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Updated: 08/04/2014
Akashic Records Collective Keeprs of Divine Expression 1107003   $ 30.00
Product Image A Powerful Guide to the Akashic Records. Learn about the Akashic Records from the beings who hold the Wisdom of the Ages. Discover who and what the Akashic Records are, their unique system, its workings, and how you can achieve a connection of your own. This is the perfect book for any New Age reader searching for a deeper spiritual understanding. Going beyond simple definitions and explanations, this book shares new lessons from the beings who collect and hold the library of universal wisdom. Explore what the recorders of all consciousness want you to know at this time. Lumari's AKASHIC RECORDS Describes new ways to access these vast resources to achieve personal illumination Explains the inner workings and secrets of the ancient system that contains the Wisdom of the Ages and Offers direct communication from the Collective Keepers that will help you access your own sacred truth.
Alawashka 1107004   $ 52.00
Product Image Channeled by Lumari, this compelling exploration of humanity, universal healing, our original language and cosmic transformation reveals the mysteries of genesis and initiates our passage into higher consciousness. Experience continuous spiritual awakening. Enter the gateways to the Heart of the Goddess with songs and practices in this ancient, sacred language. Alawashka's sacred energies and message will change your life.
Bringers of Dawn 4100020   $ 32.00
Product Image The Pleiadians are multidimensional beings whose teachings the author claims to have channelled. The teachings challenge the reader to remember that we are a "Family of Light" in the midst of economic, social and environmental catastrophe. The teachings reveal sexuality as the body's link to a higher frequency, show Earth as an ancient battleground between good and evil, and bring us information about extra-terrestrials.
Barbara Marciniak
Connecting with the Arcturians 5070001   $ 54.00
Product Image Connecting with the Arcturians is a collection of sessions given by the Arcturians through David K. Miller from 1995 to 1998. The Arcturians are working with the planetary spiritual hierarchy to help prepare lightworkers, starseeds and the Mother Earth for the ascension into the fifth dimension in the early part of the coming millennium. The Arcturians have presented methods for the acceleration of world consciousness, healing the third dimensional gridwork and building the fifth dimensional gridwork of the Earth, purification of the sub-conscious, and integration and unification of spiritual and religious thought on Earth. Also included are four spectacular, full-color, visionary paintings of the Arcturians and scenes from their home world.
David K Miller
Days of the Ram - Then and Now - DVD 7050040   $ 72.00
Product Image In Days of the Ram, Then and Now, Ramtha shares with the audience some of the most intimate memories from his lifetime and the insights that brought him to his enlightenment. Ramtha continues his life story across the sands of time to the present and describes the magnificent work he has done together with his channel, JZ Knight. He explains the challenges they have conquered to bring this extraordinary knowledge to the world: ?The power is in you, you can do anything, and your destiny is to make known the unknown!?
Ramtha J Z Knight
Dreams Evolution and Value Fulfilment Vol 1 6030001   $ 36.00
Product Image Claiming to answer crucial questions about Seth's system of thought, and promising to engage the Jane Robert's regular readers, this text also chronicles the personal story of the author's steadily worsening health problems, which led eventually to her death. Jane Roberts attempts here to explain genetic heritage and reincarnation, the worlds of imagination and reason, group dreams and value fulfilment, and how the material world exists as it does.
Jane Roberts
Dreams Evolution and Value Fulfilment Vol 2 6030002   $ 39.90
Product Image Claiming to answer crucial questions about Seth's system of thought, this second volume of the text is intended to engage Jane Robert's regular readers. It continues from the first volume to explore the ongoing process of the self-creation of the physical world and how it is a direct and wholly international outgrowth of the wisdom of the life forms that inhabit it, including mankind.
Jane Roberts
Family of Light: Pleiadian Tales and Lessons in Living: 1104109   $ 34.00
Product Image The Pleiadians are back from the future to give us a broader perspective on "the absurd times" we live in. The crucial test for us will be to shift from linear thinking to a multidimensional perspective and expand our understanding of the frequency of love--the gateway to freeing ourselves.
