Holistic Hea 1104132   $ 35.00
Product Image "The Chinese Medicine Bible" explores the key principles of Chinese alternative therapies, explaining the importance of balancing yin and yang and the nuances of the five element theory, before delving deeper to explain the causes of disease, the diagnostic tools needed such as tongue and pulse analysis, and the methods employed to treat common ailments. The book also contains a detailed directory of Chinese herbal medicine, including a materia medica of 50 essential healing herbs, and outlines the principles of acupuncture and moxabustion. Along with fully illustrated step-by-step guides to self-help techniques you can try at home including acupressure, tai chi and Qigong, "The Chinese Medicine Bible" shows you how to easily maintain your health and vitality using these natural, time-tested techniques.
Penelope Ody
Chinese Medicine Cures Hay Fever 3110136   $ 36.00
Product Image The Chinese have been treating hay fever and other allergies for 2000 years and this text explores their theory of the cause of the condition. It contains a host of safe, simple, low-cost or no-cost home therapies which help to prevent this problem.
Bob Flaws
Entity Possession: Freeing the Energy Body of Negative Influ 8050021   $ 38.00
Product Image For centuries Eastern traditions have taken the subject of entity possession quite seriously. Ayurveda, the traditional medicine of India, recognizes bhutas or entities and their influence on mental and physical well-being, as well as the ways they can be evicted from the individual. Now, in a work that is unique in Western literature, Dr. Samuel Sagan examines the problem of these incorporeal beings that attach themselves to human beings as parasites, causing various emotional, mental and physical problems. A landmark study that presents sound analysis and treatment of this phenomenon, "Entity Possession" demystifies a topic that has long been overdramatized by the folklore surrounding possession and exorcism.Using actual case studies of the "hungry ghost" phenomenon, Dr. Sagan analyzes their mechanisms and motivations, presenting the facts of entity possession, and including many tips on how to dislodge these parasites from the individuals whose lives are thrown out of balance by their presence.
Samuel Sagan
Epiphany CD 1001028   $ 32.00
Product Image Epiphany CD by Manose is the latest release by the Nepalese flutest, with guests Deva Premal & Miten. The rising sun; prayer flags fluttering in the breeze; a quenching rainstorm - simple images leap to life in these new songs by Nepal native Manose. With his bansuri flute -- accompanied by guitars, cello, percussion and guest vocals by Deva Premal & Miten -- Manose unveils the divinity that resides within each of us. 1. Sun Salutation 7:49 2. Prayer Flags 5:33 3. Epiphany 6:50 4. Oasis 7:59 5. Monsoon 10:32 6. Buddha's Lullaby 4:49 7. My Wish 4:30 8. Tapoban 11:15
Manose - Featuring Deva Premal
Hindu Altars 9030235   $ 42.00
Product Image Hindu Altars: A Pop-up Gallery of Traditional Art and Wisdom : The newest in a series of ingenious pop-up titles devoted to the great Eastern religions, Hindu Altars dazzles with brilliant illustrations and the exceptional effect of pop-up displays. The 3-D altars are accompanied by brief descriptions of each deity, along with mantras for use in meditation. The reader's spiritual journey is assisted by Lakshmi (who increases abundance and purity), Shiva Nataraja (who clarifies one's vision and eradicates misconceptions), Durga (who protects one from fear), and Ganesha (who bestows wisdom and courage for future endeavors). Whether interested in Hindu altars or a divine voyage, this gorgeous book provides readers with a captivating and unique guide.
Robert Beer
How Parvati Won the Heart of Shiva: Classic Indian Stories f 8040061   $ 28.00
Product Image In the Hindu pantheon, the great mother goddess, Adishakti, is the heavenly wife of Shiva, Lord of All Gods. Whenever Shiva or Adishkti come to Earth in human form, they are fated to marry each other again - but that's no guarantee that all will go smoothly with their courtship. In this story Adishakti comes to Earth as the mountain princess Parvati, who has her work cut out for her when she tries to win the affections of Shiva. Shiva spends all his time meditating on a remote mountainside in the Himalayas and has no interest in marriage. Parvati washes his feet, wipes his brow and lays sixteen offerings before him, but he won't even look at her. Sage, Narada, advises her to invoke Shiva's name - Om Namah Shivaya - over and over again as a mantra. So in the heat of the sun, in the driving rain and up to her neck in snow, Pervati sits and repeats her beloved's name until the focussed power of her intent opens his heart and persuades him to ask for her hand in marriage. Parvati's timeless story teaches children that with enough love and perseverance even the seemingly impossible can be achieved. Accompanied by rich, colour illustrations prepared according to the traditional Hindu canon, How Parvati Won The Heart Of Shiva will transport children to a magical world filled with ancient wisdom.
