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Updated: 28/01/2014
ADHD How to deal with very difficult Children 9030116   $ 42.00
Product Image the children of the world suffering from it. Alan Train has written this book to help more people understand ADHD and what ... more ... can be done to help you along the way. He very clearly explains the background of ADHD and what diagnosis can be used. I found that the solution part of the book very interesting and very useful. Alan tries to explain through out his book that the Childs condition of ADHD is not their fault. After reading just the first few pages I was already getting a lump in my throat, Alan Train was writing about a certain person in my family that I am very close to.....or was he, was he talking about my brother or was he talkin...more
Alan Train
Angel Cards for Children - 33 Cards plus Instruction Card 1101037   $ 40.00
Product Image Another Diana Cooper Angel bestseller - now for our young generation! These beautiful crafted cards with angel illustrations aim to inspire and delight small children and their parents alike. Angels are very familiar to a child's world whose vivid imagination is yet undisturbed by too many influences from the practical world. Thus these colourful cards encourage the natural tendency of young kids to connect and play with their angels, to experience these unseen beings as someone who give them support and comfort and a sense of identity and importance.
Diana Cooper
Babycalming: Simple Solutions for a Happy Baby 4050001   $ 23.00
Product Image Written in five parts, the first three explain and address the needs of: newborns; from six weeks; from six months; and from the toddler years. The fifth part focuses on colic and babies who cry a lot, giving parents clear guidance and practical solutions. Caroline Deacon is an NCT breastfeeding counsellor and tutor. She also works as a freelance journalist, writing for parenting magazines on a wide variety of issues. Most importantly, Caroline is the inspired mother of three young children, which gives her firsthand experience to help new parents and write this book.
Caroline Deacon
Babys Zodiac Personality 5030034   $ 20.00
Product Image Alan Butler
Before your teenagers drive you Crazy Read This 9070040   $ 25.00
Product Image "Before Your Teenagers Drive You Crazy Read This: Battlefield Wisdom for Stressed-Out Parents": Nigel Latta has drawn on his extensive experience in family therapy and working with the country's most difficult teenagers to write the book that will save the sanity of parents everywhere. Once you've negotiated the terrors of toddlerdom and the perils of primary school you think you've got a pretty good handle on this parenting thing - then along comes Mother Nature with her horrible hormones and suddenly you're so far behind square one you're starting to wonder if this raging bundle of contradictions screaming at you was switched in the night by evil aliens. With his now trademark humour and pragmatic common sense approach, Nigel debunks the politically correct nightmare of perfect parenting and argues for sanity first - yours - and reclaiming the ground parents have lost in the great 'I'm my child's best friend' debacle.
Nigel Latta
Cat Wisdom Cards 6110003   $ 41.00
Product Image by Tanya Graham Features 45 cards and guidebook, packaged in a hard-cover box set Cats have always been regarded as wise & curious creatures. Now you can share in their wisdom with this fun and inspiring card set. Using the 45 cards and accompanying guidebook, the Cat Wisdom cards, featuring adorable photographs of kittens, allow you to easily and quickly receive uplifting messages for everyday life.
Toni Carmine Salerno - Tanya Graham
Childrens Confidence CD 8090015   $ 32.00
Product Image This relaxing and calming children's bedtime CD combines gentle hypnotherapy techniques with state of the art digital recording technology. It is part of the best selling Diviniti Publishing hypnosis range which regularly features in the top 20 of the UK Nielsen book track audio chart. Both tracks are aimed at empowering children and are packed full of hypnotic positive suggestions embedded in absorbing story lines. "As a father myself I wanted to create a powerful recording that will help kids of all ages overcome typical fears and help them to cope with the many pressures of growing up in the world today. This CD is aimed at helping kids deal with schoolwork and of fitting in with peer groups, as well as building self worth and self-respect". Children of all ages can listen to both recordings, although track 1 is aimed at a slightly younger audience, approximately from 5 to 12. Track 2 is roughly aimed at 10 to 16 year olds. I would explain to your child that they mustn't worry if they feel they are too old (or young) for some parts of the CD as the most important part is that they absorb the suggestions towards the end of each track. Whatever their age it is a good idea to encourage them to listen to one or both tracks regularly. Features two 27 minute hypnotherapy sessions containing: A pleasant voice and hypnotic echoed background vocals panning from left to right across the stereo range - a deeply relaxing and unique effect. Soothing sound effects and subliminal suggestions – all compounding the overall effect.
