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Updated: 13/12/2013
10 Questions for the Dalai Lama DVD 8090032   $ 35.00
Product Image How do you reconcile a commitment to non-violence when faced with violence? Why do the poor often seem happier than the rich? Must a society lose its traditions in order to move into the future? These are some of the questions posed to His Holiness the Dalai Lama by filmmaker and explorer Rick Ray. Ray examines some of the fundamental questions of our time by weaving together observations from his own journeys throughout India and the Middle East, and the wisdom of an extraordinary spiritual leader. This is his story, as told and filmed by Rick Ray during a private visit to his monastery in Dharamsala, India over the course of several months. Also included is rare historical footage as well as footage supplied by individuals who at great personal risk, filmed with hidden cameras within Tibet. Part biography, part philosophy, part adventure and part politics, "10 Questions for The Dalai Lama" conveys more than history and more than answers - it opens a window into the heart of an inspiring man. If you had only one hour, what would you ask?
Rick Ray - Dalai Lama
Amithaba Buddha Tapestry Throw Blanket 9100006   $ 120.00
Product Image Designed in mind for the healing arts, yoga, reiki, massage, meditation, prayer, rebirthing, salon, spa, home As a soft and comfortable tapestry throw blanket or as decorative wall art. Machine cold water washable gentle separate, tumble dry. 1.3m x 1.7m 100% Cotton. Machine cold water washable gentle separate, tumble dry.
Pieter Weltevred
Anger Buddhist Wisdom for Cooling the Flames 3110115   $ 36.00
Product Image Anger can be one of the most frustrating emotions, carrying us headlong away from ourselves and depositing us into separation and dismay. Vietnamese monk and world teacher Thich Nhat Hanh tackles this most difficult of emotions in Anger. A master at putting complex ideas into simple, colorful packages, Nhat Hanh tells us that, fundamentally, to be angry is to suffer, and that it is our responsibility to alleviate our own suffering. The way to do this is not to fight our emotions or to "let it all out" but to transform ourselves through mindfulness. Emphasizing our basic interdependence, he teaches us how to help others through deep listening and how to water the positive seeds in those around us while starving the negative seeds. Serious though lighthearted, Anger is a handbook not only for transforming anger but for living each moment beautifully
Thich Nhat Hanh
Art of Power 1104040   $ 35.00
Product Image Turning our conventional understanding of power on its head, world-renowned Zen master, spiritual leader, and national bestselling author Thich Nhat Hanh reveals how true power comes from within. What we seek, we already have. Whether we want it or not, power remains one of the central issues in all of our lives. Every day, each of us exercises power in many ways, and our every act subtly affects the world we live in. This struggle for control and authority permeates every aspect of our private and public lives, preventing us from attaining true happiness. The me-first mentality in our culture seeps unnoticed into our decisions and choices. Our bottom-line approach to getting ahead may be most visible in the business world, but the stress, fear, and anxiety it causes are being felt by people in all walks of life.Thich Nhat Hanh illustrates how the current understanding of power leads us on a never-ending search for external markers like job title or salary. "The Art of Power" boldly challenges our assumptions and teaches each of us how to access the true power that is within our grasp.
Thich Nhat Hanh
Awake at Work 5040017   $ 44.00
Product Image Awake at Work: 35 Practical Buddhist Principles for Discovering Clarity and Balance in the Midst of Work's Chaos : Carroll, a businessman and graduate of a Buddhist seminary, brings the sitting cushion into the boardroom with this collection of teachings designed to illuminate the power that mindfulness—"being somewhere completely"—can have at work. By surrendering to the moment, one becomes "alert, open, and unusually skillful," and in this way, Carroll asserts, "our work actually becomes our spiritual path." In brief, accessible chapters, Carroll expounds some 35 slogans designed to be both fodder for meditation and mnemonic devices for when that particular message can help the most, during an opportune moment at work. Many of the slogans are catchy, and their teachings are pointed and easy to recall: "Welcome the tyrant" helps one to disarm a cranky boss; "Avoid idiot compassion" reminds one to eschew giving merely superficial help. But other slogans are more obscure and their teachings more convoluted: "Study the six confusions" and "Extend the four composures." Carroll relates the spiritual principles to practical business settings—such as cherishing the "small boredom" of an elevator ride—and casual readers will gain some helpful tips for handling their professional lives. Yet for the uninitiated, Carroll's simple mindfulness slogans may appear merely simplistic, leaving the slogans' greatest impact for those who already have some experience with—and faith in—the practice of mindfulness training.
Michael Carroll
Being Peace 3030267   $ 26.00
Product Image At sixty-two poet, author, and Buddhist master Thich Nhat Hanh is the perfect embodiment of his teachings of socially engaged Buddhism. For the past two decades, exemplifying the Buddhist principles of compassion and reconciliation, he has lived and taught primarily in France and America. two wealthy, powerful countries that did their best to destroy his homeland, Vietnam. Being Peace is a jewel of love and wisdom, a mirror reflecting our own happy Buddhahood, as Hanh always points out, and it is a recognition that will inspire everyone, regardless of previous religious persuasion, with the unexpected joy of smiling. Hanh reminds us of the fundamental importance for the world of just one person smiling, breathing, and being peaceand this is empowering. Yet with that distinct Buddhist love for paradox, in the next breath Hanh dissolves our sense of privileged separateness. Engaged Buddhism means we recognize the inextricable interconnectedness of everyone, or in Buddhist parlance, the endless chain of codependent origination. Clouds, water, sunlight, trees, the logger's labor, his breakfast bread"everything is in this sheet of paper." This is the context for meditation, says Hanh, such that when an individual enters the meditation hall, she brings all of society. We meditate the world and we breathe, smile, and be peace for the enlightenment of everyone, for the clarity of everybody's thoughts, feelings, and attitudes. The apparent membrane separating us is very permeable, and the responsibility significant because the Buddha takes refuge in us. Without us, the Buddha isn't real at all, says Hank and Buddha nature goes disembodied.
Thich Nhat Hanh
Beyond - Buddhist and Christian Prayers CD 1009036   $ 35.00
Product Image New Earth is proud to present the album Beyond: Buddhist and Christian Prayers featuring Tina Turner, Dechen Shak-Dagsay, and Regula Curti. With the Beyond album we wish to share our vision that whoever we may be, whatever religion we may come to - when we pray and our prayers come from our deepest heart, a transformation takes place and we find ourselves "Beyond right and wrong." We experience the immense power of deep spirituality whenever we chant together although each person is praying in his own tradition. On this CD we have Tina Turner chanting three Buddhist prayers and imparting the overall spiritual message, Dechen Shak-Dagsay singing Buddhist prayers, and Regula Curti singing Christian prayers.