Harish Johari and Ehud Sperling
How to Read the Aura 8020033   $ 33.00
Product Image How to Read the Aura and Practice Psychometry Telepathy and Clairvoyance: Renowned parapsychologist W. E. Butler outlines simple procedures to develop and perfect the four basic psychic powers we all possess; how to read the Aura, understand Psychometry, awaken telepathic powers, and experience clairvoyance. One of the world's great occultists, W. E. Butler (1898-1978) studied in India among Hindu spiritual teachers and with renowned mystic Annie Besant.
W E Butler
Indian Head Massage: Discover the Power Of Touch 7110006   $ 35.00
Product Image Paperback edition of the hardback bestseller. A full colour, step by step guide to the techniques and secrets of Indian Head Massage. Discover the secret of Indian head massage and feel fabulous. Indian Head Massage is a wonderfully relaxing therapy that involves massage of the upper back, shoulders, neck, head and face. The massage is safe, simple to learn and effective. It can provide relief from aches and pains and stress symptoms, promote hair growth, soothe, comfort and rebalance your skin and give you a sense of deep calmness and tranquility. This book looks at the history of Indian Head Massage, introduces the power and importance of touch and takes you step by step through the basic methods of champissage. Each step is fully illustrated and there are clear instructions for different massage techniques for the upper back, shoulders, neck, head and face -- all of which you can practice on yourself, or with a partner. Learn how a simple circular temple rub can release your tension headache, how to iron down into a state of relaxation, and how to send a tingle down your lover's spine with a sensual ear massage.
Narendra Mehta
Karna: The Greatest Archer in the World 8020035   $ 36.00
Product Image When Princess Kunti is twelve years old she tries reciting a secret mantra for inviting the gods into her life. She gets more than she bargained for when the Sun, himself, swoops down out of the sky in a golden chariot and presents her with a baby. "Take him back," she cries. "I'm not ready to be a mother!" But it's too late; the Sun says the baby is her responsibility now. However, he points out the child's golden earrings and the golden shield upon his chest and tells Kunti that as long he wears them, the child will be protected. Kunti tearfully puts the baby in a basket and sets him afloat on the river, where Adhiratha and Radha, a poor and childless couple, find him and take him in."Karna: The Greatest Archer in the World" introduces the reader to the heroic but humanly flawed character of Karna, who grapples with issues of right and wrong, truth and lies, loyalty and abandonment. It tells how Radha helps her adoptive son, Karna, solve the mystery of his birth; how she and her husband give Karna the courage to follow his heart in the study of archery; how Karna faces his birth mother in the final days of his brief but brilliant life; and how his loyalty to a friend and his unparalleled generosity and sense of honour ultimately cause him to give his own life so that good may triumph over evil.
Vatsala Sperling
Kundalini: The Arousal of the Inner Energy 8050060   $ 43.00
Product Image Today in the West, scientists and philosophers, mystics and seekers of higher consciousness are intensively searching for means of releasing the vital energy (kundalini) that lies latent in each of us.? Tantra, which does not deny the body, but harnesses its energies and powers for spiritual growth, is the most detailed and authoritative teaching of this kind in existence. In "Kundalini: The Arousal of the Inner Energy," Ajit Mookerjee writes of the core experience of Tantra, the process in which the energy is awakened and rises throughout the energy centers (chakras) to unite with Pure Consciousness at the crown of the head. The author drew on an extensive range of original manuscript sources for both the text an the magnificent illustrations found throughout the book. "Kundalini: The Arousal of the Inner Energy" examines the modern accounts of the kundalini experience, both Eastern and Western, and describes the findings of the clinical studies and research so far undertaken in the West.
Ajit Mookerjee
Lord of Success Ganesha Tapestry Throw Blanket 9100004   $ 120.00
Product Image Designed in mind for the healing arts, yoga, reiki, massage, meditation, prayer, rebirthing, salon, spa, home. As a soft and comfortable tapestry throw blanket or as decorative wall art. Machine cold water washable gentle separate, tumble dry. 1.3m x 1.7m 100% Cotton. Machine cold water washable gentle separate, tumble dry.
Paul Heussenstamm,
Meetings with Remarkable People 8070037   $ 18.00
Product Image Osho uses the lives and teachings of religious leaders and enlightened thinkers to involve the reader in a profound journey of spiritual discovery and wisdom. "When you hear about a Buddha or Mahavira or a Zarathustra they look like mythological figures, not historic. It appears they only existed in the dreams of man." Osho describes how their reality is in human consciousness and their effect is profound. When you read Osho's words, you feel as if he is speaking to you. His conversational style is fluid and engaging, and while his acute perception often comes as a delight and a surprise, his shrewd insights will stay with you always. Whether he is discussing a complex philosophy, or the teachings of a great mystic, Osho always brings a unique perspective and imbues the subject with his own distinctive irreverent, thought-provoking and inspirational insight.