Glenn Harrold
Connecting with Teenagers through Numerology 9030274   $ 19.50
Product Image Raising 'Teenragers' can at times, seem to be a bit of 'hit and miss' venture. Through this book, parents will be able to gain a simple description of who their teenagers really are and just as importantly how to connect with them. Hopefully you have read "Raising your Children through Numerology" before you tackle this book to prepare you for the doom and gloom and glory of getting through the teenage rage years. They believe they are bullet-proof, alcohol proof, drug proof and parent proof, and you'd better believe it or they will continually remind you of their power and beliefs that suddenly arose out of nowhere. These magical teenragers do possess very specific gifts and talents and are all very individual. It is a grave injustice to be raised without the opportunity to have those in-born gifts recognized and nurtured. They don't ask the normal questions we all ask; `what am I doing here'? They know!!! They know everything and have it all worked out by thirteen! All parents ask at some point, how do we survive? You do, day by day. One day they want to be the next President of the USA, a peace missionary, then the next, a save-the-whales expert. Suzanne's advice? Let them be what they want to think they are going to be, but at the same time, look at their name and birth date to see where their strengths and weaknesses lie and try to steer them in the direction they are best suited to match their personality. Some people are here to run the country, others are here to kick a football over the goal and others to be the best surgeons in the universe. This book is a guide to how to entertain your teenager, the best career to suit their personality, the friends they choose and why they choose them and how to relieve the boredom
Suzanne Hammond
Crystal Children 3060018   $ 17.00
Product Image A Guide to the Newest Generation of Psychic and Sensitive Children. Crystal Children are the new generation that has come to the Earth plane after the Indigo Children. They are approximately ages newborn through five, although some members of the first wave of Crystal Children are as old as seven. These kids are like Indigos—highly psychic and sensitive—but without the dark edge and the anger energy. Crystal Children are beautiful inside and out—one look in their eyes and you can see Divine love and wisdom. Their auras are bright, radiant, and opalescent—they seem to glow from the inside! They talk about past lives, distant galaxies, and profound insights concerning peace and love. This book covers many issues that affect these special kids (such as healing abilities, connections to nature, eating habits, and so on) and also includes interviews with the Crystal Children themselves and their parents and teachers. It points out ways to keep these kids happy and healthy, and how to avoid the pitfalls that could spoil their special gifts.
Doreen Virtue
Dog Wisdom Cards 6110004   $ 41.00
Product Image by Tanya Graham Features 45 cards and guidebook, packaged in a hard-cover box set Dogs are regarded by many as wise and loyal creatures. Now you can share in their wisdom with this fun and inspiring card set. Using the 45 cards and accompanying guidebook, the Dog Wisdom cards, featuring adorable photographs of puppies, allow you to easily and quickly receive uplifting messages for everyday life.
Toni Carmine Salerno - Tanya Graham
Double Trouble: Twins and How to Survive Them 3110210   $ 30.00
Product Image This useful guide to multiple pregnancy, birth and beyond, comes from an expert on the subject - Emma Mahony is a twin herself as well as being the mother of twins. Black and white cartoons from the Times' front-page cartoonist make this a lighthearted guide for expectant mothers of twins. Twins are amazing - but multiple pregnancy and birth, not to mention coping with twins once they are born, carries a set of special fears, risks and issues. Many parents-to-be find themselves overwhelmed. This guide is informative yet informal. It contains advice from pregnancy and childcare experts as well as case studies. It provides an exploration of practical issues such as eating for three, managing breastfeeding, and the trend towards Caesareans for NHS twin births. It looks at the unnecessary label of "high risk" in pregnancy and gives testimonies from mums who have tried different approaches. It contains interviews with medical and midwife experts and a step-by-step guide to the different stages of pregnancy and birth, including how to involve the father and explain twins to other siblings. In addition it gives tips on managing once the twins have arrived and looking after toddler twins, twins at school and teenage twins.