Tina Turner - Dechan Shak]Dagsay - Regula Curti
Breathing Through the Whole Body 1204012   $ 24.00
Product Image Breathing Through the Whole Body: the Buddhas Instructions on Integrating Mind Body and Breath.... Explores the Buddha's own words on breathing meditation for healing, wholeness, and a deeper understanding of his teachings - Explains the complete series of steps in the Buddha's Satipatthana Sutta for refining awareness of the breath, from posture and center of gravity to extending breath awareness beyond the nostrils, lungs, and abdomen to the entire body - Shows that stillness in meditation refers only to the mind, not to the body - Reveals breath to be a direct agent of healing for chronic tensions and an agitated mind. Explaining how stillness in meditation refers not to a rigid and frozen body but to a quality of mind, Will Johnson examines the Buddha's own words at the core of the Satipatthana Sutta: "As you breathe in, breathe in through the whole body; as you breathe out, breathe out through the whole body" an instruction often overlooked in the majority of Buddhist schools. Exploring the Buddha's complete series of steps for deepening awareness of the breath, he shows how to invite natural, responsive movement back into the posture of meditation by extending breath awareness beyond the nostrils, lungs, and abdomen to the entire body--a practice that unifies the breath, body, and mind into a single shared phenomenon. Showing how the flow of breath is directly affected by chronic tensions in the body and in the mind, Johnson explains that when breath starts flowing through more and more of the body, it becomes a direct agent of healing, massaging and melting any areas of tension it touches and moves through, whether physical or emotional. By breathing through the whole body in accordance with the Buddha’s instructions on breath, the body becomes much more comfortable, the mind starts resolving its addiction to thinking, and meditative practice deepens much more rapidly, allowing the teachings of the Buddha to be directly glimpsed and revealed.
Will Johnson
Buddha: A story of Enlightenment 8070046   $ 25.00
Product Image BUDDHA is an inspiring re-imagining of the life of a prince who gave up the trappings of royalty for something much more important-wisdom and enlightenment. This revolutionary journey has changed the world forever, and the lessons Buddha taught continue to influence every corner of the globe today. This is a new form of teaching for beloved Chopra and with it he brings us closer to understanding the true nature of life and ourselves.From the Author’s Note:“I wrote this book as a sacred journey, fictionalized in many of its externals but psychologically true, I hope, to what the seeker’s path feels like. In all three phases of his life-Siddhartha the prince, Gautama the monk, and Buddha the Compassionate One--he was as mortal as you and I, yet he attained enlightenment and was raised to the rank of an immortal. The miracle is that he got there following a heart as human as yours and mine, and just as vulnerable. ”
Deepak Chopra
Buddha is as Buddha Does 4 CD 1101008   $ 55.00
Product Image A Practical Guide to Enlightened Living: Of all the Buddha's teachings, perhaps his greatest gift can be found in "the Bodhisattva ideal," a template for living in the world as an "Awakener," a servant of the highest good for all. With his previous bestsellers including "Awakening the Buddha Within" (300,000 copies sold; Broadway, 1997), American-born Tibetan Buddhist teacher Lama Surya Das has made the helpful, healing insights of the Buddha accessible to millions. Now, with "Buddha Is As Buddha Does", he helps listeners to discover: * How to become a Bodhisattva, a peacemaking spiritual warrior, an embodiment of wise compassion in action * How to actively practice the ten paramitas in daily life: generosity, ethics, patience, energetic effort, meditation, wisdom, skillful means, higher aspiration, powers, and pristine awareness * The Seven Jewels of the Bodhisattva: Faith and Devotion, Self-Discipline, Discriminating Wisdom, Charity, Learning, Honesty, and Modesty * Inspirational lessons from history's legendary Bodhisattvas including Tara, Avalokitesvara, and Manjushri plus contemporary examples of enlightened action based on the realization of the oneness of all life "As long as there is suffering in the world, there is spiritual work to do," explains Lama Surya Das. "We are the Bodhisattvas, the future Buddhas of this world." With "Buddha Is As Buddha Does", listeners will experience the fruits of the Buddha's greatest lessons.
Lama Surya Das
Buddhist Healing Touch: 8110007   $ 42.00
Product Image Buddhist Healing Touch: A Self-Care Program For Pain Relief And Wellness - This book is an introduction to the unique healing practices of the Buddhist monks. * Examines a wide range of specific conditions and includes detailed, illustrated instructions. * First English translation of the most widely used book on self-massage in China and Taiwan. When Dr. Yen Ming-Sun was sentenced to hard manual labour during China's Cultural Revolution, he served his sentence in the shadow of the Lin-Yang Shih, an ancient Buddhist temple in the mountains near Fuchow. There he witnessed the impressive healing work performed by a Buddhist monk on the Red Guard's prisoners, many of whom had sustained beatings and physical injuries. For the next three years he worked as the monk's assistant, learning techniques that had been handed down in Buddhist tradition for centuries. In BUDDHIST HEALING TOUCH, Dr. Yen teaches us how to care for ourselves naturally by using acupressure, self-massage, breathing techniques, exercise and herbal remedies. He looks at a wide range of conditions, from abdominal cramps to sinusitis. A brief diagnostic description is provided for each condition, followed by a step-by-step guide to the most effective acupressure and massage techniques for treating it. Illustrations of the acupressure points accompany each treatment as well as tips regarding diet and relevant folk cures. Possible complications are, also, indicated with clear instructions for when to seek the care and advice of a qualified physician.
Ming-Sun Yen
Buddhist Meditation For Beginners (6CD): Four Classic Teachi 7030024   $ 70.00
Product Image Known for bringing insight meditation to the West and for his many best-selling books, including A Path with Heart (over 100,000 copies in print), Jack Kornfield now offers a collection of his most popular teachings with Buddhist Meditation for Beginners. Specially designed gift set includes four complete audio learning courses: • The Beginner's Guide to Buddhism—Jack Kornfield illuminates Buddhism’s most essential teachings, and how they make it possible to overcome challenging mental states such as fear, confusion, and anger. • Meditation for Beginners Comprehensive introduction to the vipassana ( insight) practice of meditation to cultivate a profound inner calm and awaken to the truth. Exercises include four complete meditations. • Meditations of the Heart—Step by step meditations cast light on Buddhism’s cornerstone, the Four Noble Truths. These meditations take less than ten minutes each to practice; yet will take you to the heart of essential Buddhist teachings on opening to the truth, forgiveness, fearlessness, and more. • The Beginner's Guide to Forgiveness—Drawing from his background in meditation and psychology, Jack Kornfield reveals the path to forgiveness and the way out of our pain. Jack Kornfields best-selling meditation programs present him at his best: engaging, intelligent, helpful—and easy to follow. 6 cd's 6 and a half hours
Jack Kornfield
Buddhist Path to Simplicity: Spiritual Practice in Everydayl 4020003   $ 35.00
Product Image Buddhist Path to Simplicity: Spiritual Practice in Everyday Life - Moments of peace and stillness give us a glimpse of how extraordinary our lives could be. Yet this sense of meaning and wonder is so easy to lose sight of in the hectic pace of modern living. In The Buddhist Path to Simplicity, Christina Feldman, an internationally renowned Buddhist teacher, shows you how to find harmony and balance by applying ancient Buddhist Wisdom to the here and now. The path of conscious simplicity she suggests allows us to fully recover ourselves, by rediscovering our sense of meaning and wonder. As a mother, a layperson and an internationally renowned teacher, Feldman knows the stresses and strains of modern life. In this book she shows how to harmonize and achieve balance and how to apply Buddhist wisdom to the here and now. She addresses subjects of compassion, speech, effort, intention, mindfulness and awakening. The path to peace, she suggests, is not necessarily complex or arduous. If we simply turn our attention to this moment, it will speak to us of wonder, mystery, harmony and peace. She demonstrates that there is no better moment in which to awaken and discover everything our heart longs for than this very moment.