Barbara Marciniak
Further Words of Wisdom 4060027   $ 39.00
Product Image This book was written for inquiring minds regardless of religious beliefs. It explains and answers questions most frequently asked when it comes to the Spirit World, including: Communication with Spirit, Energy Recognition, Ectoplasm, Healing, Though pictures, , Sitting for development, protection the medium, fairies, and Spirit Children and more....
Eileen Ellen Davey
Gaia Efect - Kryon 1401003   $ 32.00
Product Image The Remarkable Effect of Collaboration Between Gaia and Humanity What book is filled with original Kryon channelling by Lee Carroll, and contains over 30 newly-channelled answers from Kryon to profound questions about the planet? The answer is... this book! It represents another Kryon book for 2013, and one that Lee could never find the time to assemble or produce.Author Monika Muranyi has spent the last few years becoming the commensurate Kryon researcher. She has dedicated her writing efforts to the task of assembling over 23 years of Kryon channelling, then grouped it all according to SUBJECT. This book represents the first book of a series, as she summarizes and narrates explanations of what Kryon has said is happening right now regarding the new Gaia consciousness.What are ley lines.. do you think you know? Do you know what nodes and nulls of the planet are about? Are portals what you think they are? What about the time capsules of the Pleiadians? What are they? Where are they? What is the actual purpose of The Crystalline Grid? What are hauntings about? Kryon has actually answered ALL these questions, and Monika has written and assembled this book to give a subject-driven perspective that you would never have received otherwise.Lee Carroll has cooperated fully and continues to do so for the next books in her Kryon series. Place your order today - your credit card will not be charged until we dispatch the goods
Monika Muranyi
Kryon 10 A New Dispensation: 4090016   $ 29.00
Product Image Plain Talk For Confusing Times:This 408-page book is packed with live channellings from the years 2003 and 2004. We are beginning the "war between old and new energy" that Kryon has spoken of for 15 years. Now we are in it, and are doing the "heavy lifting" for the planet. What's it about? What does it mean? Kryon says, "Do not despair!" These are the times which belong to you, and that you have created. They are the precursor for peace on earth.
Lee Carroll
Kryon 11 Lifting the Veil 7080020   $ 30.00
Product Image The word apocalypse comes from the Greek and literally means, "Lifting the Veil." Is there anyone who thinks things are as they used to be? We are indeed at a crossroads of civilization, and the loving and comforting words from this Angelic entity called Kryon, continues to give us clarity. This is the Eleventh Kryon book in this 18-year series, and represents a culmination of live channellings all over the earth. Where is Earth going? Is 2012 a year to fear, or to celebrate? What is our real task on earth? Kryon's message has never changed, but the things he spoke of in 1989 have all come about. The hope of earth lays with the consciousness of the few, and their ability to transcend beyond a perception of doom and gloom. Celebrate 2007 with the good news contained in this book!
Lee Carroll
Kryon 2 Dont Think Like A Human 5030066   $ 30.00
Product Image Published in 1994, this second Kryon book was the first to become more practical, and started a tradition... present in every Kryon channeled book from then on... the SCIENCE chapter. Kryon's real-world approach to something so "weird" as channeling has brought us continuous scientific validations of what he has told us to look for.
Lee Carroll
Kryon 3 Alchemy Of The Human Spirit: A Guide To Human Transi 5030067   $ 32.00
Product Image Published in 1995, this third Kryon book was the largest so far... 376 pages. It continued the lineage of practical information, gave the best channellings of 1995, and broached some new subjects (like ascension and responsibility). The attribute that marks book three is all the MATH (gulp). The reference to 9944 is researched by two mathematicians, and an entire treatise on the value of pi is given (since Kryon tells us that our pi is incorrect. Kryon tells us that it reflects a sacred elegance, and is a whole number!).
