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Updated: 12/03/2012
Color and the Edgar Cayce Readings 8090101   $ 18.00
Product Image Color's role in one's environment and its effect on personality, healing, and attunement.
Roger Lewis
Color Intuition Kit 1104055   $ 50.00
Product Image Colour Intuition Kit: Master the Energy of Color for Higher Awareness, Extraordinary Perception, and Healing... Every person, object, and place has both a physical color and a deep, energetic signature,”teaches Laura Alden Kamm. “The universe exists in vibrations that emanate a wide spectrum of frequencies, each marked with a unique signature of potentiality and embossed with essential information.” Using your intuitive mind, you can access and decode this profound wisdom to help with everything—from career decisions and relationship challenges, to health concerns and in-depth spiritual matters."Color intuition" is a vehicle that makes visible life's secrets, and it's something that we can all use—once we develop the skill. Color Intuition provides a comprehensive tool kit—complete with two audio CDs of guided visualizations and exercises, a detailed 47-page workbook, and 34 Healing Cards—to help you awaken the consciousness of color to empower your life.
Laura Alden Kamm
Color Magic for Beginners 6090003   $ 29.00
Product Image From our clothes to the color of our bedroom walls, we are surrounded by colors that influence our mood, energy level, creativity, and overall well being. Richard Webster offers an astonishing number of ways to use stimulating reds, soothing blues, and every other color of the rainbow to our advantage. Webster begins with an overall picture of each color's major aspects-its psychological influence, healing qualities, emotional impact, and magical characteristics. From there, readers learn a multitude of color-based techniques involving astrology, the aura, candle magic, chakras, color rituals, crystals and gemstones, feng shui, flower magic, mandalas, meditation, numerology, and visualization. Webster demonstrates how color can be used to attract good luck, heal illness, reduce stress, create harmony in the home, overcome depression, solve problems, and magically enhance one's life in a variety of ways.
Richard Webster
Color Magick - Unleash your Inner Powers 9030001   $ 28.00
Product Image COLOR MAGICK is the ultimate sourcebook for the psychic influences that colour our physical lives. Here, you can find full instructions on how to meditate more effectively, stimulate the chakras, and unfold ESP. Let colour's subtle influence lend a new spark to your rituals. Enhance crystal-gazing with specific hues. Perform colour healing, balance your personal energies, and learn to use colour in divination.
Raymond Buckland
Colors & Numbers: Your Personal Guide to Positive Vibrations in Daily Life 1111001   $ 13.00
Product Image Year Published 2011 "Colors and numbers have a lot of significance for us. We each have our own personal number vibrations and personal color vibrations. Some of these numbers, such as our date of birth, are permanent. We also have temporary personal colors that change with the calendar. By consciously surrounding ourselves with our personal colors, we become more in tune with the cosmic forces. Colors and numbers are useful to our lives and attitudes. They may form a basis for our affirmations and declarations about ourselves, which is exactly the purpose of this book.”
Louise Hay
Colour Meditation CD 8080029   $ 33.00
Product Image Experience the World of Colour with a Guided Journey Through Music, Chakras and the 7 Coloured Rays. With Olga Thomas The first track is a wonderful meditative journey through colour. Using visual imagery Olga Thomas guides you through the magical world of colour, sound, chakras and the related endocrine glands. The meditation as well as the insert gives information on the relationship between these four aspects of colour and our lives. The second track is a discussion on colour imparting scientific as well as metaphysical information. Track 1. Guided Meditation by Olga Thomas (28:00) Track 2. Discussion by James Wild (19:00)
James Wild and Olga Thomas
Feng Shui in the Garden 7080018   $ 23.00
Product Image Gardens are wonderful. They can have herbs for healing, seasoning and magic. They will often have colorful and scented flowers. But they can do much more than simply look or taste good. You've probably heard of feng shui, the Chinese art of living in harmony with the earth. Feng shui techniques improve the flow of chi or life energy. Laying out a garden according to the principles of feng shui will help this flow. You can learn how to apply this art to your grounds in Feng Shui in the Garden by Richard Webster. Everything you need to know is included, so you will be able to work with this system within minutes of reading this book. It starts by explaining the history of feng shui, what it is and how to do it. Then it shows how you can improve the chi flow by simply choosing the right plants to put in the right places. But there's more. You will also learn what colors should be planted on different sides of your garden. You'll discover how you can grow herbs and plant them according to the rules of feng shui, too. You'll even learn where you should place a small pond or fountain. The book describes the five flowers considered by feng shui experts to be the most important. You'll learn what they are, what they represent, and where they should be planted. Feng Shui in the Garden also reveals what to do with cuttings and plants that you bring into the house in order to increase the flow of chi. Also, you'll learn the value of having a getaway, a secret garden for tranquility and meditation. Using feng shui in your garden is a great way to bring more beauty and beneficial energy into your life.
Richard Webster
Healing for the Age of Enlightenment 3120010   $ 35.00
Product Image Healing For The Age of Enlightenment: Balanced Nutrition Vitaflex Color Therapy: The purpose of this book is to bring to its readers a knowledge and a way of living, which in the experience of the author, has consistently demonstrated itself superior in every way to every other system in popular use today. The work is based on results occuring over a period of more than fifty years of working with patients of virtually every known disease and disorder from simple physical and mental cases to the more difficult and supposedly terminal conditions.