Christina Feldman
Buddhist Symbols 8090091   $ 30.00
Product Image These 145 illustrated Tibetan Buddhist symbols, and the instructions for incorporating them into everyday life, will please the eye, mind, and soul. Gaze upon Buddhas and Bodhisattvas who exist for the benefit of all living beings. Also: mudras (sacred gestures), good luck symbols, ritual structures, and more
Tatjana Blau
Buddhist Tantra (9 CD, 540 mins) 1103016   $ 145.00
Product Image "Within my body are all the sacred places of the world," the Buddhist saint Saraha once said, "and the most profound pilgrimage that I can ever make is within my own body." For 15 centuries, the realized masters of the tantric path used the crucible of their own lives to develop a powerful and accelerated means to enlightenment. Today, these teachings remain alive within the usually hidden "inner courtyard" of the vajrayana vehicle of Tibetan Buddhism - a tradition that requires the courage to engage your body, your human desires, and your most challenging life obstacles as the basic “fuel” for insight. Now, with Buddhist Tantra, Reggie Ray – respected acharya (senior teacher) at the Shambhala Mountain Center – introduces you to these precious teachings, and invites you to explore the path to "naked and unprecedented experience." Entering the Vajra World through the Vehicle of Your Body The word tantra means "to weave through, " a metaphor that points to the vibrant fabric of intelligent and living energies that make up the essence of every cell of your body, every fleeting thought you have, and every particle of the universe. To enter this undefiled and ever-renewing "vajra world" – this is the promise of the tantric path. On "Buddhist Tantra", through specific teachings and guided meditations designed to open your body and mind, you will begin to encounter this wondrous and indisputable realm of reality. From this embodied foundation, you will experience 12 sessions of rare teachings.
Reginald A Ray
Come 4010023   $ 33.00
Product Image Mata Yogananda Mahasaya Dharma is the Guru, Spiritual Head and Founder of the Self Realization Meditation Healing Centres. Born with a strong desire to help others and experience everything, her story is one of hardship and plenty, love, marriage and motherhood; together with the artistic, practical and business facets of life. Her strong spiritual desire to find a Guru led her to meet with Paramahansa Yogananda, who awakened within her the depths of spiritual knowledge in preparation for the fulfilment of her life’s purpose. One of Mata Yogananda’s tasks has been the nurturing of the Alpha–Omega family, an expansive spiritual family based on unconditional love, with Meditation being a keystone of their life together. Her disciples and students come from all walks of life, and from many parts of the world; taking the joy and peace of her loving teachings into their work, their partnerships, and their homes. Mata Yogananda's story is much more than an autobiography - it is the living record of a spiritual journey beyond compare - written to inspire those seeking the richness and fulfilment that the spiritual can provide.
Yogananda Mata
Commit to Sit 9070028   $ 28.00
Product Image Tools for Cultivating a Meditation Practice from the Pages of Tricycle: From the pages of 'Tricycle', "the country's most widely read Buddhist magazine", comes "Commit to Sit, "an introduction to the art of meditation". In recent years, interest in meditation has grown to include not only those on a spiritual search, but also those who are simply working toward a healthy and meaningful life. This book brings together a broad range of Buddhist meditative techniques that have appeared in the magazine over the years. Contributors include some of the foremost voices in contemporary Buddhism: Pema Chodron starts our journey with an inspirational Foreword. Lama Surya Das explores the definition of meditation, while Sharon Salzberg and Joseph Goldstein lay out a 28-day program for establishing a daily practice. Wherever you are on your search, you will find plenty of guidance in this book. Learn about insight meditation from Bhante Henepola Gunaratana and Sylvia Boorstein. Or about Zazen from Barry Magid and Martine Batchelor. Gil Fronsdal offers instruction in Metta (lovingkindness) meditation, while Judith Simmer-Brown teaches "Tonglen," a Tibetan Buddhist practice for cultivating compassion. We also learn about the crucial role the body plays in meditation from S. N. Goenka, Reginald Ray, Wes Nisker, and Cyndi Lee. We receive guidance on managing issues that arise in meditation from Jon Kabat-Zinn, Christina Feldman, Matthieu Ricard, Pat Enkyo O'Hara, and others. And there are practices for bringing mindfulness and compassion to daily life from Thubten Chodron, Sayadaw U Tejaniya, and Michael Carroll. Though targeted to the reader who would like to begin meditating, this collection also offers support and guidance to the experienced meditator working to sustain a lifelong practice. This is a guide to meditative practice for any seeker wishing to deepen their understanding of themselves and their world.
Edited by Joan Duncan Oliver
Dear Lama Zopa 1104166   $ 38.00
Product Image Dear Lama Zopa: Radical Solutions for Transforming Problems Into Happiness: Perhaps no other figure of Tibetan Buddhism today is so committed to the contemporary relevance of its traditional views as Lama Zopa. In "Dear Lama Zopa, " he shares letters from advice-seekers around the globe, each reproduced with his always inspired, often surprising replies. Lama Zopa's counsel, radical as it may seem, is all about how to handle life's problems big and small, age-old and modern: from final exams, depression, and eating disorders to jealousy, aging, and loss. The key is to consciously work to perceive our problems differently, and in so doing see that we can be victors, not victims. The result is what Lama Zopa has dedicated his life to: our real, persisting happiness.
Lama Zopa
Eternal Love: Divine Inspiration and Unlimited Creative Pote 1012001   $ 37.00
Product Image Eternal Love: Divine Inspiration and Unlimited Creative Potential: In this evocative collection of harmonious Buddhist chants and powerful sacred mantras, Imee Ooi, acclaimed musician and composer, guides you on a profound musical journey toward universal love, peace and global harmony. Composed with genuine compassion and loving kindness for all humanity, this music is designed to evoke feelings of gratitude, peace and joy and return you to a state of oneness with all that is. ‘Eternal Love’ inspires a deep sense of calm and helps to unlock your unlimited creative potential. Tracklisting: 1. The Divine Mantra of Avalokitesvara (25:02) 2. The Pure-Land Dharani (24:18)
Imme Ooi
Feminine Face of Buddhism 8090143   $ 37.00
Product Image This book features historical and current women in Buddhism here and abroad in three traditions: Theravaden, Zen, and Tibetan.
Gill Farrer-Halls
From Fear to Fearlessness CD 1101015   $ 40.00
Product Image Where will we look when we are afraid? How do we find strength? In what can we place our trust? According to Tibetan Buddhism, there are four noble aspirations known as The Four Great Catalysts of Awakening to cultivate strength and openness in any situation. "From Fear to Fearlessness" brings us into the company of beloved teacher Pema Chodron to discover and cultivate these four immeasurables: maitri (loving-kindness), compassion, joy, and equanimity. They are our greatest antidote to fear, teaches Ani Pema. By practicing them, we begin to experience a supreme steadfastness and peace independent of conditions. Join the bestselling author of "When Things Fall Apart", to learn: * How self-acceptance overcomes the judging mind * Using honesty as a conduit to the parts of ourselves that need kindness and love the most * Maitri: the meditation practice that multiplies love, and more The definition of an enlightened being is one who is completely fearless, teaches Pema Chodron. With guided meditations, rare heart teachings, and Ani Pema's trademark humor, here is a timeless path "From Fear to Fearlessness"
Pema Chodron
Garden Buddha Tapestry Throw Blanket garden   $ 124.00
Product Image Designed in mind for the healing arts, yoga, reiki, massage, meditation, prayer, rebirthing, salon, spa, home. As a soft and comfortable tapestry throw blanket or as decorative wall art. Machine cold water washable gentle separate, tumble dry. 1.3m x 1.7m 100% Cotton. Machine cold water washable gentle separate, tumble dry.