Monkeys and the Mango Tree: Teaching Stories of the Saints 8040066   $ 28.00
Product Image Monkeys and the Mango Tree: Teaching Stories of the Saints and Sadhus of India: These beautifully illustrated tales capture the mystery, enchantment, and profound spiritual teachings of India.? Story-telling has always been the way that India's holy men, the saints and sadhus, taught their students the vital lessons of life. Stories provide a living environment for the lesson of each story, and they can convey sophisticated concepts in simple language. Abounding with powerful genies, scheming gods, and wise mystics, "The Monkeys and the Mango Tree" can be read as an exotic Aesop's Fables, as a source of classic wisdom, or as a simple and memorable introduction to the stories of the most spiritual civilization on earth. These twenty-five beautifully illustrated tales capture the mystery, the enchantment, and the profound spiritual learning that is India. Drawn from the great Indian epics the Puranas, the Upanishads, and the Mahabharata as well as from the author's own remarkable life, these tales put ageless Indian wisdom into the form of stories that are delights for young and old alike.
Harish Johari
Ritual Art of India 8070066   $ 56.00
Product Image A stunning guide to the spiritual power of Indian art with over 100 color photographs- Shows the splendor and diversity of an art form that has enriched every stage of human life in India- Reveals the inward-seeking quality of relationship with the divine that exemplifies Indian ritual art The splendor and diversity of India's ritual arts are beyond compare. From the celebration of the household fires to the marriage ceremony and the rites of the cremation ground, every stage of human life in India is marked by rituals accompanied by an astounding array of icons and symbols. In the Indian countryside, ritual is still vigorous and prolific, and visual symbols are simple, vital, and immediate. Everywhere the splash of scarlet sindura on a wayside stone or shrine signals the approach to sacred space.Unlike Western religious art, which too often presents institutionally established stock images, Indian ritual art draws us into a relationship, a state in which we can realize our oneness with the universe by collaborating with the creative rhythms of the world. It helps us to reach the center at which all experience, all being, is compacted into its utmost concentration--the point (bindu), the ultimate goal of all spiritual disciplines. It is precisely this inward-seeking quality that the "Ritual Art of India" reveals so brilliantly.
Ajit Mookerjee
Rumi Tarot Kit 1108040   $ 58.00
Product Image Tread the sacred path of the Sufi and wander through the garden of divine love with "The Rumi Tarot Kit". Considered one of the greatest saints, teachers, and writers of the Sufi tradition, Rumi extolled love and its ability to set the soul to flight. This mystical and contemplative tarot invites you to seek your own spiritual bliss. Rich with Eastern opulence, the symbolic imagery in each card depicts the soul's upward journey toward ultimate truth and features an inspirational verse from the popular mystic and poet. See the Fool, the Emperor, the Empress, and other familiar figures in flowing robes surrounded by swirling skies. Use this deck to enhance your spiritual practice through divination, meditation, visualization, and chanting. Also included is a guidebook that explains the meanings of each card within the Major and Minor Arcana, gives suggested card layouts, and presents a fascinating biographical overview of Rumi and historical background of the Sufi tradition.
Nigel Jackson
Sacred Jewels of Yoga- Wisdom from India 1110007   $ 28.00
Product Image Sacred Jewels of Yoga: Wisdom from India's Beloved Scriptures Teachers Masters and Monks. Millions of Americans today practice the asanas, or postures, of yoga, but many are unaware of the profound spiritual teachings at the heart of yoga's ancient source scriptures. In this remarkable anthology, acclaimed Vedanta teacher Dave DeLuca presents 166 sacred passages from some of India's most revered yoga scriptures , the Upanishads, the Bhagavad Gita, the Yoga Sutras, the Bhakti Sutras, the Astavakra Samhita, and the Srimad Bhagavatam - along with teachings by two of the most beloved yoga masters of the modern era, Sri Ramakrishna and Swami Vivekananda. This combination of ancient wisdom and modern commentary makes "Sacred Jewels of Yoga" an invaluable introduction to the scriptural treasures of ancient India and a priceless resource for inspiration, illumination, and guidance. "Few causes are more worthy than that of enlightening Westerners about India's sacred heritage, and this book succeeds in doing that wonderously. - Huston Smith, author of "The World's Religions". "Sacred Jewels of Yoga" presents in very powerful and inspiring language the eternal yoga wisdom of ancient India. I am sure that the spiritual teachings offered in this beautiful anthology will appeal to the modern seekers of America. May they be inspired to progress toward this life's goal." - Swami Swahananda, senior monk of the Ramakrishna Order of India
Compiled and Edited by Dave DeLuca
Samurai CD 1104115   $ 30.00
Product Image Step into the ancient world of the Samurai, a culture devoted in their pursuit of balance of mind, body, spirit, and perfection. The music is performed on many authentic instruments such as Taiko drums and Shaku flutes which gives the CD a unique Japanese atmosphere, which is both Zen like and soul stirring.