Emma Mahony
Encyclopedia of Natural Healing for Children and Infants 7100006   $ 45.00
Product Image Treat common childhood ailments safely and naturally. This comprehensive, user-friendly volume by one of the nation's most highly trained medical herbalists has all the information that concerned parents need to safeguard and improve the health of their children. An Encyclopedia of Natural Healing for Children and Infants features new material on topics of particular interest to today's health-conscious parent, such as environmental allergies and the use of antibiotics. Mary Bove, N.D., is a world-renowned herbalist and educator with a private practice in family medicine and natural childbirth in Brattleboro, Vermont.
Mary Bove
Fairy Lullabies CD 9030041   $ 32.00
Product Image Embark on a sweetly relaxing journey into the enchanting world of Fairies that will touch your heart with its innocent beauty. Award-winning composer Gary Stadler has responded to requests from his fans and created new instrumental lullaby versions of some of his most loved melodies plus one new song. The result is serenely enchanting music that will soothe both children and parents alike. Gary's soulfully beautiful melodies will guide you into a mystical world of dreams where you touch gently down into the heart of the Fairy realm. Fairy Lullabies is perfect for calming kids for naptime or tucking them into bed for the night. More than just lullaby music for children, Gary's tender piano, keyboard orchestrations and Enya-esque vocals along with special guest Lisa Lynne's Celtic harp create a peaceful atmosphere in the home - also ideal for yoga, massage and meditation. Lay back, close your eyes and drift away...
Gary Stradler
Fed Up - Fully Revised and Updated 1309005   $ 32.00
Product Image Understanding How Food Affects Your Child and What You Can Do About it The publication of Sue Dengate's bestselling books DIFFERENT KIDS, THE FAILSAFE COOKBOOK and FED UP has opened the eyes of thousands of desperate parents over the last fifteen years to the adverse affects of synthetic additives and natural chemicals in foods. Based on groundbreaking research, Sue's books show that learning difficulties, behavioural problems and minor chronic illness in children and adults can all be the result of intolerance to food chemicals. In this long-awaited, fully updated and revised edition of FED UP, Sue provides up to the minute information about food intolerance and elimination diets, shares inspiring stories of families overcoming their problems, and lists dozens of favourite and improved recipes for all kinds of occasions. This fully updated and revised book is an essential tool for parents wanting a calmer, happier - and healthier - family.
Sue Dengate
First Little Angels on Earth (2CD Set): 1103002   $ 38.00
Product Image Music and story combine to celebrate the relationship between heaven and earth and our place in the eternal oneness of our vast universe. Five brave little angels undertake a grand adventure, to visit beautiful planet Earth. Adults and children alike, will be swept up in this magical cosmic fable with its subtle yet profound universal messages. They will be entranced too, by the exquisite musical journey that evolves from the storytelling. Children will drift off to sleep on the wings of the delicate channelled vocals of Lullaby of Love. Adults will feel soothed, supported and nurtured to their very soul. All of us are little children at heart. Children love to listen to stories, again and again. So play these CDs as often as you like, to receive the healing energies they carry. The Angels speak to us through this story, and our Divine Eternal Mother sings to us through her Lullaby of Love. Both are around us - close by as we listen. Knowing that ... why not consciously call on them and ask for help and guidance.
Lia Scallon
Glucose Revolution Pocket Guide to the Glycemic Index Kids 4080015   $ 15.00
Product Image Glucose Revolution Pocket Guide to the Glycemic Index and Healthy Kids: Give Your Child the Gift of Healthy Eating Habits Getting children to eat and enjoy healthy foods is one of the challenges every parent faces daily. Now, the world's leading experts on the glycemic index (G.I.) explain how to improve and maintain your children's overall nutrition and health through the G.I. You'll learn: * Strategies for meeting kids' dietary needs without conflict; * The specific nutrition needs of infants, toddlers, school-aged children and teenagers; * How incorporating the G.I. into your child's diet will lessen craving for junk food; * Simple meal plans and recipes for breakfasts, lunches, snacks and parties; * Strategies to maintain your child's energy levels steady all day. Addressed to parents of children of all ages
Jennie Brand-Millar
Healing Childhood Ear Infections: Causes 3120011   $ 32.00
Product Image Healing Childhood Ear Infections: Causes, Prevention & Alternative Treatments: Ear infections are the No 1 reason parents bring their children to a doctor. This new revision of an essential family health reference analyzes in simple language the numerous recent scientific studies showing that the standard medical treatments for childhood ear infections are ineffective and perhaps even dangerous, and offers recommendations on alternative care. Line drawings. Tables.