Pieter Weltevred
Gaya of Wisdom Cd 9070004   $ 28.00
Product Image The story of Buddha. A superb album filled with exotic tabla rhythms, flutes and voices from India. Unmissable, superb. If you like Karunesh then you will love this.
Guy Sweens
Ghandarva Experience CD TK4   $ 48.00
Product Image This is a most unique listening experience. Used alone or in groups, The Ghandarva Experience will transport you to the exalted celestial and Archangelic realms of experience. Author, scientist and mystic, Tom Kenyon (founder of Acoustic Brain Research), drawing upon personal experience as well as scientific research shares how the celestial and mystical realms can be contacted. Complete written instructions on how to conduct The Ghandarva Ceremony both for individuals and groups is included.
Tom Kenyon
Greatest Hits of the Kali Yuga Yoga CD (Includes DVD): 1104089   $ 52.00
Product Image They say that in the Kali Yuga - that period in the vast Vedic cycle of ages at which the light of spirit is dimmest in the world: a sort of dark night of the soul on a cosmic scale - the most effective practice for most people is the repetition of the Divine Names. For thousands, Krishna Das' recordings, kirtans, and workshops have been a doorway into that practice and a compelling taste of the sweetness of Bhakti Yoga, the yoga of devotion.
Krishna Das
Heart of Oneness CD 1012002   $ 38.00
Product Image In this evocative collection of harmonious Buddhist chants and powerful sacred mantras, Imee Ooi, acclaimed musician and composer, guides you on a profound musical journey toward universal love, peace and global harmony. Composed with genuine compassion and loving kindness for all humanity, this music is designed to evoke feelings of gratitude, peace and joy and return you to a state of oneness with all that is. ‘The Heart of Oneness inspires an awareness of the equality of all beings and promotes universal respect and love for one another. Tracklisting: 1. The Five Word Mantra of Manjusri Bodhisattva (17:52) 2. Mantra of the Manjusri Bodhisattva (17:17) 3. Journey to Wisdom (11:57)
Imee Ooi
Heart of Wisdom (6 CD ) 7050076   $ 48.00
Product Image Heart Of Wisdom (6CDs): An Explanation Of The Hearts Sutra. re things as solid and real as they appear? Realise the truth behind appearances. Discover the dream-like nature of our world. Cultivate the wisdom that liberates the mind. This collection of 6 CDs explains the dream-like nature of all things, the relationship between our mind and our world, and the extent to which we create our own reality. The listener is guided towards an inner source of deep and unshakeable happiness. An audio recording of "Heart of Wisdom" by Geshe Kelsang Gyatso, read by Michael Sington.
Geshe Kelsan Gyatso
Immortality and Reincarnation: 1110018   $ 26.00
Product Image Immortality and Reincarnation: Wisdom from the Forbidden Journey: In "Immortality And Reincarnation", the author examines Taoist, Tibetan, and Hindu concepts concerning life after death. This question of what occurs to the individual personality after death is fundamental to the human experience. Contrary to Western belief, which sees the human being as composed of a mortal body and an immortal soul, many Easterners believe on the immortality of both the body and the soul. Famed traveller and mystic, Alexandra David-Neel (1868-1969), was the first Western woman to see the forbidden city of Lhasa, Tibet and to interview the 13th Dalai Lama. She has gained first hand knowledge of Easterners' beliefs on this subject of immortality, and has experience of the practices they engendered. In "Immortality And Reincarnation", she ties together all her knowledge and experiences for a unique look at reincarnation and eternal life in a region untouched by the modern world.
David-Neel Alexandra
Introduction to Buddhism 4030112   $ 20.00
Product Image Introduction to Buddhism: An Explanation of the Buddhist Way of Life: Sington's precise British diction and soothing voice are the perfect backdrop for discovering the Buddhist religion as taught by Gyatso. Author of 19 other books on the subject, Gyatso offers the basic teachings of Buddha in their simplest form for beginners. Sections include "Basic Buddhism," "The Path to Liberation," "The Path to Enlightenment", and an appendix with two breathing meditations. Chapter headings listed on the jacket allow listeners to easily locate subjects of interest on the CDs, such as "What Is Karma?" "The Perfection of Wisdom" and "The Three Higher Trainings." Listeners hear only the voice of Sington throughout the production; there is no background music or sound of any kind, even during long silences in the meditation section. While this may seem odd to a culture used to constant sound, it's not so strange considering the simple life of Buddha and the enlightenment sought by his followers. This is a calming, informative look at Buddhism.
Kelsang Gyatso Geshe
Kalachakra Oracle Cards 1001003   $ 24.00
Product Image The serenity of Buddha and the mystic Hindu bring meditation and wisdom
Helene Saltarini
Karma 2 CD 1305023   $ 30.00
Product Image Finding Freedom in This Moment Two Master Teachers Illuminate the Mysteries of KarmaOf the many Eastern wisdom teachings to have found their way westward, the notion of karma may be the most misunderstood?and most transformative. American-born teacher Pema Chodron is renowned for making the wisdom of Tibetan Buddhism accessible, practical, and relevant for Westerners from all walks of life. But to bring us an understanding of the fundamental concept of karma, Ani Pema called on one of her own guides. On Karma, she is joined by Dzigar Kongtr Rinpoche to present a two-part teaching session on this challenging subject.What is karma? Is it superstition? Do you have to believe in reincarnation to understand it? How do I get rid of ?bad? karma? In a dialogue both illuminating and provocative, Pema and Kongtr Rinpoche address the most common questions of Western students, discussing karma on the level of the individual, relationships, and the community and world at large. Session two then brings us an inspirational dharma talk with Dzigar Kongtr Rinpoche, exploring the roots of positive and negative karma, how your 'good heart' will shape this life and the next, service versus self-attachment, and much more.A mature view of karma empowers us to steer our lives through conscious choice rather than conditioned behaviors. Karma gives us a guiding light for living life at the level of cause, not effect, with responsibility and compassion.
Dzigar Kongtrul Rinpoche and Pema Chodron
Kuan Yin Mantra an Ocean of Eternal Love CD 1011032   $ 38.00
Product Image In this evocative collection of harmonious Buddhist chants and powerful sacred mantras, Imee Ooi, acclaimed musician and composer, guides you on a profound musical journey toward universal love, peace and global harmony. Composed with genuine compassion and loving kindness for all humanity, this music is designed to evoke feelings of gratitude, peace and joy and return you to a state of oneness with all that is. ‘Kuan Yin Mantra’ evokes the powerful qualities of the eternal Goddess of Mercy and Compassion. The music is infused with Kuan Yin’s healing and transformative energies and will leave you floating in an ocean of her love. Tracklisting: 1. Female Chanting (18:42) 2. Meditation (11:55) 3. Male & Female Chanting (18:42)
Ooi Imee
Lakshmi Orange Lotus Tapestry Throw Blanket lakshmi   $ 124.00
Product Image Designed in mind for the healing arts, yoga, reiki, massage, meditation, prayer, rebirthing, salon, spa, home. As a soft and comfortable tapestry throw blanket or as decorative wall art. Machine cold water washable gentle separate, tumble dry. 1.3m x 1.7m 100% Cotton. Machine cold water washable gentle separate, tumble dry.