Saraswati Tapestry Throw Blanket 9100008   $ 120.00
Product Image Designed in mind for the healing arts, yoga, reiki, massage, meditation, prayer, rebirthing, salon, spa, home. As a soft and comfortable tapestry throw blanket or as decorative wall art. Machine cold water washable gentle separate, tumble dry. 1.3m x 1.7m 100% Cotton. Machine cold water washable gentle separate, tumble dry.
Pieter Weltevred
Self-Realization through Meditation 4010022   $ 28.00
Product Image * Self–Realization Through Pure Meditation In this book Mataji shows the spirituality in all of life, the true purpose and the beauty that may be found by all, in this lifetime. For established meditators, as well as those who just wish to find out what Meditation is all about, this book is a treasure. It includes explanations and insights into the practise of Meditation at a true depth, and clearly put, so that all may imbibe. Mata Yogananda explains the need for seekers to find a Meditation teacher of wisdom, and she also gives Meditative breathing exercises, to help prepare the body–mind–spirit of the student for the practice of Meditation.
Mata Yogananda
Sundara Nama CD 1104117   $ 37.00
Product Image The beautifully hand crafted album is an evocative mix of soothing melodies & exotic instruments - a musical mantra with a transforming resonance that will fill you with Love & Light. Sundara Nama means "Beatiful Name" - the vibration of the Divine Name. Jonathan's chants will take you to a place beyond time where you will connect with the Soul of the Universe. Jonathan Kent was born in Brussels, Belgium to British parents. After returning to England his family finally settled in Australia when he was 7 years old. An interest in Eastern philosophy and meditation developed in his early 20s. Becoming somewhat reclusive, between regular hours of meditation Jonathan delved into musical composition in a broad range of genres whilst remaining outside the conventional institutions of musical education. After a sojourn to India and a 3 year stay in an ashram in California, and having not expressed himself artistically during that austere time, he returned to Australia and began writing again - both music and literature. Jonathan teaches guitar, and has recorded several CDs of original music covering contemporary, eastern, and symphonic styles. Jonathan has also written several books, including a published novel, Alansia.
Jonathan Kent
Tarot of the Journey to the Orient Deck 1004025   $ 47.00
Product Image Since the Tarot itself is a journey, it is only fitting that the theme of Marco Polo's travels provides both inspiration and context for a Tarot deck. Tarot of the Journey to the Orient reveals the meeting of East and West, a meeting filled with mutual curiosity and respect. Baraldi, who uses attention to detail and careful research to reconstruct the desired atmosphere, captures the delicate style of the Orient as well as the powerful meanings of the Tarot symbols. By examining the cards from twin points of view and language, readers can enhance and expand their understanding. The journey of the Venetian explorer along the Silk Road represents the first documented encounter between the West and East. The symbology of the Tarot is therefore duplicated and compared in the dialogue and in the confrontation between the cultures of these two hemispheres. Marco Polo’s travels and adventures on his long journey are the inspiration for this deck.
Lo Scarabeo
Tarot of the Secret Forest Deck 1004027   $ 47.00
Product Image Evoking forest scenes, insects, and fairies, this gorgeous deck taps into the primal power of Mother Nature. Bearing color images on one side, black-and-white on the other, these cards will help you soar to new divinatory heights. This tarot can be used in special spreads that involve using both sides of the cards. This Tarot traces a path toward the hidden heart of Nature, a magic place that can be found in the soul of each of us. This deck presents the same image twice on every card - colour on the front, black and white on the back - allowing for different readings
Lo Scarabeo
Yantra the Tantric Symbol of Cosmic Unity: 8070044   $ 62.00
Product Image The first comprehensive study of the Indian power symbol that allows the individual to take a journey to the primordial center of life - Highly illustrated exploration of every aspect of the yantra, including its related rituals, sounds, and meditation practices - Investigates the continued use of the yantra in modern India as a magic talisman The yantra is both a complex metaphysical symbol and a tool of ritual and meditation. In kundalini yoga, the patterns contained in this metaphysical and geometrical construct correspond to the psychic centers of the subtle body, therefore making the body itself a functioning yantra. In this book, which is the first comprehensive study of the subject, the author provides a step-by-step explanation of the dynamic process wherein the yantra aids the individual in the spiritual journey to return to original wholeness. Every aspect of this important Indian symbol is explored, from its related sounds, rituals, and use in meditation to its application in traditional temple architecture and sculpture. The author also looks at its continued use in both the "black" and "white" magic traditions of the subcontinent, as well as its power as a talisman.
Madhu Khanna
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