Micheal Schmidt
Helping your anxious Child 8010034   $ 26.00
Product Image Anxiety is a curse that can cast a damning spell over your child's life. Chronic anxiety is a serious problem which may be general, or a specific anxiety about taking exams or doing sums, or a phobia about anything from trains or spiders to eating in public or going to the toilet. It can be treated successfully, and David Lewis offers practical advice to parents of anxious children. By applying this straight forward advice and by being positive, patient and persisent, you can banish anxiety and transform your child into a happy, confident person.
David Lewis
Homeopathic Treatment in the Nursery 6120145   $ 8.00
Product Image A guide to the major remedies used to treat common children's ailments. Ideal for first-time users of homeopathy.
Fergie Woods
Illusions: The Adventures of a Reluctant Messiah 6110009   $ 25.00
Product Image In the cloud washed airspace between the cornfields of Illinois and blue infinity, a man puts his faith in the propeller of his biplane. For disillusioned writer and itinerant barnstormer Richard Bach, belief is as real as a full tank of gas and sparks firing in the cylinders...until he meets Donald Shimoda former mechanic and self described messiah who can make wrenches fly and Richard's imagination soar.... In Illusions, the unforgettable follow-up to his phenomenal bestseller Jonathan Livingston Seagull, Richard Bach takes to the air to discover the ageless truths that give our souls wings: that people don't need airplanes to soar...that even the darkest clouds have meaning once we lift ourselves above them... and that messiahs can be found in the unlikeliest places like hay fields, one traffic light midwestern towns, and most of all, deep within ourselves
Richard Bach
Improving your memory 4030107   $ 14.50
Product Image This text aims to make the forgetting of birthdays, names and revision notes for exams a thing of the past. With clear texts and illustrations to show you how to improve concentration, organize your thoughts, and retain and recall information quickly and accurately. Your memory will be trained to work for you in both personal and professional situations.
David Thomas
Indigo Crystal Children (CD) 5080003 CD  $ 27.50
Product Image Generation by generation, children are becoming increasingly more sensitive, aware and psychic. The Indigo children of the 1980s were followed in the '90s by Crystal children. Now, the new Rainbow children are starting to emerge. Often misdiagnosed with ADD and autism, these youngsters can have a difficult adjustment. In a two-CD live lecture, Dr. Virtue discusses their characteristics, their souls' purpose and the beautiful messages they bring, as well as natural and spiritual methods to help them live happier lives.
Doreen Virtue
Indigo Dreaming - Meditations for Children 1104068   $ 34.00
Product Image Meditations for children. A fun and magical way to introduce children to relaxing and meditating. Contains 49 fully guided meditations for children ages five to twelve. An ideal resource for parents, teachers and health professionals. Includes activities, tips and information on how to begin and end a meditation. Easy to read and simple to use.
Amy Hamilton
Indigo Teen Dreams CD 6050005   $ 42.00
Product Image Lori Lite is the author of four unique children’s tales; her two most successful books, Boy and a Turtle and Goodnight Caterpillar, are also available on CD. The importance of her books is that they are designed to introduce children to simple and effective relaxation and stress management. Intentional color sequences paired with simple visualizations carry the young mind into a calm and relaxed state – a perfect introduction to a stress free sleep. Lori's material has found a place among teachers, child care specialists and child psychologists, acquiring several awards and international recognition. Her story telling skill evolved from extensive work as a Certified Children's Facilitator, an experienced mediator herself and – perhaps most importantly, a mother of three. Her CD's are ideal for sleep preparation and for long journeys for restless kids. All her CD's are professionally recorded with gentle background music.
Daniel Levin
Intuitive Children CD 8040043   $ 30.00
Product Image This new release CD contains a series of enchanting visualisations especially written for children. Funny and magical, there are four adventures specifically structured to open your child to different aspects of their natural intuition and imagination.Simple and dynamic each visualisation gives space for your child to interact with the characters and settings, sparking their creativity too.