Paul Heussenstamm,
Lamp in the Darkness (BK and CD) 1110006   $ 32.00
Product Image When the path ahead is dark, how can we keep from stumbling? How do we make our way with courage and dignity? "Inside each of us is an eternal light that I call 'the One Who Knows,'" writes Jack Kornfield. "Awakening to this wisdom can help us find our way through pain and suffering with grace and tenderness." For anyone seeking answers during a time of trial, he offers "A Lamp in the Darkness", a book-and-CD program filled with spiritual and psychological insights, hope-giving stories, and special guided meditations for skillfully navigating life's inevitable storms. The practices in this book are not positive thinking, quick fixes, or simplistic self-help strategies. They are powerful tools for doing "the work of the soul" to access our inner knowing and to embrace the fullness of our life experience. With regular practice, these teachings and meditations enable you to transform your difficulties into a guiding light for the journey ahead. Join Jack Kornfield as your trusted guide and friend as you explore: Shared Compassion - a guided practice for planting the seeds of compassion and opening the heart to all that life brings The Earth Is My Witness - a meditation to establish firm footing in the midst of darkness, centered by a steady witnessing presence. The Practice of Forgiveness - what Jack calls "the only medicine that can release us from the past and allow us to truly begin anew". The Temple of Healing - a guided visualization to meet your own inner healer. Equanimity and Peace - a meditation for maintaining balance and acceptance regardless of the situation. Includes guided meditations on CD.
Jack Kornfield
Last Lama Warrior 1103009   $ 48.00
Product Image The first book in English to reveal the principles and techniques of the Tibetan martial art of Senguei Ngaro Written by the last holder of the Senguei Ngaro to receive this teaching from its last surviving master Reveals the postures, rules, and teachings of this martial art rooted in the Tibetan Buddhist tradition Senguei Ngaro, which means "the lion’s roar,' is a traditional martial art that was born in the Kham region of Tibet and was secretly handed down by its lineage of warrior monks from the fifteenth century until 1956, when Chinese soldiers destroyed the monastery and massacred all the monks. The superior of the monastery, Lama Bui, survived and fled to the West where he taught it to Lama Tra, the teacher of the author of this book. Today Yogi Tchouzar Pa is the keeper and guardian of this almost vanished tradition. Senguei Ngaro consists of a series of 86 movements and 10 techniques inspired by animal behavior. It offers both a formidable art of combat and, when combined with its advanced meditation on the ultimate nature of spirituality, a means of spiritual advancement. In "The Last Lama Warrior", Yogi Tchouzar Pa provides for the first time in English a fully illustrated and detailed explanation of these postures and their purpose as well as the spiritual principles and traditions on which they are founded. As Yogi Tchouzar Pa explains, "it is only by practicing the physical forms that the depth of the spiritual principles can be understood."
Yogi Tchouzar Pa
Laughing Buddha Tapestry Throw Blanket Laughing   $ 120.00
Product Image Designed in mind for the healing arts, yoga, reiki, massage, meditation, prayer, rebirthing, salon, spa, home. As a soft and comfortable tapestry throw blanket or as decorative wall art. Machine cold water washable gentle separate, tumble dry. 1.3m x 1.7m 100% Cotton. Machine cold water washable gentle separate, tumble dry.
Sue Halstenberg
Laxmis Dream: Sacred Mantras CD 4110023   $ 32.00
Product Image Powerful mantras from Buddhist Hindu and Sufi traditions. When chanting these sacred sounds we are lifted to blissful conscious states.
Liberation in the Palm of your Hand 8090200   $ 69.00
Product Image Liberation in the Palm of Your Hand: A Concise Discourse on the Path to Enlightenment: A seminal text for the Gelug lineage of Tibetan Buddhism, this book clearly and powerfully presents the stages of the path to enlightenment (lamrim). Based on a teaching given by Pabongka Rinpoche in 1921 that was recorded by Trijang Rinpoche, a tutor of the current Dalai Lama, Liberation in the Palm of Your Hand is an entertaining, colloquial-style text that uses teaching stories to make its points. A fundamental resource in classes at Buddhist centers, this timeless book appears here in a greatly improved translation.
Pabonka Rinpoche
Lifetime of Peace 4100007   $ 46.00
Product Image A Lifetime of Peace follows the successful model established by A Lifetime of Wisdom: Essential Writings by and about the Dalai Lama. It draws on dozens of sources to collect the very best writing by and about Thich Nhat Hanh, the revered Vietnamese Buddhist monk and peace activist. This timely collection is both a political and spiritual handbook which encompasses all of Thich Nhat Hanh's major themes—mindfulness, love, truth, compassion, and peace on earth. In 1967 Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. nominated Hanh for the Nobel Peace Prize, citing the monk’s lifelong efforts to encourage peace and reconciliation around the world. This important collection will not only present Hanh’s writing about his experiences during the Vietnam War and excerpts from his journals, but also collect a range of other highlights, such as his advice for those entering into meditation practice and his unique insights into Buddhist and Christian theology. But above all, A Lifetime of Peace is a timely and thought-provoking examination of the nature of peace—both as an inner state of being and as a real condition in the world.
Jennifer Schwamm Willis
Lord Maitreya Tapestry Throw Blanket 9100005   $ 120.00
Product Image Designed in mind for the healing arts, yoga, reiki, massage, meditation, prayer, rebirthing, salon, spa, home. As a soft and comfortable tapestry throw blanket or as decorative wall art. Machine cold water washable gentle separate, tumble dry. 1.3m x 1.7m 100% Cotton. Machine cold water washable gentle separate, tumble dry.