Lee Carroll
Kryon 4 Parables Of Kryon: 5030069   $ 28.00
Product Image A parable is a story used to illustrate a lesson or moral, These stories are - simple - even childlike - sometimes their real meaning is only clear after repeated examination. These parables in this wonderful book relate to individual human beings and how they react in specific circumstances
Lee Carroll
Kryon 5 Journey Home 4060001   $ 34.00
Product Image Unlike any other Kryon book this one is a novel! The Journey Home was actually a live channeling given in Laguna Hills, CA in December 1996. This stirring story is about a man named Michael Thomas who enters a land of seven angels in seven houses. Within this simple spiritual story of a man trying to go "home," is embodied all of the practical living principles Kryon has been teaching since he arrived in 1989. The novel is packed with metaphors about real human living, and has become the basis for the Kryon seminar formats of 1998 and 1999. So profound are the hidden meanings, that separate workshops have been created where the book is literally "taken apart" to reveal the sacredness of the messages within it. The messages? Human enablement - our relationship with God - what humans can do for themselves in the New Age - what God expects from us - the way things work. The adventure is actually about one word that is never mentioned even once in the text. There is something for everyone within its pages - an adventure, danger, a battle to the death, spiritual purpose, love, and even romance. Driving to a surprise ending, The Journey Home is the most unusual Kryon book ever written, and promises a format for future works as well.
Lee Carroll
Kryon 7 Letters From Home 5030070   $ 32.00
Product Image Published in 1999, this seventh Kryon book of the bestselling Kryon series is the last channelled one before the turn of the century. It deals with exactly that subject: channelled good news from a very loving entity that gets us ready for the "New Jerusalem." It is the largest Kryon book yet, and includes channellings from all over the world, especially those given in 1998. Also included is the transcription of the "Family Series" of channellings, and the transcription of the 1998 United Nations visit.
Lee Carroll
Kryon 8 Passing The Marker 5030071   $ 34.00
Product Image Lightworkers Guide To The New Millennium Energy: This is the Kryon millennium book. Sequential channellings from all over the world lead you right into, and past the millennium shift energy. What's happening to DNA? What does Kryon mean by "The Third Language?" What about Kryon's science predictions and potentials? What can we expect next? What is the time line? What, exactly did we just accomplish? This 424 page book is packed with live channellings and some special features: An update on the Indigo Children, by Jan Tober; A chapter on what's happening regarding the indigenous "Council of Elders" recommended by Kryon at the United Nations (yes, it's happening!), and also (finally) a full alphabetized index of all 8 kryon books in one place!
Lee Carroll
Kryon 9 The New Beginning 3030202   $ 37.00
Product Image The event of 9-11 changed our lives forever. This book is organized around the event, with channelling up to and right after the September tradgedy. Did Kryon give us hints? What was the message the day it happened? There is much insight here, and also some potential things to think about? Was it a surprise to God? ... or something we had given permission for long ago? This 384 page book is packed with live channellings from the years 2001 and 200, including Kryon's Israel message delivered in Tel Aviv. Becoming interdimensional is the main subject, with a great many very personal loving solutions to every-day questions. See the line-up below.
Lee Carroll
Kryon the whole story - DVD 7020001   $ 37.00
Product Image Did you ever wonder what the basis of the Kryon work is? What happened in 1989 that brought about the movement? Who is Kryon, and how does all the channelled information stack up to what is actually happening on the planet right now? This DVD contains the answers to these and many more compelling questions in the form of an interview with Lee Carroll and Jan Tober by interviewer Peter Beamish. With music scored by Robert Coxon, best-selling Canadian recording artist, this professionally produced interview is different from almost any other New Age product of its kind. Peter sets the stage right from the beginning with an energy that will pull you into this mysterious realm of spirituality... where the questions that many have asked are finally answered. So sit back, enjoy the conversation, and allow this profound spiritual story to unfold around you.