Stanley Burroughs
Healing Power of Color 1005011   $ 29.00
Product Image A look at the hidden role color plays in every aspect of our lives. ? Explores the use of color in ancient civilizations and its recent applications in modern medicine and psychology. ? Shows how color can be used to improve work, increase plant growth, and enhance personal magnetism. ? Explains how to interpret color in dreams. Why are we drawn to certain colors and repelled by others? What do our color preferences say about our personalities? How does color affect our emotions? "The Healing Power of Color" answers these questions and many more as it explores the use of color in ancient civilizations, its basis in the healing traditions of various cultures, and its recent applications in modern medicine and psychology. Betty Wood, an accomplished color healer, explains how to interpret color in dreams and provides guided color meditation exercises designed to heal, relax, and renew the spirit. She discusses the importance of color in nature, in our home and work environments, and in our personal energy fields. She also shows how color can be used to improve work, increase plant growth, and enhance personal magnetism.
Betty Wood
How To Heal With Colour 3050040   $ 19.00
Product Image Color vibrations can interact with the human energy system to stabilize physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual conditions. This book helps you develop psychic sensitivity to color vibrations, gives beneficial colors for over 50 conditions, and teaches you to balance the chakras, construct a healing mandala, rejuvenate your health, and determine what colors you need through dowsing and muscle testing.
Ted Andrews
Live Better Colour Therapy 6040029   $ 20.00
Product Image Live Better Colour Therapy: Exercises And Inspirations For Well-Being -- Live Better: Colour Therapy is the essential introduction to the powerful healing capabilities of colour therapy. Colour influences us both physically and emotionally, and it has been proven that by using colour we can positively benefit our health and vitality. Expert practitioner Pauline Wills explains colour therapy and explains how each colour is associated with particular healing qualities. With clear, inspiring information, the author gives practical advice on key techniques that you can put into action yourself, including breathing and visualizing colour, wearing healing colours and using colour to create harmony in your home.
colin Wilson
Nine Designs for Inner Peace 8040022   $ 46.00
Product Image Nine Designs for Inner Peace: The Ultimate Guide to Meditating with Color, Shape, and Sound: A complete guide to creating planetary yantras to access their healing and centering benefits - Provides easy-to-follow instructions to create the yantras - Serves as an introduction to active meditation, which focuses the mind while the body is engaged in a meditative activity The tantric art of drawing or painting the nine designs known as yantras is an ancient practice of active meditation that releases positive healing and centering effects. Each of the nine designs corresponds to one of the nine qualities of body and mind essential to well-being: radiance, nourishment, passion, intellect, expansion, bliss, organization, uniqueness, and spirituality. From the basic elements of the square, the circle, and the triangle, dynamic visual meditations unfold as the practitioner works clockwise from the outer elements inward toward the central point of stillness, or bindu, the source of happiness within. An accompanying mantra is recited while preparing each yantra to fully engage the senses in the meditative process.Creating the design that "speaks" most to the practitioner enables its unique healing quality to be transmitted. For example, working on the yantra named "Radiance" cultivates optimism and the self-confidence to succeed in one's endeavors, while "radiating," or imparting, one's inner light to others.This workbook provides an important resource for active meditation, a practice revered for its effectiveness in revealing the spiritual underpinnings of everyday life. The active participation of the body in meditation while creating the nine planetary yantras raises to the level of spiritual ritual the practitioner's intention toward wakefulness and gives access to profound statesof healing integration.
Sarah Tomlinson
Secret Language of Colour Cards 1010017   $ 46.00
Product Image "The Secret Language of Colour Cards" are your key to unlocking the extraordinary healing power of colour. Combining tips and information on colours with powerful healing processes and affirmations, this vibrant and powerful card set by bestselling author Inna Segal is a tool you can use daily to receive inspired messages of guidance from the Universe and to restore your body to its natural state of health and harmony. Featuring 45 stunning cards, each infused with its unique healing vibration, and an accompanying guidebook, "The Secret Language of Colour Cards" will assist you in adding more colour, creativity, joy, peace and balance to all areas of your life.
Inna Segal
Silent Stones Colour Oracle 8020027   $ 43.00
Product Image For many years Diana Cooper has helped people to connect with the angels and their own inner wisdom. Now, in collaboration with Yvonne Gray, a color psychic, she has been inspired to offer The Silent Stones Colour Oracle. With the help of these cards, scroll and booklet, questioners will be able to discover their past lives and how these lives are affecting their present incarnation. They will also receive guidance for the next steps in their lives and learn how to change any predicted future if they so wish or to enhance any prophecy they really want to happen. The questioner makes all the decisions. All that they need to do is allow themselves to be drawn to one card and two colors and then follow the instructions. Their intuition will guide every step. The Silent Stones Colour Oracle can be used by individuals, families and groups as a fascinating and exciting tool for spiritual growth and understanding.
Diana Cooper
Taoist Cosmic Healing: 9030013   $ 46.00
Product Image Taoist Cosmic Healing: Chi Kung Colour Healing Principles for Detoxification and Rejuvenation: Taoists believe in an underlying unity that permeates the universe and intimately binds all things. The venerable master Mantak Chia presents chi kung color therapy techniques that develop and strengthen awareness of the forces and energetic principles of the universe and the earthly six directions, allowing the reader to draw upon these forces for healing themselves and others. Making its first appearance in the West, chi kung color therapy activates and strengthens the immune system.
Mantak Chi
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