Paul Heussenstamm,
Lotus Mantra CD 1012003   $ 37.00
Product Image Lotus Mantra: Padmasambhava: the Mantra of Guru Rinpoche: In this evocative collection of harmonious Buddhist chants and powerful sacred mantras, Imee Ooi, acclaimed musician and composer, guides you on a profound musical journey toward universal love, peace and global harmony. Composed with genuine compassion and loving kindness for all humanity, this music is designed to evoke feelings of gratitude, peace and joy and return you to a state of oneness with all that is. ‘Lotus Mantra’ is a meditative chant designed to support the pursuit of enlightenment and oneness with all of creation. Tracklisting: 1. The Mantra of Guru Rinpoche - In Meditation (33:27) 2. The Mantra of Guru Rinpoche - In Praise (32:30)
Imme Ooi
Lotusof the Green Tara CD 1012004   $ 37.00
Product Image In this evocative collection of harmonious Buddhist chants and powerful sacred mantras, Imee Ooi, acclaimed musician and composer, guides you on a profound musical journey toward universal love, peace and global harmony. Composed with genuine compassion and loving kindness for all humanity, this music is designed to evoke feelings of gratitude, peace and joy and return you to a state of oneness with all that is. A popular Buddhist deity, the Green Tara is compassionate, wise and quick- acting. "Mantra of the Green Tara" is a prayer that brings nurturing and comfort, whilst also promoting decisiveness and action. Tracklisting: 1. The Prayer (29:00) 2. The Reflection (25:26)
Imme Ooi
Mantra - Protection and Good Fortune CD 1012005   $ 37.00
Product Image In this evocative collection of harmonious Buddhist chants and powerful sacred mantras, Imee Ooi, acclaimed musician and composer, guides you on a profound musical journey toward universal love, peace and global harmony. Composed with genuine compassion and loving kindness for all humanity, this music is designed to evoke feelings of gratitude, peace and joy and return you to a state of oneness with all that is. "‘Mantra - Protection and Good Fortune" invokes a sense of calm and peace especially in the face of adversity, also promoting protection and good fortune. Tracklisting: 1. Maha Jvalosnisa Dharani (20:09) 2. Cinta Mani Cakra Dharani (23:48) 3. Guna - Ratna Dharani (16:30)
Imme Ooi
Medicine Buddha CD 8050050   $ 36.00
Product Image A brand new musical offering from Jonathan Goldman --- this album was created for H.H., the Dalai Lama's teachings in Northern California of the Medicine Buddha empowerment and the Heart of Wisdom Sutra. This recording contains two powerful mantras, designed to invoke divine energies for healing and meditation. Features: Tibetan Overtone Chanting, Vocal Harmonics, Choral Voices, Tibetan Singing Bowls & Bells, Native Flute, Guitars, Drums, Whale Sounds, Conch Shell and Pythagorean Tuning Forks. Combining ancient and modern sounds, "Medicine Buddha" is a profound, sacred experience that allows for deep meditation, movement and healing.
Jonathan Goldman
Mother of the Buddhas 9070022   $ 46.00
Product Image Mother of the Buddhas: Meditation on the Prajnaparamita Sutra The Prajnaparamita Sutra in 8,000 Lines--the basic scripture of all schools of Mahayana Buddhism--sets forth the Bodhisattva path to enlightenment in conversations between the Buddha and three of his disciples. Lex Hixon's "contemplative expansion" of 40 passages from the original Sutra yields a text of devotional beauty that is at once dramatic and uplifting.
Lex Hixon
Natural Pain Relief (BK & CD) 1108024   $ 27.00
Product Image The newest treatment for pain is one of the oldest, most effective strategies for pain-free living: mindfulness. With "Natural Pain Relief", meditation expert Shinzen Young teaches you how to retrain your relationship to pain through traditional meditation practices. Drawing from 30 years of results in the field, this widely respected teacher offers the essential techniques that have proven successful at pain management centres around the country. "Natural Pain Relief" adapts the core principles of mindfulness training to a practical process that can treat even extreme, chronic pain effectively, possibly reducing the need for drugs or surgery. Step-by-step techniques taught in plain language show how to overcome internal resistance - the key to transforming physical pain into a flow of pure energy. With Shinzen's five most effective meditations for pain, listeners will learn how to: * deconstruct pain into manageable pieces * experience how pain naturally transforms into energy * allow pain to dissipate into space, and * use the "Breath Pleasure" technique to dramatically soothe pain. Free up your energy to begin living your life again.
Shinzen Young
Noble Eightfold Path _ The Foundation of Buddas Teachings 9030071   $ 19.00
Product Image This important and illuminating text is sure to be a guide and source of inspiration for those treading the spiritual Path of Enlightenment.
Om Mani Padme Hum Tapestry Throw Blanket ommni   $ 124.00
Product Image Designed in mind for the healing arts, yoga, reiki, massage, meditation, prayer, rebirthing, salon, spa, home. As a soft and comfortable tapestry throw blanket or as decorative wall art. Machine cold water washable gentle separate, tumble dry. 1.3m x 1.7m 100% Cotton. Machine cold water washable gentle separate, tumble dry.
Sue Halstenberg
Pathway to the Heart CD 1012006   $ 37.00
Product Image Pathway to the Heart: Music for Love Harmony Peace and Joy: In this evocative collection of harmonious Buddhist chants and powerful sacred mantras, Imee Ooi, acclaimed musician and composer, guides you on a profound musical journey toward universal love, peace and global harmony. Composed with genuine compassion and loving kindness for all humanity, this music is designed to evoke feelings of gratitude, peace and joy and return you to a state of oneness with all that is. "Pathway to the Heart" brings out the love, peace, harmony and joy that reside in the heart of all beings. Tracklisting: 1. Love (14:21) 2. Harmony (12:00) 3. Peace (12:48) 4. Joy (12:42)
Imme Ooi
Peace is Every Step: the Path of Mindfulness in Everyday Lif 3110149   $ 36.00
Product Image In the rush of modern life, we tend to lose touch with the peace that is available in each moment. Zen master, peace activist and author Thich Nhat Hanh shows us how to make positive use of the very situations that usually pressure and antagonize us. For him, a ringing telephone can be a signal to call us back to our true selves. Dirty dishes, red lights and traffic jams are spiritual friends on the path to "mindfulness" - the process of keeping our consciousness alive to our present experience and reality. The most profound satisfactions, the deepest feelings of joy and completeness lie as close at hand as our next aware breath and the smile we can form right now. Thich Naht Hahn offers commentaries and meditations, personal anecdotes and stories to show how deep meditative presence is available. He provides exercises to increase our awareness of our own body and mind through conscious breathing - and he also shows us how to be aware of our relationships with others and of the world around us, its beauty as well as its pollution and injustices.
Thich Nhat Hanh
Pema Chodron Audio Collection (6 CD): Guidance for the Path 6120017   $ 70.00
Product Image Pema Chodron, one of the West's most beloved teachers of Buddhism, makes the Tibetan vajrayana tradition accessible in today s world. Now three of her most popular teachings are available in one boxed set. The Pema Chodron Collection includes: Pure Meditation step-by-step instruction in Tibetan Buddhism's pinnacle practice for transformation and letting go; Good Medicine teachings in tonglen, an elegant meditation that allows us to use our troubles to befriend ourselves and widen our circle of compassion; and From Fear to Fearlessness offers an antidote to fear in the four noble aspirations maitri (lovingkindness), compassion, joy, and equanimity. For the first time, enjoy over seven hours of Ani Pema's trademark humor and a down-to-earth style in one collectors edition.
Pema Chodron
Pure Sounds Gyuto Monks of Tibet CD 1011074   $ 33.00
Product Image The Gyuto Monks are a world-renowned ensemble of Tibetan vocalists whose music acts as a window into Tibetan Buddhist spiritual tradition. The monks chant using a method called overtone chant - a deep, guttural sound with drone elements. To the novice, the chant may sound unusual. However, if you empty your mind and let the primal drone wash over you, you'll find that eh sounds are very hypnotic and mesmerizing, not unlike the multi-faceted drone of a didgeridoo. The chants are designed for healing and purification, removing internal impurities and helping one focus during meditation. Pure Sounds was named as such to reflect the fact that there is no accompanying music, this is authentic overtone chant performed by this accomplished group of monks.