Lee Carroll , Jan Tober and Peter Beamish
Light of Chilao - Messages from Heaven 9020008   $ 20.00
Product Image For the past 15 years Annie has been receiving inspiring messages from her Guardian Angel, Chilao. She has been guided to share some of these Universal Truths to help awaken people to the true understanding of their soul purpose here on Earth. Availability In St
Annie Jameson
Light Shall Set you Free 6020003   $ 46.00
Product Image The Ascended Masters state this book is destined to transform the world. Contained within these pages are some of the greatest spiritual teachings from the ancient mystery schools, plus instruction on how to apply these teachings to our everyday lives. Some of the information revealed here has not been made available before now. All of the information, if applied to our everyday lives, has the power to revolutionize the world. In the past, only adept, saints, apostles, mystics, and high priests and priestesses were allowed access to this instruction. With this knowledge, these individuals ruled and empowered themselves and civilizations, using the power that came with this knowledge to create and heal. Common folk leaned heavily on these spiritual elite for solutions to their problems, for the masses had acquired neither the discipline nor the strength of will it took to master the teachings on their own. Learning and applying these truths require lifetimes of discipline and dedication. More importantly, mastering the knowledge demanded that one be accountable for his or her own actions – a responsibility the masses were not ready to accept. The Ascended masters, however, decree that the time has come for everyone to learn these teachings and share in the responsibility for transforming life and the world. Admittance into the Fifth Dimension demands this of all. Therefore, all who read this book must be forewarned that access to this knowledge automatically holds the soul accountable for its part of creation and each will be judged accordingly! The portal now stands open for all to pass through to collectively build the Seventh Golden Age on Earth.
Norma Milanovich
Living With Joy: 3030240   $ 29.00
Product Image Living With Joy: Keys to Personal Power And Spiritual Transformation - This text presents a systematic course in spiritual growth that aims to help the reader to transform their life, discover personal power, and awaken to the truth of who they are. Learn how to love and nurture yourself, set boundaries, radiate love, feel inner peace, open to receive, take a quantum leap, and live in higher purpose. Sound a note of joy as you move through the day
Sanaya Roman
Message of Joy and Hope - Ramath Address - DVD 1001053   $ 49.00
Product Image Ramtha's powerful live address at the Seattle Center was his first public appearance since he was featured in the acclaimed independent film, "What the Bleep Do We Know?" In this address, Ramtha explains with clarity and genius that the source of our greatest joy and hope is in our divine quality as creators of reality and Observers in a field of unlimited potential described by quantum physics.
Ramtha J Z Knight
Metatron: Invoking the Angel of Gods Presence 8090284   $ 33.00
Product Image With Metatron in your corner, you're only a petition away from a better life. Rose Vanden Eynden may be the first to devote an entire book to this powerful celestial being—revealing his unique place in the angelic realm and demonstrating how to connect with this wise and compassionate archangel. Metatron's close proximity to the Creator and connection to humanity make him the ideal angelic ally. Representing balance and unity, this angelic force can help in all areas of personal development. You'll also discover how to contact the "Angel of the Presence" through meditation, dreamwork, ritual, and inspirational writing. There are specific ceremonies for building a closer relationship with the Creator, healing on a global scale, balancing masculine and feminine energies, material/spiritual pursuits, and karmic issues. Also featured is an insightful "Q and A" with Metatron, channeled by the author to answer compelling questions on life, death, faith, and spirit.
Rose Vanden Eynden
Nature of Personal Reality 6030011   $ 42.00
Product Image Nature of Personal Reality: Specific, Practical Techniques for Solving Everyday Problems and Enrichment: Jane Roberts introduced Seth to the world in 1972. Since then, the Seth books have sold more than 7 million copies worldwide. This book alone has sold close to a million copies. This is because its message is so simple; we are not at the mercy of the unconscious, or helpless before forces we don't understand. Our conscious mind directs unconscious activity and has at its command all the powers of the inner self. These powers work according to our ideas about reality. Seth says: "We are gods couched in creature-hood. We are given the ability to form our experience as our thoughts and feelings become actualised."