Julie Hamilton
Intuitive Spark: Bringing Intuition Home to Your Child, 8100015   $ 28.00
Product Image How can I help my children to thrive and prosper? In this profound and accessible book, Sonia Choquette explains, using spiritual principles, modern-day parables and practical exercises, how even busy parents can help children connect to their own source of Divine Guidance.As Sonia says, 'Connecting to our intuition unites us with both our soul and the soul of the Universe, Divine Spirit. It takes away our fearful sense of isolation and inadequacy. It replaces fear with a sense of spiritual direction and safety. The world becomes friendly, non-adversarial and welcoming. Life becomes joyful, amusing, generous and abundant. This is the Divine plan. The intuitive life is one of confidence, inner peace and creative expression. What better gift to give ourselves and our children?'
Sonia Choquette
Little Prince 4030125   $ 19.00
Product Image Antoine de Saint-Exupéry first published The Little Prince in 1943, only a year before his Lockheed P-38 vanished over the Mediterranean during a reconnaissance mission. More than a half century later, this fable of love and loneliness has lost none of its power. The narrator is a downed pilot in the Sahara Desert, frantically trying to repair his wrecked plane. His efforts are interrupted one day by the apparition of a little, well, prince, who asks him to draw a sheep. "In the face of an overpowering mystery, you don't dare disobey," the narrator recalls. "Absurd as it seemed, a thousand miles from all inhabited regions and in danger of death, I took a scrap of paper and a pen out of my pocket." And so begins their dialogue, which stretches the narrator's imagination in all sorts of surprising, childlike directions. The Little Prince describes his journey from planet to planet, each tiny world populated by a single adult. It's a wonderfully inventive sequence, which evokes not only the great fairy tales but also such monuments of postmodern whimsy as Italo Calvino's Invisible Cities. And despite his tone of gentle bemusement, Saint-Exupéry pulls off some fine satiric touches, too. There's the king, for example, who commands the Little Prince to function as a one-man (or one-boy) judiciary: I have good reason to believe that there is an old rat living somewhere on my planet. I hear him at night. You could judge that old rat. From time to time you will condemn him to death. That way his life will depend on your justice. But you'll pardon him each time for economy's sake. There's only one rat.
Antoine de Saint-Exupéry
Little Soul and the Earth - I am Somebody 6080143   $ 46.00
Product Image The Little Soul And The Earth I'm Somebody!: A Children's Parable Adapted From Conversations With God : REVIEW ; Filled with truly stunning artwork. Read with children and use as a means of discussing what we believe and why. - The collaborative team that brought you The Little Soul and the Sun returns with an uplifting follow-up. The first book in a new series of Little Soul adventures, The Little Soul and the Earth finds our favorite little soul being asked by God to return to Earth in order to "experience who he really is." Walsch's first picture book, The Little Soul and the Sun, has sold more than 120,000 copies.
Neale Donald Walsch
Meditations for Children CD 6110006   $ 36.00
Product Image Help your children to enter the world of their imagination through these inspiring creative visualisations. Designed for primary school aged children, these guided meditations will help kids tap into the magic world of their creativity and spirit. For use during the day or at night, this series of meditations will calm and relax as Elizabeth and Toni's gentle and reassuring voices take them into their imaginations- where all is possible!
Toni Carmine Salerno
Messages From Thomas: Raising Psychic Children 5030092   $ 42.00
Product Image In 2001, James Twyman travelled to Bulgaria to meet a group of psychic children living at a very special monastery. His book "Emissary of Love: The Psychic Children Speak to the World" recounts this adventure. In this follow-up volume, Thomas, one of the children he met, shares his insights on how to raise a child that exhibits psychic abilities. Over 40,000 people receive regular messages from Thomas through a special Web newsletter, but this is the first time he has provided such detailed information. Other well known authors and teachers have contributed to this special book, adding their insights on how to help our children change the world.