Gyuto Monks of Tibet
Sacred Music for Enlightenment and Wellbeing CD 1012007   $ 37.00
Product Image In this evocative collection of harmonious Buddhist chants and powerful sacred mantras, Imee Ooi, acclaimed musician and composer, guides you on a profound musical journey toward universal love, peace and global harmony. Composed with genuine compassion and loving kindness for all humanity, this music is designed to evoke feelings of gratitude, peace and joy and return you to a state of oneness with all that is. "Sacred Music" is a compilation of Buddhist chants designed to help listeners connect with the magnificence of all of creation and experience a deep sense of wellbeing. Tracklisting: 1. Ratana Sutta - Pali Rendition (27:10) 2. Ratana Sutta - English Rendition (27:09)
Imme Ooi
Sacred Tibet CD 8070041   $ 36.00
Product Image The Gyume Tantric College and its ritual musical traditions were founded in Lhasa, Tibet in 1433. For over 500 years, the monks at this monastery have been chanting using a special "one voice chording" technique which gives each monk the ability to chant three note major chords. This special technique requires years of vocal training and deep concentration. This historic CD represents the first time monks from this auspicious tantric college were recorded in a modern recording studio. It features two thirty minute recordings of the Gyume Monks: "Guhyasamja ("Esoteric Communication"--a tantra of self initiation) and "Kalarupa" ("Dharma Victor"--an invocation to the Dharma Protector associated with the Gyume Monastery). This is an extraordinary recording--a amazing listening tool of profound sacredness. The chanted mantras along with the tantric harmonics of the Gyume Monks are powerful tools for awakening the self, which invoke and praise various deities of purified consciousness
Jonathan Goldman
Self-Realization through Meditation 4010022   $ 28.00
Product Image * Self–Realization Through Pure Meditation In this book Mataji shows the spirituality in all of life, the true purpose and the beauty that may be found by all, in this lifetime. For established meditators, as well as those who just wish to find out what Meditation is all about, this book is a treasure. It includes explanations and insights into the practise of Meditation at a true depth, and clearly put, so that all may imbibe. Mata Yogananda explains the need for seekers to find a Meditation teacher of wisdom, and she also gives Meditative breathing exercises, to help prepare the body–mind–spirit of the student for the practice of Meditation.
Mata Yogananda
Six KeysTo Buddhist Living: Simple Rules For Joy And Peac 6120149   $ 28.00
Product Image This inspiring book boils down the recipe for a spiritually rich and satisfied life to six simple rules. They can help anyone, of any faith, find deep joy and peace of mind. Based on an authentic and ancient Buddhist teaching called the 'Six Perfections', the rules have updated and explained for today. Following these guidelines, you'll learn to be more generous to yourself and others, to honuor your commitments and act with compassion, to control your anger and banish self-hate, to approach tasks with enthusiasm and perseverance, to focus with clarity on whatever you're doing, and to understand that the life's dreamlike nature opens new horizons of possibility. Entertaining and profound, this little book can be a wise bedside companion, a perfect resource for your home meditation space and a practical training manual for living a happier and more fulfilling life.
Madonna Gauding
Spirit Healing Chants 1004035   $ 38.00
Product Image In this evocative collection of harmonious Buddhist chants and powerful sacred mantras, Imee Ooi, acclaimed musician and composer, guides you on a profound musical journey toward universal love, peace and global harmony. Composed with genuine compassion and loving kindness for all humanity, this music is designed to evoke feelings of gratitude, peace and joy and return you to a state of oneness with all that is. ‘Spirit Healing Chants gently helps to heal negative experiences, revealing profound blessings and promoting abundance. Tracklisting: 1. The Dharani of Sri Devi (Sanskrit) (29:48) 2. Maha Cunda Dharani (Sanskrit) (27:44)
Imee Oui
Tao CD 1105012   $ 32.00
Product Image This is by far Aroshanti's best to date. There are not words to describe how beautiful this performance is as you lose yourself in its stillness and absolute grace. In Zen Buddhism, Tao is "The Way" with Buddha-nature and Buddha-mind. Tao, or Dao, is the sense and expression of the natural balance between opposites. It is soft and quiet but immensely powerful. It is the Tao that keeps the universe balanced and ordered. Translated literally as "The Way" or "The Path", Tao is a name for the eternally nameless, for the fabric out of which all things in the universe are made and from which all universal energies flow. Like a river that never runs dry, the Tao endlessly replenishes itself.
Tibetan Art of Positive Thinking 8040056   $ 30.00
Product Image Tibetan Art Of Positive Thinking: Skillful Thoughts For Successful Living: Norman Vincent Peale goes to Tibet in this self-help manual based on Baan, the little-known indigenous religion of Tibet that predates Buddhism. Since he was a child, Hansard trained in the spiritual and medical traditions of Baan, and now runs a London clinic where he treats celebrities and commoners with the principles of this ancient wisdom. The first two chapters lay out key ideas and theory before moving to the areas where people commonly experience problems: work, money, relationships, health. The book is long on simple exercises, using concentration and ritual practice to resolve problems. As such, it offers help for particular issues: what to do about bullies, stress and overwork, for example. Some ideas are unique to a close relationship with another forms a "third person" that needs nurturing in order to foster that relationship. Others are self-help staples: visualize, let your energy flow. The real-life examples-such as a woman who began to treat herself lovingly and was vibrant and joyful six months later are well-intentioned but unconvincing. Those familiar with Buddhism will find special value in exposure to the religious tradition on which some of the unique forms of Tibetan Buddhism are based. But all can benefit from this problem-solving manual that cultivates concentration and compassion.
Christopher Hansard
Tibetan Energy Yoga DVD 7050006   $ 35.00
Product Image A Traditional Workout To Liberate And Elevate Your Energy:A recent New York Times/NBC poll found that over 23% of Americans practice yoga, meditation, or some form of stress reduction every day. What if there was a way to gain the benefits of these in a single, proven method? Tibetan Energy Yoga does just that. This simple and revitalizing whole-body system began over ten centuries ago when the yogis of India first brought their secret techniques northward to Tibet. From this meeting, the Tibetan lamas weaved together Indian yoga with their own principles of mind training to create a powerful new set of energy exercises found in no other spiritual tradition. On Tibetan Energy Yoga, respected meditation teacher Lama Surya Das guides us through eight of Tibetan yoga’s most effective exercises to master the two vital currents of the body - our solar and lunar energies, as they are known in traditional Tibetan medicine. Originating from the Vajrayana ("lightning" or "diamond") path of Tibetan Buddhism, these practices are meant to benefit users in minutes - not lifetimes - and to generate a pleasurable boost of energy the moment we begin using them. Now, in one exhilarating 30-minute session, here is a way for anyone - from complete beginners to seasoned yoga practitioners - to calm and balance the nervous system, improve breathing, sharpen mental awareness, and restore a healthy and harmonious flow to the dual energy system of the body, with Tibetan Energy Yoga. Includes an 11-page study guide.
Das Lama Surya
Tibetan Goddess Altars 9030236   $ 42.00
Product Image TIBETAN BUDDHIST GODDESS ALTARS: A POP-UP GALLERY OF TRADITIONAL ART AND WISDOM : The home altar has become an increasingly popular tool for contemporary seekers, allowing them to tap their spirituality informally, at any time of the day. This charming book puts a new twist on the phenomenon by showcasing female Buddhist deities in a delightfully unusual format. Designed to resemble a Tibetan temple, the book presents stunning three-dimensional renderings of traditional thangka paintings. It features doors that open from the middle of the front cover, a sturdy tab-insert closure, and elastic loops to hold each altar firmly in place. Four important goddesses appear here. White Tara pacifies illness and removes obstacles; Vanshudara increases prosperity, fertility, and happiness; Kurukulla helps attract and influence through the power of love and desire; and Vajrayogini aids in developing the enlightened union of Great Bliss and Emptiness. With the assistance of these colorful altars and an informative text about the symbolic art, visualization can blossom into multidimensional meditation.