Jane Roberts
Nature of The Psyche: Its Human Expression 6030004   $ 40.00
Product Image REVIEW: How we create our reality, psyche, sexuality, dreams, simultaneous time, dimensions, love, and our past are some of the more in-depth points in this Seth book. Although this is just the beginning. In beginning, my view, this book explains the "nature of sexuality" more completely than any before. I am euphoric Seth shared his opinion because it is a very important subject. Many, many people may be shocked at Seth's view of sexuality, homosexuality, or lesbianism. Seth helped me understand this hot topic much better. Anyone interested in this area should read. This is but a small portion of this book. Some of Seth's explanations do seem repeated from previous material, however there is much new material. The way in which Seth explains the subjects in new wording tones and sentences are far enlightening. I find there is some great info regarding dreams. In my opinion, Seth has always been outspoken on the importance of dreams. What I exuberantly enjoy about Seth are his explanations of dreams and the dream reality, this is how I correlated Seth's information into my belief of Seth. By having a foothold of my own dream experiences I have correlated them with Seth's view of the dream world.
Jane Roberts
New Dimensions in Healing 1107006   $ 38.00
Product Image New Dimensions in Healing: Channelled through the mediumship of Tony Neate: With the shift from the Piscean to the Aquarian Age, a more refined healing energy is now emerging. This book describes the deeper and more subtle capabilities available to today's healers, as channeled from H-A, a being from the higher planes of consciousness. Healing energy, as distinguished from "curing energy," is focused not so much on physical ailments as on conscious development on all levels. Neate is co-founder of the College of Healing, the School of Channelling, and two British nutritional supplement companies.
Tony Neate
New Spiritual Technology for the Fifth- dimensional Earth 1103030   $ 52.00
Product Image Earth is Moving Closer to the Fifth Dimension and New Spiritual Ideas and Technologies are Becoming Available for Rebalancing Our World Teachings From the Sacred Triangle Native ceremonies to connect to Earth healing energies. Thought projections and thought communication to communicate with Earth. A new spiritual paradigm to help humankind transition into the next evolutionary stage. Using sacred areas of the Earth, we can establish spiritual corridors with the fifth dimension. The Sacred Triangle Represents the Integration of Three Spiritual Sources for Healing the Earth: 1) The Native American spirituality and the spiritual work of the indigenous peoples of the world. 2) The mystical energy found in all the major religions in the world including Christianity, the Kabbalah, Hinduism, Sufism and the ascended masters. 3) Fifth-dimensional galactic spirituality, which includes energy from extradimensional masters such as the Arcturians and Pleiadians.
David K Miller
Opening to Channel 7010010   $ 23.00
Product Image Opening to Channel is a breakthrough book which could be the key to accelerating your spiritual growth and opening the doorway to enlightenment. The authors have successfully trained hundreds of channels using the safe, simple and effective processes used in this book. A national bestseller.
Sanaya Roman
Oversoul Seven Trilogy 6030008   $ 40.00
Product Image The Oversoul Seven Trilogy: The Education of Oversoul Seven, the Further Education of Oversoul Seven, Oversoul Seven and the Museum of Time: In this trilogy I found that I could hardly put the book down during the first book "The Education of Oversoul 7". This story introduces us to Seven, his entity Cyprus and four of Seven's earthly personalities: Lydia, Josef, Proteus and Ma-ah. The story is fascinating and meant to illustrate the interaction between reincarnational selves with each other and their entity or soul. The second book "The Further Education of Oversoul Seven" didn't hold my attention like the first. Two characters returned from the first book: Josef and Lydia. The story is written from the point of view of a new character William. You meet more of Seven's personalities and see the interaction through time with some of the characters and past or future versions of themselves. The material on "The Gods" seemed to drag the story down to a slow crawl. The third book was almost as interesting as the first. In "The Museum of Time" again Seven is interacting with his personalities except in this story he must assume a human body for a period of time. The writing is very good and the characters are interesting. Jane does an excellent job of illustrating some of Seth's concepts in her novels adding illumination in a way that is only possible through fiction.