James Twyman
Mothers Raising Sons 9070049   $ 27.50
Product Image Why are boys so noisy? Why do they break things? Why are they fascinated with things that can burn, blind and cripple them? Why do they lose the gift of speech and get so smelly at adolescence? All this and more is revealed, with some surprising conclusions about what we think we know about the differences between boys and girls, and a few tilts at sacred cows. With practical examples and case studies to help all mothers raising boys, there's particular comfort for single mothers worried about the lack of men in their son's lives. Whether you're a mum, a harassed grandparent, or a guardian raising boys who may not be your sons but are your boys all the same, this book's for you. If you want effective strategies instead of platitudes, real solutions instead of catch-phrases, and a book with chapters on 'What mums want', 'It turns out Dad's not lazy, it's in his genes', 'Throwing like a girl', 'Lion taming: managing boys' behaviour', 'How to be a cool mum' and 'Trouble in Shoe-topia', then welcome to the real world of raising boys.
Nigel Latta
Mozart Effect Music for Babies: Nighty Night: CD 6120030   $ 36.00
Product Image Helps to establish a peaceful bedtime ritual to wind down at the end of a hectic day and is the perfect accompaniment to bedtime stories, chatting or prayer. Suitable for: Babies from 3 months to 3 years
Don Campbell
Music for Mother and Child CD 9120002   $ 34.50
Product Image Some years ago I produced an album of music speficially for use by mothers-to-be during pre-natal exercises, to help in the preparation for birthing. The tracks were centred at 60 beats per minute, and the album (Childlight) was very effective in helping breathing and relaxation exercises. The music is ideal for assisting during labour - and it is also perfect for the new born angel too, in the nursery or bedroom. Thousands of childcare centres in Australia use this CD daily and I have received many letters of appreciation, both from mothers and professional carers.
Tony O' Connor
Natures Wisdom Oracle Cards 1312004   $ 48.00
Product Image These oracle cards display the power of Nature's Wisdom that comes through the beautiful art of Mindy Lighthipe. The messages are deeply rooted in the essence of humanity, with each card representing a facet of nature that is the spirit of living with nature. These messages are interwoven with animals and plants as part of its symbology, as well as a special message that helps the reader gain positive insight into the past, present, and future. "Nature's Wisdom Oracle" cards is great for children and adults to learn about themselves and their connection to the earth and nature. Boxed set of 48 cards is beautifully illustrated with a companion book autographed by the author/artist.
Mindy Lighthipe
Nuturing Spirituality in Children 8110004   $ 18.00
Product Image Nurturing Spirituality in Children: Simple Hands-On Activities: The greatest gifts that a child can receive are an opened mind, a caring heart, and ignited creativity. This fully expanded, illustrated edition of Nurturing Spirituality in Children includes sixty-two simple and thought-provoking lessons that can be shared with children in less than ten minutes each. The lessons are easy to prepare and understand; they use commonly available materials and complement a wide variety of religious perspectives. Children who develop a healthy balance of mind and spirit are better able to respond to life's challenges when given the tools to think and discover for themselves. Dr. Jenkins gives scores of age-appropriate activities that help children learn empathy, trust, forgiveness, growth, and inner peace.
Peggy Joy Jenkins
Prayer of Jebez for Teen cards 5020118   $ 29.95
Product Image As a teenager, you have more to receive from God - and more to give to your world - than you ever thought possible. Each of the 50 cards in this inspirational deck shows you how to put forth an assertive prayer that lifts you out of mediocrity and sets you on track to create the most rewarding life you could ever imagine.
Bruce Wilkinson
Psychic Children 8050040   $ 38.00
Product Image A child's world is comprised of extraordinary things-vivid imaginations, imaginary friends, Zen-like naïveté, and a heightened sense of good and evil. In fact, it is now in vogue to proclaim that certain children are a direct channel to God, calling them Indigo Children or Crystal Children. But psychic Sylvia Browne knows these are merely fashionable labels. She recognizes that all children have unusual psychic gifts and abilities-including each one of us-but society has been conflicted about those gifts, at times cherishing them and often stifling them over the centuries. Sylvia Browne writes from personal experience. After her own psychic abilities were revealed at age three, her mother tolerated but never encouraged her startling talent. Browne's own son would exhibit psychic abilities of his own as a toddler, which she fully embraced and supported. What Browne has learned over a lifetime is that psychic gifts are present at incredibly tender ages; they are, in her view, special blessings from God. Some children learn to develop them while others are pressed to ignore them. In Psychic Children she illuminates the phenomenon, issuing a call to society for more understanding and acceptance of these remarkable children.