Robert Beer
Trance Tara CD 8050052   $ 36.00
Product Image Bring Tara, Goddess of Compassion home and let her move you. This meditative masterpiece created by empowered Chant Master Jonathan Goldman is sure to infuse you with divine energy. A Spirit Music best seller! Features male and female choruses, Tibetan Overtone chanting, Singing Bowls and powerful tribal drumming. Great for movement, meditation, and trance dance. Listening to this recording is a ritual unto itself.
Jonathan Goldman
True Happiness (2 CD): Happiness is Your Birthright 1104122   $ 35.00
Product Image Happiness is your birthright and it is readily available at any given moment, teaches Pema Chodron. So why do we live in such suffering? "The potential for happiness is not based on outer things - they come and go, causing us misery," she begins. "We're always chasing after something, trying to avoid the difficult places. But there are a lot of small sweetnesses that we ignore because they're so fleeting." On True Happiness, Pema Chodron guides us through simple yet effective practices that show us how to recognize and nurture these moments of delight, cultivating them until they become more and more frequent, accessible, and real as a constant influence in our lives. Recorded at Gampo Abbey Monastery in Nova Scotia, True Happiness features highlights from Sounds True's full-length audio learning course of the same title, and gives us the opportunity to spend time with Pema Chodron in the warmth and comfort of home. Join this best-selling author and beloved teacher for classical meditations and practices to dissolve the barriers to your heart, reconnect with the source of basic goodness, and cultivate a sense of happiness by learning to touch upon natural "windows" of spaciousness that open as conduits to freedom.
Pema Chodron
Ultimate OM CD 8050053   $ 36.00
Product Image Imagine being in a temple, surrounded by hundreds of people chanting the sacred mantra "OM" in a continuous, fluid wave of sonic vibration. Now, Sound Healing Pioneer and Chant Master Jonathan Goldman has created this extraordinary Healing Soundscape for you. This recording of hundred of voices chanting "OM" is like the original sacred sound source of the universe -the sound that manifested all. It is the sound of cosmos the resonance of the Divine. The "Ultimate OM" brings peace and harmony to those who listen. "Ultimate OM" will help create balance and alignment in everyday lives, assisting in calming and centering your mind and body. The ancient sacred and healing sounds of OM, when coupled with the new science of Psychoacoustics, will help induce a state of deep peace for the listener. Experience "Ultimate OM" and feel the difference.
Jonathan Goldman
Unconditional Confidence (3 CD) 1104123   $ 35.00
Product Image Unconditional Confidence (3 CD): Instructions for Meeting Any Experience With Trust and Courage: Pema Chodron is one of today's leading meditation teachers. With more than one million books sold to date, she draws sold-out crowds across the U.S. and Canada. On Unconditional Confidence she offers two accessible sessions to help anyone find courage in times of challenge and change. Featuring a three-step method for learning to work with uncertainty and fear and an exclusive interview, this liberating program offers practical tools and teachings that explore: True confidence and how to cultivate the trust that makes it possible. "Shaky tenderness," the first step to developing strong and consistent bravery. Practical steps to "leap into, smile at, and experience all of life" - even when fear is present "For us to be of benefit to each other - in times of challenge or any other we need to be able to tap into genuine confidence," teaches Pema. Unconditional Confidence offers timeless wisdom and inspiration for developing this courageous skill for whatever life presents us.
Pema Chodron
Universe to come - Tulku CD 7010020   $ 32.00
Product Image Combining modern technology with indigenous acoustics, Tulku is a melting pot of global musical styles, resulting in a stew wherein every ingredient can be distinctly noted and relished... rapturous in its rhythms REVIEW Ihave followed all of the previous Tulku releases and as always "Universe to Come" is full of surprises.The collarorations with Jai Uttal and Krishna Das are fabulous,as on the first album. The "tribal" elements with ayahuasca singers remains a constant thread of the trilogy.The new contributions of Gina Sala and Consuelo Luz are very strong. There is a good reason why Tulku is the only group to be featured on all four of the highly acclaimed "Buddha Bar" releases. This is the best Tulku yet.
Walking Meditation BK CD DVD 8090253   $ 46.00
Product Image The first comprehensive instructional program in this serene spiritual practice helps anyone walk with presence and peace of mind, whether in nature or on a busy city street. Features Buddhist master Thich Nhat Hanh with Nguyen Anh-Huong in a unique format that includes a book with a DVD and audio CD.
Thich Nhat Hanh
When Pain is the Doorway 2 CD 1307010   $ 32.00
Product Image Awakening in the Most Difficult Circumstances Finding Freedom in Our Most Difficult Circumstances.What if the full sense of our aliveness were only to be found amidst our most challenging times and difficult experiences? In pain and crisis, teaches Pema Chodron, there lies a hidden doorway to freedom that appears to us only when we're sure that there is no way out.In these intimate audio learning sessions, Pema Chodron helps us distinguish the triggers or external events that we blame for our suffering from the deeper habitual patterns that feed our anger, fear, or sadness. From this understanding, we learn how to free ourselves from our propensity to suffer through the transformative awareness of impermanence-the dynamic and ever-shifting nature of both joy and suffering, self and selflessness-and the absolute and eternal flow from which all of it arises.What is causing my pain? What will happen if I simply lean in, keep company with it, hold it with tenderness? Moment by moment, Pema supports and encourages listeners to bring an openhearted sense of curiosity and welcoming to our apparently impossible situations or unbearable relationships-to discover the deeper freedom available just beneath the surface.For those experiencing emotional crisis, "When Pain Is the Doorway" provides expert guidance to help us stop, stay present, and enter into a more welcoming, spacious place of being that is our true home.
Pema Chodron
White Eagle on Festivals and Celebrations 8050093   $ 30.00
Product Image Gentle words from the wise spiritual teacher White Eagle give guidance for these special times, landmarks in the calendar year: Easter, Christmas, the equinoxes, Buddhist Wesak, and many more. Attunement to the rhythms of nature can increase our ability to live in communion with the divine life behind all physical form.
White Eagle
Wisdom of the Breath CD 9090030   $ 36.00
Product Image The answers to the most profound spiritual questions lie within us but how do we gain access to our deepest wisdom? "Breathing is a gateway to insight," reveals Scottish-born teacher Bodhipaksa, "and meditation gives us the key." On The Wisdom of Your Breath, this master teacher guides listeners through breath-centered meditations for opening to the inner core of spiritual awareness we all possess.With these three essential practices, he reveals how the breath can help you: * Let go of the past and future, and rest in pure presence * Dissolve the sense of separateness to experience oneness with the world around you * Embrace the essential impermanence of all life with serenity and joy * Tap into your own natural wisdom by exploring the breath as a metaphor for living Whether you are experimenting with meditation for the first time or have been practicing for years, focusing on the breath is a vital technique for realizing inner peace and clarity. Join this accessible and knowledgeable teacher for three invaluable practices to nourish your spiritual growth with The Wisdom of the Breath.
Copyright 1998 Beachhaven Books


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