Jane Roberts
Personal Power Through Awareness 3030377   $ 26.00
Product Image A guidebook for sensitive people, Personal Power Through Awarenessö is an accelerated step-by-step course in sensing energy as taught by Orin, a wise and gentle spirit teacher channeled by Sanaya Roman. Using these easy-to-follow processes, thousands have learned to create immediate and profound changes in their relationships, their self-images, and their ability to love and be loved.
Sanaya Roman
Physician Heal Thyself 3030290   $ 35.00
Product Image This collection of inspired and channeled writings covers all aspects of physical, mental, emotional and spiritual health, taking a practical look at maintaining well-being, focus, direction and creativity in a difficult world. It will be of definite interest to open-minded health professionals and their patients, as well as those looking for a deeper understanding of life on planet Earth.
Mary Russell
Ramtha ( The White Book ) 8090225   $ 59.00
Product Image I am Ramtha, a sovereign entity who lived a long time ago upon this plane called Earth, or Terra. In that life I did not die; I ascended, for I learned to harness the power of my mind and to take my body with me into an unseen dimension of life. In doing so, I realized an existence of unlimited freedom, unlimited joy, unlimited life. Others who lived here after me have also ascended. "I am now part of an unseen brotherhood who love mankind, greatly. We are your brothers who hear your prayers and your meditations and observe your movements to and fro. We are those who lived here as man and experienced the despair, the sorrow, and the joy that all of you have known. Yet we learned to master and transcend the limitations of the human experience to realize a grander state of being.
K Z Knight - Ramtha
Seth Speaks 6030009   $ 42.00
Product Image One of the most powerful of the Seth Books, this essential guide to conscious living clearly and powerfully articulates the furthest reaches of human potential, and the concept that we all create our own reality according to our individual beliefs. Having withstood the test of time, it is still considered one of the most dynamic and brilliant maps of inner reality available today.
Jane Roberts
Soul Lessons and Soul Purpose 8090236   $ 30.00
Product Image A Channelled Guide To Why You Are Here Assists you in answering life's most profound questions: What is my purpose in life? And what am I here to learn? This book also shows you how you can quickly and successfully attain your goals. It helps you better understand your soul lessons in every situation and guide you toward the highest expression of your soul.
Sonia Choquette
Spiritual Growth 3030376   $ 27.50
Product Image These processes taught by Orin, a spirit teacher, aim to help readers accelerate their spiritual growth, and live their life with more joy, harmony, peace and love. This work teaches readers how to be the higher self in everyday life, create a vision of higher purpose and manifest what you want. It teaches to work with light for healing and growth, to connect with the universal mind for enhanced creativity and to link with the higher will to carry out a higher purpose. The book gives tools to lift the veils of illusion, see truth, expand and contract time, raise vibration, achieve higher states of consciousness, open the heart and know yourself in new ways. It aims to show how to have more satisfying relationships with others by using the skills of non-attachement, right use of will, being transparent to others' energies and communicating as your higher self. Offering the next step in spiritual growth for those who want to know more about who they are, why you are here, and what you came to do, the book claims to align with higher energies that are coming into the earth plane and use them to create a better life.
Sanaya Roman
Starseed Transmissions 5010015   $ 35.00
Product Image this book provides channelled spiritual guidance on the paradigm that seems to be approaching at the same time as the beginning of the third millenium after the birth of Christ - one in which we are moving away from the chronological/serial view of time and toward a more simultaneous view of time. Ken Carey is the founder and administrator of Greenwood School, a private academy based on the principles of experimental education.
Ken Carey
Teachings from the sacred Triangle 1103031   $ 58.00
Product Image Combining three potent forces for personal and planetary transformation - the Arcturians, the White Brother/Sisterhood, and the Ascended Native American Masters - this groundbreaking book offers an opportunity to connect with these energies, assist in the healing of the Earth, and join with others in a group ascension. The author also explains fifth-dimensional spirituality and how to create a bridge to the fifth dimension.