Sylvia Browne
Raising your Children through Numerology 8090262   $ 19.50
Product Image Every parent wants to know the answer to the most asked question; "What will my baby be like when it grows up?" The aim of this book is to give you a simplistic look at how Numbers work in your child's life and how to understand how compatible you are with your family members. Each child is an individual and to deny their God given gifts and talents is an injustice. The journey from childhood to adulthood is paved with good intentions and each child’s gifts need to be nurtured and recognized. Using Numerology, you can understand your child’s personality, their destiny in life, what their strengths and weaknesses are and how to guide them down the path to suit their personality. From your birth date you can see the lessons you need to learn in this lifetime. It is the way you conduct yourself and an explanation of the basic characteristics you were born with. If we can't learn and evolve, what is the purpose of being here at all? As human beings we are all here to serve mankind, to help each other and to perfect our own lives. You bring with you from your past life time your talents and gifts, but they have to be nurtured and utilised in this life to your best advantage. You choose the parents that can teach you the greatest lessons, both positive and negative, and each child chooses the path they must walk in order to learn. You determine this by your birth-date, which sets the pattern for this life. Master Numbers belong to the children who have exceptional skills and talents to help a vast number of people. The Life Lesson Number comes from adding your birth-date together and arriving at one single digit. To understand the Destiny of your child, when you have added up all of the vowels and consonants of the child's name, that will be their Destiny number. Then look for the corresponding Destiny number to suit your child in this exciting new edition titles RAISING your CHILDREN through NUMEROLOGY. Example of a child; Jazz was born into a very safe, no-risk family where her mother was a 4 person. Jazz wanted to join a choir from an early age and was learning singing lessons at the age of 3, paid for by her aunt. The expense for the mother and the cynical attitude to a profession that doesn't offer security ruined Jazz's chance of creating her dream of being a full-time entertainer. She went to live with her aunt who was a 3 personality and an entertainer, and together they created their own children's show and today they travel around the country entertaining handicapped and sick children in hospitals. Both are music clowns who sing, dance and play games and are so happy that they have chosen their destiny that suited their personalities.
Suzanne Hammond
Reclaim Your Spiritual Power 3030270   $ 33.00
Product Image Reclaim Your Spiritual Power is filled with inspiring information on how to tap into the tremendous and never-ending abundance of God in our lives. Ron Roth says that anyone who is willing to listen and trust, basically having a "heart-to-heart" with God, can access a direct line to God's infinitive abundance. He tells us that the Holy Spirit is a boundless energy that can work through you when you truly connect with God through prayer and contemplation. Through prayer, you can be filled with the inner knowledge that you were made in God's image, and that you are a joint-heir in God's abundance. Ron teaches techniques on how to pray in order to be filled with the Holy Spirit. For example, he uses special breathing exercises to show you how to open your heart and let God in
Ron Roth Ph. D
Sara Bk3 : A Talking Owl Is Worth a Thousand Words 8080002   $ 26.00
Product Image Sara Bk 3: A Talking Owl Is Worth a Thousand Words!: "Do you believe in ghosts?" Annette just sort of blurted out. Sara and Seth both looked up with surprise. "Well," Sara stalled, "I guess I do." She remembered the night Solomon had visited her in her bedroom after Jason and Jimmy had shot him, but she hadn't really thought about him being a ghost that night; she'd just been so glad to see her beloved feathered friend. Sara and Seth looked at each other. Both of them knew that if anything would fall into the category of ghosts, Solomon would most likely be it, but they didn't say anything, uncertain about telling their new friend their special secret. "Well, do you believe in ghosts?" Seth asked, looking intently at Annette's serious face. Annette looked at Seth and then at Sara, who both sat quietly, each waiting to hear the answer. "No, I just wondered if you did," Annette answered abruptly. "Hey, let's swing." And without taking the time to execute a perfectly calculated leap from the platform as she usually did, Annette grabbed the swinging rope and jumped off as if she couldn't do so fast enough. . . .