David K Miller
That Elixir Called Love 9030008   $ 59.00
Product Image RAMTHA THAT ELIXIR CALLED LOVE The Truth about Sexual Attraction, Secret Fantasies, and the Magic of True Love: What is love really about? Is it real or is it merely an illusion of our wildest dreams? What is it that makes us fall in love with another person? What can we expect from our relationships? What is there to learn about who we really are? This book is about exploring these questions and about finding the secret to the paradox of love and discovering something we had missed all along about ourselves. It is a book that allows us to see ourselves reflected in a mirror, vulnerable, under the eye of truth and blatant honesty, wounded by our own hand and lack of knowledge.
J Z Knight - Ramtha
Unknown Reality, Vol. 1: A Seth Book 6030005   $ 40.00
Product Image REVIEW: In this book (two volumes) Seth adds depth to some of the concepts introduced in Seth Speaks (Reincarnation, Probabilities) and adds new flavours (Counterparts, Families of Consciousness). Excellent and intriguing as usual but you should have read and enjoyed "Seth Speaks" or "Nature of personal reality" before you dig into this one. However, I just finished reading it for the third time and (again) it's been like a new book to me.
Jane Roberts
Unknown Reality, Vol. 2: A Seth Book 6030006   $ 40.00
Product Image REVIEW; Outstanding. Best understood after first reading 'The Seth Material' and 'The Nature of Personal Reality', also Seth books by Jane Roberts. There is a second book (Book II) to this series that completes the study on the unknown reality. Very intricate and intense reading and very much worth the effort.
Jane Roberts
Way Toward Health 6030010   $ 36.00
Product Image This was the last book dictated by Seth, and has never before been published. The Way Toward Health is an in-depth examination of the miracle of life in a human body, woven through the poignant story of Jane Roberts’ courageous attempt to understand why she had contracted the crippling condition that ultimately led to her death. The material in the book was evoked by the questions and considerations Jane and her husband Rob faced during her long illness. Expanding upon those questions, Seth discusses: • Why medicine and therapy often perpetuate illness • How the practice of naming diseases can work against us • The influence of religion in creating disease • How children’s health is influenced by parents’ beliefs • Humor as an effective factor in healing • The mechanics of self-healing: how our thoughts and beliefs affect our health • The creative aspects of illness: how we sometimes contract an illness to give ourselves time to under-stand and integrate our life experiences Seth also offers a brilliant analogy of the human body as a planet worth saving, and discusses the body’s archaeology of ideas and beliefs. Sprinkled throughout the pages of this book are the stunningly beautiful poems that were spontaneously composed by Jane Roberts during her last days.
Jane Roberts
We the Acturians 5110009   $ 42.00
Product Image The book is a selective compilation of messages transmitted through Dr. Milanovich, via a microcomputer from beings who identify themselves as Celestials from the star Arcturus and members of the Galactic Command. These transmissions describe, in detail, their home, starship, mode of functioning, way of life, their mission, and Earth's transition into the New Age. One of the more unique features of this book is that the Arcturians state they are preparing the way for the return of the Most Radiant One, who they call Sananda, Jesus the Christ.
Norma Milanovich
Words of Wisdom 4060026   $ 39.00
Product Image Words of Wisdom or "the Communications with our Circle of friends" incorporates over 150 in-depth answers given direct from the spirit realms. The questions asked were from members of a "Home Circle" and a number of seekers of truth. The band of communicators in spirit consists of at least 20 spirit tutors whom all have their specialist subjects . A record of the Psychic Trance communications Channelled through the Deep Trance Mediumship of Eileen Ellen Davey
Eileen Ellen Davey
Writing the Divine: How to Use Channeling for Soul Growth 1001051   $ 36.00
Product Image This amazing book shows you that learning channeling and channeled writing isn't just for gurus and psychics - it's as easy as closing your eyes and picking up your pen! In part one, Sara Wiseman shares clear, simple directions for channeling and channeled writing, how to use a journal for spiritual growth, and how to manifest in writing. Part two invites you to directly experience the transformative power of channeled writing, featuring Wiseman's thirty-three divine lessons. This inspiring collection of messages received from her spirit guides provides divine lessons on love, life, and spiritual awakening in this world.
Sara Wiseman
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