Esther and Jerry Hicks
Tai Chi 4 Kids 9070045   $ 42.00
Product Image Why Tai Chi for Children? Tai Chi has an almost magical effect in health improvement. Kids love to learn and they learn very fast especially when engaged in a fun activity. This specially designed tai chi program emphasizes the fun element while developing their mind and body. It is designed in several small building blocks to capture their attention, incorporating imagery and games to add appeal to kids. We have found that kids really enjoy learning it. Teachers and parents have also found improvement in their children's sport and academic studies after doing tai chi. Team sports like football are wonderful for children but not all children like them. Many children stop team sport after leaving school. Individual sport likes tai chi is more likely to continue for a life time. Starting tai chi could lead your child on a lifelong path to a healthier and more fulfilling lifestyle. To quote Professor Shona Bass, Professor of Population Health, Deakin University, Australia: "The other aspect of Tai Chi is the intrinsic reward they get from seeing themselves progress and develop, and it is with themselves rather than in competition with other children."
Dr Paul Lam
Teaching Meditation to Children 7080047   $ 33.00
Product Image Teaching Meditation To Children: The Practical Guide To The Use And Benefits Of Meditation Technique : Meditation is one of the best tools we can offer children to help them cope with the intensity of their feelings and ease the pressures in their lives - among family, with friends and at school. It gives even very young children power over their thinking and emotions through enhanced self-understanding and is perhaps even more valuable in helping adolescents to navigate the emotional peaks and valleys of the transition from childhood to adulthood. This book explains the varying techniques for working with children in different age groups (from five to eighteen) and shows how the benefits of meditation can help in a range of ways: from relieving shyness, anxiety and tension to reducing hyperactivity, aggression and impatience. Meditation has also proved helpful when treating asthma, insomnia and depression, and in improving concentration, establishing emotional balance and enhancing imagination and creativity.
David Fontana
Veggie Food for Kids 3100034   $ 32.00
Product Image Including a variety of recipes for children to enjoy, this book should be suitable for families with children who are totally vegetarian or who are trying to cut down on red meat. It includes an introduction to feeding a vegetarian baby, toddler and young child. About the Author Sara Lewis has been the Cookery Editor of Practical Parenting Magazine for the last 11 years. She has a daughter aged 11 and a son aged 6 who is a vegetarian and is so fully aware of the joys and frustrations of cooking for two small children with very different tastes. How CoQ10 Works CoQ10 is a vital component of the energy generating process at the cellular level: it is a true coenzyme. Enzymes, which are biological catalysts, often need assistance in bringing about chemical change within the body. CoQ10 works in the mitochondrial membrane as an electron/proton donor, facilitating the process of energy production. Studies show that oral supplementation with CoQ10 will renew CoQ10 stores in cells and tissues through the mitochondria, where they enhance cellular energy production and sustainability.
Sara Lewis
Whimsical Tarot Set 4020038   $ 69.00
Product Image The Whimsical Tarot: A Deck for Children and the Young at Heart: The Whimsical Tarot is a fresh, new approach to a time-honored system. The book was written especially for children and beginners, but tarot adepts will find it useful as well. The easy-to-read style makes it both a wonderful introduction to tarot and the perfect spiritual tool for meditation and daily advice.
Dorothy Morrison
Wisdom of Your Childs Face 1105010   $ 26.00
Product Image Wisdom of Your Child's Face: Discover Your Child's True Nature: People joke that your children don't come with a user's manual, but they're wrong. It's written in their faces and all you have to do is learn to read them. The secrets of your children's inner nature and personal potential are eloquently inscribed in the curve of their cheeks, the shape of their eyes, the contour of their brows, and the unique language of their original design. Chinese face reading is based on ancient Taoist principles that teach that each child is born with a soul's intent, a blueprint that is theirs and theirs alone, and this inner architecture is reflected in their outer design. When you can read your children's faces, you can discover their true nature. You can understand what their special gifts are, see where their personal challenges will be, and how to guide them through these issues. You'll be able to recognize what they need from you in order to feel safe and loved; and you'll be empowered as a parent to raise them with less stress, more joy, and the confidence that you're helping them fulfill their special purpose in the world!
Jean Haner
Copyright 1998 Beachhaven Books


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